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  1. Tassei_

    Zygarde cells?

    If you mean when they become available to you, I think its after beating the first gym, if you mean where it starts in the help center in east gearen
  2. Tassei_

    is the story finished?

    I'm sure Jan's has an idea of what he wants to make, but the story will probably have a few changes before the game is completed. Also, dont think things will only happen one way, characters COULD die because of past decisions or you rs points with them in the future, so try to be careful with that.
  3. The trainer spawns after beating Geara's giratina
  4. Tassei_

    about giving away the magma stone

    I think you need to advance a little bit more and then you'll find a blue stone, thats when you need to go back
  5. Tassei_

    about giving away the magma stone

    You have to advance until a certain point, then go back, change the mood of the mountain to calm and Venam will be there, talk to her and you should be good
  6. Tassei_

    Can we save rift gyrados

    Thanks! I would've never found it lol
  7. Tassei_

    Can we save rift gyrados

    I'm sorry if this is not the right place to ask, but what is that diary and where can I get it? Was it added this version?
  8. Dusk lycaronc can be obtained as a trade at Ocena pier
  9. Tassei_

    Where do I go next?

    You need to go find Venam (she's in the sewers)
  10. Tassei_

    Best place to grind post V11?

    There's one in hiyoshi, I think it was a team of 6 lvl72 Audinos
  11. I actually didnt realize they were a FEAR strategy until I saw the level, I just did what I always do and used sleep powder with vivillion.
  12. Tassei_

    When did you start playing?

    I started around version 8 and actually didnt know about reborn until version 9 came out lmao (Tho I've been re-playing the game every time a new version is released)
  13. Tassei_

    narcissa cave quest

    Its either dark pulse or get zorua and use Night daze
  14. Tassei_

    Narcissa sidequest version 11

    Route 3 (the one before goldenleaf town)