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  1. StormLord

    The Weatherlight

    "I'm not sure what you mean by 'Human agency, but I'm not really a paladin no. The Heartless are, perhaps counter intuitively, made of Hearts shrouded and controled by darkness. Hearts themselves are someone's innermost being." "Unversed on the other hand are little more rare, usually a sign someone tried to split a Heart and are the manifestations of suffering caused by it." "Cursebresking isn't exactly my specialty, but you seem to have something in mind. I can see what I can do to help." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tim sighed and glanced betweem Lucine and Aquila. "If you're truely looking for mages to put in their place, I believe I saw a witch head off to the main power room." He gestured towards the direction of where Law and Freya had gone off to work. "If not I suggest you get some water and sleep it off."
  2. StormLord

    The Weatherlight

    Frigus nodded at Leo's confirmation. Then he raised one hand in front of himself, causing motes of light and cold mist to quickly coalesce into a vague blade shape, a bright flash of light later and he held Frostfell. Rough shards of ice packed together and ground smooth on the outer cutting edge. "A Keybalde wielder. Protect the sanctity of the worlds, defend them from corruption, and all that." He dismissed his weapon again with another puff of mist and more motes of light. "We mostly work to deal with people who cause major problems and upset the balance of worlds. As well as keeping a few races of interdimensional monster in check like Heartless, Dreameaters, and Unversed."
  3. StormLord

    The Weatherlight

    Frigus reflexively pulls back as Stoneheart moves over and flies around him. "Oh uhh didn't see you there, uhh...Stoneheart." He relaxed a bit and turned back towards Leo. "I've been part of a group that does this whole mutliverse thing since long before we all got recruited. I sent a letter to one of my friends and it turns out the boss is livid I just sort of...vanished to come here. I'm probably going to have to go explain the situation." He looked back at Stoneheart and the other statues. "Did you make all these? or just find them while traveling?"
  4. StormLord

    The Weatherlight

    Frigus decided to board the new larger ship with Harry, he sent some time pacing through the halls looking for something. Eventually he made his way up, fist onto the deck of the ship which was a bad idea, and then up into the main control room over-viewing the deck. He stepped inside and noticed the room was in fact occupied. "Hello there. You must be from the second group who got this ship. I'm Frigus, I came up here to keep an eye out for someone." Right about then a shiny red balloon appeared out of nothing, tied to the bottom was a letter freshly sealed with an odd sort of symbol. "Oh, I should probably read this." He took the letter and carefully tore it open, leaving the balloon to float upwards and disappear before even hitting the ceiling.
  5. StormLord

    The Weatherlight

    Tim sort of shrugged. "It's probably just a little stronger than he's used to. It's probably close to pure alcohol come to think of it... Perhaps I'll keep this second bottle instead, wouldn't want to give him kidney failure." Tim retracted the bottle, sliding it back into one of his bags.
  6. StormLord

    The Weatherlight

    Tim tries very hard to stifle a grin as Aquila immediately goes for a couple good chugs of the alcohol. He then calmly responded, still holding back a smile. "Not at all my friend. Not at all. Would you like another bottle for the road?" Tim reaches into his bag and pulls out another bottle, nearly identical to the first.
  7. StormLord

    The Weatherlight

    "That I would want to transmute you?" Tim gave a raised eyebrow as he finished Lucine's sentence, the suggestion didn't really seem to phase or offend him though. He looked up and stopped talking at Aquila's approach, he'd only seen the man briefly before he left with the others in that strange pod. Aquila's bemoaning of the lack of alcohol got him thinking though, and he pulled out his bag and started digging through it. He pulled out a strange looking bottle with an old tattered looking label of some kind. It quickly vanished and reappeared before he motioned it towards Aquila. "This is what I have. Try not to blind yourself." He handed the bottle over to Aquila.
  8. Theme: Uni fires another spray of bullets for 21 shield damage. Atton tells 6D she’s got a flesh wound….however that works. Somehow it heals her and Bridgett for 17 HP each. Bridgett fires a blinding ray of light powerful enough to send Judge sliding backwards and leaving an impact trail. It deals 122 damage that sears a hole in Judge’s shield. The power draw causes Bridgett to take 20 damage. Mythril Buster is put on a 7 turn cooldown. Mira’s Magra Grenade detonates for 48 damage. Perlita blasts 6D with more sweet healing juice and restores 53 HP, well actually 30, but who cares? 6D attempts to induce a Rage in Judge, but only seems to succeed in some maniacal laughter. “THAT ONLY WORKS ONCE YOU GLORIFIED CALCULATOR!” Her pod deals 5 shield damage. She takes 17 backlash damage. Gabriel blasts Judge for 18 damage and increases damage dealt to him by 10%. Sun Arcana fizzles and deals 6 damage. Judge sweeps his hammer across the battlefield, catching [93]Iowa, [64]Mira, and [61]Gabriel for 51, 49, and 47 damage, but [13] missing Atton. "I SAID DIE ALREADY!" Nepgear runs in and swipes at Judge with her laser sword dealing 22 damage. Punch starts screaming to draw attention to the fact that they’re charging, good plan. Judge bleeds for 2 damage. Iowa pulls ahead, gaining 10 Init and two stacks of Evasive Maneuvers. She also Taunts Judge, though he already looks plenty angry. Mira prepares to counter. Init: Status:
  9. Tim stared at Lucine is quizzical confusion for several seconds. "Why would anyone want to turn you into a...cup?" He spoke half to Lucine and half asking himself the question before glancing over to Moss and back. "Well, whatever the reason I don't have any intention of turning you into a cup, and I get the feeling your newfound friend's ability to liquefy people would give anyone who does a second of pause." He started to turn around before quickly looking back to comment again. "Oh and if anyone does try, I'm always looking for an excuse to drop a literal castle on some poor bastard."
  10. Antione watched as the various people in the room went about testing their new powers or...having mental breakdowns. "Wow, we really are a bag of mix beans ain't we?" He rotated his legs off his bed and slowly stood, he still didn't feel great, but he had to admit that didn't feel as shitty as he was expecting. "Commander Slate, do we happen to know what wing of the facility our objective is in Sir?" Without really waiting for a response Antione stood, stretched, and made a bit of a sick face. Then he started making his way towards the door the crazy guy was trying to punch open. Assuming he could he'd just walk up and turn the door-nob, more or less ignoring Poncio.
  11. Antione slowly woke and began to sit up. He felt cold, sick, and the soft ache and haze of coming off painkillers. "Ugh. Glad to here y'all're do'n fine. I still feel like someone put my internals through a meat-processor." With several grunts he finally manages to pull himself into an upright position and coughed a few times before speaking again. "Ah' think we gonna see who wins in a fight shortly, this genetherapy shit or some overgrown tumors."
  12. StormLord

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    The glass explodes outward, threatening to pepper the party before disintegrating into simple motes of light. The pulsing crystal inside beats it's last before crack, splitting, and shattering taking the reality of illusion around them with it. In a flash of blinding light everyone suddenly finds themselves standing near the smithy, out in the open sun. A black gem, with two long points on the top and bottom falls to the ground from roughly where the black crystal had been. It lands on the ground and balances on it's very tip, it seems dim and almost powerless. Leo's golems are also nearby, damaged but not beyond repair.
  13. StormLord

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    Satomi shoots another fire arrow at Flora [63] It sails true and impacts with her abdomen for 5 damage and igniting the Ropes. [29] Jun blends again dealing 32 and 27 damage to the Twine and Chain Marionettes and killing them both. The Twine whips free and pulls loose, eventually falling from around Flora’s head revealing a monstrous maw of glass teeth. Kusuke restores Satomi to a less beaten and bloody state. Then he swings at Flora dealing 16 damage. [12] Jun stabs Flora for another 11 damage and sets the ropes on more fire. The last Wire Marionette pounces on Jun again for [72] 3 damage, Jun bleeds for 4 damage. Flora lets out a thunderous roar that shakes grit loose from the ceiling and shakes the party to its core. Ess saves: 14 vs 20, 16 vs 18, 14 vs 15, 20 vs 16, 24 vs 9, Kusuke and Jun become Shaken, suffering -2 on all ability checks until they leave the labyrinth. Satomi becomes Frightened, suffering a 20% damage penalty in addition to being Shaken. [37] Satomi unloads her crossbow at Flora for 16 damage, the bolts twang off the chains and wires, denting a few. Jun slashes once more for 20 damage and burns away the remaining ropes, which sluff free releasing long arms with hook-like claws. Kusuke stabs Flora for another 21 and 14 damage. The Rope Marionettes fall to the floor, lifeless. As Leo activates the staff a surge of power passes down it and a bolt of lightning flies out the end arcing into Flora and then along the wire and chain wrapped around her. Flora takes 34 damage, while the Wire and one Chain Marionettes take 17 damage each. Kusuke starts again, dealing another 20 and 22 damage. Az attempts to wrangle one of the Chain Marionettes, [24 vs 25] but finds it to be a little tough to hold on to all at once. Said Chain Marionette shanks Kusuke for 10 damage. Theme: Flora twists and jerks again, tearing away the last of the wires and chains binding her. She plants spiked feet through the stage, breaking and splintering wood, a spiked tail whips behind her like a demented flail. Yet for all this she looks unwell, sad, disappointed. Fractures and cracks run all throughout her body like a web of destruction. Through the glass, at her core, a single pulsing dark crystal can barely be seen. Status:
  14. StormLord

    [Trespassers V2 Subplot] Okami: Stains upon the Canvas

    "Well that can't be good. Mitsurugi, come'on." Spicy HG turned to face the new arrival before flying into another burst of speed and death. Spicy HG uses Coupling Attack with Mitsurugi on the Gashadokuro, they each get to use a weapon or action attack with no cooldown on it. They also both deal an extra 2d4 damage with the first hit of their attack. Spicy HG's attack is Rush Technique dealing 5 damage 4d4+4 times and an extra 2d4 damage with the first hit.
  15. StormLord

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    Theme: Jun slams into the Rope Marionette like a flaming truck and reduces it to splinters with 35 damage. The twine burns. The remaining Twine Marionette shifts its attention to Jun. Str save: 10 vs 11, Jun becomes entangled and gains 10% failure chance. Kusuke recalls, restoring himself to a wound-free state. Jun moves on, burning away a Wire Marinette with 39 damage. One Wire Marionette lunges at Jun, it hits for 4 damage while the other struggles against Az. Jun starts bleeding while Satomi and Az take 5 damage each. Flora continues to struggle a lot and achieve little. Satomi catches her breath for a minute(She gets a makeup turn at the start of next round). Jun obliterates another Wire Marionette with 37 more damage. Kusuke banks an action. The two remaining Rope Marionettes fire on Leo and Az for 5 and 4 damage respectively. Leo’s Winter Blade chills one of the Chain Marionettes for 4 damage. [6] The freeze doesn’t end up doing much. Kusuke tears into a Rope Marionette for 18 damage rendering it barely functional and holding on by threads. Az fires at one of the Chain Marionettes [48] and hits blasting chain links apart for 29 damage. The Chain Marionettes descend on Jun and Satomi dealing 6 and 7 damage respectively. Init: Status: