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  1. Jace Stormkirk

    Chess Mafia(Signups Open

    big fan of chess so lets go for it
  2. Jace Stormkirk

    [Event] Choose Your Roles!

    im in
  3. Jace Stormkirk

    Friday Night [Mafia Game]

    but i like pineapple pizza...
  4. Jace Stormkirk

    Salem Reborn

    oh then nevermind it was hidden under rules that i didnt read cause i thought it was the usual things of respecting reborn forum rules and such
  5. Jace Stormkirk

    Salem Reborn

    since today is shorter than usual time to random vote (rolls dice) [eliminate] - nicki
  6. Jace Stormkirk

    Salem Reborn

    oh goodie lets see if i can live a few days.
  7. Jace Stormkirk

    Michel Joins the Squad!

    late but congrats.