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  1. Happy Birthday Jace!!! 😄🎉, i hope that you will have a wonderful day 🤗🍰

  2. good now we got some leads. so now lets continue to talk and get info and see who slips up
  3. yes but then we need a tracker. i have no idea if we have one
  4. @Yahy other than killing the other mafia can just visit nano to get exra voting power since the mafia will not kill him till they lose too many members town is hinderd by not every role is able to visit him and protecting roles would be usless to use on him cause then mafia has garented town kill cause the protecting ones are on nano. it only helps mafia right now and hinders town
  5. considering how overpowerd nano's ability is for mafia [eliminate] nano no point in giving them more power
  6. ok so now a town died so time to actually think about whom to lynch
  7. well since 3rd party died i good with not voting anyone today
  8. first off lol for sonya's team kill second i have no idea who is on my team
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