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  1. so out of the three nights 2 of my actions were redirected and 1 was prevented by yahy so [reveil] kenshi
  2. well im just curious what his does so [reveil] rain
  3. well since newt is pretty much going to be lynched i am going to go another way in this game inactive are no threat but the active ones are the most dangerous so [eliminate] yahen
  4. this was a great game till not everyone had to agree on a vote if they are in a group so that is how nicki got extra votes from the inactive players who did not place a vote.
  5. i never attempted to kill anyone. i always stayed at my home. (also can we plz not have everyone reveil their role day one again?)
  6. hmm time to figure out who other people are [reveil] sub-zero
  7. @NickCrash umm i did not get a role yet. also [reveil] shang tsung
  8. @Newt @Bazaro @LykosHand @Caimie listen my roles are primary: bazaro (jailkeep) can jail someone at night. 2 uses secondary: bazaro (informant) on even nights i can visit someone and receive any system messages they get tertiary and alternate win con: bazzaro (monster pinapple pizza) i can visit 2 people at night causing them to loose their night action. if i have visited every player still alive i win i visited seal and ect last night and was successful. since someone died then they are clear. [evict] nicki2
  9. well when everyone roleclaims what is the point in in continuing playing? all the fun is taken out of the game.
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