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  1. what does livers have to do anything anyway time to get back to dieing early
  2. go ahead. hard to side with mafia if i do not know who(m) they are
  3. i just wanted to look at people guess ima terrible peeping tom
  4. ugg end this already i already won so idc who win now [eliminate] drakyle you made me insane
  5. if you peeps want to lynch me to give yourselves another day thats fine. i have already won.
  6. well until someone says who they are voting off town has no chance of wining
  7. @Newt reasons i have not died yes is day after i claimed: 1. pix~ bok canceled all actions so nothing happened 1st night i after i claimed. pix~ 2. pix~ next night merchant switched with me getting themselves killed and keeping me alive. pix~
  8. laa la la la la laaa the town is in trouble why would that be? pixpix? the ghost of the the dead have lied to thee. pix~ we killed another towny for all to see. pix~ the body count is ricyng who's fault could this be i do not know cause im as insane as can be! pixpixpix~!
  9. edit to above post meant to say getting themself killed
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