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    Eevee Rate.

    on average the shiny rate is ~1% without the charm, so prolly me getting the rough end of the stick must've helped out some folks out there to get shinies lol (ya I kno that ain't how probabilities work but I like to think it like that anyway haha)
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    My Blind Reborn Journey

    ughh sorry I thought you meant story spoilers, because the stuff I mentioned are things available in some games and not others (didn't want you to waste time resetting for mons) and sorry to everyone for ruining the fun
  3. Still on-going: Answer-to-Win a shiny spiritomb~ ~EPISODES LIST~ ★SEASON ONE★ ★SEASON TWO★ ★SEASON THREE★ ★SPIN-OFFS★ A. Pikachu's story Part 1 of 3 B. Pikachu's story Part 2 of 3 C. Pikachu's story Part 3 of 3 A Day in the Forest (aka Aladdin's background story) ~APRIL FOOLS 2018~ ~INTRODUCTION~ ~ORIGINAL POST~
  4. when you defeat Solaris on the top of Pyrous Mountain, your partner is Julia, if you lose against that garchomp, your partner is Florinia
  5. wow my dude right here sweeping Reborn with 3 mons and I had to battle Shade ~30 times with a team of 6 psychic mons xD thanks to you I realized my meowstic could actually outspeed gengar if EV trained a tad bit, without that I'd still be stuck in endless resetting oof
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    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    wooo that's even more smaht move Terra-san
  7. @Corso is our resident physics master. let him tell us whether applying force in the shape of special attacks from both sides would help break the door more easily than if the force were applied from one side only xD
  8. Candy

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Well me thinks the glitch field fits Terra because 1. she a L33T H4CK3R and 2. her rawrchomp has its fairy weakness eliminated
  9. look at my dude finding plot holes xD that be absolutely right! well for our purposes let's just say Cal's magmortar defies the laws of Ameniverse xD
  10. yah Idk how the heating-cooling really works but iirc it has to be flamethrower -> ice beam -> rock blast in that order, so I kept it like that I think heating it quickly and then cooling it quickly would make the material more brittle anyway
  11. Candy

    A new trainer joins the region

    Welcome~ superb choice in starters fren Hope you enjoy the game and the forums. Here have a candy
  12. you're definitely onto something there my fren I'm glad I can fall and pull y'all down with me let's get back up together too~ my Shelly > canon Shelly, prove me wrong Hehe the thing is, something that didn't add up in the original story is that Heather has a friggin salamence and couldn't free herself from a hut that Shelly's megayanma and Cal's magmortar could easily open. So I changed it so that the door is pretty much indestructible, except when too much stress is placed on it such as in the shape of heat-cooling + rock blast + salamence's something maybe draco meteor? Lol perhaps all three of them would've had to keep throwing snow to make it as effective as Elsa's blizzard xD
  13. Yep I changed that part because Cal's starting anew speech was interesting the first playthrough but every playthrough after that I've just skipped the whole thing... which makes me think that if I were to write the speech word for word on this pretty-much-fanfiction, people would get bored of reading right then. So keeping in mind that my readers prolly know what Cal says, I abridged it to only contain stuff that is important in Shelly's custom character arc. I personally liked this episode because it gave proper closure to Shelly's conflict with Cal, which has been in the background since Season 1 and was revived the previous episode. Also Shelly's at 9/10 which is pretty much at the level of esteem and trust that homegirl Vanilla has for her cousin Candy (and had for her bestie Wolfie). Additionally this is the episode right before the peak of Shelly's character development, and it makes me happy that she's come such a long way since the first time Vanilla met her, and also making a more dramatic attitude change compared to her canon counterpart. Not to mention that I've been waiting to write the next episode since my Season 1 days, so I'm also angery and curious about this episode ending in a cliffhanger xD
  14. Candy

    My Blind Reborn Journey

    I liked reading your experience with the game. As one who's played the game about 10 times already, it feels fresh to see someone playing it for the first time and making conjectures as they go. One thing I'll let you know is that the game has ability capsules a bit later in the game so if you find a good mon just lacking the best ability, that can be changed. And much much later on there's gonna be a way to change natures as well so the same logic applies to natures.
  15. From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 55 The hidden passage was connected with a short wooden bridge to the snowy mountain on the back of the building. We walked cautiously not to slip on the snow, and continued onto the inclined path on the mountain. It didn’t take much guesswork to find the supposed house Heather was trapped in, for the path only led to one midsized cottage. Shelly ran over to the metallic door and slammed her fist a couple of times to catch Heather’s attention. The unexpectedly quiet sounds of Shelly’s knocking gave me the impression that the door was thick and sturdy, and trying to turn the doorknob confirmed that it was locked from both the inside and outside. “Heather, can you hear me? It’s me, Shelly. We’ve come to rescue you,” Shelly said with as loud a voice she could muster. However, no sound was heard from the other end. Shelly looked at me with furrowed brows. “I wonder if she can’t hear me, or if she’d reply even if she could.” That reminded me that Heather had fallen into some sort of trance and hadn’t spoken a word to any of us since the incident at Dr Connal’s orphanage. “We’ll have to find a way to open the door. Blasted! That jerk knew we didn’t have a key to open it, and agreed to let us know her location.” “And you probably need to hurry up before Team Meteor comes to pick him up,” a voice said from nowhere. We looked around us and saw no one, until the voice’s owner showed up flying on the back of a charizard. It was… Cal, but with a different hair color. “Hope you did use proper hair dye, unlike me,” I sneered, remembering how he had mocked my temporary pink hair. “I did. This is actually my real hair color, I just dyed it back,” he said as he got off his pokemon and returned him to his pokeball. I didn’t reply to that, but it made sense that he would have blue hair, given his older brother’s has that color. “What brings you to these snowy mountains, fire boy?” “I came to talk with Blake, but I overheard him radioing Team Meteor for an air unit, saying that he’d obtained the Ruby Ring from you. I figured we could team up to get that back, and also allow me to get revenge on him at the same time.” Shelly had been quiet, but once Cal was done explaining the situation, she ventured to offer a shy “hello”. The now blue-haired guy hesitated to meet her gaze, but he eventually forced himself to. “Shelly. It’s been a while.” “Y-yeah,” she said. A silence ensued, both staring at each other with stiff expressions, as though they wanted to say things, but were not being brave enough to actually voice them. “Shelly, I’ll try to see if I can smash open the door with my medicham. I think it’ll be best for you to get closure on the matter we touched on,” I said, briefly eyeing Cal so she knew what matter I was referring to. She seemed to comprehend me and nodded. While I instructed medicham-Aladdin to Hi Jump Kick the door repeatedly, Shelly started talking to Cal. I noticed that the boy relaxed his shoulders when she spoke. “Um… about what h-happened last time-” “Yes, I’m sorry for having snapped at you like that back then,” he cut her sentence and apologized. “I don’t hope to get forgiveness because my behavior was inexcusable. My life was a real mess. It’s still a mess, but if it serves of any comfort to you, I’m trying to clean it up.” Shelly shook her head. “Vanilla told me that both of us, um, misunderstood each other and s-so we should share the blame,” she said. “If you need my forgiveness, um, I give it to you, even if there isn’t anything m-much to forgive. I hope you’ll f-forgive me too. I’ll try to be better at understanding others.” “Vanilla did, huh?” Cal glanced my way. “Then let’s forgive each other and carry on. We can be better versions of ourselves. I, for one, refuse to keep living in response to what my brother does or doesn’t do.” “T-then we can be friends again?” “Of course,” Cal said, offering his right hand. Shelly took it with both of hers and shook it. When they were done reforming their friendship, Shelly turned to see me. Her whole face radiated a smile, one brighter than any she had ever expressed since we met. For the first time ever, she looked her age- like a child- and not like one who had been forced to mature at an accelerated speed. Cal looked at her and then at me with visible curiosity, but he refrained from commenting just yet. Medicham-Aladdin had failed to make an opening on the door, but he had made some indentations on it. The noise had apparently been loud enough for Heather to hear us too, since now we could hear soft knocking sounds coming from the other side. “I think we’ll have to use brute force,” I said. “Once, I freed myself from an enclosure by heating, cooling and then rock blasting the metal bars. Let’s see if we can replicate that.” “If it’s about heating things, count me in,” Cal said. “I have an a-armaldo that knows rock blast,” Shelly said. “That leaves ice,” I noted. “Easy.” Cal released magmortar, Shelly released armaldo and I released Elsa, my alolan ninetales. Her ability, snow warning, made snow fall on top of the mountain. “I guess we should be careful with avalanches later,” Cal shrugged and told magmortar to use flamethrower onto the door. While the metal was still steaming, Elsa used blizzard on it which caused the structure to make cracking sounds. Shelly’s armaldo finished the job by rock blasting, which made a large hole on what seemed like an indestructible door. “W-we did it,” Shelly celebrated. From within, a salamence came out followed by its owner. “It seems your friend was also giving us a hand with her dragon,” Cal commented to Shelly. “Shelly? Vanilla? What are you doing here?” Heather asked. Apparently her ability to speak had not been taken away from her after all. “That’s a stupid question. Obviously you chimed in to get me out of that storage building. Really, thank you.” Shelly jumped onto her embarrassed friend and hugged her tightly. “Don’t mention it. I’m just so glad you’re safe,” she said. “I was so worried when Blake said he’d locked you in.” “Ugh, don’t even mention that idiot,” Heather rolled her eyes. “He said there would be no rules here, and bam. I give food to the starving people and he locks me in. So much for ‘no rules’. I hope the other guy kept feeding them for me though.” “Other guy?” Cal asked, and I twitched. Shelly disengaged from the embrace and looked at me with concern in her expression. Without knowing what awkward atmosphere she was creating, Heather continued talking. “Yeah, a foreigner’s been helping me with the job. It’s not been too long since he flew in on a-” “Heather,” I cut her short, because I was starting to feel sick to my stomach. “Blake has your Ruby Ring, and he’s going to get picked up by Team Meteor if we don’t do something quickly.” “He has what? My mom’s ring?!” “Yeah, we have to stop him before he gets on the air unit,” Shelly added. “Duh. Sounds like it’s time for sweet justice.” “I couldn’t have said better,” Cal said. “And if Solaris shows up, leave him to me. I have a bone to pick after a certain incident at Pyrous mountain.” I nodded, but I internally thought that if Solaris showed up, I would take care of him personally. “What are we waiting for? Let’s go,” Heather said. “Good. You and I will take the flying route. Let’s try to slow the air unit down, or shoot it down if we can.” Once that was decided, Cal and Heather jumped on their respective pokemon and took off for the skies. “That leaves us two,” I told Shelly. “Let’s follow Blake and get the cursed ring back.” We had trouble running on the snow, but we finally caught up to Blake a point a little lower than halfway to the top of the mountain. He was, of course, unhappy to see us, but stopped hiking to speak to us. “What do you want? I bet you released Heather from the hut, and have the TM for waterfall already,” he said. “Do you mean to cheat and rob me of the ring after a deal was agreed on? That’d be criminal behavior, don’t you agree? You might want to join Team Meteor.” “You’re mistaken,” I said. “We’ve struck a deal, but we’re still enemies. Even behaviors that are frowned upon are allowed in war.” Blake’s smirk widened. “Is that so? Then I’ll be extra careful,” he said as two Team Meteor grunts jumped out of nowhere to assist him. They blocked our way with their pokemon, while Blake continued to climb up the mountain. “Wait up, coward,” I called him, but he didn’t stop walking. “Even ignoring your requests is allowed in war, I suppose,” he said and laughed loudly. “Damn it,” I sighed. “Shelly, let’s get rid of this pair.” We fought and won. Unlike my experience teaming up with Aya, coordinating our pokemon’s actions went much more smoothly with Shelly. When I was taking the offensive, her pokemon used supportive moves to increase defense or deal the final blow to an opponent when it was about to faint. That was the same in the next few fights we had against the grunts that kept slowing us down. When my pokemon were tired and I switched to the defensive role, Shelly made her team to increase the offense. Her ability to easily adjust her role according to my lead made her an ideal battling partner. When we almost caught up to Blake once again, an unforeseen nuisance got in our way. It so happened that the current area was the open plane on the north of Ametrine mountain that Aladdin had told me to find him at. Precisely, he was sitting next to his blaziken on a rock largely devoid of snow. He was reading a book with a stern face, when the noise of Blake and our voices brought his attention to us, especially me. “Vanilla Eterna,” he called me. “I was beginning to think you’d never show up.” I wasn’t yet ready to face him again, but the fact of the matter was that I would probably never be ready. “You were very low on my priority list,” I reply with sarcasm. “But I guess I’ll have to deal with you now.” “Of course. Don’t expect me to let you go free twice.” I glared at him but then nodded. I had to make an executive decision. “Shelly,” I turned to face her. “I have to send this demon to Hell. Would you please chase Blake without me?” Shelly widened her eyes in fear, and her breathing became irregular. “B-but, I don’t know if I can do it… I d-don’t want to pull everyone’s leg and, um, disappoint Heather.” I placed both of my hands on her shoulders, and looked directly into her eyes which were located only a couple of inches lower than mine. Doing so automatically calmed her breathing a little. “Do you trust me?” I asked. “Yes, o-of course,” she replied. “And I trust you. If you trust me, then trust yourself because you’re capable, even if you don’t realize it.” She nodded without taking her gaze off of me. I let go of her, and started walking towards Aladdin. I looked back at her once to make sure she was following Blake, and then I faced forward, where my own battlefield laid. VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS Guess what idiot spent time writing an entire chapter instead of studying for an exam? xD Anyhow, 25K views and counting. Frens I'm not the only procrastinator around these lands haha
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    [Recruiting] Pokémon Sword & Crown

    Wow~ that sounds like a game I'd love to play can't do a help for development, but here's some moral support: Also I love the steampunk style on the main characters!
  17. Revived (AGAIN) after an ultra-long hiatus of literally over a year. guess I'll be juggling between this and From Everland to Reborn. Hecc where will I fit time for everything lol Chapter 24 Brenda looked around as she followed the Audino. This Pokémon Center was different to the others in that there were three Nurse Joys and many more Audinos, all wearing ribbons of different colors. The lobby was also about five times the size of the usual PC, and in addition to the common guest rooms, it had silver and gold rooms for wealthier guests. “Do you think this is Bianca's doing?” Brenda wondered aloud. “I'm guessing, since she was the one who invited us here,” Cheren answered. “But I have no idea where she could’ve gotten money to reserve a ballroom here, out of all places.” Brenda looked at Cheren with wide eyes, but was silent for once. The Audino opened the doors to a cozy, small room, which had enough space for two large round tables. In fact, the term ‘ballroom’ was a misnomer since, as far as Brenda could observe, there was no space for an actual dance. However, the ornate walls and the carpet with its red, blue and golden designs made the place look elegant despite its size. Upon entering, Bianca and five others shouted happy birthday. Three of the five were prior classmates of Brenda’s, while the other two were Burgh and Lenora. Brenda was beyond surprised to see the two gym leaders here. “Welcome to your birthday party, Brenda,” Bianca smiled with her whole face. “I tried to invite as many of our past classmates as I could, but many of them were out of town. I invited gym leader Burgh today after confirming you were acquainted.” She turned to Burgh and apologized about the last minute notice, but he waved his hand. “Don’t worry about it. I didn’t have plans, and I’m always happy to spend time in good company.” “What about you, Lenora?” Brenda blurted out. “I was on my way to find you, but it just so happened that you were going to be here. Bianca was kind enough to accomodate my last minute intrusion.” “Today’s the day of last minute changes, huh?” Burgh commented, and all in the room laughed. As all of them sat down for dinner, Brenda’s Xtranceiver rang. With a little display of confusion, Brenda managed not to drop the call and answered it. “Ah, Professor Juniper! How are you,” Brenda greeted, and Bianca and Cheren, who were sitting on both sides of her, peeked over at the screen. “Happy birthday Brenda. I hope the journey has been treating you well.” “Yes, absolutely. Out of all days, today has been the. best. day. ever!” “How are you getting along with your Riolu? I hope he hasn’t given you much trouble,” Professor Juniper said with a little concern in her voice. Brenda made Ren sit on her lap and hugged him to show how close they’d gotten since they first met. Ren pushed her face away with his paw and complained with unintelligible language, but at the very least allowed his trainer to keep holding him. “See, we’re a team now. Super-bRENda-team,” Brenda smiled but her cheeks were almost sore from smiling and laughing all day long. “I’m glad to hear it. Take care, all of you,” Professor Juniper said, and she went off the screen to exchange places with another woman. “Happy birthday dear,” Brenda’s mother waved her hand. “I hope you haven’t broken anyone’s jaw yet. Remember, we can’t go around paying everyone’s hospital bills.” “Mom! Wow you didn’t forget my birthday this year either. Isn’t that like, fifteen years in a row?” Brenda teased in response to her mother’s teasing, and everyone in the room laughed at their banter. “This was the first year I actually had to remind myself. In the past, I’d always had a certain someone singing a birthday song to herself from her bedroom right at midnight.” Cheren and Bianca grinned to each other, because this was not an exaggeration in any sense. On some years she even left her window open, so her neighbors were subjected to a few minutes of melodic noise. “It might surprise you, but I was so tired from the trip last night, I forgot to follow my own tradition,” Brenda said. “So you can get tired sometimes,” Cheren commented, and incited more laughter from the crowd. “Anyway, I hope you enjoy your birthday party,” her mother said. “It was actually your father’s-” “My father!?” Brenda shouted, cutting her mother off, and jumped from her seat. Her face was beaming in excitement. “It can’t be? How is he? Has he come home? Is he the Unova champion now?” Her mind had already taken off to the imaginary land where she would meet her father again, ask him all her questions and talk all day long about his adventures, the trajectory till he became champion. More than anything, she wanted to give him a super large hug. She had greatly missed him for six whole years. “Calm down, Brenda. I can tell you’re in lala land already,” her mother chuckled. “Your father hasn’t come home, and I don’t know much about where he is or what he’s been up to. He sent me the money and an anonymous message saying that there was reason to host a party for your birthday this year, but he didn’t touch on what the reason was.” “An anonymous message? What gave him away?” “He sent his handwritten letter via a swablu. I could recognize his oddly right-leaning writing anytime, and his choice of delivery pokemon is also very much like him.” “We must send him a message back,” Brenda suggested. “I must tell him I want to see him. I hope he has a little time off between his Champion duties to come visit.” “You're jumping to conclusions again. Also, his letter unfortunately didn’t have the return address written, so we still don’t know where he is. At least I’m happy to hear from him, and I hope you are too.” Brenda clapped her hands. “Happy? I’m incredibly happy. So happy, I couldn’t describe my current state as happy,” she said. Her mother smiled at her. Her beloved child's overwhelming reaction brought to the woman much satisfaction. She then allowed Professor Juniper to come back to their field of view, and the call was dropped after Brenda thanked them for calling and they exchanged farewells. “I’m glad that you heard from your father, Brenda,” Bianca said. “It’s been what, six years? I wonder what kind of incredible adventures he could have been in, that he was prevented from communicating until now?” Bianca’s expression was dreamy, clearly influenced by Brenda’s enthusiasm. “I wouldn’t know, but bet on it that when I meet him again, I won’t let him rest until I’ve heard all of his stories.” Pokemon that worked in this particular Pokemon Center entered the ballroom and made the party even more enjoyable. A strings trio of kriketune provided lovely background music, and ambipom waiters set up a buffet-style supper- a wise choice considering Brenda and Ren’s unearthly appetite. In practice, both repeated about three times, as though they thought they could stock up food on their stomachs for future days of hunger. At the end, both were left with visible inflamed bumps on their bellies. “I guess now is a good time for opening presents,” Bianca said. She then tapped on Brenda’s shoulder, since the girl had fallen into food-induced coma. The mention of presents, though, made her sit back up right with her eyes wide open and her mind sharp as a knife. That was only moments before worry overcame her, realizing that she wasn’t holding Bianca’s present bag. Cheren deduced her thoughts after he saw her tap her pockets, look under the table, and then struggle as she tried to stand up with wobbly legs to excuse herself. “Brenda, you don’t happen to be looking for this, do you?” he asked, raising the bag he had rescued from being left on the train seat. His friend’s face relaxed instantaneously. “Ahaha, of course I knew you’d be holding it,” she said, as she sat back down on her seat. “I already opened yours, Bianca, but I’ll just take it out so everyone can see.” She showed the new shirt to everyone, and the three ex-classmates praised Bianca’s choice of present. They then handed their presents to birthday girl so she would open them. They contained a new belt, a care pack of pokeballs and potions, and a keychain. “Sorry that I don’t have a gift for you, Brenda,” Burgh apologized. “Oh no, don’t be,” she replied. “I’m glad you could come. Hope it’s been enjoyable for you too.” Burgh assured her that he was passing a great time with them. Cued to speak next, Lenora shifted a little on her seat. “I do have a sort of present for you, though it’s far from being just mine, if you will,” she explained. She held out a black orb to Brenda, who took it with much care. She inspected the orb. It definitely looked like it was made of stone, like a well-polished sculpture of a perfect sphere. Despite what it looked like, she internally wondered why she felt as though she was holding an egg instead of a rock. “Why, thank you Lenora,” Brenda said. Though she was puzzled by the odd choice of a gift, she guessed it was perhaps a normal choice for Lenora who ran a museum and was friends with artist Burgh. A compromise between geology and art, she reasoned. “That orb has been monitored for years since its discovery in the ruins under the Desert Resort,” Lenora said. “We suspect it might be one of the two stones mentioned in an ancient legend that narrates the unification of the Unova region. Yes, the dark stone, which holds the essence of the legendary dragon, Zekrom.” Brenda raised both eyebrows high, marking a couple of creases on her forehead. She could hardly believe she was holding such an important artifact in her hands, and that Lenora was giving it to her of all people. She wanted to ask why, but she couldn’t think of a sensible way to raise the question. Luckily, Lenora answered the question without her asking. “A week or so ago, when you entered the Nacrene museum, Brenda, we detected some slight waves of energy emanating from the stone,” she said. “They may seem insignificant, but it was a change from the complete silence we recorded all the previous years. It served to confirm that this wasn’t just a regular stone, unlike what our critics suggested, but that there is more to it. My hope is that if this is, indeed, the dark stone from the legend, it will awaken to its true form if it spends time with the one it shares affinity with.” “A-and you’re implying I’m one of the two… the t-two…” Brenda stuttered, but couldn’t bring herself to finish her sentence despite being considered a narcissist by her acquaintances. “Heroes,” Lenora did her the favor. “I can’t say for sure, but we can only work with the few clues we have, you see?” Brenda nodded energetically. “I will do my best to awaken the dragon,” she said. “I’ll wash it, polish it, hug it, sleep next to it…” “Let me stop you there,” Cheren interrupted. “I think just being close enough that it can sense your presence should be enough for Zekrom,” Lenora chuckled. “Though I do appreciate your spirit.” “Y-yes! I will do as you say,” Brenda saluted while holding the stone close to her. She then turned to Ren, and showed him the black orb. The small pokemon inspected the stone by sight and smell, but only furrowed his eyebrows as though he was not impressed in the least. Ignoring his facial expression, Brenda took his paw and placed it on the stone. “Don’t you think it’s the smoothest thing you’ve ever touched?” she grinned. “If I’m actually one of the two heroes of present times, then we’ll go down in history. The kids in pokeschool will learn about how awesome we were in their otherwise boring classes!” “Great, we surely needed to inflame this girl’s ego even more,” Cheren shook his head, but a smile was plastered on his lips. “A record-setting size of an ego sounds befitting of a historical figure,” Brenda followed Cheren’s joke and winked, which incited a good laughter from everyone. The evening thus passed with much conversation and laughter, filling Brenda’s heart with bliss, almost to the same proportions that her stomach was filled with food.
  18. No longer am I in summer break, but I'll still try to update my first ever Pokemon story from time to time <- edit (02/17/19): das a lie fam It'll be loosely based on the events and characters of Black and White (later maybe Black and White 2). The story will be updated on a random schedule, whether or not I have readers - so no default risk whatsoever haha <- edit(02/17/19): dis true fam but beware of hiatuses lul Also, to keep the the threads clean, I'll post the chapters on this thread only. Chapter links (saving you the need to scroll haha): Comments, criticism and questions are always welcome, but I would appreciate it if you could PM them to me instead of posting, so that I can keep the thread clear Without further a due, let's head on to chapter 1!
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    henlo fren and fellow spanish speaker~ hope you enjoy this large community with smol hearts, wait I mean smol community with large hearts
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    Help me choose...

    I also think seismitoad is pretty great, glad you chose it and also noice choice of water type starter! as for who to replace, I also think lumineon since you have seaking which is a slightly better version of lumineon anyway.
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    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    Call me a masochist but I like Ame-level puzzles xD once I figure out wtf I'm doing, they're cool but others like that magic square one... can't figure wtf I'm doing = this ain't it chief
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    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    when I was a kid, I hated victory road because it was usually dark caves and I'd be going around and around finding the way because I was a dumb kid xD but given Ame's reputation of being an insane puzzle lady, I might then be considered a dumb adult xD
  23. ngl Heather's safety wasn't much in her mind when she made the decision to give the ring. It was more Shelly's peer pressure xD She didn't want to give the ring because she had a feeling Charlotte's theory on giving the negotiation piece away was correct... but perhaps she thought trusting a theory may not be strong motivation enough to risk Heather dying from hypothermia (which would break Shelly).
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    [Event] Choose Your Roles!

    Can't be fun without a sweet jester, can it?
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    also, you can change natures in Reborn by paying 3 heart scales to the psychiatrist in 7th Street