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  1. tbh I don't even know what is fact and falsehood anymore. Some peepos say it was real, other peepos say it was a yuge troll... who knows?
  2. Well when he beat that Lv 57 Beartic, I was honestly so impressed. Belly is a super tank!
  3. Henlo and welcome~ I'm glad you enjoyed Reborn despite its hard level We're a bunch of n3rds too so you'll fit right in
  4. To be fair I think a lot of viewers betted on him losing more mons or outright losing the nuzlocke at Shelly so the fact he's still going strong is admirable it'll be interesting to see how Tiki-less Ttar does from now on
  5. man needed to protecc blaziken at all costs maybe should've switched out into Peanut when he knew araquanid was going to finish Tiki off. Cause Tiki made his team ok and was the member that was pulling the most weight. Without that, I don't know how he will manage the coming fights. Fern's roserade in the next part always gives me trouble, and the only way I could beat it was using fast mons with super effective moves, for example.
  6. Henlo~ welcome except you were already here so just henlo~ maybe I also started playing Reborn when E16 came out-ish anyhow enjoy the site as you might've already done hehe
  7. I think he edits his videos himself because he has said stuff like "while editing..." which sounds like he was working on it. Idk tho if he might have some homies giving him a hand.
  8. I used to trade for them but since I no longer do it for business, I give 'em away to anyone who asks
  9. I used to have that but I went out of business like 1 year ago... but I do still have shinies so if you want some (probably Level 1) you can hit me up
  10. knew it was clickbait but clicked anyway. so have some candy instead~ but hey it appears that I got twice the amount of internet cookies! oh, and welcome to forums yee
  11. ok bros Sopheria wound up mafia, you know that means Mr. Vowel and Anti-Loser may be onto something. [Eliminate] Dragoknight inb4 Drago is the Piercer and I do a die [Disclose] Briber
  12. what's that? doesn't sound sweet... also why should I be mafia if Drago is mafia shouldn't it be the opposite, since I said he and Sopheria are the only candidates to mafiadom I have rn?
  13. maybe since they know we using the no-emoji tactic, they can't make the puppet look suspicious anymore
  14. Yo Baz gimme a breakcito and also getcho facts straight m8 Also I realized that I got puppeted on D2 because this game started on D1 lol mb This is what I said when asked about what happens when puppeted: I thought that made clear (like actually Alaris did when he gave me the instructions in my private chat too) that I could only post a total of 2 times (1 for lynch and 1 for discovering). If puppets could change lynch votes, that wouldn't be "a" lynch vote, it would be lynch vote(s) duhhh but yah after I voted Nicki-chan on D2 Alaris was like "yo wazzap, I shoulda told you this maybe but if u had 1 gram of brain u should've known that u can't change ur vote, peace out". It is a detail you think you're conveying but apparently isn't as clear as it sounds in our heads, Alaris. This is what I believe I said on D3: I did vote Nicki on D2 and I gave my reason and how I changed my mind later: Cause I thought the messages puppetmaster made me write were kinda like what Nicki would ask me to write- starting with some messages that sound like my usual self and then troll by making me sound like "Mr Vowel". Also, reason why I might not be acting like myself is this: I just don't spend much time on this game cause I'm too busy collecting figures at the lowest possible prices ya that was my whole "I'm busy" and also I'm penniless but my room is looking rad
  15. well as someone who has hosted a game and added a "vanilla townie" in it which turned out to be a suspect xD I'm super suspicious of Alaris adding such role. the only issue is that even if we say Disclose vanilla townie, Alaris may pull a "you're a good guy with no ability what-so-ever" on us. And it might not be a lie, if that is what the person who received the Vanilla townie role got in their role PM- if they're something else, they might not know it (I think Baz knows this best lol).
  16. @Anti-loser this is your calling. do a help in deciphering this code
  17. omfg I just realized it but that's so true OaOOO or OaOO(y) maybe
  18. I mean ya sure I have an edge lord cousin named Vanilla, but I wonder if that's what they mean. It could also be Vanilla for Vanilla townie, though then the sentence wouldn't make sense. And then there's the supposed Dragonslayer. How the heccles Anti-Loser decoded that one is beyond me, but I dunno the only dragon other than Dragoknight I could think of is Crimsondragon, aka Kiet who is already done a die... Tbh I'd just assumed the option that didn't have a name spelled out (Vanilla and Dragonslayer) were just decoys, but maybe it's the opposite and we're supposed to find out who those mean.
  19. if whatever Mr. Vowel Anti-Loser is talking about is a source to be trusted and Anti-Loser's decoding of such messages is correct, I conclude that since there is no player named "Vanilla" or "Dragonslayer" in the game, that Sopheria and Drago are both mafia. Maybe a bit of a stretch, but it might be a strat to lynch check their alignments and if one turns out to be mafia, then lynch the other the next day. If one wounds up town, I guess Mr. Vowel would actually be a mafia misleading us. Since I found Sopheria slightly more scummy than Drago to this point, I'll vote them. I feel like if they were town, they wouldn't have asked Bazaro to reveal information that might give an advantage to mafia (say, if mafia could learn the existence of a possible grandma-type role). [Eliminate] Sopheria [Disclose] Vanilla Townie
  20. Ur mom ain't a consonant t is a consonant but not a vowel
  21. Newt is right. We can't change votes once you make them. I thought that was obvious from me saying that puppets are allowed a max of two "independent" posts for voting and disclosing, sorry!
  22. in the worst case scenario, I'd suggest that you use a back up save file to train up your pokemon and such. however, if you have ability capsules, I think Speed Boost is a better ability for Blaziken.
  23. Maybe if you give us the move sets and ability of each, we can help you I think blaziken and magneton are two of the most commonly used in Reborn due to their usefulness in many of the battles, so they're bound to have something under their sleeve hehe
  24. Ya i just woke up and what's the earthquake
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