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  1. tbh when I played the game I was like "savage? oh ok" and forgot about him but now I'm wondering who this savage is and if we'll get to meet him lol
  2. Can I just say I can't believe man didn't figure out Lumi's diary. "man in black in Team Meteor with 3 consciousnesses fused into one" he says "never heard of such man" I guess it's been too long since he had a ZEL battle
  3. Candy


    Welcome hope you have a great time playing Reborn and being in the community~
  4. but he didn't ignore Ame's beat fire with fire tip it was expected that he'd struggle with Charlotte, but it was still impressive he managed to win it in 3 tries and without spamming X items. I thought using Explosion on the first turn wasn't going to be great but he proved me wrongo haha Debbie's flash fire really came through though. Idk if Rico really deserved the weakest link, since I think his rapidash also did a die in one turn.
  5. I was ok with Sirius on our first meeting, but gradually hated him more and then when he incinerated Eclipse's soul and took Aya, my hate rose exponentially
  6. can't teleport there since we've never been to Labradorra? me thinks [spoiler for E18]
  7. someone called? but yep the correct way to call Ame afaik is as you'd call "candy" in Japanese
  8. 1. probably in the Obsidia slums so look around a lot. I remember where exactly he is, but I don't know how to explain his location lol. 2. Idk what you mean but all moves are the same as USUM as far as I know. Some moves will be amped up depending on field effects however. 3. There is! https://discord.gg/PV4K2C Welcome to Reborn
  9. I haven’t played swsh but I like hatenna and it’s Evo line. But I also love Galarian ponyta. They’re all so cute
  10. I only know like 3 French words lol and bisous ain’t one of them anyway welcome~
  11. Idk about trouble shooting but did you remove "SWM - AAA" from the mod folder? that apparently crashes the game but dunno if it gives this error message
  12. Sorry hun daddy Fali shot me, his bullet just hasn't penetrated my breast yet uwu so maybe tri someone else to lynch
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