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  1. Candy


    henlo and welcome~ hope you have fun around here
  2. https://youtu.be/SVSIOTHDYuc Link doesn't get embedded again but man already started Season 2 xD I'm a happy candy
  3. oops I thought towncrier meant like the one who shouts "fulanito visited me" when someone visits them at night. mb but since we can confirm ability at least, I'll take off my placeholder randomass vote and gib him hope that a good-natured doc will do him a heal. and if he doesn't get healed, there's only one possibility: Amber was town and doctor is mafia x( because if Amber is town or mafia and doctor is town, there's no reason doctor wouldn't heal them since they know Amber ain't granny, and if both are mafia, there ain't no reason why they wouldn't heal fellow mafia pal. [Unvote] DigitalAmber [Eliminate] mimi because I've never voted mimi afaik so, wynaut.
  4. not like I'm doing much "reading" whether scumreading or just reading, but still I do an apologize. have a very random and no context whatsoever meme that I made on me to make up for it
  5. and placeholder vote for [Eliminate] DigitalAmber because any role can be mafia- whether granny or towncrier. if I were doctor I wouldn't visit him for precaution and also placing a vote on him since I'm not sure but doesn't wounded means he'll do a die anyway? Let's give him a swifter and painful death me thinks uwu I dunno how I'm supposed to do scumreading in this game when we can't see who voted for town vs mafia.
  6. https://youtu.be/hQPBopQcsLA dunno why it ain't letting me embed it but y'all go shank the hecc outta that like button so we can have a season 2~
  7. ok I'm here before I get kicked out of this game. what I want to say before I go is that from the little I've seen and from my night actions, I've deduced that at least Fali appears town to me.
  8. Thanks for the comment~ writing stories is fun in itself but there's nothing better than to hear (or read in this case) the readers' voices haha I wasn't sure how peepos would take a random insert of a chapter where the MC isn't in the picture, but I went ahead anyway because Shelly has approval rating of 99.9% in these forums and I think y'all needed a detox from Vanilla's fits.
  9. since Amine isn't here I'ma gonna do him a help and say this: r00d
  10. wait actually I just read the procedure and it says "lynch bok" so [Eliminate] Bok
  11. I didn't have that planned. I wrote this one because I'm still figuring out how to most effectively tell the next part of the main story, and since we haven't seen Shelly in a while, I wanted to remind y'all about her existence haha But if I feel inspired to write some more chapters like these, I'll go ahead and do it whenever that happens xP
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