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  1. Candy

    [Recruiting] Pokémon Sword & Crown

    Wow~ that sounds like a game I'd love to play can't do a help for development, but here's some moral support: Also I love the steampunk style on the main characters!
  2. Revived (AGAIN) after an ultra-long hiatus of literally over a year. guess I'll be juggling between this and From Everland to Reborn. Hecc where will I fit time for everything lol Chapter 24 Brenda looked around as she followed the Audino. This Pokémon Center was different to the others in that there were three Nurse Joys and many more Audinos, all wearing ribbons of different colors. The lobby was also about five times the size of the usual PC, and in addition to the common guest rooms, it had silver and gold rooms for wealthier guests. “Do you think this is Bianca's doing?” Brenda wondered aloud. “I'm guessing, since she was the one who invited us here,” Cheren answered. “But I have no idea where she could’ve gotten money to reserve a ballroom here, out of all places.” Brenda looked at Cheren with wide eyes, but was silent for once. The Audino opened the doors to a cozy, small room, which had enough space for two large round tables. In fact, the term ‘ballroom’ was a misnomer since, as far as Brenda could observe, there was no space for an actual dance. However, the ornate walls and the carpet with its red, blue and golden designs made the place look elegant despite its size. Upon entering, Bianca and five others shouted happy birthday. Three of the five were prior classmates of Brenda’s, while the other two were Burgh and Lenora. Brenda was beyond surprised to see the two gym leaders here. “Welcome to your birthday party, Brenda,” Bianca smiled with her whole face. “I tried to invite as many of our past classmates as I could, but many of them were out of town. I invited gym leader Burgh today after confirming you were acquainted.” She turned to Burgh and apologized about the last minute notice, but he waved his hand. “Don’t worry about it. I didn’t have plans, and I’m always happy to spend time in good company.” “What about you, Lenora?” Brenda blurted out. “I was on my way to find you, but it just so happened that you were going to be here. Bianca was kind enough to accomodate my last minute intrusion.” “Today’s the day of last minute changes, huh?” Burgh commented, and all in the room laughed. As all of them sat down for dinner, Brenda’s Xtranceiver rang. With a little display of confusion, Brenda managed not to drop the call and answered it. “Ah, Professor Juniper! How are you,” Brenda greeted, and Bianca and Cheren, who were sitting on both sides of her, peeked over at the screen. “Happy birthday Brenda. I hope the journey has been treating you well.” “Yes, absolutely. Out of all days, today has been the. best. day. ever!” “How are you getting along with your Riolu? I hope he hasn’t given you much trouble,” Professor Juniper said with a little concern in her voice. Brenda made Ren sit on her lap and hugged him to show how close they’d gotten since they first met. Ren pushed her face away with his paw and complained with unintelligible language, but at the very least allowed his trainer to keep holding him. “See, we’re a team now. Super-bRENda-team,” Brenda smiled but her cheeks were almost sore from smiling and laughing all day long. “I’m glad to hear it. Take care, all of you,” Professor Juniper said, and she went off the screen to exchange places with another woman. “Happy birthday dear,” Brenda’s mother waved her hand. “I hope you haven’t broken anyone’s jaw yet. Remember, we can’t go around paying everyone’s hospital bills.” “Mom! Wow you didn’t forget my birthday this year either. Isn’t that like, fifteen years in a row?” Brenda teased in response to her mother’s teasing, and everyone in the room laughed at their banter. “This was the first year I actually had to remind myself. In the past, I’d always had a certain someone singing a birthday song to herself from her bedroom right at midnight.” Cheren and Bianca grinned to each other, because this was not an exaggeration in any sense. On some years she even left her window open, so her neighbors were subjected to a few minutes of melodic noise. “It might surprise you, but I was so tired from the trip last night, I forgot to follow my own tradition,” Brenda said. “So you can get tired sometimes,” Cheren commented, and incited more laughter from the crowd. “Anyway, I hope you enjoy your birthday party,” her mother said. “It was actually your father’s-” “My father!?” Brenda shouted, cutting her mother off, and jumped from her seat. Her face was beaming in excitement. “It can’t be? How is he? Has he come home? Is he the Unova champion now?” Her mind had already taken off to the imaginary land where she would meet her father again, ask him all her questions and talk all day long about his adventures, the trajectory till he became champion. More than anything, she wanted to give him a super large hug. She had greatly missed him for six whole years. “Calm down, Brenda. I can tell you’re in lala land already,” her mother chuckled. “Your father hasn’t come home, and I don’t know much about where he is or what he’s been up to. He sent me the money and an anonymous message saying that there was reason to host a party for your birthday this year, but he didn’t touch on what the reason was.” “An anonymous message? What gave him away?” “He sent his handwritten letter via a swablu. I could recognize his oddly right-leaning writing anytime, and his choice of delivery pokemon is also very much like him.” “We must send him a message back,” Brenda suggested. “I must tell him I want to see him. I hope he has a little time off between his Champion duties to come visit.” “You're jumping to conclusions again. Also, his letter unfortunately didn’t have the return address written, so we still don’t know where he is. At least I’m happy to hear from him, and I hope you are too.” Brenda clapped her hands. “Happy? I’m incredibly happy. So happy, I couldn’t describe my current state as happy,” she said. Her mother smiled at her. Her beloved child's overwhelming reaction brought to the woman much satisfaction. She then allowed Professor Juniper to come back to their field of view, and the call was dropped after Brenda thanked them for calling and they exchanged farewells. “I’m glad that you heard from your father, Brenda,” Bianca said. “It’s been what, six years? I wonder what kind of incredible adventures he could have been in, that he was prevented from communicating until now?” Bianca’s expression was dreamy, clearly influenced by Brenda’s enthusiasm. “I wouldn’t know, but bet on it that when I meet him again, I won’t let him rest until I’ve heard all of his stories.” Pokemon that worked in this particular Pokemon Center entered the ballroom and made the party even more enjoyable. A strings trio of kriketune provided lovely background music, and ambipom waiters set up a buffet-style supper- a wise choice considering Brenda and Ren’s unearthly appetite. In practice, both repeated about three times, as though they thought they could stock up food on their stomachs for future days of hunger. At the end, both were left with visible inflamed bumps on their bellies. “I guess now is a good time for opening presents,” Bianca said. She then tapped on Brenda’s shoulder, since the girl had fallen into food-induced coma. The mention of presents, though, made her sit back up right with her eyes wide open and her mind sharp as a knife. That was only moments before worry overcame her, realizing that she wasn’t holding Bianca’s present bag. Cheren deduced her thoughts after he saw her tap her pockets, look under the table, and then struggle as she tried to stand up with wobbly legs to excuse herself. “Brenda, you don’t happen to be looking for this, do you?” he asked, raising the bag he had rescued from being left on the train seat. His friend’s face relaxed instantaneously. “Ahaha, of course I knew you’d be holding it,” she said, as she sat back down on her seat. “I already opened yours, Bianca, but I’ll just take it out so everyone can see.” She showed the new shirt to everyone, and the three ex-classmates praised Bianca’s choice of present. They then handed their presents to birthday girl so she would open them. They contained a new belt, a care pack of pokeballs and potions, and a keychain. “Sorry that I don’t have a gift for you, Brenda,” Burgh apologized. “Oh no, don’t be,” she replied. “I’m glad you could come. Hope it’s been enjoyable for you too.” Burgh assured her that he was passing a great time with them. Cued to speak next, Lenora shifted a little on her seat. “I do have a sort of present for you, though it’s far from being just mine, if you will,” she explained. She held out a black orb to Brenda, who took it with much care. She inspected the orb. It definitely looked like it was made of stone, like a well-polished sculpture of a perfect sphere. Despite what it looked like, she internally wondered why she felt as though she was holding an egg instead of a rock. “Why, thank you Lenora,” Brenda said. Though she was puzzled by the odd choice of a gift, she guessed it was perhaps a normal choice for Lenora who ran a museum and was friends with artist Burgh. A compromise between geology and art, she reasoned. “That orb has been monitored for years since its discovery in the ruins under the Desert Resort,” Lenora said. “We suspect it might be one of the two stones mentioned in an ancient legend that narrates the unification of the Unova region. Yes, the dark stone, which holds the essence of the legendary dragon, Zekrom.” Brenda raised both eyebrows high, marking a couple of creases on her forehead. She could hardly believe she was holding such an important artifact in her hands, and that Lenora was giving it to her of all people. She wanted to ask why, but she couldn’t think of a sensible way to raise the question. Luckily, Lenora answered the question without her asking. “A week or so ago, when you entered the Nacrene museum, Brenda, we detected some slight waves of energy emanating from the stone,” she said. “They may seem insignificant, but it was a change from the complete silence we recorded all the previous years. It served to confirm that this wasn’t just a regular stone, unlike what our critics suggested, but that there is more to it. My hope is that if this is, indeed, the dark stone from the legend, it will awaken to its true form if it spends time with the one it shares affinity with.” “A-and you’re implying I’m one of the two… the t-two…” Brenda stuttered, but couldn’t bring herself to finish her sentence despite being considered a narcissist by her acquaintances. “Heroes,” Lenora did her the favor. “I can’t say for sure, but we can only work with the few clues we have, you see?” Brenda nodded energetically. “I will do my best to awaken the dragon,” she said. “I’ll wash it, polish it, hug it, sleep next to it…” “Let me stop you there,” Cheren interrupted. “I think just being close enough that it can sense your presence should be enough for Zekrom,” Lenora chuckled. “Though I do appreciate your spirit.” “Y-yes! I will do as you say,” Brenda saluted while holding the stone close to her. She then turned to Ren, and showed him the black orb. The small pokemon inspected the stone by sight and smell, but only furrowed his eyebrows as though he was not impressed in the least. Ignoring his facial expression, Brenda took his paw and placed it on the stone. “Don’t you think it’s the smoothest thing you’ve ever touched?” she grinned. “If I’m actually one of the two heroes of present times, then we’ll go down in history. The kids in pokeschool will learn about how awesome we were in their otherwise boring classes!” “Great, we surely needed to inflame this girl’s ego even more,” Cheren shook his head, but a smile was plastered on his lips. “A record-setting size of an ego sounds befitting of a historical figure,” Brenda followed Cheren’s joke and winked, which incited a good laughter from everyone. The evening thus passed with much conversation and laughter, filling Brenda’s heart with bliss, almost to the same proportions that her stomach was filled with food.
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    henlo fren and fellow spanish speaker~ hope you enjoy this large community with smol hearts, wait I mean smol community with large hearts
  4. Candy

    Help me choose...

    I also think seismitoad is pretty great, glad you chose it and also noice choice of water type starter! as for who to replace, I also think lumineon since you have seaking which is a slightly better version of lumineon anyway.
  5. Candy

    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    Call me a masochist but I like Ame-level puzzles xD once I figure out wtf I'm doing, they're cool but others like that magic square one... can't figure wtf I'm doing = this ain't it chief
  6. Candy

    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    when I was a kid, I hated victory road because it was usually dark caves and I'd be going around and around finding the way because I was a dumb kid xD but given Ame's reputation of being an insane puzzle lady, I might then be considered a dumb adult xD
  7. ngl Heather's safety wasn't much in her mind when she made the decision to give the ring. It was more Shelly's peer pressure xD She didn't want to give the ring because she had a feeling Charlotte's theory on giving the negotiation piece away was correct... but perhaps she thought trusting a theory may not be strong motivation enough to risk Heather dying from hypothermia (which would break Shelly).
  8. Candy

    [Event] Choose Your Roles!

    Can't be fun without a sweet jester, can it?
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    also, you can change natures in Reborn by paying 3 heart scales to the psychiatrist in 7th Street
  10. Yeah Pikachu wouldn't have an issue with that, but she considers him more like a friend / moral support than a fighting pokemon. So she'll likely only use her own pokemon if she wants to make a command. In Vanilla's mind she has a distinction between teammates (the people she led back in Everland, and her pokemon team) and friends (Wolfie, Shelly, Pikachu).
  11. This thread, before being a cheesy story about an edgy teen, it's a themed play through and I'm only allowed to use the 12 mons I (with y'all's voting help) chose in the beginning. Vanilla thought it'd add to her challenge, and also thought developing a bond with a set number of mons would make her team stronger than say, if she trained 100 mons. As you said, even Pikachu isn't technically her pokemon, hence why she doesn't control his actions (when he fights, he fights on his own accord, not because Vanilla ordered him to).
  12. Nots a problem since she not looking to catch pokemon anyway xD also juicy frenship points with Shelly
  13. I recovered the latest backup save I could find from Rejuv. Idk whether it was the long-term vacation, but my old macbook pro which had died back in September booted up fine and allowed me to extract it.


    That's the good news.

    The bad news is that I'm lost af. I have no idea where I left off, my mons are overleveled for some reason, and the layout of some places is a repetition of "u wot mate" cause they're different from back when I last played lol Guess I'll have to wait until I'm done with my Reborn written run to start Rejuv anew for that written run that fell into indefinite hiatus. Then I'll be able to play my original run.


    ... That'll likely be next year, or the year after.

    1. J-Awesome_One


      That seriously sucks. I know how that feels. My playthrough of Reborn is prob gonna be on hiatus for a bit because my latest save file (most likely) got corrupted and the last save I had before then was at 9 badges... I had been a little bit after beating Amaria so that's rage inducing. It ALSO infected my Bonnie run. Luckily though, I have a back up file where it's saved after the 2nd badge so that's not so bad. But... I'm not sure if it affected my James run or not and if it did... That's gonna be bad. Dx

  14. I was highkey forced to do it because if you choose not to give the ring, Blake takes the ring from you like he was taking candy away from a child. So I asked, "which is more improbable: Vanilla getting the ring robbed by Blake, or Vanilla giving him the ring because of Shelly's nagging?" And I replied, "Vanilla would break Blake's nose before he could try to steal the ring from her, so that ain't happening bruh." Hence why I made Shelly extra-adamant about giving him the ring xD
  15. From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 54 Behold, the most filler-ish episode in the history of filler-ish episodes, maybe ever! Enjoy a jelly-filled doughnut episode on me Once I was stable again, I went to the Pokemon Center to get Shelly. However, I didn’t find her there. She had left right after arriving according to Nurse Joy, so I went out looking for her, judging she shouldn’t have left the proximity of the Center. As expected, I found her nearby, talking to a boy on the skating rink. She parted ways with him before I could reach her. “Um, I hope you’re feeling better,” she said. “I am, don’t worry.” “Before I forget,” she said, taking out a piece of paper. “I found this and t-thought you might want it.” She handed the paper to me. I took it and read the writing, which said “Battle Pass: Gravity” in golden bold letters. “This is for battling one of the Agate clowns, if I remember correctly.” “I think they’re, um, performers.” “Same thing,” I shrugged, casually remembering their banters and innuendos. “What were you talking about with the boy?” “Ah, yes, um, so I was thinking about Heather and putting the p-pieces together. Cain told us that Heather had been taken into the care of, um, Blake, and the w-woman earlier told us that the other, um, Guardian Angel had a strict caretaker. Right now, the boy confirmed to me that the caretaker’s name is Blake!” “So my conjecture was right,” I wondered aloud. “And do you know where we can find Blake?” “He didn’t tell me because he feared, um, we might tell him about Heather being the Guardian Angel. I don’t know why, but I get the impression that, um, Blake wouldn’t want Heather helping the Ametrine citizens. Even though the boy told me he is an ex-Gym leader.” “Is that so? Sounds like a jerk,” I said, and saying that aloud instantly sparked the image of an individual in my mind. “It might’ve been that man… the one with blue hair and a smug attitude.” Shelly batted her eyes, but soon after her face lightened up. “Yes... yes, it’s him! I’m really dumb for not putting two and two earlier. No wonder he reminded me of Cal… uh, s-someone I know.” I remembered Cal, for even though time had passed without a sign of him, he had been protagonist in one of the most impactful scenes since I’d come to the Reborn region. “I know Cal,” I said. “And now that you mention it, Blake shares similar features with him.” “Y-you know him? You know Cal?” “Yes, and in fact he vaguely alluded to the acquaintance with you and how it ended.” “O-oh.” Shelly didn't look very happy to know that Cal had told me about her. However, there was one thing I wanted to confirm. It was something I had supposed to be true when I met Cal at the top of Pyrous Mountain. “It was him I reminded you of, back then when we had just met, wasn’t it?” Shelly looked downward and her long bangs hid her eyes, but I could still discern a slight nodding motion. “Um… Cal and I used to be f-friends,” she said. “But I said stupid things, and, um, angered him. I just forgot t-that not everyone sees the world like I do, and so not everyone will, um, admire their older sibling like I do.” “If we always saw things through the eyes of everyone, it might save us unnecessary disputes, but it would be quite taxing on the human brain. Don’t chastise yourself, since he’s equally at fault. If he saw things how you see them, he wouldn’t have gotten angry about your supposedly insensitive comment.” “I’m just scared, just scared of angering people. That’s why, um, you reminded me of Cal. That is, b-because you always seemed to be... please don’t get mad at me... in a foul mood. You both had that aura… how should I describe it... as if you’d lost sight of your way, and were just, um, ambulating through life.” Shelly was trembling with nervousness, so much so that when I stretched a hand in her direction, she winced thinking that I might punch or slap her. I only placed my hand on her shoulder in an effort to calm her down. “You aren’t wrong,” I admitted. “Ambulating through life sounds fitting, actually. Ever since I left Everland, ever since I lost my compass, my guide, I’ve only done what I had to do to take my mind off of some traumatic events. In fact, my aim to become stronger and overthrow Everland’s Queen may be nothing more than an attempt to wash my conscience of what really can’t be amended.” “I don’t want to remind you of, um, traumatic things you don’t want to remember,” Shelly whispered. “It’s alright. Aladdin already opened that Pandora’s box for you. After that incident and my other slip ups, I don’t think much imagination is needed to conclude that many died under my command, in large part thanks to Aladdin but also because of my lack of foresight. Many people important to me,” I said. “And I could tell you the A through Z of the drama right now, but I’m seeing Blake going into a building right now. I think that’s a more pressing matter.” I pointed at the blue-haired man walking with exaggerated movement of his upper body. He proceeded, by coincidence, into the building that Aladdin had exited from earlier that day. I waved to Shelly without a word and ran over to the building. We asked the lady at the front desk about the floor Blake lived in, lying that we had business with him, and she told us that he lived in the penthouse. When we got there, we found Blake already sitting on the floor playing video games. We entered his apartment, and he didn’t even as much as glance our way. I made way for Shelly to pass, since I figured she should be the one to confront Blake after she went the extra mile to find the whereabouts of her friend. She hesitated for a moment, but then walked up to Blake with uneven steps. “Um, ugh, Blake? You’re Blake, right? Um, we know y-you’re looking after Heather,” she said. “C-can you tell us where she is?” A couple of seconds of silence ensued, and then Blake replied with a lazy “uh-huh”. That was it. Shelly waited a few more seconds, but seeing as Blake was not talking, insisted upon the matter. “So, then, um, could you, uh, please tell me now?” “Yeah.” I waited a few more seconds until I stepped in. I walked to the TV and switched it off. “Hey, what’s that for? And what the fuck are you doing in my apartment?” “You left the door open. All we had to do was take the elevator.” “And you came in just because you could, huh? Sounds like criminal behavior.” “Don’t want to hear that from someone who’s abusing a little girl,” I shrugged. “Now, tell us where Heather is, before I snap.” “Wow scary! Skinny girl in a pink dress,” Blake raised both of his hands up in an exaggerated fashion. “What are you going to do to me? Turn me into cotton candy?” “Don’t try me.” I was inches from losing it and starting the fight, especially since I was starting to see Aladdin’s odious face superimposed onto Blake’s. However, Shelly took the lead of the conversation in order to steer it away from violence. “No please. Let's just t-talk. Yes, talking is good.” Blake stood up from the cushion and stretched his upper body. “Fine. Look, there’s no need to mince words here. We already know what sides we’re each on, so let me make you a deal,” he said. “Get me the Ruby Ring, and I’ll tell you where Heather is.” “The Ruby Ring? Why, you’re one of Team Meteor, aren’t you?” I exclaimed. Suddenly, it all made sense as to why he didn’t want Heather giving out food to the Ametrine people. Team Meteor had blocked their trade route so they would starve, and this guy must have been tasked to see that their objective was crystalized. “Surprise surprise,” Blake shrugged with the same frivolous tone. “So what do you say, deal?” “Hell no,” I replied, remembering Charlotte’s recommendation of not giving into the enemy’s terms. “Eh, but Vanilla. We have to f-find Heather, and he’s the only one who can t-tell us.” “She’s right, you know,” Blake added. “But ya know what. I’ll throw in an extra prize for you. Here.” He took out a disk from his pocket, and raised it high for both of us to see it clearly. “This is the TM for Waterfall. As you can imagine, you can climb and descend waterfalls with it. You were looking for this, isn’t that right?” “I don’t know, was I?” I asked with absolute honesty. “Um, Vanilla. R-remember, um, that waterfall… The girl with the red hair, um, and a steel arm.” Indeed, suddenly Titania’s poker face flashed on the back of my mind. The whole ordeal with Aya getting captured, looking for Heather and Agate’s sleeping signal up here in Ametrine, and then crossing paths with Aladdin had all made me forget that Titania had likely been stuck down the waterfall for days. “Way to go, kid. Say what now? Deal or no deal?” “Still a no deal from me,” I replied. “Please don’t say that. Please, Vanilla,” Shelly begged me, and I felt a tiny stinging feeling in my chest. “Shelly, Team Meteor has been after the Ruby Ring, which really is Heather’s. I’ve only been guarding it because a certain annoying dragon woman thought it’d keep her sisters safe if I did. It worked in my favor as well, so I’ve been doing just that. If I give this brat the ring, he won’t have any reason to tell us where Heather is... and they might kill Aya.” The last bit of my speech surprised even myself. To think that I was now basing my decisions on the life or death of someone outside my Defiance team! However, it should have been obvious all along. I may have started this fight against Team Meteor when Florinia proposed it to me as an efficient way to train up a team of Pokemon as my new team of the Defiance, but somewhere down the path my goals intertwined with that of the Gym leaders who wanted to protect their region from the terrorists. I wondered if Florinia had tricked me, knowing from the very beginning that I would eventually have no choice than to care for the people I was fighting with. If that was the case, I knew not whether to fear Team Meteor’s leaders or Florinia the most. Thankfully, it had been quite a while since I saw her last, and I didn’t look forward to falling for her manipulation anytime soon. “Oh, and by the way, I got Heather locked up in a small hut without heating, if that helps change your mind,” Blake said, bringing me back to the moment. “How could you do that! You’re awful for making Heather, um, suffer like that,” Shelly cried. “Please Vanilla. I don’t want Heather to d-die… the cold up here is h-harsh. Please.” With Shelly in tears begging as if it were her own life that depended on it, I just could not keep my cool. I was ashamed of my weakness, but I also considered that we could still take the ring back sometime later. Even though it gave me no pleasure to remember, it was also somewhat of a consolation that wherever he was, Radomus was keeping the Amethyst Pendant, and he was on our side, as far as I knew. Aya’s life would perhaps still be spared as long as the pendant did not fall into Team Meteor’s hands. “Deal. Give me Waterfall and tell me where you have Heather, I’ll give you the ring,” I sighed. “You have it here right now?” I took the ring out of my bag and showed it to him. “I see. I’d been told that the fire bitch had it, but guess their report was wrong,” Blake shrugged, and then added as an afterthought, “Ah, that was probably vague. I meant the fire bitch that isn’t related to me.” “Don’t call C-Cal or Charlotte like that,” Shelly said, in as angry a tone she could produce. “Whatever. Here, have the TM. Give me the ring.” We exchanged items simultaneously, and I blocked the way to the exit so he wouldn’t dare escape on us until he told us Heather’s whereabouts. “Heather’s down a secret path,” he said, pressing one of the buttons on his game controller, which automatically slid a shelf sideways to reveal the way. “That’s all folks. Now get out of my way.” I allowed him to pass, and he pressed the elevator’s button. “One more thing,” I said, remembering Agate’s sleeping signal a little too late. “Where’s the origin of the sleep signal? We know it’s in Ametrine.” “My job here’s done, and if you really want to know, I frankly don’t know or care about any of that,” he said. “I take orders from Team Meteor, I execute them. I don’t care what others are ordered to do or what the group's ultimate goals are. They’re all a bunch of nutjobs anyway.” The elevator came, and Blake disappeared from out sight. I knew asking him about the signal would accomplish nothing, but it was worth a shot given how lazy he was. “Well, I guess you got what you wanted,” I told Shelly. “Let’s set your friend free.” VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS I hope it was at least a yummy doughnut! Also, linking those events (Florinia convincing Vanilla to fight Team Meteor, Cal talking about Shelly on Pyrous Mountain) almost brought me to tears. It's been so long since I started this story, and it makes me happy to see how far we've come story-wise and character-development-wise. Thanks to all who reads this because although I'd write the story because I care for it, it also gives me strength to keep it up