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  1. After a whole 2 AND A 1/2 hours, we have finally done it.


    Most exciting yet worst boss fight in my life holy cow there were so many clutches but we were victorious!!


    Why did no one tell me about my second team facing off the harder part of the boss fight.... caught me off guard I really thought I was done for


    All in all, I love the game. Except the grinding parts, sorry. Everything was beautifully made though and I can’t wait for the mobile version to come out. 

    Now I just want a full anime or series about Octopath Traveler or atleast a book. There’s so many hidden lore here especially about the Crossfords and the history of Hornburg. Still have a lot of questions. I’ll probably be hitting those reddit theories soon enough.


    It’s finally time to dust off my switch games and play the next one in line 😄

    1. Chrixai



    2. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Hey now, I did warn you to keep the other team up to snuff. I just couldn't go into any more detail without spoiling the surprise completely~


      Anyway, congratz on doing what the pantheon (...somehow?) could not! Nice to hear that you've enjoyed the game as much as you have.


      The art on the official twitter page strongly implies that the bulk of team's going to be returning to the Bravely series next, though, so that mobile game will have to tide you over in regards to Octopath content for a good while. Whoops... 😅

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