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  1. Increasing the level cap would be good imo. Pokemon Zeta/Omicron and I think Insurgence did it, reaching to level 120 and it did increase in difficulty in a way. Given Reborn’s content on post-game subjectively, it’s a good step. P.S. I also remember a rom hack, Pokemon Vega, did it too. I think reaching the yikes level of 200. That game was so hard istg it was ridiculous, but fun though.
  2. Maqqy

    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    Labradorra’s gym is done so I wonder if the next step in mapping is now finally in Charous Mountain? Which I’m very much dreading. Can’t even fathom what would the Victory Road would be like..... probably 999 puzzles.
  3. Happy happy birthday leoyt may you and the demon Beautifly continue to wreck havoc everywhere 🎁

  4. DL-ed both Resident Evil 2 and Apex Legends! I am pumpeddd

  5. Maqqy

    titles are weird and so am i

    Welcome Yahen to Reborn! Hope you have a good time here. Just want to share that your avi caught my eye. I used to play a lot of Grand Chase back then and Ley was my second main. Nice to meet a fellow Grand chaser unless I’m completely wrong and you just chose a random avi
  6. Maqqy

    Rejuv hard mode...

    I’m speechless how did you even......... where can I apply for apprenticeship?
  7. Maqqy

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    It has only been a month what.......... the amount of effort you guys put into this game is just so impeccable. We really don’t deserve all of you.
  8. Maqqy

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Use Mightyena for the battle. The more dark types the better. One tip: capture Mareep in the Jasper Ward. Ampharos will be highly helpful not only to Shade but in every battle that will come along.
  9. Maqqy

    Rate my Team? :s

    There’s not much to say except they are all exceptional. With good synergy and a variety of typing, this team is good for end game. If I have to add maybe give Charizard mega stone y instead of x (when it becomes available in e19) for you to have a flying type coverage (plus I think Y is more suitable). Give them their respective natures and you’re good to go.
  10. Maqqy

    Lava puzzle second gym

    There are 3 signs on the wall you need the find. They’re not numbers anymore, but letters.
  11. Maqqy

    Rejuv hard mode...

    I also disagree that it isn’t “bad” per se. Intense mode really really really really really is ridiculously hard but it is manageable. I manage to went through all of it by using the same exact team (A-Muk, Lanturn, Talonflame and Medicham included). So you don’t have to swap mons here and there. With like, 97402739237837 resets you can get through battles just fine. The ones that I really had a hard time with were double battles. Those were straight up torture.
  12. At the back of the piece, you need to use flash.
  13. I always nickname my Gengar "Toto" because he reminds me of Totoro, and this picture:
  14. Happy happy Birthday Mugiwara!!!! Enjoy your day Lykos 😁



    1. LykosHand


      Ohhh it's really beautiful 🙂 thanks a lot Maqqy 😄

  15. Remembered something today. Flint was the Sinnoh fire type elite four member. Yet his team consists of Rapidash, Steelix, Drifblim, Lopunny and Infernape. 2/5 are fire types in D/P. Though strangely it fits. I guess that is why gym leaders in Reborn like Luna, Radomus, Serra etc. now had mons that doesn’t correlate to their type but to their theme. It didn’t fit well with me the first time honestly because it kind of strays away from their role as a monotype gym leaders but I now see it in a different light. Their team emphasizes their personality and how they developed as characters. An example of that is Aya having a Lycanroc because of Hardy’s influence. Huh. I like it a lot now.

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      Platinum managed to fix this. 

    3. Candy


      What do you mean Drak, lopunny is as hot as fire 🔥 

    4. Wolfox


      also, his Lop knows firepunch