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  1. Aelita would just say “I hope it doesn’t cause us trouble later” and the tauros would still be free. Just wondering if that will have any effect later on.
  2. Time to play V12! 



    1. DreamblitzX


      haha you're still managing to get to it before me.

    2. Maqqy


      I was just really waiting for the statsboosts and typeicons to get started.  I was already geared up 😂

  3. Hello Rejuv devs. I don’t know if this question has been answered yet, but will Rejuvenation have multiple endings?
  4. Bro where are they finding these killer soundtracks? Give me the full song ASAP! The highlight of the commercial is Gengar's Max-Ghost type move with it throwing around what it looks like furniture? Other than that nothing new. I like how every time they show us a new perspective of the Galar areas the more fascinated I am with it. Still very much excited to explore this new region. Also, I saw Pikachu dynamaxing. The leaks stated that it'll become fat retro pikachu when it gigantamax. Hmm guess we will have to wait and see. The day that they will reveal Sirfetch'd is the day I will combust to smithereens.
  5. Did we or did we not.... already met the champion?
  6. I never thought I would see the day that shofu and joe merrick would be debating with each other. Gen 8 really is the turning point for Pokemon and its fans.

  7. Phew. I’m glad that they only released a lite version of the switch. I literally just bought one 😅 


    Pro can come for the next 2 years or so 🤙🏻

  8. So we got another trailer! I see the english ver. has been posted so I'm just going to post the japanese ver. also. I like this one better Anyway!! Ummm so for the new pokes. Alcremie is... sweet. Didn't know how to feel about it at first but just gigantimaxing into a whole wedding cake is so hilarious I kinda love Alcremie for tickling my funny bone with that one. Yamper is a cutie and that's what's important so let's not just talk about that ability. Though yeah maybe it will be useful for catching pokes. It really makes me wonder if Hidden abilities are still existent. I don't know, I hope it will. I just have a feeling because they already got rid of mega evo and z moves. Rolycoly was my fave!!! I don't know about ya'll but Rolycoly is clean. He looks sick. You can probably say he's coal (cool)....... yup I also like his ability. I'm hoping it benefits him though. S/M had mons that have great abilities but with poor stats (that f-in speed), it didn't get to use its full potential. Hopefully SwSh will be different. Duraludon is.... okay. The typing is dope though! It also looks pretty powerful with you know, battling Tyranitar out of all mons. But the one thing that bugs me is.. how am I heavier than Duraludon?? 40 KG??? He sexy. Because of its weight, I'm afraid light/heavy metal will benefit it in any way. If Heavy Slam somehow gets nerfed or it has another hidden ability, maybe it will have a chance. If they're not making them quick with decent speed and following the trend of Alola mons, I'm suing. Seriously, imagine if Gen 7 mons had atleast above 70 speed. They would be staples imo. Such a waste tbh. Still love them btw. SO THE NEW CHARACTERS!! If there's one thing they nailed in this game, it's the characters. The designs are all THE HEAT IS IMMENSE My personal fave from this trailer is Allister!! He's giving off creepy puppetmaster vibes. Bea or should I say Bae-a, is a bea-uty. We STAN! But making them both version exclusives....... why. Drayden and Iris were the same in Gen 5 but both were the same type. I mean........ sigh. What to do. Moving on let's talk more about that japanese trailer. That trailer showed more of the areas in Galar and more clips of gameplay. You know I'm really liking how SwSh is presented graphically. The game looks beautiful. We'll probably appreciate it more when we get to play it ourselves. Okay so.... Gigantimaxing. Don't really have much to say about it. It may be something that I'll get to enjoy if I play the game myself and capture that feeling of hype. Seeing as it is now, 50/50. This very much confirms that Drednaw, Alcremie and Corviknight doesn't evolve due to it having gigantimax forms. Welp, that's that. I was really reaching for Corviknight but well, the form looks good nonetheless. THIS ALL very much confirms yet again that leak back in may. I'M REALLY HYPED FOR FARFETCH'D'S EVO. I really am. I am willing to forgive GF of the things they've done if they give justice to one of the most forgotten mons omg. It's so sad how desperate I have become So that's that. I saw the trailer first thing in the morning so it was quite a surprise. Didn't expect we'll be getting news but here we are! I'm going to be honest, ever since the whole fiasco happened my hype got down a little. Nevertheless, I am still going to play the game since I'm pokemon trash. It's just a shame that the community has been divided, considering it's our first ever home console game. I'm still clinging onto hope for improvement. I'm really praying that we will get another Gen 5 game. I'll just enjoy what we have for now. No shame in doing that
  9. When the new version comes out but you still have to wait for the mod pack to update... lol


    I still have to wait for the remaining bugs to be annihilated so it’s all good 👌🏻 *wears protective goggles for dangerous spoilers

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Commander


      The main story doesn't have much need for TMx or catching Pokemon so far. Literally only thing I caught so far is a Skarmory which I think is in the previous episode. I dunno. I haven't encountered a bug other than AI so far as well. Pretty well made episode I'm not expecting a bugfix version for at least a month. Though we will see.

    3. Maqqy


      I started a little bit of V12 up until zone zero cause I am impatient and couldn’t resist and so far yeah I haven’t run into any bugs. There might be ones in early game but flora jan and co. did a good job with testing! Best one so far I think.


      I’ll still wait for a little bit more. It’s just that battle stat display is good to have. Plus it’s aesthetically pleasing in game battle.

    4. SilverAngelus


      I don't think you have much to worry about bugs. Only if you have Pokemon that are weak to bug types. 


      Nyeheheh  just messing with you.

      I've played through the entire episode and didn't encounter any bugs that hindered my play!

  10. Maqqy

    Flora Grevilia..... your last name is Grevil-


    wait.... Gre...Greevil?





  11. Me, Ophio, Pink, Bunny, Loti, Ghoul and Wolf are HYPED and ready for V12 😁👊🏻


    Erin better be alive or someone is going to catch these hands

  12. I can tell that Zumi is really excited for this version to come out. I’m hyped unless she be giving us some more pokedex quests on catching another set of rare mons..... um
  13. We have been getting some crisp bread because of your awesome toaster. Good job and nice work smeargletaiI!
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