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  1. Maqqy

    Should friendship be added to mega evolution?

    I’m down with the idea. Plus, the whole existence of Ash-Greninja and the ability Battle Bond are based in the entirety of this concept with the intent of shrouding it as a mega evolution. It really should be canon when you think about it.
  2. Maqqy

    Does Reborn ever get you frustrated?

    ^ Me too. Though in my very first playthrough since I was a dumb newbie, I basically rage quit in a very shofu way when I battled Florinia and Ciel. Those two gym battles are something that I will never ever forget....... I suddenly have war flashbacks. But nonetheless, I love Pokemon competitively and the same goes for the canon! Many people really despise the rng because of unpredictability but for me I really like it. The battle will always be in anyone's favor and nothing can really be certain, such is the fun aspect of competing.
  3. Maqqy

    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

    I'm really not quite fond of the designs Well if these leaks suddenly turned out to be real I may learn to love them in the long run.
  4. Hello hello everybody. I wanted to make a comfy thread. I wanted to know what made you guys into the gigantic franchise that is, Pokemon, in the first place and the reasons that made you continue to stick by it. For me I’ve always loved it. Started with Pokemon Gold and never stopped. The feeling of setting out in an adventure with 6 loyal friends, winning battles and seeing them grow and evolve, it’s irreplaceable. Pokemon has helped me a lot growing up and going through tough times. Even now it’s still my source of strength. I still wish for that one special day that when I wake up, I’ll be packing my stuff, leave the house, get my starter mon and never look back. So how about you? What do you love the most about pokemon?
  5. Happy happy birthday Starry starry knight~ 🎊 Paint your palette blue and green~ Sorry

  6. Maqqy

    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

    Guess we have to wait till E3 for the next trailer but I really think May is our lucky month. Detective Pikachu releases on the same month so who wanna bet we all goin to see some Gen 8 mons in the movie?
  7. If Dawn went to the Galar region and had to choose a Galar starter, which one do you think she would pick?

    1. Maqqy


      Ooooh good question. I really think it would be between Scorbunny and Sobble. Dawn would prefer Sobble whilst Platinum Berlitz would be team Scorbunny.

    2. Monochrome_Complex


      Sobble..but wait she was a contest nerd right? Scorbunny feels more suited to that.

    3. Maqqy


      I feel like Sobble would be good in contests too since it's crybaby personality is very appealing. It really is still dependent on their final evos.

  8. Maqqy

    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

    They made a diagram for this theory. This is for Grookey specifically: It may be totally random but I’m fine with it either way as long as it’s bada$$
  9. Maqqy

    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    Ayyyeeee victory road 4/9 done. Ame and devs grinding in the work I can already feel my upcoming 9 levels of torture in Charous Mountain..
  10. Maqqy

    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

    Yes that’s very likely. I also assumed to be just a random trademark because of the upcoming movie. Though we never really know, since in Gen 6 megas were hinted by this trademarks. Let’s just see Still hoping that this isn’t true tho.
  11. Maqqy

    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

    Okay first, watch it! It’s one of my favorite series of all time. Secondly, I really really really hope too but hold your hopes up before E3 or before may. The second piece of news will most likely be on both. Meanwhile, let’s just surf the net for leaks lol.
  12. I wanna try this summoning circle thingy:


                                      🕯️          🕯️           🕯️  


                         🕯️   Difficulty options for Gen 8     🕯️ 


                                     🕯️            🕯️           🕯️ 



                                     🕯️          🕯️           🕯️  


                         🕯️      If Armored Evolutions are real,         🕯️ 

                        🕯️          give them to mons that need it. 

                                    Sit down Mewtwo and Charizard,   🕯️ 


                                     🕯️            🕯️           🕯️ 

    1. Christopher Robin

      Christopher Robin

      tbf charizard DID need the megas in gen VI, poor thing was like the worst of all fire starters.

    2. Maqqy


      Yes agreed but he didn’t need TWO, same with Mewtwo. Both are so spoiled I hate it.

  13. Maqqy

    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

    I recall that too! They're speculating that there might be "Houses" in Galar and that people are divided into these groups which play a big part in the story. Am I wrong or is this Game of Thrones? You should also check his twitter account! He has a lot of theories, particularly the one with the map of the Galar region. That one was so heavily detailed it's so amazing Oh and I just saw that Serebii said that Nintendo deleted the tweet about Gym masters. Guess it was a leak then lmao someone in nintendo is hyped for gen 8
  14. Maqqy

    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

    Another interesting theory! Things are spicing up huh