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  1. Actually, I think it's confirmed that Cain is pansexual, so he can basically like anyone regardless of their sex or gender identity. There's a scene where you are with Radomus and Cain when you meet Adrienn and if your character is non-gender, he'll say something similar to, "Oh, so that's why (Your name) is so cute~!". Plus, he also said that he finds it arousing when Adrienn tells him that they don't prefer to call themselves a male or female. Oh, and, Cain flirts with you regardless of your gender. I'm playing as a female, and he still says the same thing to me.
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. ~Nezuko~


      Thank you so much! I totally forgot to reply lol, but thank you!

    2. LykosHand


      It's ok 😄 and you're welcome 😉

  3. Ahhh, okay, I get it. Thanks! Edit: For some reason, I can't find trchar001 at all in the folders, even when I typed it in the search box. So I guess I have to use trchar001_1 in the mean time.
  4. So I decided to switch the trainer files so that I can have a different character but the only thing I'm having a problem with is I could not find the female running sprite or the "bike" sprites so whenever I run or use the bike (or whatever that thing is that looks like my character is floating), my character reverts back to Ana. Here's a video: Anyone knows what file is the pink haired girl's (I guess her name is Aevia) running and the bike sprites is located? I may have skimmed past it...
  5. I rather not do that because I'll just mess the files up as I'm not really good with this kind of stuff when it comes to switching files or all of that. It just seems a little confusing to me. That's why I rely on videos or something because I'm just that dumb enough not to understand simple instructions written out lol
  6. well, that's unfortunate. looks like I'm stuck with the current design then lol
  7. So, I've been told that you can change your protag into a different character in GDC. I have the legacy character, known as Ana, and as much as I really like this design, the bright pink haired character (shares the most features with our 'mom', with the infamous pink hair) has always been my favorite design and I couldn't wait to change my character once I get to GDC. Now that I'm there, where exactly can you change your character? Or was I misinformed?
  8. So, I finally arrived in Grand Dream City and I went into the Central Building and spoke to this lady that wanted you to put in a password. After almost an hour later, I found out that this password will give you a Riolu, a special Riolu from Where Love Lies. Unfortunately, I never played that special episode mainly because I keep forgetting and I'm too lazy to play it but I manage to find the password and finally gotten the Riolu. But it's a shiny! I was confused and shocked since I was actually wanting to soft reset until I get a shiny and confused because... is this a automatic shiny like the Shiny Gyrados in Gen 2? Or was I extremely lucky? I wanted to start changing savefiles and recheck to see if this was a random shiny but for some reason, no matter what I do, it will not actually change my savefile. I even decided to go to my second savefile by switching it with my original save file, but for some reason, I'm still in Grand Dream City with the shiny Riolu. I can't even transfer my save files anymore??? That's really weird. Anyway, I just want to know if the Shiny Riolu is an automatic shiny or a random shiny?
  9. I did that already. Once we went back to the train, that's when I bumped into Crystal and she saw the Latios/Latias, gave Erin the ticket and ran away. Erin went into the train and that was it. Venam is inside the train and I don't know where Melia is. Edit: just realized that I had to go to the cabin where I can deposit my Pokemon in and Melia was in there. I'm stupid >.<
  10. Does anyone know where to go after you beaten Flora? I went to the train and then Erin saw the Latios/Latias and walked away. I talked to everyone on the train and went to ever accessible place and could not find where to go next. Am I missing something?
  11. Damn, man, I really wanted TTAR to actually enjoy this game regularly like his Pokemon Red Adventures LP. I've been waiting literally a year for this guy to play Pokemon Reborn and I was slightly disappointed that he's doing a nuzlocke on this game without even knowing anything about it. No matter how many times everyone is telling not to nuzlocke this game, he just ignores them and continues to play it. Like I love TTAR, one of my favorite Poketubers besides MunchingOrange, Poketips and a few others, but what he's doing kind of frustrates me mainly because I don't want him to quit the game even before he actually gets deep into it. I just want him to sit back and enjoy the game honestly. I hope he at least make it to the first PULSE Pokemon so that I can see his reaction. I loved his reaction when he saw the latest Pokemon SWSH trailer and I'm kind of hoping his reaction to the Pulse will be similar to the trailer. Maybe not, though. Might just be similar to his reactions to Pokemon Insurgence's megas. I also hope he plays Pokemon Uranium and Pokemon Glazed soon. Doing a nuzlocke in those won't be as hard as Reborn.
  12. I'm trying to do the event where I can get Spiritomb in the Darchlight Woods. Apparently, I have to speak to someone 30 times, go to the collapsed tower and the Odd Keystone will activate. Unfortunately, I don't have any Odd Keystone and I was wondering if there's any way to find one? I thought you can obtain the odd keystone if you speak to someone 30 times but apparently not.
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