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  1. Ah, 84%! That was fast! Last time I looked at the progress, it was at 69% (noice)! Can't wait for v12 to come out even though I'm not even finished with v11 yet!
  2. Looks like that's what I had to do. It worked. Thanks!
  3. Wouldn't it kind of mess up my save file or something?
  4. So I started up Pokemon Rejuvenation and this keeps popping up: At first, I thought my current save file was corrupted. So I did the usual, which is rename my current savefile to something else and rename one of my backup files to Game.rxdata. I opened up the game again and this popped up once more. I don't know what else to do. I don't want to mess up all of my backup files only for this thing to pop up again. Like are all of my files corrupted or something?
  5. So uh, whenever I try to enter Valor mountain through Valor Shore, it for some reason sends me to Prof. Jenner's lab and it stays black. It also doesn't let me move around or anything like that. I have to actually soft reset the game to get back out. I guess I have to go through Crawli's gym in order to enter Valor Mountain. I have yet to catch Alolan Sandslash so that I can get an Alolan Vulpix. I just wanted to know if anyone else having this problem. The same thing happens if you try to exit the mountain to get to Valor Shore before bandicam 2019-05-19 20-55-10-706.mp4
  6. What's the progress on episode 19? I can't seem to find the progress bar thing anywhere on this thread even when I'm on a laptop.
  7. Uh, how weird. You linked me to a YouTube video but when I quote your post, it shows me a link to another thread. Either way, thanks! Edit: this only happens when I'm on my phone. On my laptop, it shows the link to the thread instead of a youtube video.
  8. Ah okay. I was so confused when I saw them all in the room. I thought I broke the game or something lol
  9. ~Bella-chan~


    So I was exploring one of the rooms in the Grand hall and walked into... this... And when I walked out, exited the Grand Hall and walked back in, the Alolan Vulpix's seemed to have escaped the room and is now EVERYWHERE. It was also hailing in there too. No one is freaking out about it or anything, so I'm wondering if this is a bug or something, or is this what happens when you walk into that room full of Alolan Vulpix's?
  10. What's the Shiny Rate in this game and is there any way to speed up the game? It's sorta slow when battling and such.
  11. So I decided to play this game and I wanted to soft reset for a shiny starter. Usually when I shiny hunt, I always watch videos and such so I won't get easily with shiny hunting. But it seems as though I cannot lower the volume of the game at all. I tried to go to the options, but it doesn't have the Volume thing where I can lower the music. It's no where to be seen. Is there any way to lower the music without having to mute my computer volume?
  12. My username is Bellachan-
  13. Alright, I'm ready. Should I press the Request Trade button or the Wait for Request button?
  14. Really? Thank you! I've been trying to catch every Pokemon for my dex (and breeding them to get shinies for a shiny dex, too), so I really appreciate your help. Just let me know if you're online, and we can do a trade.
  15. So, I ran into this buddy in South Adventurine Forest: I was pretty excited to catch this thing but- YOU CAN'T CATCH THE HERACROSS OR THE PINSER?! Isn't this like the only way to get these two Pokemon or something? Why can't I catch this Heracross? I really don't want to run away from a shiny,
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