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  1. Damn, man, I really wanted TTAR to actually enjoy this game regularly like his Pokemon Red Adventures LP. I've been waiting literally a year for this guy to play Pokemon Reborn and I was slightly disappointed that he's doing a nuzlocke on this game without even knowing anything about it. No matter how many times everyone is telling not to nuzlocke this game, he just ignores them and continues to play it. Like I love TTAR, one of my favorite Poketubers besides MunchingOrange, Poketips and a few others, but what he's doing kind of frustrates me mainly because I don't want him to quit the game even before he actually gets deep into it. I just want him to sit back and enjoy the game honestly. I hope he at least make it to the first PULSE Pokemon so that I can see his reaction. I loved his reaction when he saw the latest Pokemon SWSH trailer and I'm kind of hoping his reaction to the Pulse will be similar to the trailer. Maybe not, though. Might just be similar to his reactions to Pokemon Insurgence's megas. I also hope he plays Pokemon Uranium and Pokemon Glazed soon. Doing a nuzlocke in those won't be as hard as Reborn.
  2. I'm trying to do the event where I can get Spiritomb in the Darchlight Woods. Apparently, I have to speak to someone 30 times, go to the collapsed tower and the Odd Keystone will activate. Unfortunately, I don't have any Odd Keystone and I was wondering if there's any way to find one? I thought you can obtain the odd keystone if you speak to someone 30 times but apparently not.
  3. I'm just as confused. Will it tell you that you obtained the Keystone or after you talk to someone 30 times, the keystone will just appear in your bag? Because I talked to someone 30 times, and I never received the keystone. Or does it not give you the odd keystone and you have to find it somewhere else beforr you start this small quest?
  4. Ah, okay. Thanks for telling me.
  5. I ran into this ghost girl after reading a page about the Clefairy coming to life from the doll. She turns around and walks out the door and that's all. I thought maybe it triggers something but after looking everywhere in the mansion, I didn't find anything. Am I missing something or does this not trigger anything at all? I was hoping it'll be a rotom coming from that TV or something.
  6. Okay, so I made it to that place and found the flute but it won't let me actually get it. Do I need to do a quest or something to obtain it?
  7. So, I found this Snorlax and I was wondering how to wake it up? Do I need the usual flute or something?
  8. I don't know if anyone else mentioned this but I just noticed that the menu changed back to it's old form. Why's that? EDIT: I also noticed that my Shiny Primarina has a different shiny now. I really like the new shiny but now I gotta change her name from Mintfoam (was suppose to be Minty and Seafoam together because of how her shiny looks) to something else lol Double Edit: aw man, now that I took a look at old Shiny Primarina, I kind of like the old shiny one better than the new one. I liked the fact that Primarina looks like the little mermaid.
  9. alright! thanks for telling me that. i was just about to move the mods in the new version but something told me to ask around to make sure
  10. Awesome! also, so I'm guessing we can't use the modular modpack in this new version?
  11. Sooo, it's 5pm for me and the person about me said 8 hours an hour ago. So, does that mean it will be released at around 12am or something?
  12. Haha, nope! Currently playing the latest version~
  13. Oh. OH MY. I haven't even gotten that far into the game then. The first time I played this game was Version 9 (or 10?) had just came out and I only gotten to the point where you meet Aelita in the nightmare city and afterwards, Aelita started acting weird and that was when the version ends. Didn't play the game until version 11 came out so the Grand Dream City/Nightmare city story is where I stopped at. Guess a lot of crap will go down in GDC once I get there. I can't wait!
  14. When does that happen? Also, I kind of forgotten who Flora and the Puppetmaster is. There's a crap ton of characters in the game. I forgotten almost half of them.
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