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  1. Uh, how weird. You linked me to a YouTube video but when I quote your post, it shows me a link to another thread. Either way, thanks! Edit: this only happens when I'm on my phone. On my laptop, it shows the link to the thread instead of a youtube video.
  2. Ah okay. I was so confused when I saw them all in the room. I thought I broke the game or something lol
  3. ~Bella-chan~


    So I was exploring one of the rooms in the Grand hall and walked into... this... And when I walked out, exited the Grand Hall and walked back in, the Alolan Vulpix's seemed to have escaped the room and is now EVERYWHERE. It was also hailing in there too. No one is freaking out about it or anything, so I'm wondering if this is a bug or something, or is this what happens when you walk into that room full of Alolan Vulpix's?
  4. What's the Shiny Rate in this game and is there any way to speed up the game? It's sorta slow when battling and such.
  5. So I decided to play this game and I wanted to soft reset for a shiny starter. Usually when I shiny hunt, I always watch videos and such so I won't get easily with shiny hunting. But it seems as though I cannot lower the volume of the game at all. I tried to go to the options, but it doesn't have the Volume thing where I can lower the music. It's no where to be seen. Is there any way to lower the music without having to mute my computer volume?
  6. My username is Bellachan-
  7. Alright, I'm ready. Should I press the Request Trade button or the Wait for Request button?
  8. Really? Thank you! I've been trying to catch every Pokemon for my dex (and breeding them to get shinies for a shiny dex, too), so I really appreciate your help. Just let me know if you're online, and we can do a trade.
  9. So, I ran into this buddy in South Adventurine Forest: I was pretty excited to catch this thing but- YOU CAN'T CATCH THE HERACROSS OR THE PINSER?! Isn't this like the only way to get these two Pokemon or something? Why can't I catch this Heracross? I really don't want to run away from a shiny,
  10. Sorry for the late reply, but it worked. Thanks.
  11. I'm trying find the guy's glasses on Route 1 and I've been using both Bouffalant and Tauros to get through South Adventurine Forest, but it seems as though all of the Tauros and Bouffalant are all gone, (and I found this specific passage that I need Tauros in but there are lots of tall grass in the way, so I can't get a Tauros right there unless there's one that is right there near that place, and there isn't one near) I just wanted to know how does these two Pokemon respawn because no matter how many times I enter any South Adventurine forest passage, those Pokemon will not respawn. Also, is there a guide on how to find the glasses? I'm really getting stuck on this, and I'm trying to collect all department store stickers.
  12. Sorry for the 18 day wait, but since the user you were talking haven't replied back, I can answer those questions because the same thing has happened to me whenever I try to hatch all the eggs using the Egg Hatcher. Once I get a party full of eggs, I go to the other PC device thing next to the egg generator and try to hatch all of my eggs in the party. This appears before the game crashes: I'm using the current version of Pokemon Reborn (E18.1), I have the current version of the mod, I guess?, and I'm using the Weather Mod, Itemradar mod, and the Type Battle Mod. Are these other mods the reason why my game keeps crashing like this?
  13. Is there going to be a weather mod added in here anytime soon? Just curious ^^
  14. When you talk to Professor Hawthorne and you show him your Pokedex, he decides to give you a Magby or a Elekid egg. The problem is that you can get as many of those eggs as you can and he will still say this: And here is a screenshot of me having both a magby egg and a Elekid egg at the same time: Maybe I must have misread what he said, but I thought I only have the choice to get one of the eggs? Or was this intentional and not some sort of bug? I'm gonna use this as an advantage to shiny hunt the two by hatching those eggs over and over again lol
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