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  1. The most important points of EV training are that 1) a Pokémon can only collect at most 510 EV total and 2) each stat can only have 252 EV at most. These two restrictions mean that you can max only two stats of a Pokémon with a handful of leftover points to spare. For general competitive Pokémon there's a ton of considerations to give your Pokémon the exact right EVs to be able to survive certain attacks or be faster than certain other Pokémon, but a lot of that doesn't really apply in Reborn due to Field Effects and whatnot. Your best bet would be to just identify the two most important stats of the Pokémon you want to train and then find some place were you can do that quickly using the various "Power" held Items. For fast attackers there's the aforementioned Woobats and for 'Mons that want HP there's Grimer fishing early on or wild Gulpin/A-Grimer in the WTC post-Agate. To my knowledge there's no other spot in the game where you can get encounters giving only one specific kind of EV as quickly as these two. Retraining EV for your old Pokémon should certainly boost their performance, but it can be rather costly to get rid of the unwanted EVs so you'll have to decide for yourself if it's neccessary/worth it. Breeding is usually mostly done to get perfect IV, but those have a lesser impact compared to EV; for the most part resetting encounters or catching several wild Pokémon until you get one with "decent" IV (for me personally 20+ in all the stats it needs) will do fine. Breeding perfect IV gets more involved the more perfect stats you want, although for just one or two stats it can be very quick if you already have the right breeding tools ready (i.e. compatible parents with perfect IV in one of those stats and the "Power" items to guarantee passing those on). Breeding for Egg Moves is another matter, but Move Tutors can let you skip that in a lot of cases.
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  3. @DerpierknightSince you have a Rhydon Trick Room should be a good idea. Primarina might work under it too, as long as you can somehow stop Charlotte from changing the Field to Burning. The caves on Route 3 also have Gravelers I think which can work just like Rhydon; if you picked up the Protector from Iolia Valley and have a Link Stone you could also evolve your Rhydon. If you need a turn to set up Wide Guard can help with that since Typhlosion tends to spam Eruption/Heat Wave and Darmanitan knows Rock Slide. side note: While Gardevoir is undoubtedly a great Pokémon both of its Types are already covered with other Pokémon in your team, so it or one of the other two might not shine as well as they usually would.
  4. With how much trouble you seem to be having are you sure you're not playing in Intense? If you're lacking in offensive power Fearow could be a good option; its learns Aerial Ace and evolves very early giving it some decent power in the early game. For Lucario a Sturdy Geodude with Bulldoze might be helpful so you have to tank less of its attacks. I don't know how good Xatu is but I know it can make use of quite a bunch if Fields used in the early gyms.
  5. You might know this by now but your theory on Karrina is spot on. The rework of the game's beginning made it really obvious too with her saying something to the tune of "Okay I think I stalled you long enou- I mean I think we're done here!" Someone needs to make comics out of every time you're trying to get the game to remember that you can do the thing while the characters ignore you. I always think that shit's hilarious.
  6. I don't usually play defensive mons so take what I say with a grain of salt, but I'd say it depends on what you want out of it. Clefable is a defensive mon with a special focus so it plays a similar role to the Blissey you already have on your team. Blissey has unparalleled special bulk with the trade-off of being made out of paper on the physical side and having very little offensive capability. Besides stalling it can play a healer role with moves like Wish and Heal Bell, at least if those moves are currently obtainable on it. For actually defeating enemies I think it mostly relies on Toxic since it can't deal much damage itself. Clefable is a mixed bulky mon with a Special leaning. I think its biggest draw is that it has Magic Guard to protect itself from status and hazards which makes it harder to cut through its bulk. Compared to Blissey it has significantly less special bulk but in exchange can also take a hit on the physical side and can do some damage with STAB Moonblast. Because of these last two points I think it's better suited to general gameplay while Blissey is more of a specialist for cases like Dittoceus. Clefable would also be pretty well covered in your team since you have counters to Poison, Steel and Fire Types while Blissey is under constant threat by any physical attacks. As I said I don't usually play defensive mons but this is what I gathered from checking into their respecive playstyles for a bit. Their performance will obviously vary depending on which of their staple options are actually currently available in Reborn. TM Toxic for instance won't be available until quite a while later.
  7. Seaking is just kind of really bad so replacing it would be the efficient thing to do. There's nothing wrong with keeping it if you're particularly attached but sooner or later you'll notice that it won't be able to keep up. If none of the current options really appeal to you could just wait until something else shows up. Here's a handy thread for checking which Pokémon of each Type become available with each Gym: Squirtle should definitely be available at this point. I remember the event was pretty inconsistent at some point but I've never done it myself so I don't know if it's been fixed by now.
  8. It's a Magikarp but you don't actually get it until waaay later, around Lv. 80-85 iirc. You can get a Squirtle from Byxbision after the gym there; a cave in Chrysola forest has an Eevee that you could evolve to Vaporeon; If you allied with Team Aqua you should be able to get a Carvanha by now (it's notable for having Destiny Bond as a possible Egg move); Azurine Island has Shellos. If you can wait a bit longer North Aventurine Forest has Dewpider and 7th Street has Piplup.
  9. Ah so it is. It used to be available earlier but I couldn't remember how exactly.
  10. I very strongly recommend Flygon; it has a great natural movepool against many of the upcoming leaders and can make use of quite a number of TMs as well. You can get one once you get to Spinel Town by trading a Mothim for a Trapinch. Archeops is one Pokémon that works very similarly but I forgot if the fossil for it is still available at that point. Scolipede would be a strong upgrade to Kricketot available from Byxbysion that can also serve as a Batton Pass Support. Alternatively you could get a Yanma from Azurine Island. Also sidenote: you can actually already EV train pretty easily at this point. You only need I think two or three stickers for the "Power" items to become available at the Dept. Store and the lv.5 Woobats in the first accessible part of the railnet make great grinding targets for anything that wants Speed. Fishing for Grimers at Coral Ward is similarly effective for HP EVs. (If your game tends to lag in outdoor areas you can fish in the building that has Amaria's boat in it once that's open.)
  11. You can actually leave the tower, you just need to walk past Angie instead of getting into position on her battlefield. First you'll probably want to melt the Ice on her Field away; check the field effects .txt in your Rejuv folder to see which attacks work for that. There's another Field below the Ice one, so check if you can change or abuse that one as well. Changing the weather would be useful as well, since iirc the hail brings back her Ice field after some turns. Your Pokémon have pretty bad coverage. There's rarely any point in having more than two attacks of the same Type on one Pokémon; usually only when those two attacks have very different uses. I forgot if that's already available at this point but Sheridan has a move relearner that your team would benefit a lot from. Definitely look through your TMs for anything useful though; Brick Break in particular will break A-Ninetales's Aurora Veil. Your Lycanroc is the worst offender; it's probably fine for this battle but eventually you'll want to replace Rock Climb and one of Rock Slide or Stone Edge for Crunch and Brick Break. Accelerock is fine to keep since it has priority. Which Abilities do your Pokémon have? Gale Wings for Talonflame, Volt Absorb for Manectric and Sniper for Drapion should be their best options. Mightyena can run either Intimidate to weaken specific enemies or Moxie for Sucker Punch sweeps.
  12. I feel like an idiot right now but when did those two keys get mentioned?
  13. @Behawk For Excadrill you should make sure that it doesn't come out when Sandstorm is active. Without the Speed boost from Sand Rush your Delphox should easily be able to take it out. For Quagsire and Pallossand it's best if you have anything that can change the Field so you don't have to deal with their Seeds' effect and because the Glitch Field is just generally extremely disruptive to most teams. Alternatively you could also use Roar or the like to at least get rid of the Seeds' effect. Her last Pokémon is quite a threat, so be prepared for that as well.
  14. Hecc yeh you're back! When a new timeline gets created does the old one stick around? Are there a bunch of "no Sean"-timelines where everyone is just kind of flailing about and the villains are sad because they have noone to be "mysterious" at?
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