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  1. I feel like an idiot right now but when did those two keys get mentioned?
  2. @Behawk For Excadrill you should make sure that it doesn't come out when Sandstorm is active. Without the Speed boost from Sand Rush your Delphox should easily be able to take it out. For Quagsire and Pallossand it's best if you have anything that can change the Field so you don't have to deal with their Seeds' effect and because the Glitch Field is just generally extremely disruptive to most teams. Alternatively you could also use Roar or the like to at least get rid of the Seeds' effect. Her last Pokémon is quite a threat, so be prepared for that as well.
  3. Hecc yeh you're back! When a new timeline gets created does the old one stick around? Are there a bunch of "no Sean"-timelines where everyone is just kind of flailing about and the villains are sad because they have noone to be "mysterious" at?
  4. Try right click and "install for all users" or something similar like that - there should be a little shield icon same as with "execute as admin" for executable files.
  5. They still haven't shown off any starter evolutions; are they afraid people are gonna hate them or something?

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    2. Wolfox


      Maybe they'll leave them 100% secret untill the game comes out to let people build hype for them? 

    3. Maqqy


      They’re saving the best for last 👀



    4. Q-Jei


      Meanwhile in Gamefreak’s studio...


  6. Does picking Grand Dream Station not do anything? Anyway, iirc there's an entrance to the Scholar's district somewhere to the south of the train station. If that one's blocked for some reason go to the theater in the north of the route and pick up something with Fly from the PC there.
  7. Game produces an error and crashes if you attempt to pick Treecko or Oshawott as your starter. I went through each one and the others are fine. Seems to be because of spelling mistakes in the code, "Treeko" instead of "Treecko" and "Oshawatt" instead of "Oshawott".
  8. I feel like their should be someone in the circus selling Common Candies, but I don't know for certain; never used 'em. The circus should have a puzzle where you can win a Turtwig now; Grassy Field is one of its possible Egg Moves, so save before doing the puzzle to reload to get that one. Giving your Pokémon an Amplified Rock will extend the duration of Field-creating Moves by 3. Manectric wouldn't really need to do more than set the Field as that would be its main purpose in that fight. Nidoking at least doesn't know any Ground attacks so you should be relatively safe. Although, I'm not sure right now but I think Earthquake might actually break Electric Field, so you'd have to work around that too. Grassy Field would be your best bet.
  9. Check your Box if you have any other Pokémon who happen to know or learn a Field move if you haven't yet. If you really need more heartscales you could check the caves on Route 3 or the Ametrine Mountain caves for any minable rocks you missed or ask around if someone can trade you one. If you don't mind the grind you could delevel Manectric to 59 with Common Candies so it gets another chance to learn Electric Terrain at 60. "From the start" doesn't say too much. Nidoking shouldn't be an issue unless you let it set up with Amnesia, so don't let it do that. Excadrill is her biggest offensive threat aside from Garchomp; it has Sand Rush so either goad her into sending it out before her Hippowdon (something weak to Steel should work for that) or use a weather move when she has Hippowdon out. Quagsire ignores all stat changes of your Pokémon so if you can't outdamage its healing your best bet is to outstall it with Toxic/Toxic Spikes and tons of healing items. The same works for Pallosand but that one doesn't ignore your boosts so you can set up on it for whatever comes after. I'd really recommend changing her Field however, it eliminates almost everything that makes her team threatening.
  10. @Boardome Do you have either Electric Terrain on Manectric or Psychic Field on Musharna? Terra's Glitch Field is probably the most team-disrupting Field in the game since it undoes the physical/special split. Changing the Field also keeps Pallosand and Quagsire from losing their typing and disrupt her Garchomp's Draco Meteor spam. Changing Fields is a really powerful tool in general. That's about as much advice as I can think of right now without knowing where exactly you're struggling in her fight.
  11. The best one is probably Serperior thanks to Contrary Leafstorm shenanigans. Sceptile is the most straightforward offensive one of the bunch while all of the remaining ones are more focused around bulky or stall playstyles; of those I've heard some good things about Chesnaught. Decidueye could be interesting for its Ghost typing and ability to trap opponents.
  12. There's been reports that temperatures here in Germany have reached 42°C in some places. When I was a kid reaching 40° was considered absolutely unthinkable...

    1. Des Teto

      Des Teto

      Sadly, it will get worse every year.


      In 2050, we can expect 50 degrees in Europe.

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