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  1. @Lord Tobirama Go to the move relearner and teach Rock Slide to your Flygon. Ideally you'll want a second fast Pokémon that can use Rock Slide or Mirror Move; if you don't have that just use something that can take out Volcarona. Rotom likes to nerf itself with Overheat, so it's probably the safest of her 'mons to ignore. Alternatively a Pokémon with Wide Guard can probably take you through Typhlosion, Darmanitan and Volcarona without taking damage if you send in the right Types. Alternatively alternatively if your Ampharos has Electric Terrain you can try using that to lower Charlotte's Fire power.
  2. Ordered by spontanous gut feeling difficulty (no ranking within each tier) technically I'd leave the S-tier blank since I don't remember anyone ever giving me really that much trouble, but I decided to single out Terra because her Field is easily the most annoying one of all. Her two Pokémon holding Seeds are a drag as well. I tend to mostly stick with the same set of Pokémon on a playthrough, so a lot of leaders' difficulty tends to fluctuate heavily. I ordered them roughly based on how much my more difficult fights with them stuck in my mind and how good I think their tactic is. Titania, Amaria and Hardy were a bit hard to judge since I haven't fought them a whole lot yet. Hardy in particular I've only fought once.
  3. Typhlosion is a special attacker, so Wild Charge won't be very strong on it. Its biggest strength is hitting hard and fast with Eruption so you'll also want to avoid Wild Charge's recoil. Nature Power is actually a very good move in Reborn that gets a lo tof use out of. Most of the attacks you get on the various Fields are special-based so Typhlosion can make great use of those. Otherwise Typhlosion's usual coverage moves are Solar Beam and Focus Blast, the latter of which I don't off-handedly remember if it's even available. Burn Up might be an interesting option for typeless shenanigans. Nidoking works best with a Special Sheer Force-Life Orb build. Its best moves for that are all special-based too; Earth Power and Sludge Wave are its best STAB moves, while for coverage it has quite a wide selection of TMs including Flamethrower and Thunderbolt. Naganadel is another Special attacker; in particular you'll want to make sure that Special Attack is its highest stat so that Beast Boost furthrer increases its offense whenever it defeats an enemy. Replace Poison Jab with Sludge Wave to make use of that. For Nature you'll generally want something that boosts your Pokémons' most important stats; in Reborn these don't neccessarily align with what you'd see in competitive play due to the Field effects and generally uneven playing field so you have to whey your options a bit. As long as you don't have a Nature that actively hinders your Pokémon in its role you should be fine though.
  4. If your Krookodile has Moxie it might be able to sweep a good number of Charlotte's team, at least if it's fast enough. Earthquake should be enough to KO both of Charlotte's leads and the two Moxie boosts from that will allow it to do a number on Charlotte's other Pokémon. Wing Attack is a pretty weak Flying stab, a neutral Outage has the same power as a super effective Wing Attack.
  5. @OkkunShelly gives a lot of people trouble, so don't worry about her being "early" in the game or anything. the usual tactic is to use Fake Out on her Illumise to keep it from setting Rain and then use Flame Burst or Fire Pledge to set the Field on fire. the Burning Field should allow Fire types and anything with Nature Power to wreak havoc on all her Pokémon except Araquanid. Araquanid has super high Special Defense, so use physical attacks against it. Luxray, Dartrix and Graveler should work here; use a Common Candy on Luxray if you don't want to deal with disobedience. Graveler can also take care of Yanmega by surviving a Giga Drain with Sturdy and then one-shotting it with Smack Down. Alternatively you could use Water types to use her Rain Dance against her, but you'd probably need something with Swift Swim to counter Shelly's own Swift Swim Anorith.
  6. @Dex@DerogatoryTrainer the funeral is a new scene in V11 while Sean still lives in V10. You can tell by comparing the interior of Tesla's house here to the screenshots from Commander's run.
  7. Araquanid is an absolute blessing for Bug Monotype. It not only resists Fire thanks to Water Bubble, but also has Wide Guard to counter every enemy throwing out Rock Slides everywhere.





    I've destroyed Charlotte in four out of the five runs I've done so far. She really all comes down to whether or not you can outspeed her.

    1. Vinnie


      Wide guard also helps because she tends to spam heat wave as well. 

    2. Maqqy


      Araquanid is that bish

  8. the trainers in Grand Hall change each day so you could change the day on your system to find someone that you can beat easily.
  9. Hooray, it's back! Gonna miss the sprite tho, this new one is pretty lame. Ya, that whole episode at the top of Valor Mountain is a fucking mess. On the bright side I'm convinced it's physically impossible to get worse than someone's literal spontaneous resurrection getting only about two seconds of attention.
  10. Count me interested, although I don't really put that much effort into perfecting my Mons.
  11. Araquanid also has a ton of Special Defense, so take care of it with physical moves. Emolga's Acrobatics is probably your best option. If you have any Pokémon that can learn Nature Power you can use that to use Flamethrower once you've changed the Field to Burning. Make sure to remove the Focus Sash from Slugma too; you won't get another one for a long time and there's better uses for it. Shelly has a reputation for being one of the leaders that gives people the most troubles, so don't worry too much about how it'll go afterwards.
  12. You could also try reteaching Araquanid Wide Guard and have another Pokémon set up while it's protected from Heat Wave and Rock Slide.
  13. I've done six or so playthroughs and never got another lesson than the Void one. Seems unlikely that it's random. the only thing I can think of that could be a trigger is if you didn't find all of the policemen before the Double Admin fight, but that seems like a weird connection.
  14. Seems pretty neat so far. they only sowed off the new Region and Starters, but that was to be expected. Graphics looked pretty neat; it's not like a Pokémon game needs hyper-detailed surroundings. Seems like a nice step up from SM without overdoing it. the Starters' designs are kind of equally eh for me right now so I'm gonna hold off for their evolutions and more other Pokémon before making a judgement on that. Judging by the logos it seems like a wolflike Pokémon will be important for the story or Region as a whole.
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