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  1. i think my homework routine is now just me listening to Tempest of Seasons super loud while...doing whatever it is i have to do

    1. SilverAngelus


      I think I'll try this for next time

  2. it refers to me bc my girlfriend said so, but it can also refer to makoto since she too is very good
  3. happy 26th birthday jan!!! gosh i can't believe how old you've gotten

    1. Jan
    2. andracass


      42 years young, as they say!

  4. oh, this is probably fine. there's stuff in both forums anyway so i couldn't tell you if one's better
  5. noooooo no. i've been burned by these before. well guess what. i don't even like cookies. (also hi)
  6. We just kinda fix the issues one by one. That part of the progress bars isn't getting updated a whole lot since the list of bugs there is mostly the ones that were around from 18 and includes things that are so minor that they aren't really worth fixing. It'll get more interesting once e19p goes into testing
  7. why is this multiple choice? we must break free of such artificial bounds. justine courtney
  8. 1. Well, Edgeworth is an investigator, so I suppose he can count for this, right? 2. oh gosh the corey episode. ame and i were just like "dude no what are you doinggggg" the whole time if he's missing a really obvious path you better believe i'm dying inside a little. i'm gonna be real with you: i really don't care. there's a lot of people in smash.
  9. 1. uhhhhhh i have a long history of making bases out of glass and in jungles! i think it's kinda cool but i dunno if people who aren't me would necessarily agree 2. franziska 100% no contest. edgey is also p ok. we'll give him a very distant second. 3. ....................................................*googles frantically is that in the ones i've played? cuz like? it might be? but i don't remember 4. i wasn't a completionist, so there could be puzzles i'm missing, but i basically spent the whole game just shredding through puzzles. a lot of the touch screen drawing ones were finicky, though, so i'd probably go with one of those. 5. darkness 100% no contest. super is also p ok. we'll give it a relatively distant second. 6. so if you look in my list, under PC games, you will find a game called half dead 2. it is terrible. it is effectively just a shoe throwing simulator. by talking about it now, i am giving this game more attention than it deserves. 7. gonna be honest my next-to-play list is currently (and usually is) super short; i think right now the only game that's on there is moonlighter and mayyybe the phoenix wright i'm missing. there's just usually a lot of other stuff i gotta do and games extending beyond that 1-3 long list just get forgotten.
  10. ok, y'know what i have something for this. it just so happens that, in recent days, i have compiled a list of every videogame I have ever played. i will put it here for your viewing pleasure. Mario: *Super Mario Bros *Super Mario Bros 2 *$Super Mario Bros 3 *Super Mario Bros: Lost Levels *Super Mario World SMW2: Yoshi's Island *#Super Mario 64 Super Mario Sunshine *#Super Mario Galaxy *New Super Mario Bros Super Mario 3D Land Spinoffs: Dr. Mario *$Tetris Attack Mario Tennis Mario Golf Mario Kart 64 Yoshi's Story Luigi's Mansion Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Mario Kart Wii *Wario Land 3 *#Mario Kart DS Mario Party DS *$!Super Mario RPG *#Paper Mario *#Paper Mario TTYD *Super Paper Mario Superstar Saga *#Bowser's Inside Story Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Donkey Kong: Donkey Kong *#Donkey Kong Country Donkey Kong Country 2 Donkey Kong 64 Diddy Kong Racing *Donkey Kong Country Returns Zelda: The Legend of Zelda *Zelda II: Adventure of Link *A Link to the Past *#Ocarina of Time *Master Quest *!Majora's Mask Wind Waker Four Swords Adventures *$@Twilight Princess *Breath of the Wild Link's Awakening *#Oracle of Seasons *#Oracle of Ages *Minish Cap *Phantom Hourglass *Spirit Tracks *Link Between Worlds Samus: Metroid *Metroid Fusion *$@Super Metroid *#Metroid Prime *Metroid Prime 2 Metroid Prime 3 Metroid: Samus Returns Kirby: *#Kirby's Adventure Kirby's Dreamland 3 *#Kirby 64: the Crystal Shards *#Kirby Super Star Ultra *#Kirby's Epic Yarn Star Fox: *Star Fox *#Star Fox 64 Pokemon: Red Yellow *#Silver *Ruby *Sapphire *Emerald *FireRed *Diamond *Platinum *$SoulSilver *Black *#Black 2 *Ultra Moon PMD: *Red *Blue *$Darkness *Sky *#Super Spinoffs: *#TCG *$TCG2 Hey You, Pikachu Stadium Snap Puzzle League R/S Pinball Fangames: *Prism *Glazed Light Platinum *Snakewood *$@Reborn *#Rejuv *Spork *Full Moon Insurgence InFusion Mother: *Earthbound *Mother 3 Fire Emblem: *Binding Blade *#Blazing Blade *Sacred Stones *#Path of Radiance *Awakening *Fates: Birthright *#Fates: Conquest *Fates: Revelations *$@Three Houses Metal Gear Solid: *Metal Gear Solid (PS) Metal Gear Solid (GBC) *Metal Gear Solid 2 Mega Man: Mega Man Mega Man 2 Final Fantasy: *$!3 *4 *7 9 Smash: Super Smash Bros *#Brawl * 4, for 3DS *Ultimate SNES: Gradius 3 *ActRaiser Secret of Mana Inspector Gadget NBA Jam *Demon's Crest *!Chrono Trigger Space Invaders Uniracers N64: Banjo Kazooie *$Goldeneye 007 Lego Racers Namco Museum Perfect Dark Hydro Thunder GC: 007 Nightfire Eternal Darkness Wii: Wii Sports Wii Play de Blob World of Goo RockBand 2 RockBand 3 Switch: *VA-11 Hall-A *#Hollow Knight *Baba is You Into the Breach PS2: ATV Offroad Fury Guitar Hero 2 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire *Katamari Damacy *We Love Katamari Midnight Club Okami The Spongebob Squarepants Movie *Star Wars Battlefront 2 PS3: *$@Persona 5 GB: Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle GBA: Dragonball Z: The Legacy of Goku Inspector Gadget: Advance Mission DS: *AAI *#AAI2 Advance Wars: Dual Strike Brain Age *Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mobilized Club House Games Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck *999 *Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney *Phoenix Wright: Justice for All *#Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations *Professor Layton and the Curious Village *Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box *#Professor Layton and the Unwound Future *Professor Layton and the Last Specter 3DS: Kid Icarus: Uprising *#VLR *ZTD *Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies *Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy *Bravely Default Bravely Second *#Shovel Knight Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology PC: a whole bunch of fuckin popcap games Assassin's Creed Odyssey *Arkham Asylum *$Arkham City *Arkham Knight *#Borderlands 2 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Gemcraft - Chasing Shadows HALF DEAD 2 Hyper Light Drifter Left 4 Dead 2 *#Life is Strange: Before the Storm *Life is Strange Offworld Trading Company *#OneShot *SPACEPLAN *Super Amazing Wagon Adventure *West of Loathing *Antichamber Bastion *Bejeweled 3 *Bioshock BiT.TrIP Presents.... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons *#Cave Story *Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal *Cthulhu Saves the World Democracy 3 *$!Skyrim FEZ *#FTL Half-Life *Half-Life 2 *Limbo *Mass Effect *Mass Effect 2 *#Mass Effect 3 *Monaco *Papers, Please *Plants vs Zombies *Portal *$Portal 2 Psychonauts Saints Row: The Third Saints Row 4 Civ 4 Civ 5 Spelunky *Stanley Parable Super Meat Boy *Tales from the Borderlands *Splinter Cell Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory *Transistor *#Undertale *VVVVVV *The Wolf Among Us *XCOM: Enemy Unknown *Danganronpa *#Danganronpa 2 *Danganronpa V3 *Castle Crasher *NieR: Automata *Princess Remedy in a Heap of Trouble *To The Moon *!Celeste *Subnautica *Minecraft *Inside Axiom Verge this list is, perhaps, not quite exhaustive. despite this, games that are not on it ought not be asked about. thank you for your time.
  11. i, uh definitely didn't forget to answer this (sorryyy) so i don't exactly watch much anime (and was generally unexposed to it before becoming active on the forums) so i've basically only seen stuff that ame has recommended as far as that goes for tv shows, i like luther and jessica jones. they're both pretty short series- you could knock out luther in a few days, easily.
  12. concord, smuckers, or welch's
  13. i spent three hours on this and dammit imma post it

    hi i am andracass and welcome to my giant list of FE hottakes! you can go here: https://fesorter.tumblr.com/ and literally sort every single character from all the FE games you've played! it's kinda terrible and the results end up being a giant mess!

    also here's mine.










    editor's notes:

    the list is definitely most accurate near the top 25 or so. everything after that is, effectively, a numbered tier list.

    cyril should be at the bottom. everything after that is either a.) a misclick error; b.) a character i don't remember or haven't met; c.) oliver, who is so awful he does not deserve a number and should be sent to the shadow realm.

    if anyone was just incredibly cheated by this list, it's ephraim, who really should be up by dimitri.

    i will freely admit that lucia got 14th because she is very pretty.

    the honor of best boy has been granted to claude.

    if there's anyone who was just incredibly cheated by this list, it is definitely byleth. the last time i did this, m and f byleth were separated, and i haven't played as m, so m!byleth ended up near the bottom. byleth is tied with azura.

    1. SilverAngelus


      Three hours for this long list o_o

      Give yourself pats on the back, you deserve it~ 

      I'm not too familiar with FE, tbh, but I do like Edelgard, so excellent choice 👍

    2. Skull Servant

      Skull Servant

      what happened to dorcas :[

    3. andracass
  14. the error is attached to an individual save file.
  15. oh gosh. so RPG Maker XP, the program that Reborn is built with, is very old. it doesn't include anything that's optimized for newer PCs, so regardless of how new your CPU is the lag will basically come down to clock speed. if you can push the numbers up, it'll run better.
  16. there are no places you need to avoid saving if you are using the same episode.
  17. hihi, welcome to the club! glad you like the game~
  18. i was just directly answering your question. try moving your save file out of the folder and see if the program works normally from there. if it doesn't work, download a fresh copy. if it works, rename your saves "game.rxdata" until you find one that works. if none of them work, you will need to start a new game.
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