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  1. don't flail too hard now. and didn't nick already say? it's not like we don't have time. but also... on what grounds do you make this guarantee?
  2. let's ignore the suspiciously close timing for a moment. we have a nice list of people and alignments. could it be altered by outside interference, whether it be disguises, actressing, or whatever? sure! but i think disputing the validity of such a list would be the first tactic of a mafia that's really getting backed into a corner. now, as this list is also posted in the forum, lia can also read this list! we don't really know if she can win with town or not, but right now we are just blindly assuming that it is a "not". for all we know, she could've already won, and the rest doesn't particularly matter. again, we don't know! what's more important is that she's a killing role that isn't mafia aligned, which then means she can target mafia members. additional killing roles would make it easier to chip through that list of unconfirmed peeps. but let's get back to that suspicious timing. because, it turns out, both nick and fali are unconfirmed! who's shocked. the reasons i have for not voting lia are already enough for there to only be a limited number of circumstance in which i would vote her (which i'm mostly just saying as a technicality.) but why even vote lia when nick suggested killing a confirmed townie?
  3. ooh, good cover. unfortunately, that doesn't quite apply to me. as drago stated, the confirmation for me comes from the day 2 challenge, which, if i'm understanding it correctly, would make my towniness independent of both of those things.
  4. hi kids so let's have a quick chat about this. first, killing lia wastes time. no vote there from me. second, this kid over here is trying to get y'all to kill a confirmed townie so he doesn't get lynched. yikes.
  5. i'd react with a heart but reacts are broken
  6. ooh, okay, I'm all over this one. so: basically, each team draws from a certain pool of pokemon. say we've got six pokemon in that pool (and for simplicity, say they're just pokemon a,b,c,d,e, and f) and then those pokemon all have three movesets each. if you're going to fight a team that includes pokemon a, d, and f, you already have 27 different ways to fight that team given the different moveset combinations. on top of that, there are 20 different possible combinations for a three pokemon team of the six pokemon. so, in total, just from this situation alone, there's 540 combinations of teams. this calculation is basically a little bit messier for all of the pokemon in the bttrainers file, but there's basically a script that just runs through every combination of pokemon on a team, and then all the different movesets for the pokemon on those teams. Now, if you're making three mom teams, the calculation doesn't take too long, but if you're making four mom teams... there's, uh, 1,471,429,260 combos. and then they all have to get added together. takes a while.
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