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  1. There is a bug where if you say "huh?" to melia in the past events leading up to vivian it sets your points to -1 instead of simply subtracting 1.
  2. it's a typo in rpg maker. instead of subtracting one point it set the value to -1.
  3. this works the way candy said. since you did not physically get the badge from kiki, it does not count.
  4. postgame was officially announced a week ago. since then we've been doing a lot of testing and a little bit of nightclub work. this thread doesn't need to be continuously active, and development updates might get boring every once in a while.
  5. welcome to the forums, glad you're enjoying the game~
  6. This was less of a "why isn't everyone hyped!?!?!!" and more of a "this seems like a more appropriate discussion for a different topic".
  7. the server hasn't actually been made yet- it'll be made closer to the party and invite links with be posted both here and on the discord server.
  8. i believe you are looking for battle- trainer2
  9. hi! so, good essay, a+ as for some of your concerns: no need to feel like you're being rude! lurking before talking is pretty normal in general. i definitely did it. as for the new stuff, if you have any forum questions/concerns, feel free to ask myself or another mod. we're pretty happy to help out. and, y'know, welcome to the forums!
  10. keys in RPGmaker will occasionally get sticky like that. it's good that it got fixed by that
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