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  1. my life already feels a bit surreal sometimes honestly I just wanna fucking fix everything and I'd just convince the genie to join my cause 1. so I've played, like, five total: reborn, rejuv, insurgence, InFusion, and full moon. the later three are kind of the worst by default, but that's sort of unfair to the first two (though I found insurgence a bit boring). Full moon and Snakewood are definitely the worst. Snakewood starts out interesting but kinda goes up its own ass by the end, and full moon is... many things that are not good. 2. what is xenoblade 3. what is beyblade
  2. 1. Glaceon, though, like, they're all good 2. uhhh imma say Glazed, though if you asked me for details about it I probably couldn't give you any- I just remember it being p alright 3. i'm really completely unprepared for this question and also don't really know what "good design" would mean. imma say shelly 4. i still hold a grudge against route 2 for existing, but other than that I don't think so. my first playthrough was e15 and i remember getting past most hurdles by tweaking my team 5. Articuno; Espeon; Gardevoir; Weavile*; Meloetta; Sylveon; (does alolatales count?) Lunala *i said glaceon a second ago so i'm giving someone else a turn to be the best here oh it sure is, isn't it
  3. uuuhhhhhhh 500 like it's trying but what is it?
  4. the ability to answer these questions better and time-travel 6 1. i'm pretty sure she'd just drag me to japan regardless of whose holiday it is 2. would you consider having a fanfic written about your house a compliment? that's happened. 3. can i just do this for all of them? 4. i realize that i'm saying this despite saying it'd be my superpower, but i actually dunno. i'd probably figure something out. 5. deffo not saying a. you're a cinnamon roll and really good at the art b. you're not cursed you're a good c. best server babby for the record this is the hardest question i've ever been asked i'm really bad at compliments 6. aside from the prior one? i don't really think there's a whole lot tbh
  5. god i hate my voice to think we weren't even dating then. it was clearly a harbinger of things to come. some people still haven't forgiven me for her saying that.
  6. 1. Kanaya is there for the starter quest, Marcello is selling lemonade in the desert, Inuki is a psychic on the bridge, and Ame is feeding your local hydreigon. 2. ultra beasts. gosh they're so bad. especially buzzwole. 3. Cain is Pan. keep him away from your kitchen. 4. They're really easy. gosh. so many yawns. 5. Chikorita, fennekin, and popplio
  7. i don't play smash very often these days
  8. 1. Either the 4th palace theme or the 6th palace them, though the soundtrack overall is pretty good. 2. i kinda haven't played this one 3. Rejuv, pretty much no contest. Reborn and Rejuv are pretty easily the two best. 4. the 5th palace started getting reeeeeal boring. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal boring. 5. nope!
  9. 1. I would let her do what she wished. 2. uhhhh either psychic, fairy, or ice. and uhhhhh meloetta/gardevoir/alolatales 3. yeeting assholes 4. ame 5. i rally the budew. we have taken considerable losses, but we can make it through this if we work together. while some of them distract the charizard, the others yeet me into ame. she holds me to her heart and learns to love again. 1. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh red but i like all of them 2. darkish blue. 3. i boop ame and watch dunkey videos 4. europe sounds cool 5. probably the southern us 6. the who what games? 7. imma take shit for this but i like amaria
  10. 1. blobglare or thonk 2. that sounds pretty normal. I'd assume she just went shopping and would continue with my day. 3. I'm dying, Squirtle 4. my death knight slaying smol teeny, the gay emperor of my heart, and Brigid pride (though there are a lot of good characters in that game so, like, probably more) 5. Cinccino, meloetta, glaceon 6. idk how I feel about this one 7. maximum special attack and its only move is disarming voice. its effect is that it makes people love it.
  11. 1. i am definitely the trainer. 2. all of them would be nightmares. i would have no options but to break out. 3. my power is everything and my weakness is a very specific set of call-outs. 4. the budew are bullying her by existing. she'll live. 5. must it be an anime? regardless, hero and overlord are simply matters of perspective. just look at three houses.
  12. 1. Not that I really know of. 2. People who consistently miss the point 3. There's a really specific shade of purple that I'm a fan of. 4. who needs pets when you have doggos 5. Maybe? Probably a canon game to start, but then I could really just grind up and it wouldn't be a challenge, just boring. so idk. 6. oh, sure.
  13. 1. listen, she seems fun. i'd ask her if she wants to get up to shenanigans and then we'd do it. 2. there are a few legitimately good phone games out there. rymdkapsel, bullet hell monday, and monument valley come to mind. otherwise, just chess. 3. it'll never happen, but glaceon fucking deserves better. 4. am i in every game?! it's not even a common name! 5. excluding stuff I haven't played: Three Houses Blazing Blade Path of Radiance Sacred Stones Fates- Conquest Echoes Awakening Fates- Birthright Binding Blade Fates- Revelations heroes. fuck heroes. It might as well be a tie betwen 3-6 since they're all pretty good 7-9 are still fine but not the best revelations is not great
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