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  1. i have been released from teruteru. this is the greatest gift anyone could've given me.
  2. Okay, so this happens to me a lot. It's a little similar to when a retro console thinks a button is held down on a controller when it's not, and the solution is similar. (This also will apply for all buttons, not just down.) 1. Make sure reborn is not the active window- just click your desktop, another app, etc. 2, Hold down the button that is stuck in reborn. 3. While holding down the button, click on the window for reborn. 4. Release the button. It'll still seem like the button is sticking between steps 3 and 4 until you release it. It occasionally has taken me more than one attempt to fix this. Hope this helps, and let me know if you're still having issues~
  3. for lack of a better option, vote [l'belle] this is mostly because of the lack of activity. other options include hiyoko bean reveal [nekomaru]
  4. huh, i thought the 7's rule applies to admins too otherwise all progress is futile since i can just nudge ame
  5. i think caimie is byakuya? since there was some flavor text about an "unknown student" protesting the lynch yesterday. i'm a bit more inclined to trust yahy over evi here because there are enough cases where night kills fail that it's likely one won't happen for various reasons.
  6. I'm currently tempted to vote for nano. He certainly always roleclaims when playing but this time seems especially suspicious given that he's a.) claiming asignificant power role, and b.) claiming to be invincible now????? which seems so ridiculously op that it mostly seems like a lie to get the vigi off his back
  7. this proposition does put yahy in a bit of a bind if the mafia decides not to kill.
  8. [reveal] hajime though I'm surprised no one is going for usami
  9. i have 7zip. i just find it personally insulting that the file is a .rar
  10. i'm not going to talk about legendaries since spoilers but did you know that there's a way to get swift's base power up to 516? it's true! just put a sylveon next to a xerneas on starlight field. but anyway yeah no spoilers.
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