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  1. A good example of this is the first Solaris fight. If the PC defeats his Garchomp, nothing substantial changes. The Garchomp is seen running around like nothing happened a few seconds later. It would have been a better pay-off if the Pokemon fainted and caused it's trainer to become a bit flustered. But I guess that would be too big of a change from the original script. As for the other points you made, I agree. It would be nice to have a choice on whether a grunt lives or dies but it seems Reborn isn't that type of game.
  2. Are you seriously trying to justify the actions of these terrorists? Solaris is a horrible person who thinks the only solution to a problem is murdering a bunch of people. I could think of a ton of ways he could have preserved his family's holy ground without the need to rush to senseless violence. But he's a villain so I guess he has to be insane.
  3. Those colors don't mesh too well. I'd suggest making the blue a bit lighter and the pink a bit darker. I made shinies of this line as well.
  4. Well, now you do! It's a very accessible game. It's on the PSN store for pretty cheap. I highly reccommend it.
  5. I'd definitely put Psychonauts at the top of my list. A very underrated PS2 game.
  6. That doesn't seem like a negative. Reborn's already 5x longer than a regular Pokemon game. I don't think it need an incredibly large post-game over that.
  7. That sounds horrible.
  8. You know, you can use strength if you have a pokemon that naturally learns it.
  9. I'm pretty sure it's that tower on the outskirts of Goldenleaf Town but redone. You know, where you do that sidequest with Narcissa? I could be wrong though. It looks a lot different.
  10. Hack and Slash is such a primitive genre. Games like DMC and such are too complex to be lumped in there. I like the new term "Character Action" game. A much better description.
  11. I don't know. The MC doesn't really have a personality since silent protagonist. So, it'd be hard to match a legendary/mythical for them. Wouldn't it be a bit op having one that early too? I wouldn't want a starter if I had one of those Pokemon to choose from. I guess i'd give the MC a bad legend like one of the Regi's or something...
  12. Um, who hates those four? I've never seen any hate on them ever.
  13. Youmu9

    SH3'S B4CK

    I hope this is a joke. Reading Terra's dialogue gives me a headache...
  14. Why's that? I thought they were just on a long break.
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