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  1. Be super fast. Grab my Home cooked meal card, Access it with a cry of "Access! Home Cooked Meal!" then throw myself at the knight and hang on to it until boom. Preferably its head, but its chest or arms work to.
  2. Card leaps down the pit, shouting as he does so, his blade shining with radiant charged light, as a result of the Chilli Horrordog card inside it. "TRANSFORM! CHILI HORRORDOG!" Crush that stupid armor under the weight of my giant hotdog body or whatever.
  3. "Why dident you use your mouth then!? Learn telekinesis or something!" Ichor, being frustrated one of his best cards just went tumbling into the abyss, and seeing that onion is trying to do a thing, simply settles for adding the Healent card to his Full set, and trying to Build up energy in his Transformation charge
  4. Ichor bleu pulls the Home Cooked Meal card out of his sword, and throws it to Dia "Dia, Use this!"
  5. 'You have GOT to be kidding me!" Ichor moves to reattach dia's leg, pressing it against her nearly melting stump and applying a little jolt of mana if needed
  6. Ichor Bleu thinks back to the fight against the Nutribot, that Scythe had looked pretty menacing. "HelperBot! Attack with Blade Whirlwind!" Ichor Bleu grabs the helper by the arm, and yeets it, spinning, at the monster's thorny tendril. Commanding it to open up and brandish its menacing blade to slice through its "arm"
  7. Having returned to wave form, Ichor Bleu once more begins to set his cards, declaring... "We have come to return the Nexus to its proper place!" "Full! Ichor!" "Full! Chil Horrordog!" "Full! Home Cooked Meal!" "Stand aside or be moved!" Assuming it fails to comply.... "Trial! Nutribot!"
  8. "A whole infestation of these things? That sounds like a good chance to try this out." He puts away his new Jelly card, after looking it over and preforming a few card tricks with it, before pulling out unfathomable flesh yet again. He takes a deep breath and... "FULL! UNFATHOMABLE FLESH!" He exhales and bends over slightly, spreading out his arms a little as the symbiotic flesh created by the card begins to intertwine with his own. External muscles and tendrils growing over and into his body. He idlily wondered if he could do anything with the mass when he got done using it and it fell off, before it you know, dissolved. "I get the feeling its going to be a pain if I wear this for to long, so lets deal with this quickly" He laments that this place is probbly to small for the Chili Horrordog card's Full power, but further decides to mix it up by swapping out Full Ichor, for Full Meat Suckler Lotus, though he keeps the Home Cooked Meal in.
  9. Ichor Bleu continues to wave his card around. Gesturing, swinging, and preforming Card Tricks as he takes full control of the tentacles Lashing, Grabbing, Reaching. Doing his best to start sapping the strength and life of this stupid slime! He of course makes up a technique name in the process, not content to say nothing while using this power, but unwilling to repeat the last thing he said. "Red Dance!"
  10. "UNFATHOMABLE FLESH!" Ichor Bleu dramatically brandishes his spoken card, filling the area with crimsion tentacles to sap the life away from the speedy slime.
  11. ---now in an encounter with a meat slime thing in the basement The usual, Full Home Cooked Meal, and Ichor Then use Trial Meatsuckler lotus to...summon a Meatsuckler lotus. Then try and Lure/Force it into the flower If it dies to the flower snapping shut on it, great. If not, then it will be pinned in place for our killing pleasure
  12. Ichor Bleu continues looking around. But the only thing he really sees is the pepole moving about Consume's...top...floor... Wait. That's not right. Moving over to consume and passing right through its walls he finds that, sure enough, there are a number of rooms under the building. This could be it He slowly moves down, investigating as best he can without using radar sight. Observing the Streams, Looking at the shapes of heat sources and the things they heat. The things they fail to heat. The gradients of the heat. Observing carefully, from many angles, he begins to slowly map each and every room
  13. Well thats something he is going to have to work on later. For now....Where is that Nexus? If they are using it as power it must be channeled somewhere. Try to spot currents that look like they might be very intense, or connected to a larger network, then follow them.
  14. Card, Ichor Bleu drifts and moves about a little bit. This felt weird it. It felt very calm. None of the sound from outside world could reach here. He couldent see any thing from the outside It was relaxing. It felt natural. The Electromagnetic Waves washing all over him dident bother him at all. But something felt...incomplete. Something in his soul insisted this was not right, and, peaceful as it was, the lack of sight and hearing could prove to be an issue. How was he supposed to gather information and move unseen if all he could see was the "water"? "Maybe if I...." Even if he cant see it, the real world still exist here, and Light is still part of the EM spectrum. But theres so many waves here he cant see much of anything. So, Ichor tries to redirect some of the waves around him and filter it until enough light gets through to his eyes to at least more or less clearly track and ID objects and pepole. It dosent need to be perfect, but even a little bit of a filter should hopefuly help him navigate
  15. Card moves over to, and sits against the sign where all the EM energy seems to be coming and going. He holds a piece of magnetic science scented silicon in his hand (And scrunched up tentacle hand) and tries to shift further into the EM world. Phasing himself out of normal reality, so he can get a better look at the area without anyone seeing him. He is a EM being right now. This should be perfectly natural... All he has to do is try to more closely match the energy coming off the sign, and the stone in his hands.
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