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  1. Alice opened her eyes Something felt diffrent. Her heartbeats seemed steady. Had it worked? Sitting up, she looked herself over. She looked as she always did, but her body felt diffrent. There was something she couldn't quite place, but there was no longer the subtle feeling and dread of slowly being wasted away. Even her breathing seemed a bit easier. Looking around she was surrounded by quite a few intresting characters. Hmmmm Alice gets up and looks around for papers or information or something.
  2. Endlessblaze

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    Seeing the others deciding to focus Flora, Leo grabs the staff of thunderbolts, gives it a spin once, and raises it. "Sorry about this, you'll thank me later!" Leo activates the staff of Lightning bolts, and adds in his last point of mana to boost its power further. His primary target is Flora, and his secondary targets are Wire marionette 3, and rope marionette 3
  3. Endlessblaze

    [OOC] Trespassers of the Multiverse: Lost Footage

    New boot, new character. Have a Tinker happy star goddess from Kid Icarus.
  4. Endlessblaze

    [OOC] Super Trespassers Prevengance

    Stats and keywords
  5. Endlessblaze

    [IC]TotMG:V2 - Hyperdimension: Return of the Four Felons

    "Lets see if your armor can take THIS!" Punch wraps her hand up in what seems to be swirling green light, and a vortex of wind and dust, forming a spike over her fist, "WIND LANCE PUNCH!" Punch uses Color Strike on Judge. Declaring the Element "Wind" and the Physical damage type "Piercing" Perks Stats
  6. Endlessblaze

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    Leo makes a sound somewhere between a dismissive or spiteful 'Tch' and a groan of disgust. When he speaks its with an undercurrent of horror and anger. "I was afraid of this. The monster is a corrupted soul. It appears its under a self perpetuating curse that suffuses its Psychic shell, Its mind, with Elemental Despair. That suffering drives it to lash out, and cause more suffering. I think the curse might be feeding on it somehow" "That would explain why it broke loose during the siege, It consumed the suffering and pain inflicted during the battle. How brutally efficient. "Whats worse, the magic used is INCREDIBLY strong. The soul doesn't seem to have the raw willpower needed to purge itself. We need to defeat and contain her, from there, we can figure out how to break the curse and assist in purging the Elemental Despair. If I weren't busy fighting, I'd feel sick. Lets finish this quickly!" Leo uses Winter Blade on chain marionette 1
  7. Endlessblaze

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    "Target sighted! Lets see what we have here...." Leo brings a hand up to his scouter, adjusting it slightly as his shield beams to life, and he draws snow from her scabbard. Loadout Relevant perks Stats Leo actives the Scouter Targeting the Witch. This will reveal information about her, and Grant Leo plus 2 Res against her attacks for the rest of the battle. Leo's armor grants him +1 Res, and an additional +2 against magical attacks Leo's Golemic Arm mounted computer grants him +1 Res Leo has Night Vision Leo's Aglets allow him to walk on hot surfaces and keep him from getting stuck in mud. MP:1 EG: 27
  8. Endlessblaze

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    "Yeah..." "We're close. Everyone, be ready for anything. This is the center of this whole place, and the signal is coming from inside. Our target is most likely beyond that door." Leo takes a breath. Alright, time to see what they were really dealing with. Once everyone is ready, enter the keep
  9. Endlessblaze

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    "Okaaaa….Hold it there....I think Ive got this" Channeling up some force mana, Leo lodges it under the Portcullis, speaking a short and simple spell to render the magic self sustaining and more solid. "Okaaaaay….I think that should be good" Leo nods and carefulyyyyyy moves to let go of the portcullis, ready to grab back on or back off if something starts going bad, And assuming nothing bad happens he will move to open the door.
  10. Endlessblaze

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    "Well, that won't do. Next Idea" Leo will take hold of the portcullis, careful not to stab himself with them. "Hey guys, a little help?" Leo with, with the help of the party if willing, attempt to lift the portcullis
  11. Endlessblaze

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    "Well, Obvious things first." Leo knocks on a part of the portcullis or wall that won't stab him. "Hello? Flora, We're here."
  12. Endlessblaze

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    "That is a reallyyyy useful power. Im going to have to study you at some point. Any other cool tricks up your sleeves?" Leo continues, walking and talking
  13. Endlessblaze

    [IC]TotMG:V2 - Hyperdimension: Return of the Four Felons

    Punch, pats the head of the purple haired girl as she passes her. Walking forward. "Oh don't you worry about us, we will be fine. Im more interested in....." She keeps walking. And looks up at judge. "You. What about you big boy? Lets see if your as tough as you look!" Punch leaps high into the air, and spins, generating large ammounts of rotational energy both in regards to her own mass, and withen her bodily energy. As she comes back down, she prepares to slam her foot into Judge's face and impart alllll that twisting, spinning energy into him. "VORTEX KICK" (On judge) Vortex Kick: The user jumps and spins in the air, before delivering a powerful kick to a target. The imparted kinetic and bodily energy then forces the target to spin rapidly. Deals STR+1d6 and Inflicts Dizzy for two rounds. This move has a three-round cooldown. Dizzy causes the afflicted target to have a 50% miss chance. Actions Perks Stats
  14. Endlessblaze

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    "Woah woah woah…." Leo stumbles a bit, swinging his arms, before regaining his balance. "Oh. Hey kusuke. I guess your here. Looks like a one way forcefield or warped space....Lets give the others a second to realize it and come through."
  15. Endlessblaze

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    "Uh. hang on what was-" Leo turns around to see the rest of the party gone. "Crap, Flora must have shifted our position, or something. Or maybe its just...." Leo takes a few steps back to see if he can get back with the group