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  1. Punch sighs and follows Lyra When she gets there she once more begins to scream at the sky and charge up. Perks Stats
  2. Stella uses Night shock on Neo-Shadow A, (or, if its dead before her turn the lowest HP Neo-Shadow) Dealing 2d6+Syn Holy/Dark damage Stella has a 33% dodge chance due to Divine FlightStella resist most environmental effects due to Divine FlightThe current antagonist of this plot may mock Stella and her allies due to Color Commentary. Because of this, Stella may randomly be afflicted by Taunt.
  3. Rama looked at the two zombies he had agroed. Turning his body in a "shall we dance" esque pose, and motioning with his fan for them to come and get him, showing a cocky smile. Once they start running for him, he jumps up, plants a foot firmly in the face of the first one to reach him and kicks off. At which point he flicks his bowstring with his fan twice, sending two non-explody arrows at the pair. Fully intent on running their skulls through.
  4. "Hmmm, I was hoping to fight some proper demons, but I guess I can pitch in here" Rama removed a fan from his waist, and a bow from his back, holding one in each hand. Focusing on the enemies with the focused stare of a Bowmaster As the golden fan's feathers harden into blades, he begins to use the side of those blades to pull back the bow string. Charging up dark energy which is released as an explosive arrow of flame at some of the moving corpses "Begone"
  5. "Ok I'm going to stop this right here and insist that you slow down. I LOVE a good fight, but right now we should consider a proper plan. We aren't just going up against one person, we have already been told that Trick carries around henchmen, and that he uses more complex strategies then Judge. If they already have a foothold in this area, then they are going to be harder to deal with. So instead, lets lay some kind of trap." "It dosent have to be complicated, anything that would lessen his advantages or put us in a favorable position. At the VERY least, we could try and lure him or his forces into a location favorable to us." Punch takes a look over the map, tapping her foot. It looked like they would have to fight through to get to trick anyway. But maybe they could lead him into an area that they cleared out of other enemies? "Hey guard guy, what can you tell us about Trick's movements and tactics? Does he have any weaknesses or preferences?"
  6. Stella turns her attention to the TaskMaster, such a nuisance, guarding its allies like that She would just have to remove it, and there was a bit more room in here to do it with. She gestures and a ray of light streaks down from the distance outside, before it can impact the building Stella forms a small short lived portal for it, and sends it right at the taskmaster Stella uses Stellar Ray on the TaskMaster Dealing 5d6+Syn Holy/Light damage. CD=3 Stella has a 33% dodge chance due to Divine FlightStella resist most environmental effects due to Divine FlightThe current antagonist of this plot may mock Stella and her allies due to Color Commentary. Because of this, Stella may randomly be afflicted by Taunt.
  7. At the sound of the others preparing for combat Stella half heartedly flies into the room, and takes a look around. "Oh so this is happening now. I suppose this might be fun." Seeing the obviously stronger mooks off to the side, Stella chooses to go for them first, catching a nearby Neo-Shadow in the process. With a gesture sparkling stardust and purple comes together near her targets and swirl into a small galaxy lookalike. Right before it explodes. Stella uses Galactic Blast on Violet Hymn, Maroon Dirge, Taskmaster, and Neo-Shadow A. Dealing 3d3+Syn Holy/Explosive damage to them, and inflicting stun on them for one turn. Stella has a 33% dodge chance due to Divine Flight Stella resist most environmental effects due to Divine Flight The current antagonist of this plot may mock Stella and her allies due to Color Commentary. Because of this, Stella may randomly be afflicted by Taunt. Relevant information-
  8. "I say we bring the kid along. She seems plenty capable. Non-capable pepole don't usualy carry around so many swords." Punch sounds far to cheerful for the situation, and seems to be paying more attention to the aforementioned kid then the impromptu strategy meeting occurring around her. Looking over her various swords and excessive belts. "What's your name?"
  9. "Im Takumi Lagoon. Do we know if anyone is injured? If they are I should be able to heal them."
  10. "Sure, go right ahead." Allow the thing Leo pauses for a moment before following up with a question. "Hey you make these copies out of magic and hardlight right? Could I see one, maybe your spear or the starwrath? I want to try something."
  11. After jumping a little and reaching for snow following the beginning of the hail of gunfire made him turn to look, Leo merely looked appraisingly and inquisitively at the GLOCKMAN, While covering his ears. Having instantly realized it was just a new minion made by AZ he is shockingly calm and now nonplused even as the bullets fly by, bothered only by the noise itself, and the concern that the sound might get in the way of delicate spellwork in progress and reduce concentration. "Hey thats pretty cool, but could you turn the firing off? Its a little loud and it might be hard to work with that going on." Once Vitor came over he stopped observing the endlessly spewing hail of gunfire he turned to look at him "Well, I don't think I picked up any other artifacts. Useful matrials definitely, but nothing really relic-y. I did find some old records in that weird magic bookshelf on the ship though. Something written by some guy named Gilgamesh? It described various relics and how to use them, along with being full of really high level techniques. Kusuke translated it for me." Leo pulls the records out and hands him the book "Right now the techniques are out of my league, but Its gives me ideas. Made an enchanting ritual based on one of the relics it talks about"
  12. Takumi raises a hand. "I can heal a fair few number of pepole at the same time so ill take the bank, If anyone gets caught in the crossfire I can handle that, But ill need someone to cover me." He was a little unsure about this. It was a little embarrassing to sing it and something could go wrong, but he shook it off. doubt and fear would only weaken his powers and someone had to do it.
  13. "We don't think so. We just came in from the waterfall. Some of our friends came in through a door on the other side of the mountain, and a few more fell through a cave. We don't really know where anything is, do you have any maps?" "Why is there a barrier around all the entrances?"
  14. "I dont really know what your talking about, but no. A Golem will usualy only act like that when a large amount of directed will starts overwhelming it and taking it over. Enchantments need a power source and many enchantments can be assumed to be powering themselves on the ambient mana. And mana contains the will of the soul that originated it." "In other words a powerful will perhaps one present in the ambiance, or a directed group will is being absorbed and affecting him. Granted. Stoneheart here is a bit more vulnerable to that.... Kind of an early warning system now that I think of it. Hold on let me check something. I wanted to let you imprint some materials and produce some things for me so I could get to work on a few projects of varying importance but I need to make sure this won't be a problem for any equipment I need to assemble." Leo checks the ambience using his other Golems, and also brings up his computer, tapping away and connecting to Stoneheart to see if he cant get a better look at whats going on
  15. Stella looks over the parts. A quick check of the AI core reveals the obvious. Its not that great. Simple. Stiff. Inflexible. The substances show some signs of degrading in a way she doesn't immediately recognize, and are bizarrely uniform but its not a big deal. Her machine extends two of its arms, each one opening up the end into a sort of claw revealing equipment and lasers of varying kinds, as the cylinders, longer then should fit into the frame, rise further out of the surface of the disc. She rips open the core with her bare hands and a pop of purple, glittering magic, before handing it to the machine, which starts scanning the thing and rapidly riping out its circuits as another arm extends and shoves scrap steel into the central cylinder. Beginning to break it down under the pressure of advanced technology, infused and modified with the powers of a goddess. Ohhhhhh. Thats the reason it looked so funny. They must not have figured out how to create real matter, so they made the closest thing they could. Once the drone is done with breaking the alloy down, she has it deposit the Materials and goes to gather some of the shattered glass Without a word needing to be spoken the drone sweeps up the glass into its claws, and as she returns to the table, scoops up the iron, and gold. The four arms reach around in front of her and reach for each other as they start blasting out lasers and magic and shaping the materials. Once they are done they return to rest and Stella catches the object her drone has made, turning it over in her hands. A single, smooth, hollow orb of glass. The inside was etched with wide gold circuit like designs, comprised mostly of lines and rings running all over the inner surface. Interrupted by a few scattered iron lines. The glass itself was tinted by the remaining iron, though it was still clear enough to see inside Stella lets go of the orb and it floats in place as she moves her open hands away from it.... And then starts assblasting it with magic. Bolts of purple, and streams of silver light crash into it and infuse into it. Light rushes through the circuits as they seem to vanish and the glass changes color to a muted purple and imperceptible to human eyes, has its molecular structure altered. Stardust begins to fill the orb and swirl as little lights being to wink into existence. When the blast of magic die down, what Stella is holding looks nothing short of a miniature galaxy, wrapped up in a little ball. She idly gives it a couple of light tosses an inch or two into the air before storing it and her leftover bits in her drone. Should do fine for harnessing and storing her power, or drawing energy from any local stardust formations they might run into. Never know when you might need to shove a power core into something after all.
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