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  1. Leo calls over to Tim with a wave as he starts walking away from the rest of the group "Hey Tim, this place looks like it would be a good place to work, Ive got more stuff we could imprint and use. Interested? Ive got some experiments to run that could benefit and I picked up a lot of intresting stuff last mission."
  2. The Union gives another 'ick' sound, and hovers in the air, not bothering to land yet. Hovering just above the floor for the sake of having to deal with the least filth. Well There were beings here. Though they looked a little funny, who were they to judge? But no really what on earth was that turtle thing? Well no matter. They activated the vocal voice, spilling their magic and heart into their words "Hello, We are a little new here. Would you kindly provide us with information? Where are we?"
  3. Takumi Looked at Stretch trying to process what he had just done. Did he just create matter from energy? Where was that power coming from? How did he direct it so easily. Whatever process he was using to control it produced no waves in the audible range. And to create matter like that that the D-waves would have to be... More concerningly how far away could that stuff get from him? Artificial matter required energy to sustain it after all. Was it possible that this was one of those Physical Law differences that had been mentioned? Hmmmmm…. He would need to study that power later... If those stone...gummy...things had healing powers would they maybe... He looked down at his chest. No that was stupid....Then again... Pink had said that all short term concerns had been dealt with. By the end of his thinking anyone with functioning eyes could tell he was wracking his brain about something, and eventualy he just scratched the back of his head and muttered "Auhhggg this is so confusing."
  4. The game continues! Sled is ready for action baby!
  5. Takumi jerks his head in Stretch's direction "I agree with....'Stretch' here. If we got called here, then Im sure we are expected to do something. Im not just going to stand around while something bad happens." Takumi was not yet sure how to feel about Lucian. He had nothing against a corporation, but if they had access to this kind of travel and other tech, who knows what some less then savory pepole could do if they managed to get into the higher up seats. Speaking from recent history, he was well aware of the kind of disaster that could happen in that case. Still he hadn't done anything yet, so he couldn't judge. Regardless he realized he should probbly give his name now. "Im Takumi. Takumi Lagoon. A labtech and research assistant for the Archia Think Tank."
  6. The union spent a few minuets looking at the cave and pacing a bit as they tried to figure out what to do. No signs of pepole withen a reasonable distance. The others had likely already gone ahead. But considering the door and the strange barriers this... 'Facility' if it could be called that, had to be connected together. If they went this way, they could likely catch up with the group and have some clues to show for it. So eventualy, they flew into the cave, careful not to get dirty from all the trash.
  7. Takumi Sighs. "I was told I'm here to help prepare worlds to deal with horrible world eating monsters. Aside from that, I dont really know what I'm supposed to be doing right this very moment, and I'm still reeling a little. Do we have any immediate task we should be doing right now or what?" He looks down at his hands and takes a step to the side, and then back a few times. Opening and closing his fingers. Well his body dident feel off or anything. Felt normal. Well....as normal as he had for the past two months. So whatever they had done to extend the Tower's range seemed to be working. Takumi looks around the room. What kind of equipment is in here, and does he recognize?
  8. Rama nodded, following DVS "That sounds about right. Usualy how it goes." The energy is in thick here. Its a shame we're so busy solving the problem. If I had time and the materials I bet I could work some crazy sorts of magic in this place. Oh well. Rama did his best to tune out the following comments from Briyante. Not particularly caring about his commentary.
  9. Takumi's thoughts becomes clear again as he falls into reality. A rift in space, accompanied by a faint singing voice tearing open in the air just above the floor. Which he promptly crashes into with his armor rattling. Before he slowly pushes himself up and groans. Rift closing as he does so. "Owwwww. Couldn't you have been a bit gentler?" He sits up, Looks around. Quickly processes the situation and stands up. Getting in a chair and looking around with some mix of a grumpy expression, restrained curiosity, and a thoughtful look. Propping his head up on a fist.
  10. Rama headed in walking along silently. Though he was a little unsure about the whole "Rescue the Angel" thing. His experience with them had not been... the best. Hey dad what are you thinking? About the supposed Angel? Its not impossible for them to have died, but if they are alive things could get Dicey. However I think its more likely that if they yet live, and interact with this world often they may be used to being in contact with humans and perhaps half demons. That could prevent a fight from breaking out. If a fight against them does occur I belive our numbers will give us the advantage. Why do you concern yourselves with- Shut up Briyante.
  11. As judge dies Punch's ball of ice careens into a nearby generic tree. Impacting and freezing most of it incredibly well. Having already started her charge, punch slams into said tree fist first. The Tree promptly EXPLODES. Sending shards of frozen tree everywhere She exhales as her power level starts to ramp down, before sighing and putting on a pouty face. "Awww, I was hopeing to show him my most powerful attack. Oh well." Punch proceeds to move over back to the group "Im punch! A wandering martial artist!"
  12. Stella, ignoring the oxygen kits allowed herself to be swept out by the pressure, tossed into the low gravity outside. Before hitting the ground she did a little flip and aligned herself perpendicular to the ground directly beneath her and began to fly. She was still seething internally, which put a serious look on her face, but made no further aggressive actions. Ungrateful Humans. Well If they wouldn't respect her status, then she would make them respect her power and skill. And that started with doing something useful, First off.... "Im going to check the Lab. Its the most likely place we can find information" Also the most likely place for enemies, considering why they were here. But she could deal with that. Nothing had shot at them as the came in, so that was a good sign. Without waiting for a response she starts heading that way, looking around as she goes
  13. The union flies down for a closer look, making a momentary look of distaste. It was possible there might be clues down there. Though if this was meant to be a dump, there certainly weren't any signs or workers in sight.
  14. Leo came out of the ship in an obvious state of thinking about something. The days in transit had been spent fairly well he supposed. Though a few things still concerned him. He had fixed up that one sword Freya seemed interested in as much as he could without getting more matrials, and come out with a few new spells. Including that one....somewhat concerning ritual. The Agony lightning infused food had been mostly a failure, but he was sure the idea was sound, he just needed a less direct method of using it. Some kind of engineered spice or herb. Vitor's assessment of the starfury he was sure was helpful. Though at the moment he didn't quite know how he would acquire what he needed. Helping the girl, lucine with her gun had been intresting he supposed. The case he had made was cheep but served an alright proof of concept and test. He had some good mana types to work with now as well. He still needed a way to study the gem more, but he had a few ideas, he just needed time and space to work. That timefucked gold seemed like it could be fun to play with to. So many experiments to try, so when he stepped outside to see nothing but empty fields all around, he was quite pleased. Oh the things he could get up to without having to worry about nearby pepole and places.... Well there was those two guys on the Rocks, but what were two guys going to do about a little noise pollution and small explosions? Call the Two guys in the middle of nowhere paladins, bane of adventurers everywhere? Though....The place did feel a little off.... He would need to investigate that as well.
  15. Rama had been air dropped in, landing about the time the others arrived, forgoing a parachute and simply gliding down on golden wings of light he had drug out of his fans, which had now been returned to their place on the back of his waist, like a tail feathers. The faint holy thrum they gave off to those sensitive to such things in sharp contrast to the rest of him, and the twin bows he also carried. Having just arrived, he most likely went unrecognized by the other hunters, but neglected to introduce himself without being prompted, simply commenting. "Its an impressive structure. At the very least, perhaps it could be renovated and repurposed, which would aid in cleanup"
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