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  1. I liked it. You wrote an event that happens in reborn without copying every sentence straight from the game. That way, while knowing roughly what will happen, it's still different enough to have some suspense. I also think the pace of the story was good, by skipping from finding the police officer to the station and from the station to the battle, you don't slow the story down so that it doesn't become boring. I was a little confused at the first paragraph, not knowing what the story was about. However, things became clearer as I read on. It does kinda feel like the protaganist should have a bigger reaction to finding the dead police officer. After all, he found a dead person. That should have some kind of reaction besides "Damn". Unless this has to do with the character's personality, which this story was to short for to get a feel for. I do have a question though: are you going to write an entire story? Or is this going to be a one-shot? It does say chapter one... If you're going to write the entire game as a story, I wouldn't start with this as chapter one. Also, if you're going to write the entire story, I would put a summary at the beginnning. Just so people know what to expect. I also think growlithe's reaction/behavior was a good idea. It makes sense for the pokemon to react to her trainers dead. Hope this response makes sense, English is not my native language. Overall, I did like the story and I'd be interested in reading more.
  2. I keep coming back to this because I keep laughing at the funny comments in between. Keep it up! And I think it's kinda funny that you can't stand Melia when most people have a problem with Ren...
  3. This was amusing to read with your comments and thoughts in between. I really wanna see what your thoughts are about the rest of the game. As for the starter pokemon, I'd say pick one of gen 7, but its your choice.
  4. If I remember correctly, you have to enter the sewers near the market place/arceus tempel.
  5. Yeah, that's a bit tricky. Just go as fast as possible. And like I said: leave and re-enter the cave so you can see the right order. I don't really have any other tips to keep track of them. But in my experience: I got it right the first time, so for me it wasn't hard to keep track of them.
  6. The bidoof puzzle? First talk to the blue bidoof. Then talk to four bidoof from top to bottom. The four bidoof are easiest to find by leaving and re-entering the cave. The bidoof you need to talk to are the ones on the left that are moving.
  7. Managed to solve the puzzle, thanks for your help!
  8. So I downloaded version 4 and decided to restart the game. Only I can't get the braille puzzle to work. I did the puzzle the same (middle, NE, SW, SE, NW, NE, SW, SE, NW, middle) way as I did him in version 3 but it doesn't work anymore? Does the braille puzzle still work the same?
  9. I'm stuck at the braille puzzle. I followed this pattern: middle, NE, SW, SE, NW, NE, SW, SE, NW, middle. I downloaded 4.0.1 and restarted the game. Help?
  10. Actually, that's what I meant as well. I just worded it poorly. But thanks for clarifying anyway
  11. Alright, so I just started playing this and wanted to give my opinion. I'm currently at the second gym leader so I'll only give my opinion on the content up to that point. I'll start by saying that I really like the game so far, mainly because of the story. I'll name some actual examples so it's clearer. I like the moment when you discover the bomb. The sudden change in music really gives the feeling of urgency and something bad happening. The only thing that upset me is that we left the sylveon below decks behind... Just kidding! It didn't really upset me, but it is sad for the sylveon. Maybe remove it after you've found the bomb? Or maybe you could do something with that sylveon later on in the story somehow? Personally I'd like that, such a small detail coming back later in the story. But it's up to you. One thing: after we find the bomb we have to go to a certain spot on the deck. I talked with all the people there and two said the same thing as before the bomb. Considering the current situation, it's a bit weird. Here's what they said: 1: im so excited. The captain said we'd arrive soon. 2: Did you know that the ayrith region has six seperate islands which are all entirely unique? Also, each island is ruled by, some are nice, others... not so much. Dont worry though, this ship is going to cellia city. Its really warm and everyone is so nice there! Just a small thing you might want to change. Alright, after that. First of all I really like the fact that you can choose an alternative starter pokemon. It's a bit different form other games and that makes it interesting. But I am curious as to what happens to the pokeballs you leave behind? Maybe you can use that later in the story? Like, you encounter the people those pokemon originally belonged to? (if they survived, that is...). Also, Connor's character. At the beginning he's a jerk, but as the story proceeds you find out he's not so bad after all. In my opinion this makes him a well created character because he's not perfect, he's 'flawed'. And it gives a bit of character development. Also, love the tiny hints that he's afraid of the dark. Maybe you can let that come back later in the story? You also give a good explenation as to why he has a 'weaker' team. Just one sentence and it's explained. A couple of smaller points: I think the fire animation when you talk with Connor also looks nice. There's also some dialogue that doesn't fit in with the current intro, but I think that's been said already? When I evolved my flabebe at level 19, it's level dropped back to 16? Not a huge problem, but I thought I'd mention it. Also, the ring where you fight Kuiki? There are some of the old sprites of the villagers left. And after the first gym, when Ava catches up to you? She gives a nice hint about you going back to Connor and Scarlett. I thought I'd try it out and there was actually a point to it! In the mountain, I think it's the first battle, there's a small typo. He says: just because you bet me. (has to be beat). And whenever I encounter a scatterbug there's no sound, no pokemon 'cry'? And I read somewhere that we could give potential ideas for the game? I've got one: Maybe you can use a pokemon's 'power' at some point in the story? A power that's mentioned in the pokedex? Here's two examples: - Beheeyem: it's pokedex entry says: it can manipulate an opponents memory. Maybe have someone use a beheeyem to change of wipe someone's memory? - Gothitelle: it's pokedex entry says: when it learns its trainers life span, it cries in sadness. Use that to foreshadow a death? And you might want to use cresselia at some point? Because the theme has a lot to do with dreams and so does that pokemon? But it's up to you if you want to use it!
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