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  1. Talonflame - Golisopod - Mienshao - Gliscor - Metagross - Jolteon Remp: Walrein - Gogoat - Infernape - Haxorus
  2. I'd replace Lopunny with Gallade, which can also be your mega. And I would use Vaporeon instead of Gyarados, your team needs some bulk
  3. Great to hear that Ame is recovering, too bad she's focusing on Starlight though. That "real" postgame got me all excited damn
  4. I mean Golurk is pretty meh so yeah you should get rid of it. You can catch a Sandile and get a Moxie Krookodile, that will help you with Cain and Radomus
  5. Honestly of all the Monoruns I've done, Fairy mono was the most enjoyable for me. I'd never really played with fairies before, but it's a great typing, especially defensive. Misty Terrain is good also. Primarina, which I had never used before, became one of my favourite starters, a really good mon... and Clefable man, Clefable.
  6. I'd recommend you to lead with Ribombee and set Sticky Web, that'll give you a great advantage in the 3 battles. You also need Blaziken in your team, otherwise there's nothing you can do against Fern' Scizor with your actual team, you need a fire mon. So get rid of Electrode and Meowstik and lead with Ribombee and add Blaziken. Absol is a great mon but Pangoro may be more useful here.
  7. Wow this is a really good addition to the game, it sounds really cool thank you ! But I don't understand, if we can discover new passwords in-game, how do we activate them then? If I understood correctly we can only activate the passwords during the intro at the beginning of the game? As for a suggestion, I would really love a password that would enable a "Egg hatcher" that would allow us to hatch eggs quickly. I love breeding my own pokemon, with prefect IVs, but that takes a hella lot of time. I think it could be a nice reward, maybe after hatching a certain number of eggs the player could unlock this password.
  8. Hi thank you for the updates, been playing with Dark Luxray, thanks a bunch! Also I'm using Partner Pikachu, but does Light Ball increase its offensive stats? I feel like it doesn't, but could you confirm that?
  9. Oh thanks a bunch, that's good news, Partner Pikachu that's great really. And yeah Electric/Dark Luxray has a nice ring to it, too bad it's a physical attacker and (yet again) Nintendo trolls Electric Pokemon, giving the only 90 BP physical electric move (Zing Zap) a signature move for Togedemaru only, if one does not want to rely on recoil moves then well... Spark I guess.
  10. Hi I was wondering if you planned on adding more pokemon to your list? I've always loved electric pokemon, but for some reason Nintendo just keeps pooping on them. I would love to see a Dark/Electric Pokemon, for some reason I always imagined that Zoroark would fit this typing perfectly. (Or even our Lord and Savior Pikachu) Would ou consider adding a Dark/Electric Pokemon?
  11. Perfect I'll take the other one, I'll wait for your PM
  12. I second the request above, if anyone has a Wimpod loafing around that be great
  13. I don't get it, where is it that we can download EP17 please?
  14. This is actually the first time I see a forum's admins talking about the issue of pseudo-elitism of online forum, and for that thank you team Reborn. It's true that some people think they can just mock or or simply comment violently to new comers because they've been around for a while -- and I find it quite amusing that the first comments of this thread actually misunderstood your point and did exactly what you were denouncing. Anywho, thank you for this thread, looks like Reborn team is not only awesome in making Pokemon Reborn, they are also awesome people.
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