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  1. Happy Birthday and merry christmas too 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  2. UnicornJesus

    LF> 6IV Ditto

    I mean, I know some people could get you a 6 IV ditto, but breeding is a patience thing: just have patience and you'll end up getting a good mon, and its will be more rewarding that way. 1 hour isn't very much xD
  3. UnicornJesus

    The Hardest Gym Leader

    The hardest gym leader for me was Noel, without a doubt. For 2nd, maybe Shade
  4. UnicornJesus

    What games are you folks playing at the moment?

    Finished Danganronpa V2 awhile ago, and despite me wanting to play V3 a lot, I keep getting a fatal error... But ye, cool series, recommend it to everyone (Btw, not sure if this is necroposting, sorry if it is)
  5. UnicornJesus

    Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

    So, my top 10 is perhaps (not for power, just because I like them) 10. Medicham 9. Butterfree 8. Haunter 7. Zoroark 6. Lucario 5. Charizard 4. Lapras 3. Aerodactyl 2. Cubone 1. Salamence
  6. UnicornJesus

    LN's Giveaway

    Good pun xD. Indeed it is
  7. UnicornJesus

    LN's Giveaway

    No problem, it's not a late reply at all. I'm at the waiting screen now. It crashed, trying again
  8. UnicornJesus

    LN's Giveaway

    Thanks XD. Send me a request again @Okita Souji I'll trade you the gible and litten for two trashmons: and srsly, send something you don't need.
  9. UnicornJesus

    LN's Giveaway

    Ye, I came up with that when I started a LoL account and had to pick a name.
  10. UnicornJesus

    LN's Giveaway

    My ID is UnicornJesus, I'll edit this post when I'm at the waiting screen. Ok, I'm at the waiting screen. TIme for round 2: send trashmons this time, for real.
  11. UnicornJesus

    LN's Giveaway

    @Okita Souji if you still have one, I would like a Larvitar and a Skrelp if you don't mind ^^ I also have some 5 IV's laying around my boxes not doing anything, just name one you'd like Oh, and by the way, if you'd like, I have a shiny 4 IV Gible and 5 IV Litten (missing Sp.Atk). I can trade them if you want to, but I don't need anything in return for these, just trashmons
  12. UnicornJesus

    Looking for Battle Master Thread

    I have two specifically for PVP and the other 4 are for the story
  13. UnicornJesus

    Looking for Battle Master Thread

    Whaddaya mean how competitive? Like, levels, IV's and EV's?
  14. UnicornJesus

    Looking for Battle Master Thread

    Hey! Anyone up for a battle? I wanted to try my team, and it will be my first time doing an Online Battle! My Online ID is UnicornJesus ^^ I rather being 6v6 singles and no field effect, sorry for that...
  15. UnicornJesus

    Is Pokemon Spork hard?

    Don't worry, it's absolutely normal for those games to be hard for you. They were too from me when I came here after completing the franchise ones. It's an insane difference from the franchise games; the first gym in Reborn is electric-type, all pretty leveled up, and your level cap is only 20. And you get no access to ground-types in that part, unless your starter is! I think Spork is good for you to get used to it, and maybe try out Pokémon Desolation