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  1. Your SharedPC.rxdata file is probably corrupted. If your shared box (it's the one with the highest number in the PC) was currently empty, then simply delete SharedPC.rxdata manually from your savegames folder. If instead you did have mons in your shared box and now they're gone, then you'll have to also restore one of the game's backup saves. EDIT: I've updated the SharedPC mod, so that it should now be able to detect at least some cases of the file being corrupted.
  2. Nope: online play is disabled by the mod.
  3. Agreed, and they "last" a very long time too... in my last playthrough those two beat the Fairy gym almost on their own (with grassy terrain+sludge wave), and Garbodor's sludge wave even pretty much soloed the Water gym!
  4. It's also heavily implied that dr bdsm managed to traumatize those children with his passion for aimless torture. Psychological constraints are a very real and very powerful thing.... think for example how elephants or dogs won't turn on their owners even when mistreated (unless pushed way too far).
  5. Waynolt


    First, make a backup copy of your savegame. Then, try setting the variable 150 to 27 If that doesn't work, please upload the backup copy of your savegame in this thread.
  6. Hi, just a quick note: you should now be able to use the E18 Sandbox to generate any Drapion form from the Alternate Form Pack. (It might work for other mons too, but let's keep focus on what's most important.)
  7. Completing the E18 plot should not stop the weather from changing... anyway, should be fixed here (I've also rerolled the weather): game.rxdata
  8. Pretty sure the message is "The Plot forbids this right now." As in, "the weather is enforced for plot reasons and can't be changed right now: progress with the story and it will be unlocked." I guess the variable that causes this didn't get unset in your game after you advanced the plot... please post your savegame so that someone can check.
  9. The Additional Options mod includes a versatile framework that makes it easy to add more options; I simply added, at the start of PickupQoL's file, the lines required to use that framework. (You can open .rb files with a simple text editor, like for example Notepad++)
  10. Yes Scripts.rxdata; the Gemini script editor and RPGMaker will both allow you to edit it. It might not be worth installing either, though, if you're going to use them just for this edit... I've edited the PickupQoL mod from the SWM modpack: when installed in conjunction with @Aironfaar's Additional Options mod, they will add an entry in your Options menu, which will let you change the Pickup chance at will on the fly. You can find SWM here: https://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24930-swm-modular-modpack-e18/ You can find @Aironfaar's Additional Options here: https://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/40480-aironfaars-mod-box-e181updated-2018-12-12/&do=findComment&comment=799808
  11. Tab should be fine imho. By the way, have you considered also making it an entry either in the Pokemon menu or in the Options menu, if there isn't one already? People would then have a way of doing this without memorizing an hotkey...
  12. Assuming you're using the E18 version of both the game and the mods, please try moving the whole Reborn folder somewhere else.
  13. This mismatch between the original trainer's gender and your own based on the sprite used is a problem that is in every savegame. If the devs decide to account for that, they'll assume that every savegame has that error, hence if you fix yours you risk that a future update breaks your savegame. (It's a very slight risk, but since it is possible and since you gain nothing from it, it's just not worth it to fix that mismatch on your own).
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