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  1. One of the most memorable is me getting stuck in a glass elevator and suddenly the building shakes and the building falls horizontally and the elevator sled out of the building (which is impossible but because this is really tall building. It's possible) and crashed near a ferris wheel. My lower half was crushed (with other people inside the elevator) and I'm trying to get out to get help but people outside scream when they look at me crawling. There's a dream where I basically travelling everywhere, and ends up in tall blue glass building (when I say tall, I say it reaches cloud). Then I walk out from my car stretching at the rooftop at the edge of the building and a white girl with bob cut pushed me off the building and say I'm already dead. I'm so shocked that it makes me woke up.
  2. I just know this thread exists "As lonely as it is... and as sad as it is, it's probably proof of how precious their existence is. They become sparkling, dazzling, and treasured memories that I'll carry inside my heart forever. That's why for me, this heart wrenching feeling is the proof of our happiness" "If you get stuck in memories of those times, you won't be able to appreciate all the fun that's happening now. So don't be thinking "that time was fun", because you should be thinking "that time was also fun"" "Being able to find the fun that's happening right now is the best way to enjoy the present. Because of that, you should try your best to value the present. Since it's going to change sooner or later" "You can't become anyone else. You can only become yourself" - Manga Aria "A human cannot understand a spider’s feelings. A spider cannot understand a frog’s feelings." "I have no choice but to run away. But is this how running away actually feels? This unbearable frustration. Pathetic. I can't forgive myself for always running away" "Living without honor is no different from dying" - Manga Kumo desu ga, nani ka?
  3. I remember being chased by long black haired woman with white long dress. And she chased me by creeping really fast, and bit my leg then I got paralyzed and fell down on a bed on roller and she pushed my bed to the wall and keeps walking on. I still remember the 90 degrees orientation that time. Then she put white clothes on me and I hear a melody which is my alarm and woke up. That's a creepiest dream I had until now. The saddest one is a dream where I go back to my hometown which somehow someway was in ruin because of war I never remember and never exist in real world. Then I was in a car with my parents and until we reached a building, I go out and wandering in an open area quite far from my parents then suddenly a plane appeared above my head and dropping bomb on me. Knowing I have zero chance of surviving, I immediately turned to my parents and shouts "You had to believe that I love you both!". Then the bomb explodes and I woke up crying. I still have no idea why I'm saying that.
  4. Everyday is an overtime day. I work from the morning I blink to the night I can no longer to stay awake.

    I don't want to complain because I actually enjoy my work, but I want a resting time...

  5. Congratulation to Marcello, andracass, and DreamblitzX! Hopefully our forum will keep become livelier and everyone here including mod and development staff will have a good time hanging around the forum! And help us from spam bot attacks.
  6. Radomus Puzzle isn't that hard if you know how to play chess and use your head for quite a bit. Arceus puzzle on the other hand are irritating. One in the citae one, and one in the cult. The cult one isn't hard, but really time consuming.
  7. I had never know we could put status here. I've been searching for it and I just realized I put it off in settings...

  8. Who is this Clyde? Isn't Ame the one giving advices?
  9. I think they can beat Julia as long as they have evolved pokemon among theirs, but I'm not sure they can beat Florinia with it.
  10. I'm sad to say I don't think that way because Pokemon Reborn isn't about level cap. You'll either end up fainted, or your pokemon level up and started ignoring you in middle of battle then fainted. You need to have at least one proper pokemon to fight their type and/or on their field.
  11. Arys

    Meet the vets!

    Known as: Arys Age: 20s Gender: Female Birthday: October 5 Location: Indonesia Height: 160cm Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Black Lives with: Alone now Pets: Thinking about a dog or a cat Relationship status: Single Favourite Food: My own cooking Favourite Drink: Fruit juice Favourite Color: Light Pink and White Favourite kind of Music: Celtic and Rock Favourite Band: No favorites Favourite Album: No favorites Favourite Song: Changes all the time Favourite Game: Pokemon Reborn and Stardew Valley I guess? Favourite Genre of Game: Strategy, Simulation Favourite Hobbies: Cooking, Cleaning, and Shopping? Favourite Movies: None Favourite Shows: Anime? Community questions: So, who are you?: Arys, a young lady who tried her best to become feminime for more than a year now (I was really tomboy before). Anything you're responsible for? My work at job. What can I talk to you about? I don't know. What you want to talk about? I'm open to anything. Closing statements? Nice to meet you, hope we can be friends.
  12. Why would you put Nasty Plot and Sludge Bomb in Toxicroak.... Toxicroak - Sucker Punch - Drain Punch - Poison Jab - Swagger / whatever Galvantula - Sticky Web (lower speed every pokemon out) - Thunder Wave (halves speed, 50% chance not attacking) - Bug Buzz - Discharge Venusaur (Chlorophyll) - Sleep Powder - Sunny Day (ups speed and for 1 turn solar beam) - Solar Beam - Leech Seed / whatever Though I'm not sure how good these pokemon against Terra. I think Venusaur and Galvantula have chance.
  13. At first I thought it was Titania's. The image of her living in mountain is quite matching. But why this never cross my mind after I defeat her in her fantasy gym... Thank you! Now I need to find where is she...
  14. If anyone could tell me where is Amaria's gym, that would be a great help... I heard she's somewhere in Celestine but I can't find this Celestine.
  15. Hmm, the upper one looks more colorful with those brown and bright white. The lower one looks like its simple version and I prefer this one. I can't do color coordination, but maybe brown looks out of color in blue-white-black combination.
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