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  1. You have to get Dark Matter. It's in Darchlight Cave near where you first came.
  2. If you started the game then i'm afarid to tell you that you will have to get the 12th badge and get access to Fly before getting it. If you are already beyond that point then
  3. I think that the door under Kyogre spot is meant for his encounter in post game but I don't about the second one.
  4. Sorry but you have to get a pokemon with surf or have the golden surfboard to fight Florin.
  5. I think you can try getting Ampharos which is one of the best mons in this game imo instead of noibat(he is pretty useless until it evolves so you should keep him in the PC until you get above the level 45 cap). There is a mareep in jasper ward. You will need a Gourmet Treat to fight him. Also you can get Shinx and Nidoran M in the Game Corner in Obsidia Ward ( It may take a bit of time but I think it's worth the try). If you need a Flying type you can get Woobat the same place where you get Noibat. You should focus Zel first because Taka's lead doesn't hit hard and Espeon and Glaceon are big threats. Hope it will help you.
  6. 1.It's Freya (Red Haired mysterious figure) who said that she killed Crescent not Delphox and there are very few chances that she dies especially off screen because she is very relevenat to the plot. 2.We don't know and only high ranking Xen members like Madame X and Nastasia should know about it. Puppet Master warns us about it and Flora know it exists.We don't have a clue what it is about but my guess would be somekind of weapon that would only kill non-Xen people based on the name. 3.Well it's a theory but Lord Xenadin could be Surfer Figure ( I know we give his name in V12 but I forgot it) and be related to Team Xen. 4.It should be Cosmos and Cosmia ? The ones who disguised as us and save Aelita and Venam from the juridical sanction they would have taken because they shouldn't be a the tournament? 5.I think Amber would give us the Mega Ring or a Charizard/Magmortar/Talonflame. 6. She is working for some Celine to control the league and (Warning if you haven't finished the Karren Quest in Alamissa) 1.Where is Nymiera's ritual spoken of ? 2.Gather energy that comes from humans. Maybe ? Why ? We still don't know. 4.Freya killed them.
  7. Can someone tell me where are all the stamps available in V12 ?
  8. Can someone tell me where to start the Goomy quest? I have seen people talk about it and i don't know where it is.
  9. I don't think there is a new one because the level cap hasn't changed so go to hiyoshi city in the past.
  10. Can someone explain me what is the link between the title of this chapter and the chapter itself ? I already finished v12 so you can spoil me.
  11. For me it only worked after i got the 13th badge.But I don't think it can work before.
  12. Also it was only on my 1st playtrought on intense v11 that I struggled on Geara/Zetta but then on the 2nd playthought it was way easier like 4 or 5 tries maybe ?I just spammed Blizzard the entire fight.
  13. Well i just searched on bulbapedia who can learn flash naturally.
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