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  1. Why do the most important choices not give you relationship points ? ex : Magma Stone , revealing Flora's true identity , Melia's choice in dark future
  2. We all know there will be a chapter without badges what do you think is gonna happen during it and when will it happen ? I think the most logical thing would be a trip to Neverwinter and Angie coming with his Icy BOI
  3. Aren't Griselda's sisters Spacea and Tiempa that's what I tought actually
  4. You can also play around Tailwind with Talonflame. Field makes it 6 turns and naturally boosts Flare blitz.
  5. First difficulty then personnality : Adrienn really is something. Had to spam Cosmic Power on Clef and Seeds to beat him ; actually the real problem was xis lead I still dont know how the hell that Granbull is so fast. Amaria ... the solo battle is the easiest imo but the double battle is REALLY hard. She just spammed Surf and outspeeds me with the field + swift swim and I never change the field with terrain moves . Hardest battle in reborn so far. For Hardy and Radomus, their gimmicks were the hardest Rock Slide spam with high speed tier mons and trick room. A and B tiers were challenging and caused me trouble. C-D were easy because they dont have an op field effect/strong and leveled mons. Now the likability Vanhanen is best family and Fern/Bennet best boys. Titania and Saphira : kill,kill,kill,kill,kill,kill and kill like do you have another thing to do ? Cain apart doing sexual jokes is nothing. Terra and Julia are nothing if memes. Shade and Sirius do literally nothing hope they will in E19.
  6. The majority is true but I would add some more :
  7. You should get a Gastly . Gengar is very useful nice atk spe and speed , good offensive coverage (Energy ball, Dark Pulse, Psychic) and support moves like Destiny Bond,Hypnosis,Curse and Will-O-Wisp. Definetaly a great choice (Actually Gengar legit swept Adam in Intense)
  8. Only Cain and Shelly caused me trouble but then Volcarona destroys the 2 other fights. Just set up vs a not bad matchup Mismagius or Clefable/A-Ninetails and easy sweep with heat waves + bug buzz.
  9. So I made this topic to tell you what(I think)team/pokemon we will have to fight in the E4. We all know who are the E4 members : So now we will try to guess their teams : First,Benett&Laura has to be a double battle a 6vs12 like in the glass gauntlet. The field has to be the flowergarden field which we have never seen but we know it increases both Laura's and Benett mons because Grass gets 1.5 and Swarm gets triggered in this field. Their teams are going to be Sun based : Chlorophyll Liligent and Quiver Dance Volcarona as their aces. Benett's team must have changed so no more butterflies and top-tier bugs like M-Beedrill or M-Pinsir,Scizor,Heracross,Leavanny with Chlorophyll. Laura's is a Grass specialist so maybe Venusaur or Victreebel and Cherrim but the E4 are based on more than 1 types so maybe Fire to goes with the Sun with Ninetails,Infernape,Delphox or even Blaziken (let's not mega). Second,we have Heather who is a Flying type user and will fight most certainly in the Mountain Field in Solo because it's the place that fits her the most (Beryl Cemetary,near her home).She must have an HO team because of her personnality: M-Salamence for obvious reasons,Aerodactyl and Archeops because of the Rock boost,Shelly's Yanmega and Corey's Crobat and the last can be a Noivern or a Dragonite because I'm sure she will get along with Saphira (Pink haired and Sirius was the enemy of both's family). Third, Elias it's logical that we will fight him in the Holy Field in Solo where Normal,Psychic and Dragon types are boosted. His ace will be Snorlax or Smeargle.His team should be composed of an Espeon(opposite of Luna), a Chatot(Taka), a Garchomp (his master Solaris) maybe Gallame and an Alakazam one of them being the Mega of his team. Last but not least Anna. The Starlight Field is the best field for her Psychic,Dark and Fairy types are buffed here. Her ace should be Gothitelle ( especially the one from Beryl Library).Her Team could be composed of Clefable (Noel),Gardevoir(Her dad),Metagross,Starmie and Jirachi ( we all know it's not just a plush). I would rather think that she fights in Double like her Dad contrary to her bro. Now that I told you my opinion it's U-Turn.
  10. Why is nobody talking about that teaser with Geara and Dusknoir? I think we're gonna see him in V12 and Isha has a Dusknoir and a Giratina
  11. Why does Neon's Oranguru outspeeds ALL of my pokemons even a 252 speed gengar ? I saw nothing on the field effect manual.
  12. So at the Xen boat i got a dull key in the captain's room. Can anyone tell me what it does ?
  13. Spammed Brave Bird Talonflame with Gale Wings on the Tarsals/Kirlias then primarina tanked everything from Gardevoir
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