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  1. MobiusFlip

    Reborn EP18 Sidequest checklist (SPOILERS)

    Hiker sidequest is also the only way to access the area where you can catch wild Snivy, and the reward for the Aggron sidequest is actually Aggronite rather than Medichamite (if you didn't pick up Aggronite earlier in E17 or if you start a new file in E18)
  2. MobiusFlip

    What're YOU listening to?~

    Just found out this existed last night
  3. MobiusFlip

    What you want in gen8

    New forms is closest, but what I really want is something like the way Wormadam works - the same pokemon can have slightly different stats, movesets, and secondary typings depending on where or how you evolve it. (Reborn kind of has this with Alolan Raichu, Exeggutor, and Marowak, but since there's not a way to pick which one of those you want in official pokemon games, I'm still saying Wormadam's the only real example we have.) This would probably work best with just entirely new pokemon, though. There might be a few existing ones it could work for (maybe Poliwrath's secondary type could be Fighting, Dark, or Steel depending on where it evolves, or something like that), but it would be a lot easier to just do it on new ones.
  4. MobiusFlip

    Dragon Scale

    I've been fishing for Horsea for probably over an hour, using a Pokemon with Frisk to see if any of them have a dragon scale so I can get a Kingdra at some point. So far, none of them had it. Was it removed in E17, and if so, is there anywhere else I can get one?
  5. Recently restarted a mono-Dragon-ish run I'd been doing before E17 (mono Dragon, but certain pokemon in the Dragon egg group or that have been used by Dragon-type gym leaders and champions in main series games are allowed too). Just got the Mystery Egg from the police station, and I'd appreciate if someone could change it to an Axew egg since I didn't manage to get that. Game.rxdata
  6. MobiusFlip

    Online Usernames

    Username: MobiusFlip Trainer name: Mobius
  7. MobiusFlip

    [E18] Un-stuck Me! The save file fixing thread

    So I was doing the Strength puzzle in the part of the Byxbysion Wasteland you get to through the Tanzan Mountain passage with the green crystal, and apparently I managed to move the Strength rocks into such a position that I can't actually get out. And I also don't happen to have any escape ropes or a more recent save file I could reset to without losing much progress. Game.rxdata
  8. I'm trying to do an almost-mono-Dragon run, with as few edited/hacked/etc Pokemon as possible. (Obviously there would be some fairly significant problems with a true mono-Dragon run in Reborn, so I'm allowing myself some pokemon from the Dragon egg group, anything that becomes Dragon type when mega evolved, and some pokemon that have been used by Dragon-type gym leaders and Elite 4 in the main series games - namely, I can use the Aerodactyl, Charizard, Ampharos, Rhydon, Nidoking, Sceptile, Heliolisk, and Milotic lines along with anything Dragon-type). Anyways, because of those constraints, I'm not asking for any starters to be edited in. However, I would like to change what I got from the mystery egg at the Jasper police station. I'd appreciate if someone could replace the Elekid egg in my team with an Axew egg or a level 1 Axew, whichever is easiest. IVs and nature don't matter. Game.rxdata