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  1. IkeSmasher_xX

    Michel Joins the Squad!

    uwu congwatuwations michel, im vewy gwad you'll be wowking with us, pwease do youwur best
  2. Trusting me is a good start, i guess i'm a target for mafia now that i revealed myself
  3. @Alaris its true i might seems suspicious because of my inatcivity and the way i word my posts, but i implore you, if i, the vigilante, dies, town's chances of winning will be even more slim. especially since we dont know for sure who are the remaining mafia what i said about bazaro and jace is only my guess, logic dictates that if they're trying so hard to get me lynched then they're likely mafia
  4. oh hi, it seems Jace and Bazaro, or should i say mafia, are trying to mislead town into lyncching their own vigilante. yes i shot nicki, but i can see that i shot the wrong person *dabs on nicki* anyway, point is, i believe jae and baz are mafia trying to mislead you into lynching me
  5. O-oh, guess i shot the wrong person.. oops
  6. i forgot im here kms ...and i didnt even send in a night action
  7. @Alaris i performd my NA successfully
  8. I hath returned, oh hey glad that Cass died. I wont vote yet, but i think Eric is slightly suspicious, his last post is very random and doesnt really help town
  9. i'll be more active next day phast hopefully :[
  10. mfw i forgot im in this I'm going to trust the bandwagon on Kiet just because we can always lynch Newt if kiet flips town [vote] kiet
  11. someone already died huh, is it mafia?
  12. I remove my vote on Jace, because using my ability i gained information that confirmes Mafia cannot win as long as Alistair is alive, i wasnt told if my ability could give wrong or entirely correct answers though for now [unvote] jace
  13. I apologise for not being active here, i caugh a cold and things have been hectic irl I agree with Alisair's reasoning. you can make the dead say whatever you want, and its way too convenient that L'Belle would bus his last surviving partner its even more absurd that Alistair would kill his own allies. Jace, in your attempt to make Alistair suspicious, you have done goofed. Omae wa mou shindeiru! [Vote] Jace Stormkirk
  14. Sorry for not posting, exams are getting very near and im studying most of the time i'll vote for [lynch] Nano because he's suspicious from what ive seen, i'll contribute better next phase hopefully