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  1. It would seem people misunderstood that my first post about Aldo was worded badly, im inclined to distrust Bazaro and Newt since theyre trying to get me lynched, knowing that im town [Eliminate] Bazaro because this isnt the first time he tried to throw suspicion on me
  2. my my, someone naughty roleblocked me... i guess im not trusted by some people
  3. yeah i thought about revealing, and potentially giving boosts, to town npcs but Aldo suggested it first, thats what i tried to say
  4. @dragoknight i just wanted to suggest revealing the town NPCs but i got ninjad also @kiet i am town but whether im vanilla or not shall remain secret for now uwu
  5. i'd jump on the vanilla npc roles reveal but, as Bazaro pointed out, if we reveal too many roles fast, mafia may hunt them down quickly so ill refrain for now
  6. hi hello i thought i had some news but looks like Aldo already said what i had in mind~
  7. We dont have a way to confirm if what @Walpurgis said is true or not im afraid, its a risky move but [vote] alistair
  8. so on the good side one mafia died, but we also lost the doctor which could be troublesome my NA did nothing so im not sure what to do, any of you guys have anything to add?
  9. they both could be mafia but then why would they try to bus each other
  10. hmm, yeah i did sorta copy Jelly's words but im still unsure, either Nick or Jelly is maf i think we should lynch either of them and if they flip town we lynch the other
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