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  1. i'll join too @CrimsonDragon21 if you havent yet, pls join
  2. they both could be mafia but then why would they try to bus each other
  3. hmm, yeah i did sorta copy Jelly's words but im still unsure, either Nick or Jelly is maf i think we should lynch either of them and if they flip town we lynch the other
  4. Nick is suspicious since he was gunning so hard to lynch other townies @Jellyim the monkey yeah
  5. i apologise for not being active from what i read currently Bazaro and Nick are the suspects, but i do trust Nick a bit more so my vote will be [eliminate] bazaro also reminder that Nicki is suspicious
  6. reading Anti's posts is painful so i wont bother i'll [vote]nickCrash now but ill change my vote later if necessary
  7. i'll keep an eye on Nicki, but for now i'll [Vote] Alaris also why are you lynching me after i revealed my role, unless you're mafia and trying to get an easy lynch?
  8. oh, i misread what Candy said and jumped to conclusion, Nicki could be saying the truth, and i copied "no NA" onto Lia which results in nothing. So Lia's death could be caused by Alaris, or someone else
  9. to be fair i didn't/don't read all posts so i missed the fact that Lia was confirmed Tracker and i didn't expect a kill from Nicki so there is that too, that's why i thought it was fine to copy the NA onto Lia
  10. Candy just confirmed that Nicki *did* perform a NA, so she's clearly lying i'd say we have our culprit
  11. @Astra125 @Alistair i didnt know Lia was town/watcher/tracker but then there is two possibilities: 1- Nicki is lying and trying to mislead us into thinking she's town 2- Candy didnt confirm but someone might have targeted nicki with a factional kill, i saw their action and performed it on Lia again Candy did not tell me any details, so i could be wrong but for now [Vote] Nicki
  12. so since i revealed my self, my death is likely imminent, so my role is to watch someone and copy their night action, im supposed to roleblock them, but i guess since the action didnt fail i didnt roleblock Nicki, and i copied/mimicked the night action onto Lia, this is why im suspecting Nicki, but what Ali said, let us hear more about Nicki's role also @Anti-loser bold of you to assume that i knew guns were day use only :lolxd:
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