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  1. Happy Birthday Amine!!! 😄, i really hope that you will have a wonderful day, you really deserve it ❤️🍰🤗

  2. so who are we trying to eliminate exactly, im not sure which realms are considered "mafia"
  3. So i know either Nano or Yahy is from Chaosrealm
  4. tfw i even forgot to vote last phase
  5. Newt is busy irl so i agree, the safe bet is to eliminate inactives [eliminate] Newt
  6. what Kiet said makes me think he's Ernac
  7. anything else of note happened? from what i noticed no one is really sure since its just D1
  8. I don't have much to say aside from the pizza slice which i assume is from the Lykos role
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