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  1. I have already finished everything in the story and am now looking to build my rotation/box bigger so I can be ready for the rest of the game in ep 19. Any suggestions to add to what I have now? I want to have lots of options so I'm open to any ideas.
  2. currently have no mods 1072 - Claud - 375h 4m - 17 badges.rxdata
  3. Hi, I recently opened the game today and got the message below when I tried to open my save file. The last time I played reborn was monday and it worked perfectly fine, so I am wondering what the issue is and how I can fix it.
  4. thank you so much! you want it back when i'm done breeding?
  5. My in game name is Claud. Anything in particular you want to trade for or are you cool with anything?
  6. Hi everyone, Is anyone willing to trade an Azurill or Sea Incense to me? I am already at a point in the story in which neither the growlithe trade nor sea incense are available to me. This is the last pokemon I need to fill out the pokedex and ya boy desperately wants that poipole.
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