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  1. Yes 1) Mine is Volcarona. I don't know about everyone else but I know Zumi's favorite is Ampharos and I'm pretty sure Sardines' is Typhlosion. 2) There are already some legendaries available, namely Type:Null/Silvally, Phione and Dog form Zygarde. Others will be available post-game. 3) [REDACTED] She wasn't always a robot. Whenever she shows up with a hat on, she's robot. I don't think Jan is behind anything but what do I know. I don't think the Dusknoir is the same though. 1. Yes, when the gang returns to the present after time traveling in version 10 Cella says she remembers the incident. 2. I don't know. 3. I don't know about Ana but Dylan will definitely show up in the main story. 4. I also don't know this.
  3. I already like this sprite a lot, and I feel like it will grow on me more.
  4. can confirm, i'm commander's uncle. however seeing the reaction from the fans it seems they don't want a greninja crest after all, so we won't make it. froakie will still be removed from the game. have a good day
  5. RIP Beta Chan, you will not be missed very much probably
  6. Forum name: Winter Showdown alt(s): iamnotadisaster Discord: Winter#1256 Availability*: Always (More or less) (GMT + 2) Favourite type(s): Fairy, Grass, Dragon, Water, Psychic Least favourite type(s): Electric, Rock, Fighting
  7. It's weird that Titania is my favorite Reborn character, but Saki is my least favorite Rejuv character. I suppose Steel-leaders can be rather polarizing  *badum tiss*

  8. [Ep17 spoilers]


    When you are about to deal the finishing blow to Amaria's last Pokémon after an excruciatingly long and difficult battle and the game decides to crash...


    Kill me now.

  9. holy shit, rejuvenation just got really damn good out of nowhere (not that is bad before tho, but just wow)

  10. Name-change because reasons.

  11. Proof that Kartana is gross af: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-544236359
  12. Me: *Sees Pokebank is available for Sun/Moon*
    Me after: "Whoo! Time to not suck at the Battle Tree!"

  13. When you're in bed and want to grab your phone, but realize it's out of arms reach and give up.

  14. 8/10 - Very cute, but the blue mist around it looks a little spooky.
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