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  1. RIP Beta Chan, you will not be missed very much probably
  2. Winter

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    "rejuvenation was a mistake" - january google chrome
  3. Winter

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    Beta has begun bitches! The brave bug-catchers who've been selected to better v11's stability and balance have been bothered by their invites already. If you haven't been bothered by an invite, don't be beleaguered! Bitter as it may be, there will be other betas in the future. Besides, a better-balanced release will be less bewildering and broken to play. But before I bounce, bemember to believe in beta-chan!
  4. Winter

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    let's get really ahead of the curve and start speculating on v13 y'all
  5. Winter

    Favorite Season

    My favorite should be obvious. That's right, it's summer.
  6. Winter

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    I'm pretty sure Melia just wanted an excuse to give her girlfriend a cute haircut. Also, I like all the options but I voted for blue!
  7. Winter

    PokéNations 3 Signup thread

    Forum name: Winter Showdown alt(s): iamnotadisaster Discord: Winter#1256 Availability*: Always (More or less) (GMT + 2) Favourite type(s): Fairy, Grass, Dragon, Water, Psychic Least favourite type(s): Electric, Rock, Fighting
  8. Winter

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    Texen's hair is so much prettier now, I almost feel bad about it burning up. Almost. (And all the other ones are really good too)
  9. Go to the police office in the Judicial District, the sidequest continues there.
  10. You can turn it off in the options.
  11. Wow Jan, I can't believe you finished version 10 in two days even though you deleted everything. Nice work!
  12. It's weird that Titania is my favorite Reborn character, but Saki is my least favorite Rejuv character. I suppose Steel-leaders can be rather polarizing  *badum tiss*

  13. [Ep17 spoilers]


    When you are about to deal the finishing blow to Amaria's last Pokémon after an excruciatingly long and difficult battle and the game decides to crash...


    Kill me now.

  14. Winter

    Pokemon Crystonite

    This actually looks really interesting, good luck! I think this has a lot of potential! And Zumi's sprites also look amazing!