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  1. IIRC, in the Q&A thread, Jan said this was the plan (or at least the hope) exactly.
  2. The sheep was much easier to defeat than the flower, which is totally fair since Yuuka is Yuuka.  I will be hearing Meeko's theme in my dreams tonight, since it played for most of the stage.  Which brings up one of the best spell card names in Touhou (canon or fanmade):  


    「Does Gensokyo Dream of Youkai Sheep?」 






    Even if I didn't name my crew 'Sheep Bullies' like the Translation LP team, the bullying still happened









    Cute Kogasa blocking sprite to bring back the mood





    I still love Reimu and Marisa's new endgame combo attack.  Really brings the "unload everything"/maximum daka effect out while squeezing in a few good mecha references




    1. seki108


      Meeko's less fluffy, desperation theme:  Despair Sheep




      Don't give up, Sheepu


      (has subs)


  3. I think rebattlable trainers were taken out of Gearan lab, and the EV trainers don't even give 200. There is always Pickup, which can net some good sellable items sporadically. Someone had an idea of a Payday Persian against Audino trainers, which nets about 25-27,000 per battle with Amulet Coin.
  4. I've gotten tired of seeing these two words over the past day and a half.  I knew Yuuka's fight was BS incarnate from reading the translation LP, but wow did they bump it up on Hard mode; is it even possible on Lunatic?   After a bad first try, this time I'm just taking out her first and last health bars.....the rest I'll just time out.



    812SDO3.pngBunshin- basically autododge; Yuuka's rate is 50% here



    1. seki108


      Also, I have this track stuck in my head but I don't mind that



  5. Osana Reimu animation. I never thought the first Blood+ opening would work so well.
  6. Why did you have to start hitting so obscenely hard halfway through the stage, Yuuka?  I guess Akyu was correct here.




    https://lpix.org/sslptest/index.php?id=152682 (translation LP's stage)



  7. Well, I found out FMW Complete will allow save transfer from FMW 4, so I guess I'l be finally finishing that for the next few days.  Did stage 74 earlier.  Great Prismriver-centric stage.  I still love the new attack they get.   


    I'll just post from excerpts from the translation LP of this stage that I like, just because, and the subbed major event vid.











    Video does have subs on the captions if you want to watch/read



  8. Here. Tell me if it doesn't work or isn't the right one. That should be in the right spot to open up the game in V12 and start the episode. https://mega.nz/#F!drZwRY7L!U19MLqOFGySRsKhuOyODNQ
  9. For games where I'm free to choose whatever (Reborn, Rejuv, Dray's hacks), I usually end up having a bloated rotation (at least 20 mons) with 10 or 12 seeing a bit more use than the others. I mostly try for mons I haven't used before (at least initially) and add whatever strikes my fancy later on. Sometimes some members get dropped if they can't keep up and replaced with a better mon that does it's job (even if I've used it before). I had to completely stop on the Mt Valor finale just to train up the mystery egg cottoneeI put in the box, though it's more than pulled it's weight ever since. With how Rejuv provides sidequests, Audino trainers, and a hard level limit, keeping a bigger rotation isn't too difficult......even before factoring in the EXP All item. Then again, I play slowly overall so I don't really mind some grind. After finishing up V12's story, I added trained and am leveling up another 10 just because I think I'll want to use them next episode.
  10. There was a ton of early game changes just between when I first played it in V9 and then replaying it again in V11. Definitely worth a replay now.
  11. So, Steins;Gate is technically canon is a SRW timeline now? Cool



  12. It says you're a vet, so this may not apply quite as much but I'll post it anyway. Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay here! Be sure to check out Rejuvenation once you've reached the end of Reborn/
  13. Finally some details and a few new screenshots of FMW Complete Box came over  apparently from a Chinese watcher of a random Japanese streamer......very vague.  It's definitely using some mechanics from modern SRW games (such as being able to use spirits commands on your opponents turn).  There's even pictures of new attack cut-ins:




    Nameless midboss fairy who's had maybe had exactly one line in a side-manga, you finally got an attack cut in!  I guess that means The 9-ball Special will be slightly different late-game, and it means another nameless character and even the Lilies should get theirs.




    An Elly cut-in to compete with the other gatekeeper




    Kurumi cut-in.  Hopefully you'll still be top tier support late game.




    Akyu seems to be a playable character and maybe not just a one-stage joke character this time.....though maybe still.  She has a unique personal skill this time, so that's a bit more 'long term' indication.  Maybe she'll juggle the 'playable character' and 'subpilot only' roles this time.  Even she has a cut-in.





    Seems Kozazu is an NPC as well now.  I'm not holding out hope for Kasen, since she definitely wouldn't be playable even if she shows up as an NPC.  She's only a month younger than the first game back in 2010, so Keine took the 'mentor-ish/prodding Reimu off her ass' role. Funny in hindsight, but playable Kasen would be interesting.



  14. Waiting to see if the new Touhous and the new music will be online soon.  It seems some people already got their copy of Touhou 17, so it will probably be an hour or three.



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    2. seki108


      Well, Clarste is here with a general summary (a few posts down)


    3. seki108


      Oh yeah:


      Next game:  Miko's millennia old used hankerchief (or maybe an old blankie) becomes a tsukumogami and plots revenge.  



      Also:  Miko races Byakuren on her newly refound ride.  Can the strongest legs compete with Byakuren's motorcycle?


    4. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr



      With both Miko and Saki both harboring world-conquering desires and being leaders to their respective people, I wonder if they'd be able to get along with each other anymore. I kinda doubt it, given Miko's personality, but it could be possible. Who knows, maybe this was all part of the Prince's secret plan, and the handkerchief is the last part of the puzzle? 🤔


      Something with 50+ horsepower vs. a single horse? What an imbalanced matchup! 😆

      Really, thoughg, if Byakuren and Saki don't have a footrace at some point, I'm gonna be somewhat disappointed. Shame most of the manga aren't paying attention anymore...



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