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  1. To accompany some of their adaptations, short animations were made.
  2. Finally after more than 2 months, the translation for the last normal Fantasy Maiden Wars chapter was posted.  Hype was through the roof when I saw this a few hours ago.  It also means the completed translation patch is even closer, especially since they show off their in-game translation progress here.





    The attack animations for the final boss.  They really put their all into these, even giving her two different cut-ins.




    R.I.P.  Fairies and Wolf Tengus, casualties of her final attack.....every time she used it.  Also, quite a few quick references to the past 3 games which really ties everything together






    Includes animated idle sprites on the stats screen, with the last one being very shiny




    For comparison, her earlier sprites









    Final Boss theme




    In typical Super Robot Wars fashion, a remix of the intro theme for the last leg of the battle, though sadly not done by Jam Project.




  3. seki108

    (Spoiler) Spyce miniquest

    No prob
  4. seki108

    (Spoiler) Spyce miniquest

    Ok, I'll send the request
  5. seki108

    (Spoiler) Spyce miniquest

    Are you available to trade now? What is you trade ID? Also, you can trade anything
  6. seki108

    (Spoiler) Spyce miniquest

    I can trade you one if you still need it
  7. seki108

    i ruined the mega evo side quest (i'm dumb)

    I'm back. I'll try to message you there too
  8. seki108

    i ruined the mega evo side quest (i'm dumb)

    I can trade you one that can be used there..........next time we're both on I suppose
  9. seki108

    Pokemon Word Chain

  10. The best Valentines related pic I've seen all day.  Now to forget about this day for another year.


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    2. SilverHelio


      And yet, the chocolate being sold at my college was overpriced

    3. seki108


      Give it a few days and maybe it will lower..........maybe

    4. Q-Jei


      For some reason, I thought it was Frontier Brain Anabel instead of Reisen in these pictures ^_^

  11. seki108

    Funny picture thread!

    It's still Valentines for someone
  12. The time of year where you can sometimes find chocolate on sale for the next week.   Obligatory Valentines post aside, here's a bonus semi-related video. 



    It's not quite Valentines themed (and I could find a more thematic Touhou video if I stooped to Precious Things) but it's close enough in the crush department......plus Fairy/cute animation bias.  I can't embed the subbed version, so I'll just leave a link while embeding the raw.






  13. I'm glad that they left the unreal engine(?) code in Smash Force, so that people could already mod Shaggy into it.









    1. LeoYT


      but hes so weak


    2. seki108


      But he's the only standout among the low tiers of Jump Force.  He's like a RU staple, but he can't compete in OU.



  14. Something Awful's paywall is down for the first time in over a month, and the translation for the final Fantasy Maiden Wars: Dream stage still isn't out on the thread there. 


    With my luck it won't be posted until after the paywall is back up.  Typical luck.