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  1. This should be around the right area, right before you enter the desert for the first time. This is on the 'fight Taka in the WTC' route. https://mega.nz/#!wugzlQTI!bWS6T1K3K5BrP5csJDfcCZin-uCfk38AvRvFXmcicPk
  2. Seems the "Fantasy Maiden Wars: Complete Box" will be coming out in Summer Comiket in August, likely before the English Patch of the 4th game is even completed. I already liked the new U.I. they showed off a few months back, but Sanbondo showed off a bit more in post today.  Instead of the face icons on a map like they've been doing, it seems they've switched to having the 3d-ish menu sprites also be the map icons, which is great.  Now Reisen will always have her finger gun ready.


    Not sure why I'm posting this here other than gushing again.



  3. Many great combination attacks in this one......if only
  4. One of the more unique ideas Insurgence did with moves was have a post-game move tutor that taught moves that Pokemon (mostly legendaries/mysticals) learned only from events (or from 1-move move tutors). Could Reborn introduce a move tutor NPC like this somewhere in the post-game? It would be nice to have a few weaker legends get one of their better event-only moves (1st).......or just go crazy like that event Victini (2nd below).
  5. How did I miss that Lyrica Live posted another song, what's more another duet?!  


    A bit strange for her to suddenly decide to do a stage theme, but it certain fits well.



  6. The final chapter of Wild and Horned Hermit is out!  Can ZUN write a satisfying ending?





  7. I'm surprised the Fantasy Maiden Wars fan-translation team is doing the bonus stage translations on the S.A. thread, since Clarste said they weren't particularly interesting or important enough for it.  It's not an inaccurate description, since it's basically just Stages 47-49 again........just without the roster gutted to Hell and back.  At least the setup is kind of interesting (if a bit self aware).










    Though the most important part naturally isn't the set up but the extra dialoge.  Praise Shinki!




  8. *Peaks in* I guess I am. I would like some CANDY before going to bed
  9. Battled a Sylvan player for the first time in what feels like a year.  It's just as slow as I remember it being.

    1. seki108


      Well, I found enough motivation to get to DLV 21 before it ended.  



    2. Chimpnology



      at this time of day

      at this time of year

      in this part of the game

      localized ENTIRELY WITHIN THE WCS?

  10. No prob. Enjoy the dragons too, even if you are a bit far in the game to train them up (though there is plenty of time before Ep 19).
  11. Ok, I can send a trade request when you are waiting Edit: Enjoy!
  12. That's your Trade ID or just the ID on your trainer card? If you haven't created an ID in the 'online play' area of the Pokenav, you have to do that first. It only takes about a minute. Sure, I'll put them on some mons
  13. Even with a full team, Pickup is very finicky at getting anything sometimes, much less what you want from the list. Do you need the two for the mega stones or just 1? Either way, I have plenty so just trade me anything. What is your trade ID?
  14. After about a decade and a half of reading various fanfiction, it's honestly been a shock that my current favorite author has an extremely consistent schedule for the past three years of me following them.  Outside of work events, emergencies, and holidays,  they've consistently updated 3 to 4 stories a week with decent sized chapters of great quality (imo).    It's definitely a treat to look forward to those days when one of the fics I'm reading is getting updated.


    There really isn't much point to this status really.  Just gushing a bit.



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. seki108


      Sorry, I don't really put much thought into random statuses 😢 only the long things most don't read.  I'm not trying to negatively compare or anything 


      I just had to fan-gush about the writer whose single highhandedly sustained about half my interest in RWBY for the past year or two.

    3. Candy


      es ok fren I was just kidding xD because I'm known for my lack of schedule when it comes to updating writing shtuffs oof

      tbh I like people who do have a set schedule so I also applaud them for being committed like that hehe

    4. seki108


      Honestly, he's the only fanfiction writer I've ever followed that really set a schedule......like at all.  The more frequent uploaders usually just had a "in the next week or so" but nothing concrete, while most seemed to just write when the muse/urge struck.  That seems like the more enjoyable way to write, so that's why his way really surprises me.


      Given that he says he writes for a magazine and seems to aiming to be a (full time???) author, I guess keeping pace is good practice for his career path.

  15. Depends on which Corey you fight. His harder fight can be quite hellish for some teams. I don't know what's changed teamwise since I played through the game in V16, but Rejuv 9/10 had Gen 7 so it should be comparable. If you want an electric mon that actually hits things hard/decent, then train something else. Pachirsu was stellar on mostly pure support duty as long as you keep it way from hard hitting Ground types, but isn't a damage dealer outside of Super Fang or something 4X weak to electric. Personally, Zebrastrika was good early game, though something from Gen 7 might be better.
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