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  1. From the Pokémon location guide: Rockruff: Route 1, Goldenwood Cave, Goldenwood Forest, Trade on Oceana PierLycanroc: Evolve Rockruff, Route 9, Goldenwood Forest, Forlorned Cavern
  2. Yeah, if we had to fight her she would definitely have an unown team. She could also have an entei recalling the 3rd Pokémon film. Aside from that, it is very unlikely we get to fight her (she's not much of a fighter herself, easier to fight Allen) and it's actually quite difficult buffing unown while not creating a fakemon
  3. Was available as jackpot starter in previous versions, so you can revert to like v9/10 and try to get it. As of now it is actually unavailable
  4. There's a thread for Q&A with the dev team, try asking them
  5. So iirc you should first "activate" forlorn cave by using a certain move (power gem maybe? Dark pulse? Don't remember). If that doesn't work try going on with the storyline first. In any case you won't be able to finish the quest before beating the actual storyline
  6. Try reverting to a previous save. Go on the "user" folder, search for the saved games, there you'll find your previous saves. Cancel your Game.rxdata file and rename the latest save as "Game.rxdata"
  7. Just male sure you have installed the latest patch or try reverting to a previous save
  8. That's not what you need. Have a look in the graphics game folder for the character sprites. I'll leave a link with an example of a character (aevis) so you know what to look for
  9. I guess you should find the sprites of Camilla and paste them instead of your current ones
  10. Have you patched the game correctly? If so, try posting in the bug reporting thread
  11. Ok so first of all you should search for an older save. There's a folder in your pc with all the saved games, probably in the "saved matches" folder. Try typing "Game.rxdata" in your searchbar and you should find your current save, in the same folder you'll find the previous saves with your name, game time and n of badges, just cancel your Game.rxdata file and change the name of a previous save to Game.rxdata. Also, in the same page where you downloaded V12 you can find the latest patch, get it and follow the instructions
  12. You should try with an older save and installing the latest patch
  13. Try downloading the latest patch, if not there's a woman that can change your appearance, though I don't remember well where (maybe rhodea's apt?)
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