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  1. Blontary

    Help with V11 Gym leader

    Also careful because Flying and bug types Will Be weak to slash and burn (masquerain Is great)
  2. Blontary

    Help with Valor Summit fight

    Did that Battle a long time ago so don't know if I Can help, though here are some generic tips: In double battles You should try to focus on a single opponent, so that You Can get to a 1v1 Battle. In this case, I think You should focus on the minior team, because iirc that's a Shell Smash minior, so you'll want It ko as soon as possible. I know Melia doesn't help though.. Lanturn with boosted defenses May help a lot, and delfox too once You get minior and krookodile out of the way. You May Also teach lanturn Rain dance ti change field and get an interesting boost vs your First opponents
  3. Blontary

    Chapter 13 EV Berries

    I think nowhere
  4. Blontary

    Save files and computer troubles

    I'm sorry but the oldest save I got is around 9th badge with my mono water run. I'll post it anyway if it may help :) Mono acqua.rxdata
  5. Blontary

    That Battle

    I used scolipede with Speed boost, double protect, toxic and stall lol
  6. Blontary

    Ev Training Items

    Yeah sure All of them. You Can buy them somewhere (I think GDC), and Will find them in the floor eventually. You Also have the ev training rooms in gearen's lab
  7. Blontary

    Icy Rock?

    Open "Items listed by typing" --> open "Items" --> search "icy rock" --> you'll get 2 of them. One in goldenwood grove, One in evergreen Island.
  8. Blontary

    Icy Rock?

  9. Blontary

    Move Tutor

    There are several, the man One in sheridan, but another in akuwa and some in gearen and GDC in the latest parte of the game. Don't know if substitute Is available though
  10. Blontary

    Where do I go next?

    You Will find them in the eastern part of the city, Just before the hotel. Did You talk to everyone?
  11. Blontary

    Help needed with Narcissa Quest

    Completed v11?
  12. Blontary

    a Theory

    Yeah they both appear as madame x. Keep in mind though, if You did the litwick sidequest, that we could Be facing a whole army of madame xs.
  13. Blontary

    Help with a side quest in V11

    It should Be up to date, but Just to Be clear, you'll find the Ghost oricorio kimono girl in darclight Woods, on the meadow where You fall down to bladestar labs
  14. Blontary

    Where do I go next?

    You get back to the man of the sidequest, he should Be in the research center (west of the city, requires surf).
  15. In early game smack down Is pretty Dope, giving You resistance to normal type moves. Normal Is a great typing against ghosts (Sorry narcissa lol), and later on playing with extrasensory and night slash/ dark pulse Is pretty fun. After this, Destrakon's suggestions are correct