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  1. Well, taking advantage of this thread while searching for the others themes, does anyone know where the Mood - Craggy came from?
  2. Zumi used to work on a fangame called Pokemon Xenogene! Team Splicer were the evil team from this game. --- Did some search and it seems like both themes are available on youtube!
  3. 1. Any plans to add a Swoobat crest? :3c 2. Are we going to have more moments and/or gameplay like the one we had in Zone Zero (switching between our main character and others characters)? I really enjoyed it! 3. ca we have a therapy in v13,,,, please the main cast and the mc deserves it
  4. I just want to say how much I love this game and I would like to thank y'all for working on it! This is the best fangame i've played so far and???idk i just love it and aaa!!!! Now, just for fun: how would you describe the MC's voice?
  5. Jan released a new patch yesterday, should be enough to fix this problem!
  6. This thread is making me realize I really need some backup pokemons uh? First row is my current team and the second row is the pokemons I've used at some point IV and EV are messy but I guess I'm going to spend some time breeding so I can have a better team,,, I'm happy with them and I don't think I need to do some big changes -- but I've considered to switch Roserade and Incineroar at some point
  7. Yo, I believe the bug that happens during the Bladestar's transmission when you beat Adam is a known bug by now and it seems like this bug wasn't a thing during the V11. Currently I'm playing the V12 and it seems like I deleted the V11.zip from my laptop. F If someone can share a download link (the links in the V11 release thread aren't working!), I will be very grateful. I'm not sure if this is going to make my game work but I guess it will be worth to try! I saw some threads about this same problem and it seems like it can fix the blackscreen stuff but... I need the download link first.
  8. i had no time to play it yet but hopefully we're going to kick ren's ass again thanks so much for the update definitely the best christmas gift
  9. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  10. I forgot the Anju's Pendant, could someone add it to me? Game.rxdata
  11. I can't leave the darchlight cave and idk why No cutscene happens and I can't talk with Erin Eh, ok For some reason when I walked to the path Flora and Florin was before the mirror quest Erin spoke something but she was invisible to me :confused: Welp, that was weird bug but now I can continue the game without problems I guess Game file removed
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