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  1. Grinner

    Phasial cave location?

    Any ide, how do you get that Item.? It is in Phasial cave..
  2. Ye, i didn't think so eather.. maybe on V11 we will be able to use Fly, Dive or Waterfall.. 1. no and no 2. dont remember, sry 3. nope but in v11 u will be able to apparently
  3. I found it, thanks for youre help.
  4. could you send me a pice of the place.? sorry, i am a litle bit slow to follow.. do you mean near Evergreen Forrest.?
  5. Last route before Grand Dream City.?
  6. 1) is Fly and Waterfall available.? ( HM meaning) 2) In the P.D of Grand Dream City, there is a womman standing in front of the officer, where do i find her pokemon.? I have spoken to almost every one in the city 3) Is it possible to whake up the sleeping champion (a.k.a Snorlax) in this version.? that is all i can think for now