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  1. Ch 19! Warnings again! No Nims were harmed in the making of this chapter~
  2. Was delayed for v12, but here is ch 18! Once again, please heed the warnings!
  3. Will Venam's parents and Tesla ever become aware of Kenneth and Jenner's deaths?
  4. What, presently, is the most difficult thing to translate from textual story to video game, presentation wise?
  5. I have a bit of an odd question that I will spoiler just in case:
  6. One of the chests is open when you get there. Make sure you went and got a reaction from them.
  7. I think you have to complete the narcissa quest too? That's when I got it.
  8. Thank you so much! One more question:
  9. It's not like they said it'd be out on a certain date and changed it. The game will come out when it's as ready as they can make it. Until then they're gonna have fun and we can speculate what it means. .I'm personally getting vibes from bladestar
  10. Also anything with heat wave will help too.
  11. It's time to suffer. please just wait until I get home from work pleasseee.
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