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  1. If you're talking about EV training you could always buy one of the stat increasing items in the Department Store (Power Anklet, Power Lens, Ect.) and use the Woobats underneath the bridge to increase both the chosen stat and the speed EV-it's what I've been doing during this particular run that I've never done before and it's helped a lot. If you're talking level wise you could try the trainers that are found inside of the Grand Hall.
  2. Yeah I see what you mean but with how long it takes to get to Radomus I don't know if I want to start now or wait until it comes out due to how I might have to make a new file with the update.
  3. Gah, I really want to play the updated game soon. I know that checking a game for bugs-especially one this size which is impressive in itself-is bound to take awhile but my impatient nature is really bugging me... I guess I can try to replay E16 because I haven't really made it past Radomus but I don't know if E17 will make it so I have to have a New Game before playing it.
  4. I just experimented and found white by accident, you combine red, blue and green.
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