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  1. In my opinon, the oricorio crest is amazingly useful. It turns oricorio's medicore SPA and SP into a real threat on the battle field.
  2. Dave9@ I recommend you look up Acedy, who is making a side story similar to Where love lies, called The Dearest Memories. It's a five chapter game detailing the events of Meila's life from her adoption to her leaving with spaceia and Tiempa.
  4. BLCKBLuR@ you can only do that in a fanmade game called Pokemon Uranium. Evolving Dunsparce can only happen in that game.
  5. 84% People. We're almost there. Keep it Jan and the dev squad.
  6. @SoraBell I know, but I decided to go by ace we've battle instead of just being shown to us. For example, Vivian and Angie true aces are Regirock & Regice respectively but, since we haven't face them in battle or seen what they can truly do I decided to go by the ones already battled.
  7. Oh in that case here: I hope this helps you bud. This practically every known important characters that shown so far in the game ace pokemon.
  8. My ace in Rejuvenation is Lucario. I got him as a Jackpot starter and is my main pokemon in most if not all my battles.
  9. @Enderowl Ikr. Jan and the dev team are playing no games. They're really putting in the work this time around.
  10. You can't really blame anyone for thinking Xerneas will be our destined partners. It's literally the cover pokemon of rejuvenation but, we have take in accounts of role Xerneas & Yveltal play along with Zygarde's role.Yveltal is the pokemon of death & destruction which represent Mademe X's desire to destroy the world remake to her image. Xerneas the pokemon of life & nurturing which represents Meila's hopes of protecting the world and letting life prosper. While Zygarde is the Pokemon of Order and balance which stands for the Interceptor's duty to allow for Life & Death to work in perfect harmony to keep the world from falling apart. You guys know the sayin " there cannot be light without dakrness or darkness without light".
  11. @kithas I figured it due to our roles being similar. Zygarde is the order pokemon and when the ecosystem is in grave danger, it will appear and release it's full power. The Interceptor(Us) as stated in V11 will reappear with our powers fully unleashed to decide the fate of the world if's it in grave danger. So, it will only make since that us and zygarde are destined to be partners.
  12. I believe Zygarde will be our ace legendary. Like @Malfeasance said, Xerneas may be Meila's legendary considering Xerneas is known as the life pokemon and meila has the power of life within herself as seen in V10. Plus it would make since that Zygarde will be our legendary since Zygarde is known to bring order to the ecosystem when it's in danger. Doesn't that sound really similar to our role as the Intercepter which state when the world is in danger it will be us to bring balance back into. Sorry for the paragraphs u guys, just wanted to prove my points.
  13. Awesome work as always Zumi!! Keep up the good work.
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