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  1. First, THANK YOU!!! Second, can this feature work in rejuvenation also.
  2. Like the two above me said. I love to finish my current playthrough first, then start over from the very beginning and beside, it always fun to start from the beginning to relieve the journey that was Pokemon Reborn.
  3. Oh wow, Never knew this topic would blow up like. Might as well give my opinion on my new team members. Cinderace - Just love it design and have a rocking hidden ability G-Darmanitan - I blame ttar for getting me addictied to this bad boy Dragapult/Grimmsnarl - Both are my absolute favorite designs in the entire game Toxictricity - what can I say, love me a rockstar Blastiose - Got to get in on that shell smash action Mr.Rhyme/Indeedee- Both are incredicle gonna be hard to pick between the two
  4. Hopefully, It always exciting when Jan or Zumi load up something to keep the hype-train going.
  5. With the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, they are a new variety of new pokemon and galarian form that will no doubt be implemented into Version 13 of Rejuvenation. I was curious to ask what new pokemon you guys would add to your team? And would be your team for V13?
  6. Gen 1: Mewtwo Gen 2: Tyranitar Gen 3: Blaziken Gen 4: Garchomp Gen 5: Serperior Gen 6: Greninja Gen 7: Alolan- Ninetails and Mimikyu Gen 8: Zacian and Cinderace
  7. It's good to know that Ame is doing ok, hopes she has a speedy recovery. Also, you guys take your time with completing E19, like u said it will be when it's done.
  8. Okay, It's offical this guy has the luck of the freaking Devil. When I get hit with confuse ray or any move that cause confusion, I contantly get damage by it and even lose because of it, but when ttar get confused he only get damage once, if not at all? HACKS, I call HACKS!!!!
  9. Similar to what Kithas said. Rejuvenation's lore and plot is so, intresting and the sidequests add on to the lore. Version 12 is my favorite version rejuvenarion thus far. The way most of the main crew came together to save Alice, Allen, Erin to the return of Aelita and to the lore of Zone zero(Hiyoshi City).
  10. Favorite: Rainbow Field. The field design is really beautiful and truly life-like can't help but fall in love with it also, it was this field that help me defeat Charlotte in mt first playthrough in reborn. Least: The Mirror Field. The only reason I dislike this field, beacuse back in the early versions of reborn, Serra was a complete NIGHTMARE on this field. I never took so many L's in my life until I fought serra on this field.
  11. 1. I like it, but I'm silghtly dissappointed that it's only 120 episodes intead of it being atleast 148. 2. Revolver. Easily one of the best rivials in yugioh. 3. Soulbunner vs Revolver round 2 and playmaker vs Akira 4. The reveal of Yusaku's backstory and Ai's role as the antagonist of season 3 5. I'm sad. Vrains could easily be longer. 6. The other 3 lost incidents not having major roles in the series. The kids shouod have been a major vocal point to the series but, half of them didn't do anything throughout the series. 7. Storm access in Master Duels and most of the lost incidents not having major roles in the series.
  12. Happy B-Day Jan!!!🎉🎉 Hope you're enjoying your day!

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