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  1. Similar to what Seel said it me nearly 190 hrs to complete the episode and that with ev-training/breeding, along with completing the dex for poipole.
  2. Nah anything is fine. Just tell me when you're ready.
  3. I got u bud. Just tell me your username.
  4. Just tell me your login bud I got u.
  5. After angie is free from prison(post ninth gym) the dimensional rift will disappear. So, you'll be able to get the Zygarde Cell.
  6. 52%? ALREADY?!?! It barely been a month and we're halfway done already. Amazing job Jan and Dev team. Keep up the good work!
  7. Oh really. Dang now I feel alittle stupid. Thx for heads-up my man.
  8. Electivire Crest: 20+ Hp, 20+ def, 20+ Sp and ability Galvanize Magmortar Crest: 20+ Hp, 20+ def, 20+ Sp and ability Desolate land Archeops Crest: 20+ def, 20+ Spd and ability tough claw Feraligatr Crest: 20+ Sp and ability multiscale
  9. I suggest Victini, because not only Victini is never use in the franchise, it's known as the pokemon of Luck/Victory something that we need when dealing the reborn region.
  10. Torterra crest: 10+ Atk 40+ Sp and ability Soild Rock
  11. Greninja Crest: 40+ Atk, 40+ SPA, 10+ Spd Despite being a popular pokemon I believe Greninja should get a crest. It could be a good substitute for ash-greninja but also, should be the most difficult crest to find so, people have to work for it.
  12. I recommend playing Pokemon Desolation. It's no near as complete Reborn/Rejuvenation considering it goes up to 5th gym but, it has an amazing plot that will get you invested into the game. Another I can are Pokemon legend of the arena and Pokemon Uranium both are very good games. They're not as hard or story driven as Reborn or Rejuvenation but still are really awesome games to play in my opinion.
  13. Another name I can offer are Phoneix or Helios.
  14. I'm ready bud. Just tell me your login my man
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