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  1. I can't remember if certain items have a higher/lower drop rate than others or if its just purely random when it comes to mining, but if its the former, I assume the new evolutionary stones will have the same drop rate as the others? Or do you guys intend on making these specific ones less likely given how few Pokemon can actually evolve from those stones?
  2. Has anyone on the development team maybe considered allowing only a couple members of your team to go beyond level 100? Like, make it a choice for leveling? I mean, we already see every Gym Leader with one Pokemon whose stronger than the rest. Why not make that an option for the rest of us? Let us have the option for one or two or however many you think is appropriate to level to a higher cap. Or maybe add a formula that calculates the total level of all the Pokemon in your team and it cannot exceed that beyond a certain cap. Just an idea.
  3. As of right now, Episode 17 has been released. Any idea when sandbox mode will be updated for the new content? The current version is utterly incompatible with episode 17.
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