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  1. [begins horrible equations determining optimum points at which to start grinding for rare-candy-money rather than for EXP]
  2. All of the below would naturally come with perfect IVs and EV spreads. Hydreigon (confirmed) Toxapex (not as strong as the megas, but having a pivot would make for a more balanced team than just 6 pseudo-legendaries in a row) Darkrai (because thematic, that's why. Also Dark Void + New World field ) Naganadel (seems the most appropriate of the UBs with Necrozma) Black/White Kyurem (depending on which path taken) Pulse-Arc (either before, as part of, or after a 6-on-6 battle) Hoopa (only pokemon able to keep up with Lin's merciless trolling) Tyranitar (POWAH) Necrozma (who doesn't want to give Necrozma a cuddle?) Deoxys (because Lin's pretty 'other' after all) Other really weird possibilities: MC's starter/own pokemon MC's items/bag Lin taking part in combat personally
  3. Early-Game Pokemon: Mamoswine's been absolutely clutch for me, and available pretty early as well, first among equals. Ampharos and Golem also stand out - they do great work, particularly if you've got doubles synergy (Flygon immunities ftw) Others: Klinklang (particularly singles and story battles) Crobat (spreading annoyance everywhere) Camerupt (1. Occupy 2. Identify 3. Nuke) Beheyeem (Analytic hits so hard) Amoonguss (Because who doesn't like long-ass fights) Ludicolo (great typing, often aided by weather) A-Raichu (1 Nasty Plot is all it takes)
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