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  1. [begins horrible equations determining optimum points at which to start grinding for rare-candy-money rather than for EXP]
  2. All of the below would naturally come with perfect IVs and EV spreads. Hydreigon (confirmed) Toxapex (not as strong as the megas, but having a pivot would make for a more balanced team than just 6 pseudo-legendaries in a row) Darkrai (because thematic, that's why. Also Dark Void + New World field ) Naganadel (seems the most appropriate of the UBs with Necrozma) Black/White Kyurem (depending on which path taken) Pulse-Arc (either before, as part of, or after a 6-on-6 battle) Hoopa (only pokemon able to keep up with Lin's merciless trolling) Tyranitar (POWAH) Necrozma (who doesn't want to give Necrozma a cuddle?) Deoxys (because Lin's pretty 'other' after all) Other really weird possibilities: MC's starter/own pokemon MC's items/bag Lin taking part in combat personally
  3. Early-Game Pokemon: Mamoswine's been absolutely clutch for me, and available pretty early as well, first among equals. Ampharos and Golem also stand out - they do great work, particularly if you've got doubles synergy (Flygon immunities ftw) Others: Klinklang (particularly singles and story battles) Crobat (spreading annoyance everywhere) Camerupt (1. Occupy 2. Identify 3. Nuke) Beheyeem (Analytic hits so hard) Amoonguss (Because who doesn't like long-ass fights) Ludicolo (great typing, often aided by weather) A-Raichu (1 Nasty Plot is all it takes)
  4. This. Although IMO Reborn's Victory Road could never be described as 'far too difficult'. Also, add in the Savage, waiting somewhere. Although that might be more of a war story from the original Reborn league than full foreSHADOWing.
  5. 1) Aventurine (honey timer, the need to refresh tauros/bouffalant) 2) Hardy's gym (awesome theme, but horrible) 3) Mirage Tower (fully supportive of this level of annoying) 4) Scrapyard (endurance) 5) Totodile (not so much hard as pissed me off) But that's just me, probably because I made myself do all of those for pride - I'd never have worked out Beldum, Jangmo-o and others without wussing them out and looking them up. Very keen chess player myself, so Radomus was just awesome. To be honest, I'm just glad (astonished/nervously anticipating) that Ame hasn't replicated the water currents in RSE, there's more potential places to use that narratively speaking than the portal mazes in Devon Corp. Still remember the frustration flashbacks over being too cack-minded to find the Regi diving spot, although I still contend that the whole puzzle is THE most Reborn-worthy from the main series games, with Wailord and Relicanth and HMs et al. Hang on. If you're surfing in a cave with level 100 pokemon (say... Victory Road) then that'd be a good way to punish missteps, repel's not saving you. Particularly if they're fast enough to whittle your team. Like Starmie. Or Crobat. Or Sharpedo. Combine that with the need to use all the HMs. Or league officials who take away your bag beforehand like in the RSE Battle Pyramid. I'm CERTAIN, however, that Reborn's Victory Road will be more faultlessly brutal than I can theorycraft; I'd like that - I mean, it's Victory fecking Road, epic is mandatory. Hell, I'd like it to be as hard and as long as all the worst puzzles COMBINED. Maybe it'll have been designed by Lin - after all, she's the one that wants us in agony and yet also wants us to thread the needle.
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