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  1. BigFoot

    Savefile BUG

    It worked! Thank you so much!
  2. BigFoot

    Savefile BUG

    Alright, so before this started happening 5 minutes ago,I was doing the mega ring sidequest, when all of sudden my game started running slow, and before the notification to save and restart appeared, I closed the game (the script taking too long happened a lot to me, so I wasnt surprised) but when I tried to load the game this notification appeared and I cant play anymore, I tried deleting the last save points from where I was so if anything Id just have to do some stuff again, but that didnt change a thing. I pray in hope that anyone has a solution to this
  3. Hello,Ive been doing a mono normal run on intense in this new version,and suddenly my game froze here,I hope it can be solved cause I struggled too much to get here lmao