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  1. I wrote a guide about this puzzle a while ago. While this guide will not solve the problem you currently have, it still might help you into solving the problem. Your current situation is not solvable in a few moves. You can also upload your save file, then I will try to solve it as soon as possible
  2. There are many people saying "I hope it comes out before ...", but I am just hoping that it doesn't get released during one of my exam periods...
  3. As many of you may know, there is a very hard (often called impossible) puzzle present in Reborn. This puzzle is known as the Magic Square Puzzle. The goal of the puzzle is to create two magic squares: a 3x3 grid such that each possible line of the grid adds up to 15. Lines count horizontally, vertically and diagonally. It seems easy, but the hard part is that one move can transform the complete grid. Since I often see people struggling with this puzzle, I created a guide in which I will explain a way to solve it. Please note: this method is not the fastest or the most efficient way to solve it, although it is still better than Marcello’s program that used over 5 million moves. Let’s start with some terminology. I use a three-character-code for all my moves. The first character says whether you move a column or a row. The second which one and the third says whether it is to the right or to the left or upwards or downwards. Some examples: r3r (row 3 to the right) and c6d (column 6 down). Say the given board looks like: 9 7 7 | 9 8 2 5 1 6 | 2 6 4 8 4 3 | 5 3 1 There are several possible solutions of this problem. The only important thing is that the 5’s are in the centres. In this guide, I will try to get the following solution. 8 3 4 | 4 9 2 1 5 9 | 3 5 7 6 7 2 | 8 1 6 As you can see, each line adds up to 15. The strategy is to work column by column. You start at the most left column. I suppose that everybody is able to get the first column right. In our case, the grid looks as following. The used moves are: c1d, r2l, c2d, r3l. 8 4 7 | 9 8 2 1 7 2 | 6 4 9 6 3 5 | 3 1 5 Next we try to complete the second column. We will do this by using an algorithm. First, we try to get as many numbers in place by just moving the column. In our case, we can get the 3 and the 7 in correct position by just c2d. The grid now looks like: 8 3 7 | 9 8 2 1 4 2 | 6 4 9 6 7 5 | 3 1 5 Now comes the hardest part. The centre of the left grid should be a 5. Therefore, we search for the most left 5. In our case, this is the 5 in row 3, column 3. We now move the row until the most right correct number from that row (in this case the 1 in row 2) is left of the 5. We then move the 5 to the right row and we undo all the ‘row-moves’ by reversing. In this case we get the 5 in place by: r2r, c3u, r2l. 8 3 4 | 9 8 2 1 5 2 | 6 4 9 6 7 7 | 3 1 5 Now, we keep repeating the algorithm for every column. If you do not understand it yet, please try to follow the next moves. The 4 of column 3 is already in the correct position. The most left 9 is in column 4, row 1. Hence we can get the 9 in position by performing r2r, c4d, r2l. 8 3 4 | 3 8 2 1 5 9 | 6 4 9 6 7 7 | 2 1 5 Since the 2 in column 4 is already in the desired row (row 3), we first move it up. Then we can finish column 3 by moving row 3 once to the right and then place the 2 in place and reverse by moving row 3 once to the left. In total: c4u, r3r, c4d, r3l. 8 3 4 | 7 8 2 1 5 9 | 6 4 9 6 7 2 | 3 1 5 Now the left grid is complete. We repeat once more by first moving the 3 in position (c4u). Then by r1r, c5u, r1l we get the 4 in position and by r3r, c5u r3l we get the 8 in position. 8 3 4 | 4 1 2 1 5 9 | 3 7 9 6 7 2 | 8 6 5 The same way we first perform c5u and then r1r, c6u, r1l and c6d, r2r, c6u, r2l. Now the first 5 columns are perfectly fine. If you are lucky, the sixth one is also correct, but often two numbers need to be switched. In our case we’re fine, since we can solve the puzzle by performing c6u. We solved the puzzle in 31 moves, which is about 5 million moves less than Marcello’s program. 8 3 4 | 4 9 2 1 5 9 | 3 5 7 6 7 2 | 8 1 6 I’ll also show what happens when it is not the case that the sixth column is automatically solved. 8 3 4 | 4 9 2 1 5 9 | 3 5 6 6 7 2 | 8 1 7 This method uses the fact that in your desired solution, the bottom left corner and the bottom right corner contain the same number, in our case a 6. First, we move the upper right corner in place, such that the middle and bottom number of the sixth column should be switched. Then we perform r3l, c6d, r3r, c6u. In this case the puzzle is also solved. I hope that this guide was useful to you. If you have questions or are stuck, don’t hesitate to ask!
  4. From now on, I'm going to nickname every Bagon Newton. Anyway, I think this is the time to give the dev-team a well-meant interim 'Thank You! ' for all the good work until now. Your work is more appreciated than you can ever imagine. Thank you!
  5. I have both of those, with 31 IV in 5 of their stats. I also have other high IV pokemon. Let me know when you're online (btw, do you want the Ralts with a better Attack or Special Attack stat?)
  6. Then you only have to perform this part I think, I can't see your right screen, so I'm not completely sure
  7. r3r (row 3 to the right) c6d (column 6 down) r3l c6u r3l c6u r3r c6u The first character says whether you move a column or a row. The second which one and the third says whether it is to the right or to the left or upwards or downwards. I'm not completely sure whether this works (because I haven't tried it), but if my calculations are correct, this would give the solution.
  8. When the puzzle is solved, you can find a password of 6-digits on the screens of the puzzle
  9. game.rxdata If you move the most right column, you should have solved it
  10. I have two completed playthroughs and 2 almost finished ones. On my main run, I have 360 hours. On the three other runs I have a total of almost 300 hours. Moreover, I think I have something like 100 hours divided over other runs. Which gives a total of almost 800 hours.
  11. I'm afraid inventing nicknames is literally the thing I'm most incapable at. I think there are only two pokemon I have ever given a nickname and I'm not really proud of those.
  12. It is no coincidence. There is a sidequest, where you will get a mystery egg if you give a Growlithe egg to a police officer. But to get a Growlithe egg, you need a female Growlithe and therefore the given Growlithe will always be female.
  13. Thank you very much!!
  14. Alright! My ID is Thiazzi
  15. Thank you!! It does not really matter to me, just choose what is the easiest to you
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