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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  2. @lolokxd maybe set up trick room, kill couple of mons with a-marowak or use gardevoir in trick room, if I remember correctly samson has some pretty fast mons on his team (hawlucha and mienshao come to mind), when either marowak (or gardevoir) is taken out or trick room ends, bring out some mon to sack and use that time to heal up gardevoir to full health, then proceed to kill a couple mons with that, in order to take out that annoying hawlucha I'd suggest catching a crustle with sturdy and killing it off with a rock wrecker I think you can also catch a braviary or hawlucha on route 2 Sadly I dont really remember the mons that samson has so I cant be more of assistance but maybe these help enough or someone who has a better memory sees the post and is able to help out more But definitely lvl up your mons closer to lvl cap
  3. Well I can trade you shroomish and azuril little later on (or shroomish and maril now) Edit: Enjoy
  4. @Mr. Knightly No problem, if you are able to get the jangmo-o, care to breed me one?
  5. i'm in the waiting room now

  6. @Mr. Knightly if you give me like 10 minutes or so, I can give you a bagon and a goomy egg Edit: are you there? it's not telling me if you're online or not Edit 2: PM me once you're able to do the trade
  7. @Youmu9 I've got those ready for you now, let me know when you're ready to trade
  8. @Ainz Ooal Gown @leonidas I've got two 5IV adamant wimpods, one with 29 in HP and one with 22 in SpDef, let me know if you guys want them and which one you'd prefer
  9. Okay, I could do the trade now, ID is Teme95, I'll wait for request
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