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  1. Oskar

    Cant start the game

    yea im pretty sure i did it right now but its not working thanks for the help tho.
  2. Oskar

    Cant start the game

    so im not supposed to open this first folder with number and badges and so? because there is no folder only called game.rxdata for me. Well i deleted this one and renamed the next highest number Game.rxdata and it didnt changed.
  3. Oskar

    Cant start the game

    I tried that but i cant open these game.rxdata files. Do I need a specific Programm for that or something?
  4. Oskar

    Cant start the game

    Hi im having the problem that when i launch the game and click on continue, the game wont start and i get the error message: [Script "Game_Character" line 207: NoMethodError occured. undefined method "*" for nil:Nilclass] heres a screenshot: https://i.gyazo.com/d4ef68a81a663c7082e1956795ce5edb.png I have no real idea how to fix this, so I would appreciate every help :D.