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  1. Probably not possible. The quest to wipe out enemy gang, which is a prerequisite to reach the overworld Houndour encounter in the back alley of Magma territory, can be initiated only post Shelly.
  2. I seriously hope there won't be "roaming" legendaries, like generation 2 dogos... I wasted an entire summer hunting them back in the day, before utilizing a Hypnosis Gengar and Max Repels.
  3. You got that right. Even in comments, the bug emoticons speak all by themselves! Bugs; bugs everywhere! (Now, where did i put that Heat Wave Heatmor...?)
  4. Relinquished

    Mothim tree?

    I was in Aventurine woods, south i think and while hunting for WORMADAM, i found a MOTHIM, accidentally at that, at very first Headbutting attempt, too... No pokeballs on me, so i left. I returned, got myself the wormadam i had been seeking initially, but... No Mothim, this time round... I searched many trees on many places, but only Wormadam dropped. Any ideas? What trees are the correct ones? Wiki says "low encounter" ones, but i don't know what that means. And always wormadam appears...
  5. Interested in that myself, too.
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