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  1. Please, help me understand. This time i fail to comprehend why or how, some people would act and think like this; because, their behavioral pattern doesn't follow logic, common sense, or even feeling. More or less, i have described in previous "rants", the "games" i was forced to participate in, the persons and partly, the circumstances around them. It has to do with her friend, now; the deceptive "siren's" friend, the girl i ended up getting close to, before. I was finally able to resolve my situation and progress, even after being forced to ruin my objectives there and course in that place. But i sat down to review and revisit every event that transpired, in order to close the circle, shed light to all details, answer all questions and as always, analyze others and register the "lessons" delivered to me, by other people, through the interactions with them. They also revealed part of their reasoning to me, through posts directed at me in that other website, from which they keep at "persecuting" me (even if only online). I wasn't "theirs", of "their ilk", as they proclaimed. Yeah, so they had to "crush" me? Makes sense. How can people who claim to be "tolerant", "love others", be against distinctions and discrimination, lash out at a newcoming stranger who only tries to be their friend, while coworking, coexisting, cooperating with them? After acting out the "helping hand", even worse? The "blessed chums", as she herself tried to feed me with that lie, even? I really forgave them and even though i was tempted to use some things against them at one point (because they were and still are involved in some activities that are downright illegal), i ultimately decided to prove them wrong and stay my hand. Besides, she herself promised to me before things like "trust" and "cooperation" and i really wanted to earn those, i really desired to become a part of them, after all. Her friend... The girl i ended up having a fling with... The one she took away from me and forbade her from meeting me again, after they both relocated... She really liked me, she was kind to me, she even talked about being enthralled, even... She was the only "human", among a bunch of hypocrites and hatemongers, the only person to treat me nicely, the only worthy character out there... I found her new place and tried to contact her, i desired to meet her again, make amends and bridge gaps. But they pulled another nasty prank on me yet again and even left a message for me on that other site, saying: "She doesn't want to meet you and we wouldn't let her, anyway". How is that even possible? I treated her like a treasure, i cuddled her, adored her, almost "worshipped" her... She was blown away after our first meeting and no mistake, nothing slipped away from my ever watchful eye; and i saw right through everything and everyone, in and around that place... They also claim she is now with somebody else, too but knowing their "ilk", i know with certainty that it is IMPOSSIBLE for whomever this other one might be, to be so good, loving, caring, giving, sweet and compassionate, as me... After all, rocking her was a real achievement, because she had been much more experienced than me, so this wraps things up indisputably. Let alone that this girl never stays with one person (at least for long) and is a bit too "liberal" with her lifestyle; much like other people of "their ilk". So, why throw away somebody who treated her as a precious person and respected her? Or more precisely, how and why "others" call the shots for her, in her stead? Why or how she accepts that, is content with that? Should i believe it is her desire, too? How can some people telling lies about me, cancel out her feelings, or at least, her genuine, honest reactions to my previous, enthralling performance towards her? How could her vile friend who was toying with me, convince her to disappear for me only and their "ilk", keep her away from me, just like that? Why would she deny herself the possibility of a reunion, with somebody who would treat her right, place her above his own self even and offer to her the best he has? Can empty words and mere rumors, blot out live feelings and engraved impressions? How can third party "intruders", affect somebody so much, to the point of changing her and her disposition towards me almost completely, even? I had always been a person driven by feelings/emotions, yet passionately clinging to logic and trying to explain things, understand phenomena, experiment and pay attention to results. This doesn't make any sense from any point of view, simply nothing seems to add up. She herself adorned me with numerous compliments, back then and had only the best to say, concerning me, to the point that even "others" started wondering (about me)... How is that their vile words, full of poison, melt down everything that was there, between me and her?
  2. Is there a Yugi Oh game, which contains all cards in existence? Even fangame(s)?
  3. It no longer has the Life Orb, since wild pokemon held items changed to gen 7 availability. But yes, it is Ame's Absol... And it has an egg move (don't remember which exactly), like all/most event pokemon.
  4. I conducted a small, new investigation, a few more "experiments", the finalizing touch. I found out much more than i could "chew", though and even me, who has been struggling through only difficult situations up to now, had a hard time swallowing up all this. People who "thrashed" me this time, or more precisely tried to (but couldn't cut it), are involved in some illegal activities, that could easily bring them trouble; would somebody be up to securing evidence, or deem fit to seek revenge. Problem is, i am not all those things they silently accused me, of. I am not a villain, i am not evil, i don't hate, i don't do discriminations, i am not a bad person at all; on the contrary, i love people, even though people usually backstab me and throw me into a ditch, or something. Like other people before, in other times and places, this bunch smeared my good name, messed me up with underhanded tactics, they even tried to use petty psychological tricks to toy with my very sanity, even! But the lessons of life, really changed me; i saw everything coming and had always been one step ahead, plus i was prudent enough to keep notes and "do my homework"; funny thing, she herself told me to do the latter, even! I did a damn fine job, fending off this bunch of hypocritical misanthropes, given the circumstances and their numbers; after all, i kept defense alone, while besieged by 20 brutes. It was never about winning; only lasting long enough and trying to go forward. But they made it, so that i couldn't progress in that environment at all, for the reason i originally enrolled in it (work and education). They won't stop, though. Constructing a fake profile around me, twisting my very own words and actions up to this point, exposing me to other people they know, dressing me up from their victim into the bastard who took advantage of them and tried to manipulate them, even. I honestly see right where they come from; they have to debunk me and ridicule me, in any way/manner possible, since i got a glimpse of their inner activities; should i feel like singing the tunes of the things i witnessed (and kept some mementos of, just in case), some of them might even face the possibility of incarceration, even. Problem is, i don't want that and i don't feel like pursuing revenge. Besides, i have honest feelings for some of those persons, despite the inhumane hatemongers that many of them are. And they won't stop. They even follow me in online places i frequent for relaxation and entertainment (mostly on social gathering ones and news) and come out boldly, demanding for me to leave, exposing my nickname/username, even! Funny thing is, some moderators on those sites know them and leaked personal info of mine to them, but i am unable to prove just that with evidence, for the site owner to know... And their words, since they are the majority obviously, weight heavily upon me and against mine, the single unit. I tried to reason. I tried to parley. I offered to become their own, even (ever since the time i was with her, i was eagerly listening to her, started doubting things, was tempted to follow her, even; there was a time i would have done ANYTHING for her, even though she was a fake, a dupe and a con, as well as a con artist). I tried to bargain, asking kindly to let me in again, even with higher tribute from my part... Nothing ever worked. But the real blow? A person that really liked me and we got close with together (not she but her friend, that other person), constantly evades me and won't let me meet her again, on their behest... Not only they ruined me, but they took away EVERYTHING from me! I stand on my feet again. But i cannot go forward anymore. The road ahead is closed off. Blocked. Neither can i go back, where i really want/need to be... And i certainly won't harm myself this time round, even if those heartless devils try to lead things straight there. I am in the tightest spot ever. So... Where the hell do i bet my money on, now?
  5. Today i learned the hard way, that somebody shouldn't retaliate against injustice. Going all the way full victim, might earn some utmost mercy from somebody's assailants. Also, that sometimes, even if you want to do good and serve/uphold the law, you end up harming people who wouldn't actually deserve it, a.k.a. end up doing evil, instead of bringing good. That and never trust social websites to write sweet messages and devote songs (one of the moderators on that local site, happened to be a real life friend from my "target", gave away my identity to the person i was writing about and other than censoring part of my posted contents, went so far as to even leak out personal info from my profile, to all of them). I almost forgot... Never write anywhere online, what you plan to do next. I was this _ close to reaching a happy conclusion, after months of torment. One song with confession in anonymity and an insidious moderator later and poof! I lost even my last resort, surefire plan.
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