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  1. First you have to have the train break through to the next region, after solving the riddle with tracks. Then you return and to the south of that wagon, there is a rock smash spot, which leads to BEHIND that door.
  2. In older episodes, i used to consider Kiki and Aya higher tier, as well as Shade. They were noticeably more difficult to deal with, especially with older generation pokemon. Noel, i think is no longer that high up anymore, but the short guy used to give me hell. I still haven't dealth with the ones i put S rank in, but i guess they are hard af. All goes well and i reach them soon (didn't have much free time, there were those rants as well)...
  3. Yeah. Zangoose is a complex hunt. Steps are: 1. First time to encounter it, needs to be either WINDY, or THUNDERSTORM weather, at NIGHTTIME. 2. Then, for the hunt to go on, most probably after some time passes, you need CLEAN weather, NIGHTTIME. During that step, it appears in dumpsters in alleys. You might need to clean/ally with the Aqua Gang, too.
  4. New AI patterns, make enemy pokemon use weaker moves, when your own's HP are very low. This can lead to you surviving; had the enemy used its regular move, though, you would have fainted. This makes the game easier, quite a bit, effectively preventing wipeouts, especially during hardened battles, such as VS leaders, for instance... At the same time, Central Hall battles that are meant for XP and farming, have become quite hard (especially for levelling new mons), because opponents switch here and there, effectively preventing you from harvesting and sharing (unless you have an XP-share). Second thing, is the item usage. They might be more strategical, but at the same time, much rarer, to occur (from opponents). In the past, even if they had been wasted on an inferior mon, they would come out frequently, thus leading into you being checked/walled/stalled, at least over a certain time! During key battles, should i repeat that this makes them easier by a lot? Implementation of gen 7 pokemon into enemy teams... Made them quite easier, especially in certain points of the game. Everybody used to remember Shade's Chandelure, for example and not only about style and it being a signature mon... People argued against that, ever since ep 17 but truth is, lots of battles feel easier. It's not something so simple as "getting used to the game", either, since replaying an earlier episode, like 16, can lead you into endless resets, for the very same battles that now somebody can totally breeze through... Thoughts? Comparisons? Opinions? Does the game feel easier for you, or not?
  5. You 're looking for the "shared pc mod". Search the mod section! Make sure Rejuvenation is in the latest version and has the correct version of that mod! You copy and past the file, which extracts the last pc-box pokemon as data!
  6. If you refuse to fight Taka, the episode 17 content feels larger, because he accompanies you in the desert and talks a lot. There are also relationship points to be harvested by interracting with him, simply refer to icecreamsandwitch's guide! In that path, the "reshiram path", which is truth over ideals (or something like that), Taka dies by Titania's hand and you battle against Reshiram, while she (Titania) changes sprite in the VS battle. Zekrom path happens if you fight taka, you fight against Zekrom instead, Titania retains her original sprite and it is the "ideals over truth path" (or something like that). Taka is still alive, but episode 17 content feels empty, illogical and incomplete, without him around. Here:
  7. Will Meltan be implemented, since it is gen 7 and not 8?
  8. Thank you. I was absorbed in my analysis and almost pointless, elongated writing, until your more than welcome intervention came. Amazing how easily, practicality and simplicity, may conclude a matter in a manner of seconds, where endless rhetorics, seasoned speechcraft and ways with words failed, couldn't, wouldn't. Some final thoughts on that fiasco, then... -Blackmail: Possible, since another person of that bunch blackmailed me before, even extorted money out of me and deceived me... But they did that to me on purpose, to "put me in my place" and because "i wasn't theirs". I highly doubt such vile methods can be utilized between them, though. Besides, both the girl playing me and her kind friend which i hoped to reunite with, are quite strong, independent, resourceful and enjoy the backup of their ideological chums. -Debt: Well, since you didn't mention a specific type of debt (ie economic), this includes many possibilities, in and by itself. Also, it isn't uncommon for one of them to owe a debt to another, or carry favors among them at times. What type of "debt" though, could be enough to cancel out genuine reactions and engraved impressions, or force somebody defy their own honest desires (the prospect of "gain" added on top of that, too), is something requiring an entire treatise, in order to merely understand. -In on the 'joke': You 've really gotten something nailed right on spot, there... The nasty girl, regularly talked with others about her intentions, concerning me. I even overheard them wondering exactly that, the very next day i got it on with the kind girl ("Should we enroll J. to the prank?" and she replied: "There's no need to, he's still infatuated with me, i 've got this, trust in me."). But, if they convinced her to turn against me, with their lies and supposed knowledge of my past, mindset and beliefs, then she could have participated willingly in that, as the final touch of their backstabbing, by robbing me of the only good thing that i was able to find and claim in their viper-nest. -As for the final possibility, it is out of the picture for sure. Those people have strong bonds and they are never toxic to one another... They reserve their venom exclusively for strangers and for those who refuse to "convert", "yield" ("cave-in?"), or "follow suit". Besides, bad girl and kind girl had been close friends for many years, as my e-poking led me to believe. Even a mix of those could be behind this, instead of a single reason. Thanks for stating them, i was lost in my thoughts' complexity and my mind was clouded as hell. I appreciate the time you took to read through my sorrowful circumstances and for the concluding solution (more like, explanation) offered. I think i am finally done with this story, then. I wish for nobody else to ever suffer through such indignities, or march into unidentified territory, meeting people who want to intentionally harm others; all while proclaiming that they love and like to help. Be well and thanks again.
  9. Please, help me understand. This time i fail to comprehend why or how, some people would act and think like this; because, their behavioral pattern doesn't follow logic, common sense, feeling, or even impulse. More or less, i have described in previous "rants", the "games" i was forced to participate in, the persons and partly, the circumstances around them. It has to do with her friend, now; the deceptive "siren's" friend, the girl i ended up getting close to, before. I was finally able to resolve my situation and progress, even after being forced to ruin my objectives there and course in that place. But i sat down to review and revisit every event that transpired, in order to close the circle, shed light to all details, answer all questions and as always, analyze others and register the "lessons" delivered to me, by other people, through the interactions with them. They also revealed part of their reasoning to me, through posts directed at me in that other website, from which they keep at "persecuting" me (even if only online). I wasn't "theirs", of "their ilk", as they proclaimed. Yeah, so they had to "crush" me? Makes sense. How can people who claim to be "tolerant", "love others", be against distinctions and discrimination, lash out at a newcoming stranger who only tries to be their friend, while coworking, coexisting, cooperating with them? After acting out the "helping hand", even worse? The "blessed chums", as she herself tried to feed me with that lie, even? I really forgave them and even though i was tempted to use some things against them at one point (because they were and still are involved in some activities that are downright illegal), i ultimately decided to prove them wrong and stay my hand. Besides, she herself promised to me before things like "trust" and "cooperation" and i really wanted to earn those, i really desired to become a part of them, after all. Her friend... The girl i ended up having a fling with... The one she took away from me and forbade her from meeting me again, after they both relocated... She really liked me, she was kind to me, she even talked about being enthralled, even... She was the only "human", among a bunch of hypocrites and hatemongers, the only person to treat me nicely, the only worthy character out there... I found her new place and tried to contact her, i desired to meet her again, make amends and bridge gaps. But they pulled another nasty prank on me yet again and even left a message for me on that other site, saying: "She doesn't want to meet you and we wouldn't let her, anyway". How is that even possible? I treated her like a treasure, i cuddled her, adored her, almost "worshipped" her... She was blown away after our first meeting and no mistake, nothing slipped away from my ever watchful eye; and i saw right through everything and everyone, in and around that place... They also claim she is now with somebody else, too but knowing their "ilk", i know with certainty that it is IMPOSSIBLE for whomever this other one might be, to be so good, loving, caring, giving, sweet and compassionate, as me... After all, rocking her was a real achievement, because she had been much more experienced than me, so this wraps things up indisputably. Let alone that this girl never stays with one person (at least for long) and is a bit too "liberal" with her lifestyle; much like other people of "their ilk". So, why throw away somebody who treated her as a precious person and respected her? Or more precisely, how and why "others" call the shots for her, in her stead? Why or how she accepts that, is content with that? Should i believe it is her desire, too? How can some people telling lies about me, cancel out her feelings, or at least, her genuine, honest reactions to my previous, enthralling performance towards her? How could her vile friend who was toying with me, convince her to disappear for me only and their "ilk", keep her away from me, just like that? Why would she deny herself the possibility of a reunion, with somebody who would treat her right, place her above his own self even and offer to her the best he has? Can empty words and mere rumors, blot out live feelings and engraved impressions? How can third party "intruders", affect somebody so much, to the point of changing her and her disposition towards me almost completely, even? I had always been a person driven by feelings/emotions, yet passionately clinging to logic and trying to explain things, understand phenomena, experiment and pay attention to results. This doesn't make any sense from any point of view, simply nothing seems to add up. She herself adorned me with numerous compliments, back then and had only the best to say, concerning me, to the point that even "others" started wondering (about me)... How is that their vile words, full of poison, melt down everything that was there, between me and her?
  10. Is there a Yugi Oh game, which contains all cards in existence? Even fangame(s)?
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