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  1. Today i learned that hypocrites and miscreants, pass as loving, caring, compassionate beings, even if they badmouth their own buddies and cause them to trip, right behind their back. That they prefer exploiting and taking advantage of the very same people that they supposedly "protect", or generally associate with and never treat them as equals; exactly like they never treat as equals all others, not of their own cesspool. Today i learned that "the immaterial, has become immaterial". Now, to do my homework, as some basic b_tch ordered me, many months ago. I had always been a slow learner, god damn(ed) them all.
  2. Reborn = No gen8 Rejuvenation = gen8 later (but probably not each and every of its new features)
  3. Thanks! Whoopsie, sorry, i forgot to do my homework... Then that is why... Good thing too, since a well timed ghost move, usually destroys weak (defensively) psychic pokemon.
  4. This settles it, then... Wow, thanks for the inside of mechanisms, i wasn't that deep into them. Only one problem remains... By resulting into its death, i didn't mean Jynx's, but Palossand's! Giga Drain did only 1/3 damage of Jynx's total HPs and for some reason, Palossand got stuck with this move, against it. If it did use Shadow Ball instead, then my Jynx would have been a goner! The problem here, is Palo NOT using Shadow Ball, but Giga Drain, on J!
  5. I don't know if it's a bug, so i will take the safe route and simply ask here, about it. It behaved really strangely. Some things i noticed, while battling its owner, very recently, in a new save, at episode 18: 1. First thing, it has great special defense and pumps it up further, with amnesia. Did battle with it, using Caturne and Energy Ball. Normal hits did very small damage. The occasional critical hit, though, depleted almost ALL of its life, as if it ignored its extremely buffed Special Defense. 2. It kept using Shadow Ball against my Cacturne, which wasn't effective, since it is part Dark type. Then, i switched over to Jynx, in order to Perish Song + Mean Look it, because all my Energy Balls were wasted. But instead of KOing poor Jynx with Shadow Ball, it opted for using Giga Drain, only... Resulting in its death. Is this behavior normal? Or the AI was "wrong"? The damage, numbers and calculations are right?
  6. If AI stopped using weaker moves, once your pokemon's health bar drops in the red zone? It makes the game much easier battle-wise and prevents a possible wipeout, for you! Once your pokemon is in red and your opponent suddenly opts for a weaker move than usual, you might just survive, where and when you would have surely fainted. Or, if you suddenly decide to switch in another mon, probably in full green health, then the damage is minimal, instead of crippling! Lose-lose situation, challenge-wise! So, is this possible to change down the road? Wouldn't it be a good idea, to have some good old challenge restored?
  7. Is this for real? Or an inside joke? The list in episode 13 development thread? Are we getting the new ones, next release come?
  8. Relinquished


    Banned because you remind me of a certain somebody, who gifted me a toy figure keyring, some time ago; and because your avatar and description, remind of a parody, aimed at another person.
  9. Creepy anime girl... With a sad or tragic backstory? This variety is my favorite. I like how the angry, semi-shattered/broken glare, betrays hints of emotion, deep down. Mortified and/or intimidating face expression, adds to the charm. This is the kind of anime girls that i usually nominate "waifu". 10/10 and yes, the score is impartial (not because everybody above me ranks the previous avatar, grade max).
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