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  1. GS BALL

    Should friendship be added to mega evolution?

    No? Because friendship drops, after certain things happen (like fainting). Struggling to always keep it mint-high, would be hell, as well as pointless?
  2. GS BALL

    Does Reborn ever get you frustrated?

    There are points that get me frustrated. Like: 1. Whenever you team up with somebody and in the double wild battle, a pokemon you really want (rare/shiny one) appears... And your ally kills it mercilessly. 2. Or a wild pokemon with 1% encounter rate/chance, uses a move that makes it faint, or ends the battle. 3. Or going for a battle like Pyrous Mountain Solaris Garchomp, pairing with an ally, reaching the climax first and then realizing you forgot your Destiny Bond/whatever ace, back in the pokemon center (going back has a relationship points toll, losing the battle also). Stuff like that.
  3. GS BALL

    What should i do, now?

    I did quit and retreat. Faced my fears, overcame my weakness, even fended off against somebody akin to me, on the opposite "side". I obviously "lost". The lessons were heavy and numerous. I swallowed them all up and now i try to "digest" them, slowly process them. Problem is, i cannot find the urge? The motivation? The reason? The purpose? The meaning? The anything? To go on, try new things, open up towards a new start, or something... It's not fear. Something broke, inside me. Yes, i won't be able to trust a single *living* human, ever again. No, henceforth, i will not allow my initial estimation/desicion be swayed, or my premonition be ignored. But i remain almost motionless and completely waste my (precious) time. My break-time should have ended already, a long time ago at that, but i cannot move outside my safe space. I don't have money problems (for the time being at least), but i don't like my complete unwillingness to go find a new job. I sit idly all day long, using the internet, reading manga, playing games, etc. I even neglect my darlings (cats/dogs) and don't play with them, like before. It's nothing new to me, really, but this time, i seem unable to get unstuck, for a reason... I even closed my mobile and don't open my emails up. Weird, but one day that i ventured outside and went to the center of the city, a girl suddenly approached me and started acting funny, as if she was hitting on me, while her friends were giggling merrily and chatting between them... Blushing and all that, asking for my mobile number, even though we were complete strangers... I stared at her with an empty gaze, smiled sadly and kindly told her to not waste her time, on somebody like me; instead, she should find somebody better suited, for a cute, young girl like her. And i left, almost as if running away, before she could have a chance to respond, or me to even look at her face/reaction... What "startled" me, though, is that i felt nothing. A completely blank state. As if that didn't happen at all. Also, no guilt, no remorse, not even anger towards myself, for passing up such "opportunity"? Pleasantry? Good luck? Probably ticket to happiness, had i responded positively??? I will never know; shrugs. And returned home. Still not wanting to meet anyone, go anywhere, do anything; nothing. I feel like a corpse who eats, sleeps and waits for nothing, believes in nothing, does nothing. Hell, it is like coma suspension, or something. I even oversleep in a lethargic state... I used to wake up very early in the morning but now, i sleep until noon, heavily, without having dreams either. And outside sleep, i don't have any dreams anymore, either. It's as if unwillingly, passively, pulled the plug off me. Once again, my question is simple... How to "revive" myself? I barely "function". How to revitalize myself? Where and when there is nobody and nothing around me, to mobilize/motivate/inspire me again?
  4. GS BALL

    Reasons why you love Pokémon

    Because they are unique little creatures and are fun. They remind of pets and appeal to somebody who likes collecting! They are cool, powerful and reflect their trainer's habits/mindset. What's there not to love? Even weak and ugly ones, whenever presented to you in the right circumstances, can be very much liked, even adorable, at times. And the fanart with suggestive themes, adult palette and various other "modifications", is really skyrocketing their popularity, even!
  5. Are they set or something? Been resetting endlessly, but first game's trade, Buneary for Cherubi, always comes with Klutz.
  6. GS BALL

    Sprite Missing?

    So, i manually changed names to the sprites, in order to use the Legacy ones... Specifically, for the girl with pink hair, wearing the stylish hat. There is one sprite of hers missing; the "SURFFISH" one. There are 2 SURFFISH sprites, one with brown hair and one with pink hair, both hatless ones. I searched everywhere and couldn't locate it. Where do i find that one? UPDATE: Never mind, i solved it. Downloading Version 9 and borrowing sprites from there, did it. WARNING: Version 10 and Version 11, lack the SURFFISH sprite of Legacy Girl!!!
  7. I miss: Old sprites (Charlotte smoke, Aya sticks out tongue, Amethyst intro sprite the one showing more skin, etc). Old gym leader teams with pre gen 7 pokemon (post gen 7 implementation, iconic pokemon of certain leaders were replaced, like Shade's Chandelure and they are weaker than previous battlers). Old rival mascots (Fern was better with Snivy, Victoria was more interesting with Tepig). Early Ralts, early Beldum. Plenty of money earned from certain battles. Balm Mushroom held by wild pokemon, Meteor Shard held by wild pokemon (great money makers). Cacnea (was moved very late into the game, plus with a 50% shared chance with that useless Maractus that i always seem to get) I don't miss: Don't know!