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  1. GS BALL


  2. GS BALL


    It's a bug. You were supposed to be able to fish in route 4 waterfall. By standing on a rock. You have to wait until access to the next area connected to that waterfall... Or last episode, which is gonna fix that known bug.
  3. GS BALL

    Would you rather thread

    Lose my sight. Lately, my eyes craving things, led me into much woe. My ears, also. You only have 100 bucks and you want to back up the 100 tier in Patreon; Jan's or Ame's?
  4. GS BALL

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    May love be in your lives, everyone! I know it's a consumerism occasion and all that, but behind matter and vanity, there is always feeling and significance... I wish you all the best! I went and lost everything myself (once again), but i am one of those big fools who live for others. Maybe next time, i will celebrate as well!
  5. GS BALL

    2 questions!

    1. I downloaded the game and applied Patch No3. But in main screen, it says: "Patch #2 installed". What is wrong here? And are the changes that Patch 3 brings, applied? 2. Can you have access to the full features of US/UM? Like new move rosters and new forms (Dusk Lycanroc) etc? (episode 10 didn't include)
  6. GS BALL

    Would you rather thread

    VoiD. Would you rather be betrayed by everyone else around you, or by the very same ideals in which you believe (and uphold)?
  7. I don't like bugs much and i never used any. At least, past starting areas. Ever since gen 1. I really like Volcarona, though, which is a powerhouse, too: I don't know if that counts, because Fire type, is one of my favorites (ever since gen 1 at that, too)! I also used to not like the Fighting type much, not in the least bit, since they had numerous weaknesses and crappy defenses. Now, though, that they got rounded up and an edge against all of the threats (rock moves against flying types, dark/priority moves against psychic types etc), i think i might give them a chance. I don't know if that counts either, since it is not a normal one, but this is my favorite Fighter:
  8. GS BALL

    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    Can't wait to brush off against those item-boosted Pulses. Old, regular ones, are too merciful. I hope though that some minor bugs are properly addressed, like Teddiursa disappearing (even though Ironfaar took care of it in something like a mod and saving your game before the chase can prevent disappearance) and a number of Pokemon having issues with move learnset rosters. Can't wait to feel the pressure of the endgame content, as well. Need to sweat, reset (after defeats) and feel the pain (of facing very tough challenges)! Crosses fingers and waits patiently for the endgame ^_^
  9. Trauma + Romance = Best Drama in the world. It could work... No, actually, it could work wonders.