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  1. 1: Well... yeah, PULSE Mime is going to be weak to at least one form of "cheesing it", one way or another. I shouldn't have tried to fight that... but yeah, Steel/Fairy, Steel/Psychic, or Fairy/Dark seem like the most possible combinations for the typing. Not sure what the ability will be, but the general consensus seems to be it's either Magic Guard, or Magic Bounce with something like the Safety Goggles (I'm still sort of hoping for Wonder Guard, twisted as that may be). 2: Didn't think that a Mirror Field could be generated by the PULSE Mime itself, but now that you bring it up it makes way too much sense. Also, maybe the PULSE-Mime can like, renew the field or something if it's broken? If it does have Magic Guard, actually, would it theoretically be immune to the damage from the field breaking? Oh dear... okay, if that's the play, then we're going to have problems. That might be going against the rules of the game too much, though... and Mr Mime doesn't have any moves that shatter the Mirror Arena, I think. So if we are going to worry about that, it will have backup... which isn't too much comfort. 3: Oh yeah, Life Orb and Sheer Force together mean that the effect from the Life Orb's hp drain doesn't happen. I either didn't know about that or I forgot... okay, yeah. That makes sense, but it and the Water Surface together mean that mon is going to pretty much be oneshotting pokemon left and right. And the speed boost of sorts from the field for non-Water pokemon isn't going to help...
  2. I was thinking that the PULSE Mr/Mrs Mime might be Fairy/Dark, perhaps? It's not a type combo you see often - or maybe Steel/Fairy. For fields... well, maybe PULSE-Mime's on the Factory Field again? That's sort of the go-to PULSE pokemon field, it seems. To provide all the power that is needed for the PULSE itself, unless it's like PULSE Swalot and is in an "off region". But what fields would benefit Mime-PULSE the most... The water surface idea above got me thinking, what if we do fight PULSE-Clawlitzer on the Water Surface? Maybe Team Meteor put it in one on purpose so that it wouldn't have to draw on itself to fire off the probably-water "artillery shots." Not sure about a Life Orb for an item (considering the already-insane special attack it will likely have), but it will probably have one.
  3. Remember, everything here has to more or less work within the abilities and movesets of canonical pokemon games, so we can't invent new abilities whole cloth. Tell me what you think of the following theories... PULSE Mrs/Mr Mime: General agreement is that it will be an absurdly tough Tank pokemon, probably with defenses and HP out the wazoo. It will likely also have backup, since the last PULSE pokemon, Hypno, was never directly battled (and if we had fought it, it would have likely fought alongside the mind-controlled Gauntlet, so the last PULSE we fought was Magnezone). Also, as a theory that will likely get me the hate of the entire community if Ame reads this and wasn't already planning it, I am betting it will have Wonder Guard. And likely a type change. PULSE Clawlitzer: As befitting an artillery piece, Clawlizter likely has more special attack than PULSE Abra, and is also likely more capable of taking hits - but it is just as likely very slow. Might get an extra type, I think - Water/Steel, maybe? I am thinking its ability will be either Sheer Force or Mega Launcher. PULSE Arceus: Likely going to be fought on the New World Field - and as such, it will probably have Multitype. Not sure what changes are necessary beyond that, but Arceus's stats will probably get a boost as well. However, unless Arceus is Flying type it is grounded - so a Flying or Levitate pokemon can probably outspeed it to hit with Toxic or a similar move. And not all of its moves are likely to be field boosted.
  4. Since "best-suited legendaries" was brought up, here's my thoughts on the same. Julia: Zeraora: Best said by Erucion. Florinia: Tapu Bulu, Celebi, or if we want to go with the Musketeers idea? Virizion. Corey: Nihilego, I would think? The Ground weakness might fit better on Aya's field, but "nihi" in the name could be a reference to "Nihilism" (Corey's definitely the "Straw Nihilist" of the Leaders). Shelly: Pheromosa, I have to admit. Shade: Hoopa, actually - the whole "teleportation" thing Shade does could actually be connected to Hoopa, do you think? Or possibly Blacephalon, given the "fake head"/Mind Blown thing it has. Kiki: Marshadow - Fighting/Ghost. Fitting... Aya: Naganadel, given it is the only Poison legendary left - and also appeared first in USUM, sort of like how she's the Reserve Leader? Serra: Articuno - it has Snow Cloak, which is activated both on the Mirror Field and also the Frozen Field (where Rock attacks become Ice, to boot). Noel: Meloetta or Regigigas... I'd have to go with Meloetta. Also, it makes for a nice contrast to his stoic personality (and a connection to his family). Radomus: Deoxys - suggested elsewhere a while ago, can't remember where. The "form changes" fit with his hats. Luna: Darkrai, for the reasons above. Samson: Buzzwole, again for the reasons above. Charlotte: Victini (given she's overall apparently the hardest leader). Terra: Landorus or Groudon, Landorus for the Glitch Field and Groudon for the Desert or Big Top. Ciel: Celesteela - the Heavy Slam it has triggers the Slammer, I believe. And Beast Boost with Attack would be insanely powerful here. Adrienn: Magearna, for the reasons above. Titania: I'd say Kartana, given her swords preference. Or Cobalion, since the "musketeers" theme she could have with Florinia, Hardy, and Amaria could be present there. Amaria: Keldeo ("musketeers"), or Tapu Fini (given the Surf spam she often does in Doubles and Tapu Fini's Telepathy secondary ability). Hardy: Kind of surprised no one thought of Diancie, specifically Mega Diancie - it is very fitting for his battle style. Saphira: Reshiram, as said above - and here, it's no duplicate. Heather: Zapdos, Thundurus, or Tornados would be best, I think. Bennett: Genesect, as said above. Laura: Shaymin - either form. Elias: Arceus, or specifically Ditto-Arceus. Anna: Jirachi. Ame: Latias was apparently on her team, as said above? Well, it's certainly fitting.
  5. Hi again. Trying to maybe give the thread a jump start... Tell me what you think. New Crest Ideas Cacturne: Swaps Attack stats with Defense stats and removes Grass weaknesses. Carbink: Cannot be Taunted, Guard Split cannot lower Carbink’s defense. Carnivine: Gives (all Grass and) bite/fang moves STAB ((Another Grass STAB ?)and Strong Jaw) and also gives all attacks a x2 Shell Bell like effect (healing double the damage a Shell Bell would). Delibird: Increases Speed by 50%, and strengthens Present (Present never misses, deals 150 base damage when targeting enemy Pokemon, and deals type damage based on the other moves Delibird has. Gunk Shot means Present can deal Poison damage, Dream Eater allows Present to deal Psychic damage, Destiny Bond allows Present to deal Ghost damage. Present chooses between them depending on which will be most effective (A normal/flying pokemon would get an Ice Present). Present also heals up to 50% of max health when targeting friendly Pokemon). Octillery: Gives first attack that Octillery uses after coming out STAB and Lock-On. (Meant to take advantage of Octillery’s huge move pool between types. STAB (but not Lock-On) remain on that move as long as Octillery remains in the field, and resets if Octillery faints or is recalled). Probopass: Grants Levitate ability, reduces damage taken from Fighting attacks by 1/2. Rapidash: Boost Attack stats, Defense stats, or Speed and Accuracy, each by x1.4. These stat boosts are based on Rapidash’s current Ability (Flash Fire, Flame Body, or Run Away, respectively). Seaking: Grants a Focus Sash like effect - Seaking, when receiving a hit that would knock it out, will retain one HP, and Seaking gains +1 priority on any move used at one HP. (Seaking has Flail). OR Seaking: Seaking’s Special Attacks now deal damage based on Seaking’s normal Attack stat. Lightning Rod, if active, increases Attack instead of Special Attack. Regigigas: While Slow Start is activate, Regigigas’s Defense and Special Defense are both increased by x1.5. Regice: Regice’s Defense stat is overridden by its Special Defense stat. Raticate: Revenge, Retaliate, Bide, Final Gambit, and Reversal all deal x1.5 damage and activate even if Raticate was knocked out before they could be used (like Aftermath), and Counter also has the effect of Mirror Coat. Shiinotic: Summons the Enchanted Forest field as long as Shiinotic is active. Sawsbuck: Changes Sawsbuck’s ability and typing depending on the Season form it’s in (Like a Mega Evolution?) Also, all Normal moves become the new non-Grass type and gain STAB (like Normalize or Refrigerate). Spring: Grass/Water: Ability becomes Drizzle. Normal moves become Water. Summer: Grass/Fire: Ability becomes Drought. Normal moves become Fire. Fall: Grass/Rock: Ability becomes Sand Stream. Normal moves become Rock. Winter: Grass/Ice: Ability becomes Thick Fat or Fur Coat. Normal moves become Ice. OR Sawsbuck: Increases defenses by x1.3 and “head” moves (Headbutt, Horn Leech, or Megahorn) by x1.3. Poliwrath: Special Attacks now run off Attack stat. Every other turn, Mind Reader is activated. Shiftry: Ability becomes Aerilate, Flying attacks and Ominous Wind/Silver Wind/Leaf Storm/Leaf Tornado/Razor Wind/Twister/Hurricane/Icy Wind all are strengthened by x1.2.
  6. Very likely, now that you mention it! And Alice might want to be a gym leader, but she doesn't have much actual experience with Pokemon battles. Neither does Allen, really.
  7. Even more crest ideas! Slaking: Raises special defense base stat by x1.3, and gives all attacks a Feint-like ability, meaning that they bypass Protect/Detect, and also can hit Pokemon in the "invincibility" stages of Dig, Dive, or Shadow Force. (Basically, even if Truant isn't removed, it can take hits a little better and also the enemy can't just spam moves or pokemon to ignore Slaking's attacks). Abomasnow: Gains Fighting, Ground, and Rock type resistances and STAB. (Not even sure what this might do). Gastrodon: At the end of every turn, sets Stockpile level to 2 automatically (or 3, if Stockpile was used that turn). Eelektross: Activates Coil when Eelektross enters the battlefield, halves damage taken from Ground attacks (if someone brings in a pokemon with Mold Breaker). Jellicent: Constrict lowers speed, affects all enemy pokemon, and afflicts enemies with Poison status. Bind deals 1/6 of max health as damage and lowers speed every turn. (Jellicent's a jellyfish, so I focused on the tentacles). Lurantis: Activates Contrary and Simple. All stat lowering moves are redirected to this pokemon.
  8. Jan is hardly above creating fakemon or twisting around actual pokemon in this game, as we have seen already. Maybe she'll get "Group" Unown and create pokemon from them, like the Lunatone/Solrock fusion pokemon. But yeah, she isn't much of a fighter from what we have seen so far. Of course, she's undergoing character development at the moment, so is Allen. So maybe that will change? But either way, it'll have to wait.
  9. As we see in E12 and the first time we meet her and Allen, her "signature pokemon" are the Unown, in a sense. So that got me thinking, would it be possible that if we ever fight her, she would have a team composed of souped-up Unown? I mean, Unown who have actual attacks beside Hidden Power, actual stats, Unown who pose an actual threat instead of being just a gimmick. Come on, we have been waiting for a long time anyways for something like that...
  10. Here are some ideas for me... I specifically went to the Untiered mons, I think. Though it is very possible that I am unconsciously taking ideas from previous Crest threads... Mr/Mrs Mime Crest: All Light Screens/Reflects/Safeguards/Lucky Chants on this pokemon's side of the field are permanent and cannot be ignored by critical hits/abilities or destroyed by Brick Break/Psychic Fangs. This pokemon also has the Filter ability activated for all attacks. (Creates a "tank" mon). Basculin Crest: Gains all four of Basculin's abilities simultaneously (Reckless, Rock Head, Adaptability, and Mold Breaker). Bibarel Crest: Overwrites current ability for both Moody and Simple. Bouffant Crest: Gains the Fur Coat ability. Corsola Crest: Corsola loses its Rock weaknesses but retains Rock resistances and STAB, and also gains an effect like Ingrain. Delcatty Crest: Activates Rainbow Field and increases attack stats by 15 each. Dewgong Crest: Reverses resistances and weaknesses, also gives Dewgong the Thick Fat or Ice Body ability twice over if it has one of those abilities already, or gives it one randomly if Dewgong has Hydration. Dunsparce Crest: Doubles speed, then boosts Attack/Defense or Special Attack/Special Defense, depending on whether Attack or Special Attack is higher. (Dunsparce and Delcatty are meant to fight on the Rainbow Field, I think). Exeggutor Crest: Activates Chlorophyll (Normal Exeggutor) or applies Curse twice (Alolan Exeggutor). Hypno Crest: Dream Eater and Nightmare affect all pokemon as if they were asleep. (Found out it already has a crest, never mind) Leavanny Crest: Swaps Attack and Special Attack, reduces Fire and Flying damage taken to 0.25. Ninjask Crest: The turn after this pokemon enters the battle, Ninjask's ability becomes Moxie. Oricorio Crest: Dancer activates twice, and also for this Pokemon's own attacks. (Found out it already has a crest, never mind) Persian: Technician affects abilities up to a base power of 90. Sandslash Crest: Activates both abilities and summons Hail or a Sandstorm depending on Form.
  11. Currently, as I can recall they are there as a sort of cosmetic award for defeating a Master battle. Also, if you have enough of them (12 total, if I remember right), you can challenge an even harder version of the Glass Gauntlet.
  12. (Suggestions on the complaint above about Hardy's master fight, and Commander's response) Maybe you should switch the field for the Master fight to Cave, or Desert, or Mountain, then? I mean, the Rocky field can be kind of... well, I guess it's just not the best field. Actually, Florinia might be able to make better use of it strategically, I think, than Hardy did. Suggestions! A Desert field composed of Rock-Ground types (Double 50% Special Defense increase, maybe more with items) and a Sandstorm plus bulky pokemon would be a pretty tough nut to crack defensively, I think. The Mountain also boosts Flying types (Almost Hardy's second specialty type) and boosts Tailwind, and the Cave collapsing could be a good way of knocking only your pokemon out, with the right setup and pokemon abilities (Rock Head. Plus the Sound moves boost is fitting for Hardy's rockstar theme). If you actually gave Amaria a full 30 pokemon army and those videos on Youtube weren't just jokes, then (aside from the "Dear God this is going to be horrible when/if I get there..." exclamation (seriously, did you?)) well, giving Hardy Stealth Rock and Sandstorm at the start of the battle against you might not be the worst start, I guess. Or having Trick Room set up automatically for him, or something?
  13. (Cut and Pasted because I realized this would work better here, rather than in the general bug reports, since I can't progress because of it). This has been showing up recently for me, as I've been playing through V12 of Rejuvenation, and sometimes, the game shuts down and I have to reload because it's slowing down too much. Recently, after clearing the Mysterious Figures fight, and defeating Ryland, then having Adam fight the woman (Freya?) the game shut down because it was taking too long for the cutscene. And as it turns out, I'm now stuck inside the cutscene itself. I cannot move, or seemingly do anything except save. The animation is working fine. But I can't even open the menu. EDIT: Happy to announce that this has started working again! The issue is still there, but I got through the cutscenes without having to restart and getting stuck.
  14. This has been showing up recently for me, as I've been playing through V12 of Rejuvenation, and sometimes, the game shuts down and I have to reload because it's slowing down too much. Recently, after clearing the Mysterious Figures fight, and defeating Ryland, then having Adam fight the woman (Freya?) the game shut down because it was taking too long for the cutscene. And as it turns out, I'm now stuck inside the cutscene itself. I cannot move, or seemingly do anything except save. The animation is working fine. But I can't even open the menu. Game.rxdata
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