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  1. Zoe checks the engravings on the walls to see if she speaks the language they're in. It worked with the Mooglish, after all, so she might recognize this one.
  2. "Animated skeletons and freaky bats incoming!" Vitor shouts, projecting Gae Bolg and pointing the spear at the rubble, "Get ready!" He attempts to stick the digger with his spear through the hole. Gae Bolg does 6d6 + 4 piercing damage on a hit.
  3. I raise my dubiously effective sword and board, and advance into the room, ready to shield bash anything that attacks us.
  4. I look for weapons and find a meat tenderizer and a long knife made out of crystal. Having acquired armaments, I fashion a shield from a cot, a mattress, and some blankets. Now that I am armed and ready, I wait by the elevator to accompany my fellow clones once they are also ready.
  5. "I suppose then, we shall need your still. I swear, we shall recover it safely for you," I promise Scant, "Now where could it have go- oh god," I turn just in time to see one of my compatriots eat the metal orb right out of their stomach. "What- I- How did you do that?! Why would you do that?!"
  6. I open my eyes and stare at the ceiling, letting the existential questions wash over me. Why am I here? What is this place? What am I? But then, it hits me. While it would be nice to know these answers, I know what is most important. "I am here!" Everything else can wait. I stand up. It takes a few tries to steady myself, but it's not so hard. "This place is strange! I am unsettled by this place. I would like to leave this place. Would you like to come with me?" I check the door, to see if I can leave this place.
  7. Alexandria frowns, "Perhaps I should have put a higher priority on bringing offensive systems back online. I don't think I enjoy not being able to restrain people without... unfortunate consequences," She raises a hand in the direction of the uncooperative cyborg, "Deploying alternative countermeasures." A glowing hexagonal pane of pale yellow energy appears in her palm, hovering in an invisible magnetic field. With a gesture, she sends the hexagon shooting outward, even as countless others just like it materialize in its wake seemingly out of thin air, linking up to form a barrier preventing 'junior' from leaving, glittering with hexagonal facets in the light of nearby neon signs.
  8. "I wonder..." Vitor equips Phantasmal Blueprint - Astro Viewer, and activates its infrared filter. He then turns it on the rubble, hoping to get an idea of what's coming with a look at its heat signature.
  9. As he starts to push past Lilya, Alexandria casually places a hand on his shoulder and squeezes with what she estimates is just enough pressure to make escape... difficult. "No. You will not."
  10. "No sense standing around then. Let's goooo already," Zoe whines obnoxiously. "We're wasting my valuable time here! But not anyone else's, because only my time is valuable."
  11. Spider-Man fires a line of webs at the Necronomicomic, hoping to disarm Necromaster now that he's pinned down. But a mystic energy field covered in tacky skull decals blocks the webs! He looks like he's considering saying something to Thunderlord, but decides not to. Danielle is not having a good day. Necromaster punches Aquila in the face! Aquila takes 9 damage! Necromaster takes 1 damage from punching a guy with a helmet in the face. Thunderlord keeps shooting, and deals 2 damage to Necromaster as a bullet clips his ankle! Danielle is really not having a good day. Aquila marks Necromaster, bullies him, and then shows him how you really hit someone! Necromaster raises an arm in a pitiful attempt at defense, but Aquila's Vorpal Sword goes "Snicker-Snack" and slices into the would-be wizard's torso and robes anyway, dealing 25 damage! Stretch says hi to Spider-Man, and heals him for 10 HP, but also reduces his resistance. "Uh, hi?" Spider-Man offers, "I'm Spider-Man?" Freya sics 28 zombies on Necromaster, dealing 95 damage as they swarm over him, clawing and biting! Dyno goes for the grapple and grasps Necromaster! Necromaster's feet are glued to the floor! Necromaster can't be pinned without breaking his legs! Dyno holds him in place instead. "Uh, I'm not on perscription drugs," Spider-Man tells Harry, "Am on Advil though. I think my normal temperature is 98? I, uh, haven't been to a hospital since I got my powers." Harry extracts the glass and applies bandages, restoring 18 hit points! He also treats the softening effect from Stretch's healing. Sha'tith bullies Necromaster some more, and deals 13 fire, 3 bleeding, 20 electric, and 1 pure damage to him through the power of spectacular spam. Alan's call comes through to Harry! "AAAAAUUGGHH!" Necromaster screams in pain and fear as he gets out-necromancied and bullied mercilessly by a knight, a lizard man, and a mecha zombie bear, "AS YOUR MASTER, I COMMAND YOU TO SAVE ME, NECRONOMICOMIC! KLAATU BLARGL!" As Necromaster attempts to speak the magic words, a golden, clawed limb smashes into his face, sending teeth flying. He drops the Necronomicomic in shock, and a second one grabs it, retracting with sinuous grace and blinding speed to a figure suspending itself, unnoticed until now, from the ceiling by two more golden limbs. "This never should have belonged to you, you pathetic sack of grease." Doctor Octopus' mechanical arms deposit the Necronomicomic into her original ones as they retract, holding themselves at the ready to defend her as she opens the magical comic to the first page. Her eyes briefly play across the easily decyphered and extremely user-friendly panels, and she smirks, before speaking three words. "Klaatu. Barudo. Nikdo." Thunder rolls in the background, even as the supervillainess' arms begin carrying her backwards across the ceiling. The sky grows dark through the mall's skylights, and the lights flicker. Skeletal hands begin bursting through the floor, even as some of the fleeing cosplayers, those with especially well-made costumes, twitch and flinch. Then they turn upon their under-dressed counterparts, biting, clawing, and swinging replica weapons now made far more real. And those who fall... rise again. Within seconds, a small knot of cosplayers remain, surrounded by a cackling, clicking, shambling legion of Deadites, even as Doctor Octopus moves to make good her escape...
  12. Cicivexa dons and activates the Great Mask of Vision and has a look around! The party and the Matoran look exactly as they appear: cybernetic organisms. Of note is that there's no sign of machining or manufacture anywhere on them. Either the Matoran somehow sprung into being in their current states, or their cybernetics grew with them. It is worth noting, though, that the party has far more mechanical parts than either of the Matoran. Looking at DOOM only reveals the shape of his armor beneath his cloak. The man's suit is impervious to the Kanohi's enhanced sight. Taking a look at the trap reveals a collection of gears, levers, ratchets, and counterweights. (Intelligence check 17 v 12 success!) Cicivexa is fairly sure he sees a few places where a rock wedged into the gears would render the whole assembly unable to move. Gozer phases into the rock and awaits instructions. "THERE ARE NO OTHER EXITS A HUMAN COULD FIT THROUGH." DOOM states.
  13. Vitor starts climbing. "There's a prison cell, and some fighting happened. That's about all we know. We're going up, because it's better than staying here."
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