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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you're having a fun day ^^🍰

  2. I'm setting up a team for a new playthrough once episode 19 & post game come out, as such I'm on the hunt for these pokemon: Shiny (male) Shinx (preferably good IVs) (female) Popplio with egg move charm and good IVs I can trade Heart Scales and/or the following random shinies if you want, although they all have bad IVs to 2 max IVs being the best : ( Lairon (lvl 83), Piloswine (lvl 56), Probopass (lvl 68), Sunflora (lvl 56), Furfrou (lvl 36), Hariyama (lvl 52), Dugtrio (lvl 78), Whiscash (lvl 75, Seel (lvl 52), Bellsprout (lvl 46), Spearow (lvl 30), Snover (lvl 58), Klink (lvl 38), Solrock (lvl 40), Spritzee (lvl 30), Woobat (lvl 15), Kecleon (lvl 43), Pikachu (lvl 52), Chansey (lvl 77), Wigglytuff (lvl 75), Tentacool (lvl 51), Lumineon (lvl 61), Koffing (lvl 37), Audino (lvl 85), Audino (lvl 77), Swirlix (lvl 15), Venipede (lvl 25), Cubone (lvl 35), Tauros (lvl 47), Bronzor (lvl 50), Eevee (lvl 1)
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  4. @Trufa Could I please also get a Zorua from you if you have many? o: ID: Arthas
  5. nvm fixed Game.rxdata
  6. Oh ok. I'll be happy to know if you find a solution, but it'll be fine if you don't as well Thanks
  7. Could I please have a pokerus deino (with dark pulse and earthpower egg moves if possible) and/or a shiny larvesta? I can trade for the following shinies if you want: Elgyem, Foongus, Remoraid, Buneary, Sandshrew, Woobat, Bronzor, Kecleon, Solrock, Spritzee, Klink, Piloswine, Snover and Abomasnow (yes randomly got both) Although some have bad IVs with 2 max IV being the best >_<
  8. 7.8/10 No pancakes :c
  9. ty Dx Game.rxdata
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