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  1. It seems that Mimikyu's disguise replenishes upon switching out, which it shouldn't do. Also the Upgraded Pokedex crashes the game when moving to the location window
  2. The link should be updated according to the latest patch. Just rename the file to Scripts and replace the old one in the Data folder.
  3. For some reason, items like Leftovers seem to trigger twice. (I've had this happen with Keta and Venam in intense mode).
  4. I updated the scripts for V11, It should work.
  5. IDK if it was intentional or not, but Rockruff still doesn't have a defined evolution for Duskroc despite the latter having its stats and movesets finished.
  6. Norm

    Dusk Lycanroc?

    Looking through the code, it's evolution method doesn't seem to be defined yet, therefore, it's unobtainable without debug.
  7. Have fun with Persona 4! I consider it one of the best RPGs to come out of this generation. A couple tips for what I feel is full enjoyment of the game. For starters, don't follow any Max social links guides, (A system similar in concept to FE supports). At least to a T. The game is incredibly immersive, and spending time with character based on how you want. Looking up basic dialogue guides or how to proceed with certain ranks (some require certain attribute checks shown by a chart in the status menu of the M.C.) is fine, as the game isn't very helpful in presenting this concept, and you'll soon learn that time is of essence in Persona. Also, know what version you are playing, if you are playing on the PS2, know that there are certain things that aren't in the game compared to the Vita remaster. Specifically, certain QoL changes in the engine, some new mechanics, certain characters, and a post-game of sorts are not present in the PS2 version. Don't worry too much if you do not own a Vita, as both experiences are very good, you're just playing the older version. If you're playing the Vita version, some guides may be out of date. MP conservation is important when Dungeon Crawling. Specifically, the M.C. tends to drain through MP because they can use multiple Personas. The game uses a sort of rock-paper-scissors system in terms of weaknesses that allows to get an extra action and increase team momentum when. Try to have a physical based Persona on your Hero. They use skills off of HP, which seems bad at first, but HP is far easier to manage when crawling/grinding than MP, and the skills are often quite good. Don't get too caught up about fusing your favorite Personas, the game is designed around Persona's getting incrementally more powerful as you fuse and lvl up more. Also try to save before large fusion sessions, especially in the PS2 version, as there is always a variable of chance in fusions. There's no harm in looking up fusion guides and enemy weaknesses. They often don't make too much sense at face value, and really just comes down to guesswork without prior knowledge. Also, just look up the class answers, I don't understand how you're supposed to know some of the answers. They often are tangential(what in the blue blazes are marriage numbers!) or have their basis in Japanese literature and culture, which you most likely will not know. I sure hope that Persona isn't indicative of the Japanese curriculum. At least you'll have a lot of useless, yet mildly interesting trivia under your repertoire. Again, as it's probably the most important, play how you want to play, It's a single-player game anyway, and the experience is probably the best part of the game.
  8. Norm

    Delay SSBU

    Good luck with that.
  9. Those two are still usable (Magnezone in particular) but both those Pokemon have been moved back significantly, particularly Gardevoir. If you want a Psychic or Fairy type, there are generally better options that come earlier or at the same time. Psychic types like Alakazam, Starter Delphox, MixEgg Starmie, and even Meowstic come earlier and, thus are more helpful for the game overall. Even when it was readily obtainable, Gardevoir still faced some tough competition between other Psychic types that could also fill its role, and the choice really came down to preference at the end of the day. Magnezone is a little different as its role isn't nearly as contested as Garde/Gallade's, though there are still other options like Manectric, Galvantula, Rotom, Escavalier, and Aggron to whatever role you may want it to fill. Though looking at your team, you don't seem to mind a team assembled very late in the game. I gotta say, I don't understand the whole talk of a "core" with Garde/Zone. They're both pretty self sufficient Pokemon, and neither really covers their mots prominent weaknesses. Couldn't the same core be used niterchangeably with many High/Tier mons like Delphox/Magnezone or Gardevoir/Excadrill? As far as I'm concerned, competitive cores aren't particularly useful ingame as the AI lacks the momentum that is evident in competitive play, and it's not like you're gonna be trapping Scizors with Magnezone often in Reborn. Also, keep in mind that the OP is simply my subjective list, you're free to make your own and discuss each other's lists and choices.
  10. Norm

    Events in PBS

    AFAIK, there aren't any deviations for wild held items with the exception of those who hold seeds, which hold the reborn variant of whichever seed was overwritten (no idea which goes to which). Bulbapedia, as always, is a good source. Looking around the PBS files, it seems that Reborn circumvents the low and high variants of trees from the Johto games by, for the most part, programming identical encounter rates into both encounter tables. There are some exceptions, but they're really minor (e.x. Wormadam and Mothim are in High and Low respectively).
  11. I agree that the fights are getting harder, but from experience, I still see Flygon as the better package when accounting obtainability and how easy it is to get to +1 on DD as well as Flygon's EQ hitting harder than Garchomp's Dig (It's strongest available Ground move). As for Venusaur and Amoonguss, Venusaur is admittedly only there because I thought the starter section needed at least 1 Grass Starter, and I'd argue Venusaur is the best because of its typing (Meteor seems to really like Bug and especially Poison) utility, and Mega. I actually do think Amoonguss is good because it has a lot of utility with Spore + Regenerator, has a surprisingly good movepool with moves like Nature Power, Giga Drain, Rage Powder (If you need some doubles support) and Foul Play to name a couple. Amoonguss avoids the trap of passive walls in-game by having a lot of moves that have good utility, movepool, a good ability (At least for Set style) to stay relevant.
  12. @BIGJRA I agree with all the mons you listed, especially Krook and Escavalier. Trick Room is a pretty rare move, even with the TM, but it's really good for the whole Agate-Ametrine segment because of the sudden EV-trained enemies. Jagen Kricketune is honestly why people don't really care about the earlygame's difficulty, and I'd argue is the best non-starter Pokemon for said segment, though it isn't particularly good against Corey and Shelly. @Azery then The thing with Pokemon like Garchomp, Gyarados, is that they all come at the end of a game and fill similar roles to previous Pokemon available. Yes those three are nigh-unrivaled in their field sans legends, but In-game Pokemon isn't nearly as picky stat-wise as competitive. I don't think Garchomp is anywhere near as good as the utility the likes of Krookodile, Excadrill, and Flygon bring because he isn't around for many fights that the others contribute in. Excadrill is an ungodly wallbreaker (albeit locked behind RNG for the most part) who evolves early and packs some of the highest Attack ratings available. He can start stomping teams from Shelly, whereas Garchomp comes something like 12 badges later, and then comes at like level 30, so you have to grind it up to speed, which is something that a trained Flygon or Krookodile (Who is also a good rocker if needed) wouldn't have to deal with. Garchomp's roles can also be filled by Flygon and Krookodile. Gyarados faces the same problem as DD sweepers like Scrafty, Feraligatr, and the aforementioned Flygon exist and are more readily available. and I personally don't think Gyarados brings enough. I could understand Garchomp and Gyarados, being a dominant force if there was some huge strength gap between his contemporaries that a 'mon like Aegislash has, but Garchomp and Gyarados fill roles that could have been comfortably filled long before they arrived. Scizor gets a pass, as while sweeping two endgame fights isn't really what I'd call top-tier (my Clefable did the same thing), he's second to Blaziken as a sweeper, and like you said comes at a relatively high level. Depending on how E19 goes, Scizor could be a late-game superpower as there are very little natural SD sweepers, and who knows when we'll get the SD TM. I always seem to sleep on Typhlosion, mostly because I personally hate it, but to each his own. Typhlosion is a real good one-trick pony, I just don't think it's really worth choosing as a starter as he's really only average until it gets Eruption Typhlosion can certainly run through Charlotte, but I'm not too sure about post E17 Blake, as he has a lot of Fire-Resists now (I think Starmie, Gyarados, and TF Walrein) and half his team is above base 100 spd (Weavile, Starmie, Slushslash). Other than that, he's really good at double battles, and has pretty good coverage thanks to Nature Power and possibly Extrasensory. Those days are long gone, my friend.
  13. Real self-explanatory question here. In terms of in-game viability, what Pokemon do you think are some of the best and most accessible Pokemon for somebody to use in Reborn? To lay some ground rules, I'd like to primarily go off of their current their availability (How early they're obtainable and how long it takes for them to take off) their stats and movepools, and how they matchup in Boss Fights, which are the meat and potatoes of Reborn's challenge. My list is as follows - Blaziken (Starter) - Infernape (Starter) - Greninja (Starter) - Delphox (Starter) - Venusaur (Starter) - Swampert (Starter) - Amoonguss - Arcanine - Alakazam - Excadrill - Flygon - Aegislash - Heracross - Alolatales - Garchomp - Scrafty - Krookodile - Scizor - Kricketune (Up to mid-game) Feel free to elaborate about your choices and discuss civilly. We are not animals here. EDIT: Added BIGJRA and Azery's suggestions
  14. Norm

    E19 Mon/TM relocation suggestions

    Nice list, my friend. The only one I disagree with is Sandile, as he's good, but he isn't overly centralizing as Pokemon like Scrafty exist, and Flygon atm largely outclasses him. Speaking of Flygon, I'd like to propose that the Trapnich trade and Gligar's location be swapped. Flygon is an insanely good Pokemon with one of the best boosting moves, insane natural movepool, and a boosted exp gain to top it all off. It's great in Singles and Doubles and can easily sweep bosses. Especially the Samson fight with DD and Hazard support (I just use sturdy Onix). That's not mentioning its 2 immunities that make it an even better doubles partner. Flygon is easily one of the best Ground types available, especially with how rare Excadrill is. I feel that it could be pushed back because of how good it is (It's honestly one of the only mons that I actually advocate the pushback from along with Magnemite). I think Trapinch and Gligar should switch spaces because Gligar is kinda already left cold given how late it comes and its lack of STAB. Gligar could also benefit from event egg moves for niches like Baton Pass SD, which might let people consider it as sweeping support. What I don't get is why Gardevoir was moved back when it faced some pretty harshcompetition with Alakazam, even when they were both available. Gardevoir was definitely more popular as a mon, but I'd argue that Alakazam was the better mon, as it could Calm Mind sweep anything it could set up on, especially back in the days when Sash was still purchaseable. Gardevoir was by no means a slouch. Trace is stupid good in Reborn as it lets you take advantage of the field most of the time. Tracing Flash Fire on Charlote was a good time, man. I really liked it because the two mons were similar, yet different enough as to make the choice matter. Zam was the better sweeper, and Gardevoir had more versatility under its belt (or gown). Honesetly I'd say put it back to where it was before.
  15. Honesetly I agree with most of Shofu's points that he made. At the end of the day, it's his opinion and experience, and I think that the efforts that people make to deflect criticism away from reborn are without merit. Reborn being episodic and free doesn't mean it is somehow exempt from criticism. You can be more lenient or positive about the overall experience becaues it's free, but that doesn't stop Reborn from having very glaring flaws, and it has a lot. Things like excessive dialogue and way too many characters are very common criticisms that Reborn faces among many other things. It really isn't Shofu or the audience's job to do homework every hiatus in order to even understand the events and sequences. It's generally not a good sign if you need a wiki binge or a review video to understand what is going on. Sure, Shofu could pay more attention to the plot, but he isn't really as invested in the plot as most people here, and I can blame for not being so. I think most people would be confused when a black hole sends you to some magical omniscient Limbo. I'm not Stephen Hawking or anything, but I don't think that's how Black Holes work. Not to mention the cavalcade of characters in this Episode alone. Half of the characters haven't been relevant or even mentioned in the plot for years in Shofu time, and that's honestly more of a story problem as opposed to the viewers. There are probably over 20 characters at this point that revolve in and out of the story in no discernible pattern whatsoever, of course it's going to be confusing when Hat Guy, who hasn't showed up in the story proper for something like 6 or 7 episodes, shows up and literally starts spewing exposition for 20 minutes. I guess at the end of the day, I'm honestly baffled that people are accusing Shofu of "not taking criticism" in a thread that was essentially made to complain about the man's personal opinion of the game.