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  1. There is this approach: And then there is this:
  2. Mega stones for legendaries? Dont know what's more...
  3. Just little addition, iirc it is sometimes implied that the Arceus is a >baby< Arceus, so this fact might be fitted into this so the Arceus we talk about is indeed not ''fully developed'' Arceus. Also, Lin is theorised to be an avatar, so we may join it togheter and assume Lin is an Arceus's avatar. I prefer the version of story in which Lin is trapped with Arceus and adult Lin is their way to manipulate their way out of the Citae's trap and set New World Order or whatever goal they want, but this is also interesting one. I got a feeling like you guys go a little bit too far with us being literal part of Arceus, rather a key tool - we are fulfilling our destiny. The equation is resolved so we receive the exact entropy value (events, people, actions, items) needed to crate the New World, whatever it is. There are many factors, from Fern to Anna, which are parts of the eqation, but only every part in the exact place, including us and our actions, gives correct result, which is Arceus/Lin reaching goals. Also, probably these are our goals too, but we dont know it yet. Generally speaking, Lin is our counterpart, with the abilities equivalent to save, soft reset, etc., she wants to destroy and/or reshape the Reborn.
  4. No, it's not reading too much, it's quite accurate, Lin just doesn't care about anything, she proceeds with her plan no matter what and obviously she does not think it is necessary for anyone to know what's really up. Now I think, this looks like, the Reborn (city itself and also the game) was created exactly the same as the online league was - I mean, it was created for people to impersonate and play roles, the dome represents the boundaries of online league - it exists only within its own borders, there is no other world outside of that, only the great beyond, another level - us. To be honest, if we come to a conclusion that it was all just a game (literally, or a sort of a dream, whatever) and Lin just plays with this fact and in the end reveals it to us (we don't know, but also don't remember, what was before the train, right?), to break the illusion, I'm gonna be terribly disappointed, but mostly because the Reborn is created in a great way, it's down to earth and so... realistic? and deep with its story, that I think such outcome would be a mockery to all of it. We, and I do mean we, the characters we impersonated, came through all this, suicides, battles, investigations, too-long-love-story, just to realise at the end that it was merely just an act? When it is so easy to get into the atmosphere of it, to feel the emotions of fighting for Reborn, an ''in-world'' realisation to our character that it was all meaningless, would be painful. An interesting idea, tough, but I came here to merge into the illusion, not to be hit in the face with a sign saying ''ITS ONLY A GAME'' - we already know that, and that's why we are here. I hope you guys get what I mean.
  5. Touche. Anyway, I'm not saying we received less than expected, but something little bit more precise, a hint or a leak, so we have a hook, something to discuss and speculate about different than pure theorycrafting would do the job. Otherwise we are drifting to other topics what keeps this thread alive at last due to lack of fuel, which quickly burned out. Am I asking too much? Come on, dont keep us hanging.
  6. Some entries are okay, huge amount of them is not okay, that's not cherry picking, that's criticising. That's some Arceus stuff going on and a little bit forced, not well-conceived explanation - Ockham's razor, let's keep it simple. That's not an argument, sounds like ''it's a fact cos I think so''. I always thought Mewtwo was produced, manufactured in a test tube, grown out of Mew's DNA, in my opinion that's what the journals say, they say about using DNA, not uterus. Again, not an argument - ''nothing in the world can prove aliens dont exist, prove me wrong'', it's not arguable in any way, I may only say that nothing in the games states otherwise - in fact, eggs are the only explained breeding mechanism. So or so, as I said this game is not being developed since yesterday, and we may demand some more accuracy and deliberate design, don't you think? give us some more than one pic and dozens of loading bars. Kindly please.
  7. Anime is a whole different level, just to remind that in the first episodes we saw normal fish among pokemon, so... You miss the point a bit, it is not about applying our physic into the pokemon world, cos then we would question literally every pokemon trait and their existence (which would be ''come on, it is not realistic movie'' level, we are not discussing this here) but a need of in-world consistency and, yes, some logic to it. And thus, on a dex entries and Gyarados: If NPCs and game chars said 'no, a mon cannot destroy a city or kill people' then THIS would be illogical and questionable. To make you understand: in Harry Potter series, they got the spell that immediately localizes any underage magic user, so why Voldemort, once controlling Ministry of Magic, couldn't localize anyone he wanted? This is an example of not-so-well written world, in opposition to detailed, described and planned LotR world, which has almost no such holes. Ofc the moment you bring into the world magic, supernatural beings or monsters (or worst, time travel), you deal with and accept such things, but there's a fine line between well-written and thought-through world and inconsistency. and this line is under discussion. Main game producers aren't around since yesterday, we might demand some more planned details from them.
  8. In a lab? Your laser printer produces higher temperatures. No, I'm not cherry picking - I got nothing against the fact that its skin reaches twice the sun's temperature, cos it is in line with pokemon world: fire-spitting dragons, small water mons producing infinite amounts of water under high pressure in their intensines, making lasers from solar energy and so on - I'm against the fact that this skin doesn't make him melt through metal floor, doesn't increase significantly temperature of its surroundings etc. - another example is Wailord that should float in the air. The authors may write whatever the heck they want into dex entries as long as it makes sense in-world and the consequences follow it and it is consistent. Even Bill turning himself into a pokemon from the post above makes sense, since both Humanity and Pokemon share the same origin, so we may straight say it makes in-world sense, without overthinking. But the next post above is a good example of these being sometimes cool, but most often completely out of the blue descriptions. Same, 1st gen events and dex description might imply that the only Cubone that wears its mother skull would be the one with mother killed by Team Rocket (and I'm not even bringing ''nobody has seen its face'' - geez, there are people that have no problem with killing a marowak, but there was none to get one cubone and crush the helmet or take it off by force? This is not making cubone look mysterious, it's dumb). And again, canonicaly, pokemon lay eggs, they dont give birth, so what makes you think that ''the way the journals are phrased'' implies there's nothing metaphorical to it? I'd say the otherwise, the scientist who wrote them was in euphoria (there is an exclamation mark there) when writing about Mew producing an offspring, nothing precise there.
  9. Some info from dex entries are cool, backstories, how things function (which were also used in Reborn, e.g. Chandelure burning souls) etc., on the other hand, we have stuff like Wailord being less dense than the air and Magcargo being twice as hot as the sun and more. It feels off to the point of ridicolousness, non-consistent with the in-world logic, since in all other instances it follows normal physics (roughly, teleporters are only slighlty bending the rules, and dont give me ''there are flying birds spitting fire and such info is something you see being off?'' b**t). There is also this whole grey zone of ''do they eat each other? Do people eat them?'' - this gap is left for non-adult target, as well as ''nobody seen pokemon mate, the eggs just appear'', what makes me doubt ''giving birth'' have any other than metaphorical meaning.
  10. Ah, I was waiting for theorycrafting topic. I guess the mapping won't be too big, so dont expect new cities or so. And I wonder if Ame has already detailed plan for all of them, or she will collect ideas from such topics.
  11. This pic looks great, I already love the atmosphere. And I am rather thrifty in such statements. Looks like leading to/out of Victory Road? Anyway, if it involves night, snow and a mountain path, count me in. Aren't some parts of early gens considered to be... arguable? Like, dex entries, which usually dont make sense even up until now, or stuff like that. I don't even think Mew (or any mon) have birth canal...
  12. ''Misc updates'' was often part of the scoreboard. I believe the other category will be animations/graphics. What's next?
  13. See ya guys in a year or two, lol. For anybody hoping for a fast release, the last time animations were included into the progress, it was E15 or E16? Anyway, the one which took, like, a year and a half of development. So, chill your mammals guys, there is a long, long way before us. There are other, currently unknown elements which may take hell knows how long or short. Lin is not ''of course'' - probably some instance, an avatar, remotely-controlled robot, future/past Linself or whatever it is will be destroyed, as portrayed at Yureyu. But ''real'' Lin will survive. Sirius probably will be ripped to pieces, which is good.
  14. Isn't the route where Taka dies (not battling him in WTC) the one in which we gain pluses with Anna and Shade (so being ideal)?
  15. No bets on who's dying after the update? Don't forget Taka has to die in the second route somewhere. Also, maybe Solaris won't make it, so ancient legacy is finally killed off? Would fit Lin style. Then, sisters will probably rip Sirius into pieces once they find out it was him who burned Belrose Mansion. Who else left from ''die-able'' characters?
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