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  1. Naaah, this is too subjective. Too much of it depends on the team and the player. For example, Noel or Charlotte never caused me much trouble, Shade varies from one playthrough to another being harder and easier, while Ciel is a pain in the back to me almost always. I'd never place Titania, Amaria, or Charlotte that high anyway, Amaria is a total pushover for me invariably, but Hardy turned out really strong against in my last play. We may all agree that Luna is weak, but there is really few leaders we may easily and objectively classify like that.
  2. I'd put Delphox one level up, or even two, and Charizard up two levels (Delphox has VERY useful typing in reborn, usefulness throughout the whole game, while Charmander destroys early like it's nothing, only slightly dropping off later when you get access to better fire types), Decidueye one level up (he's suprisingly decent for a very long time, and even later you can rely on him - he's constantly good, not perfect, but all time good in many situations and settings, you just dont need to try hard to get him rolling in reborn). Greninja is disappointing in reborn, as mentioned in many posts above, down two levels.
  3. And that future follows shortly after... ''That future'' is our ''now'' - Anna sees that they cannot prevail the enemy, so she wishes for us to save the world again, so our story follows the events described in the prohpecy. From the prophecy perspective, its future is our now. Shining armor strikes, Azure hair is re-dyed red. An enemy of his own blood stands before him, And beaded hope breaks apart upon the tattered stones of a city forced to live up to its name once again. If we break this down a little bit, we have few options: 1) Shining armor strikes, Azure hair is re-dyed red. - Titania strikes something, maybe dies during the process - saving Amaria? Titania's blood makes Amaria's azure hair red? - this one seems farfetched. Also, it may mean Cal goes back to Meteor, what would fit this weakling. 2) Azure hair is re-dyed red. An enemy of his own blood stands before him - if we assume these two sentences are describing the same event, this may imply it is Cal vs. Blake. 3) An enemy of his own blood stands before him - this sentence solo may mean Taka standing against Solaris's will, Cal vs. Blake, Florinia confronting Fern (no way Florinia is a Meteor)... 4) An enemy of his own blood stands before him, And beaded hope breaks apart upon the tattered stones - ...or Corey (beaded hope?) compromised in front of Heather, killing himself as a consequence. Or Fern losing to Florinia, breaking apart on the streets before her, as he is ''beaded'' in the same prophecy. Or all of the above. Imo, this ''prophecy'' has nothing to do with our future events, it reaveals that Shade is actually a taciturn woman, that Reborn go in cycles, etc.
  4. If u smash quick save button quickly, in few moments, like after the battle but before the dialogue starts (or when the characters are moving in the even, but not talking yet, you get it) you can save, this works in most of the other chain battles etc. - tough keep in mind, you might want to go back and set up for the fight differently, so you may want to keep backup saves. If I recall correcty, you need to stay downstairs in order to get Saphira kidnapped, what makes for branched story part where Laura is partner for you afterwards in Meteor battle, but I'm not 100% sure on that. Like, 95%, but not 100%.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gum+room+reborn
  6. There is a wise saying: you don't buy any car that its name starts with F: Fiat, Ford or French.
  7. I would like to nominate this comment to the best comment in the forums prize.
  8. Wasnt there a dialogue (Sapphira?) saying that opposing legal authority like Connal would bring only more trouble on the kids?
  9. Things like nature changer are rather part of a natural development and upgrading things than copying.
  10. Leave the approach from the official games behind and enjoy the game: plan for the battle, start thinking outside of box, look for pokemon you normally wouldn't even consider useful. Dont get too attached to most of your pokemons too, some of them will be useful only for a certain part. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from brutal forcing your way and fighting fire with fire or finding a way with the team you had in mind at the very beggining.It depends only on your playstyle if you find this or that fight especially difficult. I always struggle with flying leader, Ciel, while few other considered much harder never made me trouble. Few times I beat a leader on the first try, which was meant to be a reconnaissance fight. Reborn indeed is difficult, but also satysfying. Maybe frustrating or even tedious in few moments, but not much.
  11. I knew something felt a little bit off about the lake and now I know what that was. Will we get some divers, too? Treasure hunters?
  12. I gotta feeling like the Meteor member (Eclipse was her name?) that has fallen ''asleep'' due to Chandelure burning away her soul will have something to do with either Cresselia or Darkrai.
  13. To be honest, Impidimp is interesting, I cannot recall any outright demon pokemon. On the other hand, we have Alcremie, which is nothing more but a pile of cream that gigantamaxes into a huge cake. It beats Vanilluxe in terms of the most heinous designs. Unless we aim to open a pastry.
  14. Honestly, so far I even dont want to get this stuff implemented. Honestly, are you guys excited about Dynamax, a.k.a. lazy-mega-evolutions?
  15. There is this approach: And then there is this:
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