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  1. Sooo… when people ask how many Pokemon there are, do they just mean Pokemon names or do they also include the alternate forms? (Ex: Alolan forms, Mega Evolutions, Deoxys forms, Wormadamn forms, etc.) Because I just saw a video online that is very interesting.
  2. Hmm... Probably now that I think about it but it wouldn't surprise me if Pokemon decided to do that.
  3. Just curious. Since apparently there is now a person in the Gym Stadiums to heal your Pokemon, does that make the game easier or shorter? Curious to see everyone's opinions.
  4. Episode 54 of My Awesome Pokemon Adventure is up! I find out the cause of the constant polluted water! PULSE Swalot! When I get done with that, I cleanse the water and rescue Titania! The 2 of us then try to persuade (in our own ways) Taka to leave Team Meteor! But he seems to insist on staying! Will he leave Team Meteor or will he forever be loyal to the team he seems to hate!? Read, Watch & Enjoy! 😄



  5. I know I had to get on the other side of the platform to get to wherever it was I was going. Presumably a way for this filthy water to be cleaned up. Since Titania was in the area to have the water level rise or not, it was much easier to get through. When I finally made it to the place where I was supposed to be, Titania shouted out over to me. Titania: Alright. Now you gotta go try to find the source of all of this water pollution mess. Matthew: Well, what are you gonna do? Titania: I can’t do anything except stay here. It’s all up to you. Matthew: Well… alright. I guess I’ll see you whenever I see you. Titania: Don’t take too long! Matthew: Alright. Alright. I’ll try not to. Titania: 1 more thing before you go. When you do find the problem of the pollution and take care of it, you have to go through all of the areas we’ve been in and turn the turbines on. Matthew: What?! Titania: Don’t complain. When you do that, the water that comes in will be clean then. It’s the only way you’ll be able to get me out of here anyways. Matthew: Wait. Wait. What do you mean? Titania: You need to fill the areas with clean water and then you’ll be able to get me out. At the top of this place is some gates and they’ll only be unlocked when the water is cleaned. Matthew: -sighs- Alright. I’ll try not to be too long. I went down and exited the room. The room was familiar as I was here just a little bit ago, but I wasn’t on the platform I was on. I continued to keep walking the path. I continued walking the long path going right and was pondering what could be the cause of all this water not being able to cleanse itself. I came to a room where there was another turbine. I pressed the button and the water drained. I looked over the ledge and there in some kind of machine was a giant red Swalot. I walked down the steps and stood in front of the beast. Matthew: This Swalot… This machine looks familiar. It’s gotta be a PULSE Machine. This Swalot looks like it’s in pain. Has this thing been here even before I’ve come here? The waters here have been polluted to hell ever since I’ve been here! PULSE Swalot: -snarls and makes weird noises- Matthew: Alright you big lug! It’s time for your stay here to be over! The battle between us started but it wasn’t very hard. Thanks to my Arbok and Weezing, the battle was over within a minute. When it was over, the Swalot moved away. I hoped that it was gonna go somewhere that it wouldn’t pollute anymore water. I walked back up the stairs and walked over to the turbines and pressed the button. I looked over the railing and could see water rushing in but this time, the water wasn’t a grayish purple. It was a bright blue color. This was the 1st time I ever saw the water like this. Matthew: This is… this is… AWESOME! The water’s all blue now! This is great! I’ll have to go to the other areas in here and turn the turbines on so the clean water can get in here. I went off in a rush to get to the other turbines. It was surprisingly easy to remember all the ones I’ve seen. It filled me with joy every time I turned on a turbine and the water came out looking so pretty and clean. I was having fun doing this. After turning all the turbines on, I came back to where I had left Titania an hour ago. I had a feeling she would yell at me because of how long I took but I didn’t care about that. I got into the room and over to the gate. She came over, looking annoyed as I expected her to be. Titania: Do you KNOW how long you’ve been gone for?! Matthew: Yes but- Titania: You really need to learn how to do things faster. Like fuck. Matthew: I’m sorry for being slow but- Titania: I could have died here! Do you know that?! I- Matthew: Titania! Shut up and let me talk! Titania:… What? Matthew: Go back over there and have the water come into the room. She gave me an odd look and then her eyes widened. She ran over to the button and watched as the crystal clear blue water came running into the room. I could see a smile come over her face. She looked nice smiling over to me. She glanced over to me and then quickly went back to her pissed off looking face. But I could tell she felt better with what had happened here. She came back walking over to me. Titania: Well… you did a good job I suppose. Matthew: Thanks. Titania: Yea… This has been a while. Matthew: Yea. I’ve been here for a while now and… just wow. Titania: This is a happy moment buuuut you should really go and get me out of here. Matthew: Ohh. Right. I made it to the upper layer of the room and got through all of the gates and made it to a computer terminal. I pressed the button and the gate below me opened up. Titania came walking up to me with a pleased look on her face. Titania: Thanks… Maybe you’re not that bad after all. Matthew: I don’t know what to- Titania: I’m still not gonna forget the fact that you read my diary though. Matthew: Ohh… yea… I know. Titania: Anyways, the whole city should have running clean water now. You know… Amaria would be proud. Matthew: She will be proud. Let’s go rescue her so when she does wake up, she can see what’s happened. Titania: You’re right. Let’s go Matt. Titania went running up into a room that was open near the many gates. When I finally made it there and went to the next room, I could see Titania pointing the sword part of Aegislash towards Taka. Matthew: Titania! No! Taka: Easy there killer… I think you should be showing me some gratitude. Matthew: Gratitude? Titania: For what? Your complete lack of a spine? Taka: I mean… if that’s how you wanna look at it. Matthew: Titania, I think you should just try to calm down. Titania: Are you kidding me Matthew?! Taka: If it makes you feel any better, I’ve had the liberty of having her wounds treated. Matthew: See? Isn’t that a good thing Titania? Titania: Hmph. It’s not the only thing you’ve taken. Taka: Ohh. You mean these? -holds up the Sapphire Bracelets- Titania: Yes. Give them to me now. Taka: Sure. Catch. -throws the Sapphire Bracelets to Titania- Titania: -catches them- If you’re expecting a thanks, you can forget it. You’re pathetic. Matthew: Can’t you say something nice once in a while? Titania: He doesn’t deserve it even if I was in the mood to do so. Taka: Whatever you say but hey. My dad’s on his way over to collect that. I kinda had to radio it in before. Sooo you might have to deal with that soon. Titania: I’m willing to accept that responsibility as are you Matthew. Matthew: Did you think I wasn’t? I’ve had to deal with him for a while. Titania walked over to where Amaria was resting. She examined over her to make sure nothing was wrong with her or if anything looked out of place. When she was satisfied with what she saw, she lifted her off the table and carried her in her arms. Titania: I will say this to you though. Give my regards to the men who treated her. Taka: I would… but you kind of killed them all. Titania: Ahh… Well… Tough luck. So you’re just gonna let us walk out of her with the bracelets and Amy. Taka: Looks that way. Yep. Well… I do have 1 favor to ask. Matthew: What’s that? Taka: It’s actually for you Matthew. Matthew: Me? Taka: Yes. I need you to beat me in a battle. Matthew: Beat you in a battle? Why? Taka: Well I gotta at least make it looked like I tried. Matthew: I… Titania: Just resign already. You’re just making yourself look like a fool of everyone involved. Taka: Then I’m a fool. But I can’t just walk out on my destiny. Titania: Destiny? You see the door right here? This could be your destiny. You choose it. It doesn’t choose you. No one’s going to stop you. Not even me. Matthew: I think you should listen to her Taka. You obviously hate being apart of this team. Taka: You 2 don’t understand. My blood stops me. And my father… do you have any idea what he would do? Matthew: Yea… I do. Taka: No you- Matthew: Taka! I do! Do you know remember Pyrous Mountain!? He killed Kiki! The room fell silent after I said that. I looked over to Titania. While she didn’t seem to mad over it, I could see the disgust on her face. Titania: I knew something happened up there but… I didn’t know that happened. Solaris used his Garchomp to slice her neck. It was… gruesome. Taka: I’m sorry for that. I didn’t know he would do that but- Matthew: Didn’t know?! Of course you do! You’re afraid he’ll do the same to you! Taka:… Just forget I said anything. Hurry up, beat me and get out of here already. Titania: I’ve had enough of this. If you’re not going to stop us, I’m not going to enable you to keep cowering from your choices. If we defeat you, we just let you go on like this. Taka: Please… I’ve done every courtesy I could for you down here. Do me this 1 favor. Titania: I’m out of here. Let’s go Matt. Matthew: Hold on. Titania stopped and turned around towards me. I could see her face getting angrier. But I wasn’t going to let that scare me this time. Matthew: Just stay here and watch. Titania: So you’re gonna battle him. Matthew: Yes. But just trust me. Taka: Yes! Thank you Matthew! Titania: I’m not staying here to watch this. Matthew: Then at least stay out in the next room. Titania: Fuck. Whatever. -leaves to the next room- Taka: Let’s get this over with! Taka and I threw out our Pokemon. Surprisingly to Taka, he was able to knock out my 1st Pokemon rather easily. I sent out the next 1 and in a matter of seconds, he had knocked that 1 out as well. The 3rd Pokemon was sent out and was soon knocked out. Taka was puzzled. Taka: What… What’s going on? I know you’re stronger than this. Matthew: Ohh I am. But you just seem to be getting lucky I guess. Taka: Like hell I’m getting lucky! You’re not even using moves that would be good against my Pokemon! You’re just… You’re- Matthew: Throwing the match? Taka: You’re throwing the match? Matthew: Mhm. Taka: W-Why? Matthew: Look, Titania might not have a heart and is fucking almost impossible to deal with but… she’s right. You need to leave this organization you’re in right now with Team Meteor. Taka: Matt, I told you that I can’t- Matthew: Taka, I know you’re scared and I don’t blame you. But if you don’t do what’s best for you, you’ll never feel good about yourself. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so… so… so out of it and depressed. Taka: But… What about my dad? Matthew: He’ll probably come after you. He’s definitely coming after me. I’m not asking you to go after Team Meteor with us. Just get away from it. Do what’s good for you. Taka: Matt… I… I… Matthew: Listen, I’m gonna go out into the room Titania’s in right now. We’re not going to stay out there for long. If you don’t come out soon, we’ll know your answer. I hope you make the right 1. I walked out of the room leaving Taka to make this life changing decision. When I came to the next room, I saw Titania standing there. She seemed impressed with what I had done. Titania: So you were going to throw the match with him and have him win huh? Matthew: Yea. Not proud of it but I hope he makes the right choice. Titania: Well I’m not staying here all day just to see what he decides to do with his life. Matthew: I know. I’m not either. Taka: Well, you don’t have to worry about that. I’m gonna leave Team Meteor. Matthew: Taka! Titania: Heh. So your plan worked. Don’t you dare double cross us though or I will slice you in 2. Taka: I won’t. I promise. So… what now? Matthew: Let’s get the fuck out of here. Titania: I’m with Matthew on this 1. I’m gonna go ahead with Amaria. See you 2 at the entrance of this place. Titania rushed to get to the waterfall area of the place. Taka and I walked back there. It felt good to have Taka on our side. He seemed to be happy about the decision too. But I was still curious about something. Matthew: So now that you’ve decided to join us, are you gonna battle against Team Meteor? Taka: Matt, I JUST quit Team Meteor. And besides, I don’t know how smart that would be to try to go against my father. Matthew: It’s ok. I was just wondering. Taka: But… Thank you. You and Titania made me realize what I was doing was stupid and not good for me. Matthew: It’s no problem. The 2 of us made it to the room that would lead to the room with the waterfall in it. Taka headed in 1st. As I was about to head in though, a shadowy figure started to form above me. I jumped and scrambled backwards a bit but then I started to realize who it was. Matthew: Shade? Is that you? Shade: Forget not. 4 screens foretold 4 souls’ fortune forsaken. For, forsooth, from foreshadowed, only 2 will be taken. Matthew: Wait. 4 screens… You mean the ones from your gym! But before I could say anything else, he vanished. I looked around the room but couldn’t see him anywhere. I started to wonder to myself why he showed up and reminded me about that. Taka popped back into the room when he realized I wasn’t with him. Taka: Hey. You ok Matt? Matthew: Huh? Uhh, yea. Yea I’m fine. I’m just tired. Yea. Just tired. Taka: Well we can rest when we get to… wherever we’re going. The 2 of us proceeded to the next room. I was still a little weirded out from Shade’s appearance but I knew I couldn’t focus on that now. We went up to the end of the room and stood by the edge. Titania was staring at us with an annoyed look on her face. Titania: About time you 2 showed up. Matthew: Sorry. We were just discussing things. Titania: Well do that later. Taka: So we go up the waterfall huh? TItania: Yea. Deliverance here will take us up. You’ll ride with Matthew. Now let’s go Deliverance! -rides up the waterfall- Taka: She seems like she can get on your nerves easily. Matthew: She can. Anyways, ever ride on a Clawitzer? Taka: No. Why? Matthew: Come on out Pistol Pete! I threw the PokeBall out towards the water and out popped the Clawitzer. When it saw Taka, it prepared to attack him but I was able to stop it. Matthew: No no! He’s on our side now! Clawitzer: Itzer? Taka: I should be expecting this a lot shouldn’t I? Matthew: Maybe but you looked the nicest out of all the Team Meteor Grunts. Anyways, let’s go. Taka and myself both jumped from the platform onto Clawitzer. I ordered it to ride up the waterfall so we could get back up to the top. It listened to my command and brought the 2 of us back up to the surface. Pokemon Team Pokemon Traveling Companion REBORN CHARACTER RATES
  6. Yes I do. And it does suck that a lot of people's favorite Pokemon won't be in the game. I'm not saying you shouldn't be upset about it. I just hope there aren't a lot of over dramatic upset people out there. Like I've seen some people comment on YouTube videos saying "This game is TRASH now that we can't get have all the Pokemon in the game! GameFreak is trash and should shut down now! They suck for not doing this!" Like whoa. I get that you're angry but getting THAT angry over this is kind of... stupid. Hopefully I'm not like stepping on anyone's toes saying this.
  7. I mean that's true... but also Ekans was available in S/M/US/UM aaannnd I totally forgot to use it. Lol.
  8. So I guess a lot of you are competitive players?
  9. Thought you might find this interesting, idk if it's just James or that trio you like but found an image of Jessie that looks really cool and Dustox




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      😍 That little Arbok will be a beast under my command!

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      Starry Knight

      Mythicals have to be obtained by special events outside of game or by obtaining special specific items by event outside of the game. Mew has been a mythical since the first game


      Legendary Pokemon can be obtained in normal game play they also have slightly higher stats

    4. SilverAngelus


      Starry is a Mythical Pokemon.

  10. E3 has come and gone and from that, we have gotten 2 new Pokemon added to the list. Yamper and Impidimp. Out of those 2, I am HEAVILY considering putting on Impidimp on my team. It looks weird. Acts weird. The name sounds weird? It just seems right up my ally. Plus, we FINALLY get a new dual typing we have never had before. Dark/Fairy. That can be officially crossed off the list now. So as of right now, my team consists of: Grookey Drednaw Impidimp
  11. Thanks to E3, 2 new Pokemon have been added to this list. If you feel like telling people your (possible) team throughout this new adventure in Sword and Shield, do it here!



  12. So just got back and watched the stuff from E3 about Pokemon Sword and Shield (only reason why I watch it tbh) and I thought everything was alright. And then the 2 new Pokemon came up. Yamper and Impdimp. Let's start off with Yamper… WHAT A CUTE WITTLE DOGGY! Now while I'm most likely not going to use this Pokemon on my team, it looks SO ADORABLE! AND IT'S ABILITY IS ALSO ADORABLE! It's not really helpful for the game but I can't be mad at it! And then there's Impidimp and this... thing just looks so weird and odd. AND I LOVE IT! I think that dude is gonna be going on my team. Ohh yea. AND IT'S DARK/FAIRY TYPE ALSO! So we can officially cross that dual typing off the list now. It looks so weird and the name is weird too. I just love it. Sword and Shield are going to be AWESOME this year!
  13. It does but I'm not sure how to categorize them. Just pure fakemon that you can catch, I think it's only about under 10. If you include "Delta" Pokemon (pokemon that exist but with different typings), there's probably 30 to 40.
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