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  1. Alright Rejuvenation. Yesterday was all hype. Tonight has me in my feelings. 1st, you get Ren to not only make me feel bad for him but like him again because he gave me my mom's (or whatever she was) Ace! I'm serious when I say it's hard to not use that Pokemon on my team. I feel like I'm being mean to my dead whatever she is. And then you make me feel a little bit weird controlling Melia and battling with her Pokemon but that was a good weird. AND THEN YOU SLAP ME IN THE FACE WITH ERIN'S PAST! ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME CRY?! BECAUSE I'LL BE HONEST! I KIND OF WANT TO! Idt I've ever had a game do this to me before. I am so serious. I'm involved with these people. They're my friends and when something bad happens to them, I feel bad and when something good happens to them, I'm happy as hell. Like... holy hell Rejuvenation. Good job. Ohh yea. Btw, APPARENTLY BECAUSE I'M THE INCERPRETOR (totally forgot how to spell that and too lazy to go look for the correct spelling) I SEEM TO BRING SOME KIND OF BAD LUCK WITH ME?! THAT'S HOW IT SEEMS TO ME WITH WHAT INFO I WAS GIVEN! But then you had Melia say she trusted me so I'm good with that. And yes I'm aware that based on whatever decisions happen during the game, she can say she doesn't trust me. But ARCEUS DAMNIT REJUV!... Good on ya and keep up this awesome work!

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