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  1. Hold on.


    Ruby Ring - Seal Of Pain = Corey and Heather

    Sapphire Bracelets - Seal Of Love = Amaria and Titania

    Emerald Brooch - Seal Of Faith = Luna

    Amethyst Pendant - Seal Of The Beyond = Anna



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    2. Monochrome_Complex


      Or her mother. 


      I notice anna and her brother's doll pokemon are associated with space(jirachi/clefable).  Given her seal is "beyond,'  she probably has some connection to space or something. 



    3. Abyssreaper99


      Don't forget Laura had the Sapphire bracelets way before the story events (lost in the fire). Representing her love for her family and what not

    4. LeoYT
  2. J-Awesome_One

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Well apparently, he's been working on 4 new projects. 3 are done and 1 is in the works still.
  3. So... who's ready for the 2nd evolution in Bonnie: Reborn's True Savior! ?

  4. J-Awesome_One

    Pokemon Reborn E18.4- The Level Cap: a Precautionary Fable

    But do we really need to go into the 1000's? I mean probably up to lvl 200 would be good enough.
  5. Season 2 has started! Episode 12 of Bonnie: Reborn's True Savior has been uploaded! Bonnie finally makes it to the scene of the crime! A huge hole is now in the Grand Stairway! With nothing else to do, she darts to the Lapis Ward to find Corey's body but she is met with an old friend and a very timid girl! After going to sleep, Bonnie has a dream! But is it really?! Read and enjoy! 😄



  6. J-Awesome_One

    Bonnie: Reborn's True Savior!

    Using the Pokegear to find out where she was going to, she ended up back on the Opal Stairway. When she was here before, policemen were blocking the area but now, it was all clear to go through. However, Bonnie wondered why the policemen would ok having civilians or random Pokemon Trainers coming up to possibly see death and destruction. But she knew she had to go see what had happened. Along the way going up towards the Grand Stairway, she had some battles with trainers. They seemed as if they were trying to distract themselves from what had happened and to be honest, Bonnie liked the distraction. But once a battle was over, her mind went back to what she had witnessed. To what she had seen. Not only the bombing but also Corey falling off of the bridge. She finally got up to the Grand Stairway and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. There was a huge hole in the middle of the stairway. She went up close to it and looked down. She couldn’t see the bottom of it. Bonnie: Wow… I can’t believe this happened. Dedenne: Dedenne… Bonnie: I hope no 1 got caught in this explosion… Alright… I really need to leave. I need to get to the Lapis Ward and see if I can maybe… maybe hide Corey’s body or something. I hope no 1 saw it yet. Bonnie took out her Pokegear again and looked up the Lapis Ward. As she was doing this, she could hear some policemen talking. Apparently, before anyone could do anything, Team Meteor had gotten away before being apprehended. Bonnie finally got the location but before she headed to the Lapis Ward, she could hear loud music coming from nearby. How could anyone be playing music at a time like this? She followed the source of the music and soon came across and strange building and someone outside of it. Bonnie: What is this place? ???: New around here huh? Bonnie: Yea. I… kind of just came here a couple of days ago. ???: Well this is the Reborn Nightclub. It’s a little gig I run for the Ace Members? Bonnie: Ace Members? ???: As in Reborn’s elite class. And the best way to join them? Beat the Reborn League. Bonnie: But it doesn’t stop even after something bad happening? ???: It sucks. Trust me. But we just gotta keep this going. But hey. My break’s about over. Was just trying to enjoy the air while I could. Bonnie: What do you do? Arc: I run the club’s music. Ohh. Sorry. Forgot to introduce myself. Name’s Arclight. DJ Arclight. Although, I’d rather Arc. Bonnie: Well my name’s Bonnie. Arc: Well Bonnie, it was nice meeting you but I’m out. Peace. Arc went back inside the Nightclub. Bonnie looked up where Lapis Ward was. Luckily, it was just to the left of the Grand Stairway. She went in that direction and started to head up to the wall of the bridge. As she came to a big building, she could see a girl with pinkish to blueish hair standing in front of the door. ???: Don't worry sister. Vengeance will soon be ours. -turns to leave- Ohh. Excuse me. Bonnie: Y-Yeah. Sorry. Bonnie moved out of the way as she let the girl walk past her. She didn't know what he deal was but she seemed really mad about something. As she continued to her destination, she was hoping no 1 saw the body yet. Maybe she could somehow take the body and give him a proper burial. But by the time she had gotten there, a group of people were already there. Bonnie got closer. She could see Victoria and another little girl there. She seemed to be around Bonnie’s age. She went up to them but instantly saw what they were looking at. It was Corey’s mangled body, splattered on the ground. His blood was everywhere. On the ground, the wall of the bridge and the building they were standing near. Bonnie was fighting back tears. The girl in front of her though was letting them flow. ???: I- What is- Victoria: Shelly, honey, step away from there. Bonnie: Oh my… That’s horrific… Victoria: Ohh Bonnie. You’re here too. Wish we met each other at a better time. Bonnie: I feel the same way… Shelly: Why did… I- Victoria: Ohh Shelly. Please don’t cry. Bonnie: It doesn’t help anyways… Victoria: Come on. Let’s get you inside. Shelly: I-I can’… breathe… Bonnie: I felt the same when I witnessed it. Victoria: Witnessed it? Bonnie: I was on top of the bridge when he… when he fell off the bridge… Shelly: Y-You saw it happen?! Bonnie: Yea… I was right in front of him. But when I tried to stop him, it was too late and he… I can’t think about it. That’ll be in my mind for the rest of my life. Victoria: Bonnie… Alright. Let’s get you 2 girls inside. Eclipse: Aster and Eclipse reporting. Agent Beryl confirmed deceased. Bonnie and Victoria looked upwards towards a building and could see 2 people on the roof. Victoria didn’t know who they were but Bonnie recognized them. Bonnie: Eclipse? Aster? Victoria: You know them? Bonnie: Yea. Me, Julia, Fern and Florinia took care of 1 of their bases in Peridot Ward and I took, along with… Fern, took those 2 on and we beat them. Eclipse: Bonnie… Don’t think we forgot about you. Aster: Yea! You’re gonna pay for what you did at the factory! Victoria: What do you 2 want?! Aster: Just making sure that that tra- Eclipse: Shush Aster. Bonnie didn’t know if she should tell the 2 about Corey’s involvement with Team Meteor. She knew they would find out eventually but she also didn’t want to add more stress to the situation. So she decoded to keep it to herself for now. Eclipse: Listen here girly. It’s best if you keep your nose out of Team Meteor’s business. Come on Aster. We confirmed the subject. Mission clear. Aster: -laughs loudly- Yeah! They’ll need us at the Stairway. Victoria: So it was Team Meteor that blew it up. Aster: Nooooo. You don’t say. I thought maybe it was a Sunkern that did it. Of course it was us! Eclipse: You idiot. Why don’t you just tell them everything? Ugh. Aster: Uhh… If you say so. So apparently underneath the Stairway, there’s a- Eclipse: That was sarcasm you idiot! Ugh! Let’s go. -leaves the area- Aster:… So it was. -leaves the area- Even though the whole scene was unnecessary, Bonnie felt it was funny. Mostly because of Aster’s idiocy. But just like before, her mind went back to Corey’s suicide. The 2 girls looked back at Shelly who was just looking at the ground. Victoria: Ohh Shelly! I’m sorry. Let’s go inside and calm down and we’ll- Ahh! Bonnie looked in the direction Victoria was looking and saw a shadowy figure hovering above them. Bonnie stumbled backwards from the surprise. She had no idea what or who that was. Bonnie: Wh-What is that?! Shelly: Ohh… T-That’s Shade… Bonnie: Wait. You know him Shelly!? Shelly: W-Well kind of… I only know th-that he’s 1 of the G-Gym Leaders of Reborn… Bonnie: AND he’s a Gym Leader too?! How?! Shelly: I’m not s-sure… W-What do you want Shade? Shade didn’t speak a word. He just stayed there floating above the carnage. Then something shocking happened. Corey’s body, along with the blood, faded away. Victoria: He’s… taking the body away? Bonnie: Seems like it… As soon as everything was clear, Shade too faded away. Bonnie looked all over but couldn’t see him anywhere. How could that thing be a Gym Leader? Victoria: Wow. Everything is just getting more weird. Let’s head inside before something else happens. Bonnie: Yea. Besides, it’s late too. The 3 girls went inside the building they were behind. Bonnie passed a sign that indicated that this was a gym. Bonnie: Hey. Who’s Gym is this? Shouldn’t we ask permission from the leader 1st before we just walk in? Shelly: I-I’m the Gym Leader here… Bonnie: Ohh… Well nevermind what I said. That’s interesting though. You seem so young. Shelly: I’m 12… Victoria: Isn’t that how old you are Bonnie? Bonnie: I am actually. Shelly: If you 2 want to, you can umm… s-stay here if you want for the n-night. The 3 of them walked upstairs into Shelly’s living space. There wasn’t much there but it was enough for someone to live there. Shelly walked over to her bed and laid in it. Shelly: Y-You can sleep next to me Bonnie. Bonnie: Sure. I’d like that. Is it ok if my Dedenne sleeps on the blankets? Shelly: S-Sure… I’m sorry I don’t have another bed f-for you Victoria… Victoria: It’s ok. Really. I’ll sleep on the sofa. Everyone sleep good alright? Everyone went to their sleeping places and fell asleep. Bonnie though wasn’t having a pleasant sleep. She was having a dream. It was all black and foggy. No matter which direction she went, it was just all pure darkness. She was scared. Then, she found herself on top of the bridge again. She looked to the ledge and saw Corey there. She went running for him and unlike last time, she was able to get there in time. But her hand completely went through Corey’s hand. In fact, her hand went through anywhere on his body. Corey slowly lowered his head looking down at Bonnie but there was something different about him. His face looked like how it was when Bonnie saw his body in the Lapis Ward. It was all mangled. He slowly formed a demented smile and fell backwards off of the bridge. Bonnie watched as he plummeted to the earth below him and splatter. Tears started to swell up in her eyes and she began to cry. She put her hands over her eyes and when she took them back off, she was back in the pitch black, foggy void. But then in front of her, a figure started to appear. Bonnie was trying to make out who it was. It was again Corey but more pleasant to look at. His eyes were pure white and he had some kind of aura coming off from around him. He was also more taller and bigger. Bonnie started to sob with happiness. Bonnie: C… Corey? Corey: Bonnie… Bonnie: H… How are you do- Corey: Saaave yooouuur frieeennnnd. Bonnie: Save my friend? Who? Corey: Saaave yooouuur frieeeennnnd Bonnie… Bonnie: But who needs to be saved? Corey: Staaiiiirwaaaay… Undergrouuunnnnd… Meeeteoooor… Bonnie: Stairway? Underground? Meteor? I don’t understand. Corey: Huuurrrrryyyyy… -fades away- Bonnie: Wait! I don’t know what you mean Corey! COREY! Bonnie ran towards the way Corey was but no matter how far she ran forward, she couldn’t see him. She could feel the sorrow returning back to her once again. She laid down onto the ground, curled up into a ball and started to cry. Pokemon Team REBORN CHARACTER RATES
  7. So... Meltan is gonna be making an appearance in the Pokemon Anime... Is Ash gonna catch 1?! o.O

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    2. J-Awesome_One


      Is Meltan a Legendary Pokemon?

    3. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      It's considered a Mythical Pokemon, yeah. Though the anime seems to be a little lax about these things nowadays, anyway...

    4. J-Awesome_One


      Well I mean Sun and Moon introduced a Pokemon that evolves in a Legendary Pokemon so that kind of makes sense.

  8. Woo! Almost at 2000 CC! Pointless status but ohh well! Lol.

  9. Also btw, has @Amethyst FINALLY fixed the profile page issue where it only showed what you liked or who liked whatever of yours?! Is it TRULY fixed?! If so, I will kill all the Budew I had sent to disturb your residents because of this. If not... Suffer! 😈

    1. Amethyst


      Don't know if it's permanent or temporary yet. We'll have to see.

  10. Gonna get back on the Bonnie Reborn story hype! Who's all ready for Season 2?!