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      XD omg! I didn’t even think about that! Haha.

    3. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      ...James' canon team listing is incredibly varied at this point that the pastel pony wouldn't actually be too out of place an addition. It probably would annoy his mareanie a bit, though- Pastel Veil would kinda shut shut down the whole Marea-James thing, after all. 🤷‍♀️


      Mechanically speaking, you're gonna run through with how the theory regarding the Kanto E4's original theme (i.e., dual-Type specialists), huh? Certainly something I've thought of doing a couple times, myself. Art thou gonna go for a strict 50/50 split when possible, are you planning on keeping the overall team composition flexible? 🤔

    4. J-Awesome_One


      I... never knew there was a Kanto E4 original theme. & what exactly do you mean gonna go for strict 50/50 excactly?

  2. Will be uploading a video regarding my Pokemon Reborn Playthrough. Some of you may already know what it's about because I made a status about this about a month ago but for everyone else, it'll be new.

  3. Really nice episode. I like how you combined the Old Rod and Pokemon mini quests together. Didn't see that coming. I like where this is going and I can't wait for the next Episode.
  4. Yea. I'm kind of doing a lot of these at the moment. James (This is actually a restart. I had another thread like this except he used completely different Pokemon he only caught in Reborn but I wasn't feeling it) Bonnie, a couple of years older, me as you obviously know and also me but in Rejuvenation. If you haven't played that game yet, I'd definitely suggest you check it out. It's pretty wild. Well I kind of think she's still a brat even the way I've written her in this. And the whole thing with her knowing about boyfriends and girlfriends, maybe it's just me but kids seem to know when a couple is... well a couple. So I just made her like that. Btw, maybe it's because I just woke up and my brain is still trying to work but are you saying Heather is 10 or Shelly is 10? Shelly, I believe, is 12. Heather is either 9 or just about to turn 10 in the game. Well she's definitely gonna be involved a lot more than usual. I'm not gonna have her there at every Meteor event though but there are gonna be times where she's there for the good times as well. Ummm… I didn't see him say that so... I'm not sure. I usually look at my playthrough of the game for the dialogue when I'm writing the story down.
  5. Hey! Are you all ready for E15?! Are you all ready for a long read?! Well too bad! Because it's actually a rather short 1 BUT it's a blast from the past! And I think I'll leave it at that for the story! Read & Enjoy! 😄 And this is the end of Season 1! Stay tuned for whenever Season 2 starts!



  6. Early the next day, James woke up. His back and neck hurt a lot and felt very stiff. Sleeping up against a hard surface for hours was probably not a good thing for him or Ame at this point. James looked over to her. She was still sound asleep. He was happy that at least for right now she wasn’t crying. He quietly and carefully moved Ame and had her lay down on the ground. He got up and stretched and looked up into the air. He never thought there could be a beautiful view in this region but he was getting 1 right now. The sun was just peaking over the desert and everything just looked gorgeous. But then James remembered back to last night and what had occurred. James: Corey was on the edge of the bridge and just… I don’t want to think about it… James then remembered that he never healed his Pokemon after battling all of those policemen back in Corey’s Gym. He decided that he’d go to the PokeCenter and heal his Pokemon while also trying to unstiffen himself. He walked to the PokeCenter and got his team all healed up. As he stepped outside, he looked to his left and saw a Bellsprout and Weepinbell. They stared at him for a couple of seconds and then started to run off. This made James remember back to the Weepinbell he had that evolved into Victreebel. To which he was forced to trade away for another Weepinbell with Sweet Scent and then that 1 was kicked away by Jessie, never to be seen again. Then he decided. He was gonna catch 1 of them. He chased them up towards Corey’s Gym and and then headed to the left. The scenery changed from nice and beautiful to somewhat spooky. There were pumpkins and tombstones around the place. He looked ahead and could see the Bellsprout and Weepinbell. James got all excited and went to run up to them to catch them but out of nowhere, 2 Victreebel came dropping down in front of them. They stared him down. James: Hmm. Those 2 must be the parents of that Bellsprout and Weepinbell which would make them siblings… That’s so adorable! Male Victreebel: -curious screech and then excited screech- James: Umm… Are you ok? You’re- Wait! What are you doing?! Ahh! The Victreebel had put half of James’ body into its mouth. James struggled to get out of it but also in a way, he missed this. But then he realized something. This Victreebel was doing the exactly same thing his Victreebel used to do. Suddenly, he could hear Ame’s voice yell out to him. Ame: James…? James! Oh my Arceus! Hold on! Get off you! James: Wait wait! Don’t hurt it! The 2 of them were able to get the Victreebel off of him and back onto the ground. The Victreebel was jumping up and down with a look of happiness on its face. James couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Ame: Alright! It’s time I sent you packin’! James: Ame wait! Don’t! Ame: What do you mean don’t?! That thing tried to eat you just now! James: I don’t think that’s what it was trying to do. Ame: What else could it have possibly been doing?! James: Victreebel… Do you… remember me? Male Victreebel: -screeches and nods its head yes- James: -tearing up- F-From Kanto? Male Victreebel: -happily screeches- James: I-I can’t believe it… It’s my Victreebel. Ame: Your Victreebel? How? James: Long ago when I was still apart of Team Rocket, I was forced to trade my Victreebel for a Weepinbell with Sweet Scent. Apparently, the person I traded it to must have released it. Hey wait… Are you the Victreebel that Jessie kicked into the woods? Female Victreebel: -screeches nonchalantly and nods yes- James: Tha-That’s incredible! You 2 met up and had babies! But how did you get here? Kanto and Reborn are far away from each other. Ame: A while ago, we were short on Pokemon. The Bellsprout family being 1 of them. We asked Reborn if they would send us over an of the Bellsprout family over and we got quite a few. Actually, if I remember correctly, there were only 2 Victreebels that were brought over… That must have been you 2. Male Victreebel: -happily screeches- Ame: I’m shocked that these 2 used to belong to you though. Also glad you’re not with that group anymore. You shouldn’t have to be forced to trade or release your Pokemon. James: Well they are a pain in the neck but… I’m always gonna have a soft spot for them. As for you 4, it seems as though you’re doing quite well. I won’t try to capture your kids. Male Victreebel: -screeches happily- Suddenly, everyone could hear a group of Pokemon calling out. They looked down the stairs and could see a Bellossom, Vileplume, Gloom and Oddish. They seemed like they wanted to fight the Victreebel family. The 2 Victreebel’s and the Weepinbell got ready for battle while the Bellsprout hid away from everything. James and Ame stood back as everything took place. With the battle being be 3 V 4, the Oddish family defeated the Victreebel family. They then walked away triumphantly. James and Ame went over to make sure that the 2 Victreebels and Weepinbell were ok. They luckily were and soon recovered enough energy to start walking around. James was relieved. James: I’m glad you guys are ok. But what was that all about? Ame: For some reason, the Oddish and Bellsprout family line always seem to have a problem with each other. James: Well that’s horrible… Ame: Hey James. Can I speak to you really quick? About… you know… last night? James: Uhh, yea… sure… Ame: I’m just… That whole thing kind of fucked me up you know? I didn’t expect him to do that. Let alone me witnessing it. I really want to thank you for being there for me when it all went down. James: Well that’s no problem hun. Ame: I think I’m gonna head back to the Grand Hall now. I’ve been away for probably a little too long. James: Ohh. Well ok. Do you want me to come with you? Ame: I’ll be fine… Really. Besides, I get the feeling that you wanna help out your former Pokemon teammates right? James: Heh… You know me too well. Ame: Again, thank you James. -kisses him- I’ll see you later ok? James: Alright Ame. Be safe. Ame turned around and started to walk to the Grand Hall. James kind of felt bad for letting her go on her own but he figured that if she wanted him to go, she would have told him to. He turned back to the Victreebel family. He walked up to the Bellsprout. The little Pokemon walked up to James and looked up to him. It then proceeded to hug his leg. James smiled at it. James: Well you obviously don’t like to battle huh? Bellsprout: Bellsprout? Bell… Bellsprout… -shakes head no- James: I get it. It’s scary. But your family needs you. Even your… umm… your sibling is helping their parents out. You have to try as well. The Bellsprout looked down at the ground. It then looked at its parents and Weepinbell. They all looked back at the Bellsprout. They then came around it and gave it a hug, along with James. After that, the Bellsprout looked up at James and showed a determined face. James: Alright. Let’s have you practice some moves. And then you all will have a rematch this afternoon. Got it? Bellsprout: Bellsprout! James then started to train the Bellsprout. It was tough at 1st. But gradually, it started to get more confident with it’s moves and they started to hot more powerful than it was able to before. After a couple of hours training, James felt that it was ready for a rematch. James: Alright. You guys go towards the entrance of the ward. I’ll find the Oddish family and have them meet up with you. Male Victreebel: -screeches confidently- Bellsprout: Bellsprout Bell! James: That’s the spirit little guy! The Victreebel family left to go towards the entrance of the ward. James went on the search for the Oddish family. It didn’t take long to find them. When he did, told told them that the Pokemon they had beaten before were looking for a rematch and that they wanted to meet them near the entrance of the ward. They seemed eager. James lead them to where the battle was taking place. James stood out of the way. They all stared down each other. The battle then started. All 8 were battling and they seemed to be very even. But despite the Bellsprout being more comfortable, there were times where it was afraid to attack. The Oddish was powering up an Energy Ball attack. It fired the attack at the again scared Bellsprout. James couldn’t help but jump into the way of it and took the attack. Bellsprout watched as James fell down to the ground. It ran up to him to make sure he was ok. James: Ow… That hurt… But I’m fine… Urgh… Bellsprout: Bellsprout…? Bellsprout… BELLSPROUT! Bellsprout jumped in front of James and looked at the Oddish with anger. Before any attack had been shot though, the Bellsprout began to glow a light blue-ish color. James looked on in awe as the timid little Bellsprout evolved into a Weepinbell. The newly evolved Weepinbell then ran over to the Oddish and had some of its body inside of its mouth. James had no idea what the Pokemon was doing but it seemed to be doing the trick. Soon, the Oddish was fainted. James got up and went over to the Weepinbell and praised it for defeating its enemy and for also evolving. James took out his Pokedex and checked the moves the Weepinbell had. James: Let’s see here… Vine Whip… Acid… Sleep Powder… Leech Life? Is that the move you used Weepinbell? Weepinbell: Weepinbell!~ James: That’s great! Let’s help out the rest of the rest of your family. The 2 ran over to where the rest were battling. Thanks to the newly evolved Weepinbell, the Victreebel family was able to beat the Oddish family and come out victorious. The defeated family then ran off towards the jungle in frustration. The 2 Victreebels and the Weepinbell sibling were proud of the newly evolved Weepinbell for evolving and getting over its fear of battling. The lot of them went onto the bridge and stared out towards the city. It was a good start to James’ day. James: Well I’m glad we’ve had this time together. But I gotta get back on my journey. It was really good meeting you Victreebel. Brought back a lot of good memories. Male Victreebel: -screeches happily- James: Guess I’ll see you all la- huh? James felt something tug on his leg. When he looked down, he could see the Weepinbell holding onto his leg. He knelt down and patted the little guy on the head. James: I’m glad I got to meet you too. But I gotta go. Weepinbell: Weepin Weepinbell! James’ main Victreebel came up to the both of them. It and the Weepinbell then started to talk to each other. Victreebel got a happy look across its face. It then looked at James, wrapped the Weepinbell with its vine and handed it over to James. James: Victreebel? What are you doing? Male Victreebel: -screeches happily and insists James holds the Weepinbell- James: Uhh… Weepinbell: Weepin Weepinbell!~ James: Are you… saying Weepinbell can come with me? Victreebel: -nods its head yes- James: That’s… That’s great! -takes out a PokeBall- So you really wanna come with me don’t you. Weepinbell: Weepinbell. -nods its head yes- James: Well welcome to the team buddy. James took the PokeBall and pressed it up against the Weepinbell’s head. It went inside, jiggled a couple of times and then signaled that the capture was complete. Just then, a huge explosion could be heard and rocked the bridge. James fell onto the ground. When the shaking stopped, James and the Victreebel family looked over the bridge. They could see a plume of smoke rising up into the air. James knew it had to be Team Meteor. He ran off towards the explosion to see what had happened. Pokemon Team
  7. Guess what?! E14 of James' Reborn Adventure is up! They finally get to the Gym! After easily figuring out Corey's puzzle, they confront him! He escapes to his arena room but before they can go after him, they are confronted by the policemen who are affected by the gas! James fends them off as Ame goes after Corey and inevitably battles him! After their encounter, Corey, Ame and James go to Beryl Bridge where Ame gets her answers! But sadly afterwards, something unexpectedly sad happens! Who wins between Ame and Corey?! What happens at the bridge?! Find Out By Reading & Enjoy! 😄



    Season 1 is almost up Ladies & Gentlemen! Episode 15 will be the last episode of the season! What's gonna happen?! Well you're just gonna have to wait until it comes out!

  8. Ame lead James into Beryl Ward. Coincidentally, where they were led right into the ward. They didn’t have to go through all the way back through the jungle again. They went to the right and then headed all the way up towards what seemed like a mountain of sorts. James had never seen a place like this. James: So this is his Gym? Ame: Yes. Well… it was I should say. James: Yea… You fired him. Ame: I can’t believe it… Corey was apart of Team Meteor… Why? James: We’ll find out soon. Just try to keep it together ok? Ame: I know. But I feel bad for Heather. James: Me too. I can’t imagine how she’s feeling right now. What’s going to happen to her? Ame: Well, when we officially arrest Corey, we’ll probably have to put her in the Orphanage we have in the Lapis Ward. James: Ohh… I see… Ame: Yea… Come on though. We gotta get inside. The 2 of them walked in. James was intrigued with the place. It was small but the big 6 tubes in front of him made him feel uneasy for some reason. The Police Chief was near the entrance. His policemen were scattered around the small area. Ame: So what’s going on? Police Chief: My men have searched the entire area but we can’t find any trace of him? James: Are you sure this is his Gym Ame? Ame: I’m positive. I know the trick to this Gym. James: The trick? Ame: Mhm. By the looks of it, the door upstairs is open. Which means the door to the living quarters is blocked off. And in order to get that area open to us, we need to turn these chemicals in these tanks to pink. Sooo… Ame went over to 2 of the tubes and pressed the buttons that were on them. They were all instantly turned pink. We could all hear something move. When they looked behind the tubes, they could see a door now present. Ame had done it. James: Nice job hun! Police Chief: Yes.Well done Ame. Ame: It’s no problem. Now, me and James will enter. When we get him out, you and your officers will grab him and arrest him. Police Chief: Yes ma’am! Alright men! Get into position! Policeman: Yes sir! The officers hid behind some of the tubes and the walls. James and Ame went between the tubes and entered the living quarters. Wasn’t that much in there. Just a living room and Heather’s room presumably. As they walked up, they entered what we assumed was Corey’s bedroom and there standing with his back turned towards them was Corey. Ame: Alright Corey. It’s over. We found you. Corey: So you found me huh? I should have figured. You do know how to get to this area anyways. Ame: Please Corey. Just surrender. All of this running around is pointless. Corey: No. No I don’t think it is Ame. -looks over at James annoyingly- And you… 1st, you destroy all 3 of the PULSE-Tangrowth systems that I oversaw. Then you revitalize the City Police Department, causing them to ambush me. And they out me in front of my daughter no less… James: I’m not going to apologize for what I’ve done. You’re the bad guy here. You’re with Team Meteor. I was just doing what’s right. Corey: Heh… You doing what’s right? Can WE trust you? Ame: What do you mean? Corey: You know exactly what I mean. He’s a member of Team Rocket! James: No I’m not! I haven’t been with them for a while now. I’m done with that life. Corey: Sure you are. You’re just building up her trust and then when she’s completely vulnerable, you’ll have your team come in and try to take over this Region! Ame: Stop it Corey! He’s not like that anymore. He’s changed. James: How do you know about me being apart of that organization anyways? Corey: Ohh please. Most of the Regions know about Team Rocket by now. Aevium, Ayrith, Reborn. We’ve all come up with plans just in case they try to do something. James: Well that’s not me. Not anymore. Ame: Corey… I don’t know what you’re thinking. Why would you join Team Meteor? Corey: …What have you come here for? Hmm? Is it my badge? Because as of 5 minutes ago, I am no longer the Gym Leader here. Ame: You know why we’re here Corey. Corey: …I’ll be at my arena. I will show you all misery. Once again, Corey used smoke bombs to blur their vision and get away from them. The 2 of them ran out the door and were about to go to the arena room when the Police Chief stopped them for a moment. Police Chief: Hold on! James: What is it? Ame: How come your men didn’t stop him when he came out? Police Chief: As soon as you 2 entered that room, these tanks sprayed out whenever was in them. I kept myself from being touched by them but my men weren’t so successful. James: Are they ok? Police Chief: I don’t know. They just started to act weird. Policemen: Urgh… Obey… Must obey… Police Chief: Ahh! There they are! The 3 of them saw the policemen walking towards them. It wasn’t a normal walk though. They were walking as if they were zombies or something. This was definitely strange. Police Chief: What do we do? Ame: Damnit. We can’t let Corey get away but we can’t just leave these guys like this? Urgh! James: Ame. It’ll be ok. Ame: How? James: You said that this was important to you right? Ame: Huh? I mean yea but- James: Then you deal with Corey and I’ll deal with these policemen. I’ll make them return back to their normal selves. Ame: James… Are you sure? James: Of course I am sweetie. You got get him and I’ll deal with these guys. Ame: Heh… Thank you hun. -kisses James on the cheek and leaves for the arena- Police Chief: Well what do we do James? Policeman: -pulls out a PokeBall- Obey… Battle… James: Well it seems that I’m gonna have a battle on my hands. You just stay behind me Chief! I’ll take care of this! They’ll be back to normal in no time! Police Chief: Right! The Police Chief got behind James. 1 of the Policemen through out their Pokemon and the 1st of many battles started. Meanwhile, Ame reached the arena room and went inside. On the other side was Corey. Ame had a feeling that no matter what, there was gonna be a battle here. Ame: Corey, stop this! Just surrender! Corey: Ame… Where’s your significant other? Ame: He’s dealing with the policemen. What did you do to them?! Corey: Don’t worry. They aren’t harmed. They’re just confused from the gases in those tubes. They’ll return back to normal after a battle. Ame: That’s still a horrible thing to do. I don’t get it Corey. I know things haven’t been good for you since your wife died but- Corey: I don’t care who you are. Never, and I mean NEVER, bring her name up again! Ame: I’m just bringing up a point. Corey: I don’t care what point you’re making. Say wife 1 more time and you shall suffer. Ame: I’m sorry Corey. It sounds like you just threatened my life. Corey: Ohh I did. And I’ll make it a promise if you utter that word. Ame: You’re becoming a loose canon. You’re not safe to be here anymore. Now either calmly come with me to the Police Station… or we do this the hard way. Corey: Is that supposed to intimidate me? Ame: I just… I don’t want you to lose anything else… Corey: Lose…? Lose? There is nothing left for me to lose. The only reason I’ve kept going through the years was for Heather. Ame: So you are… I had a feeling but I didn’t want to believe it… Corey: But now because of you and especially James, my 1 hope and memory of her… It’s gone. She may never speak to me again. The 2 of you ruined the small splinter of life I had rebuilt. Ame: We were just trying to stop Team Meteor! Why are you working with them?! You know this isn’t like you! You’d never join a team like that! So tell me. Tell me why you’ve joined them. Corey: No… You don’t deserve that answer when you are part of the reason the little world that I was holding onto has now crumbled onto itself. Ame: So that’s it then? You won’t surrender? Corey: I won’t. Ame: Then it looks like you’re choosing the hard way. You know you can’t defeat me Corey. Corey: But alas, I know you Ame. Unless you’re defending your title as Champion of Reborn, you only carry around 1 Pokemon with you. Which means I only have to defeat that 1 Pokemon. And then what Ame? What will you do when you don’t have any Pokemon to defend you? You will fall and you too shall feel the pain that I have suffered throughout these years! Ame: Yes. I do only have 1 Pokemon with me Corey. But as you said, I’m the Champion of this Region. My Pokemon aren’t weak. Your whole team doesn’t stand a chance against it. Corey: Just because you’re the Champion doesn’t mean you’re invincible! 1 day, someone stronger than you will defeat you and you’ll feel sorrow and pain! And that day is today! Now suffer! Corey quickly took out a remote and pressed a button on it. The tubes inside the room turned pink and a gas started to leak out. Ame figured that this is what happened to the policemen before. She quickly called out her Alolan Ninetails and had it use Mist. It didn’t cover the whole room but it was enough to not have the gases touch her. Corey then took out a PokeBall and the battle between Champion Ame and Ex-Gym Leader Corey began. Just as Ame said, Corey stood no chance against her. Her Alolan Ninetails was enough to knock out his whole entire team. The gas in the room started to go away. Ame walked up to Corey. Ame: It’s over now Corey. Surrender. Corey: You…! For every joy, bitter misery rushes after. You want answers right? Ame: Yes. And I’m going to get them. Corey: Fine. I’ll give you answers on 1 condition. Ame: Conditions?! You joined a terrorist organization! And you’re trying to give me a condition for you to give me answers?! Corey: All you have to do is come to Beryl Bridge. I’ll be waiting for you there. Bring James along with you as well. He deserves to hear this as well. Afterwards, you can take me to jail with no issues. Ame: …Fine. Corey walked passed Ame and out of the arena room. Ame stood there for a couple of seconds reflecting on what had just transpired between the 2. They weren’t close friends but she never expected something like this from him. She exited the room as well. She found James alone near the entrance of the building. She couldn’t see the Police Chief or any of the policemen. Ame: Hey. Where’d everyone go? James: After I defeated them in battle, they seemed to have come back to their senses. I told the Chief to take them back to the Station to rest. Ame: That’s probably a good idea. James: So what’s going on with Corey? I just saw him walk out of here. Ame: We’re gonna meet up with him on Beryl Bridge? James: For what? Ame: He told me that he’ll give me all the answers there. So I let him go. James: You just believed him?! Ame: After he tells me what I wanna know, then he’s gonna surrender to us. James: Well… hopefully that happens. Alright. Let’s get going then. No telling what he has planned. The 2 of them ran out of the building and started to run towards the Beryl Bridge. When they started to run across it, they could see Corey standing there but when they got closer, they could see his entire team out of their PokeBalls. They stopped just a few feet from them. James: Is that his Pokemon team? Ame: What are you- Corey: Good. You’re both here. Now then… the lot of you are done. You’ve served me well but now you’re free. James: Wait. Is he releasing all of his Pokemon? Ame: We usually give them an option whether they want to stay or become wild again if a leader passes away or gets arrested but this has never happened before. Corey: Go on. Get lost! All of the Pokemon stared at each other in confusion for a couple of seconds. Then 1 by 1, Skuntank, Mareanie, Croagunk and Skrelp left. The Nidorina started to leave but then looked back at her former trainer 1 more time and then left. The Crobat was the only 1 that didn’t leave. After being scolded by Corey, it eventually flew away. Corey then went over to the side of the bridge and dropped all of the PokeBalls off of it. Ame and James couldn’t believe what they were seeing. James: That’s… That’s heartless! Ame: What was all of that about? Corey: Does it matter anymore? James: It does to me! How could you do that to your Pokemon! Corey: They’re not my Pokemon anymore. They are free now. James: You really are evil. Your daughter is right about you… Ame: James- James: No! It’s true! He doesn’t care about anyone but himself! Corey: …It really doesn’t matter what you think of me. Not anymore. But I suppose you are interested in why I joined Team Meteor? James: Yes! Ame: I would like to know. This just isn’t how you are Corey… Corey: Fine then… I was cursed by my own luck. James: Cursed by your own luck? What are you talking about? Corey: I suppose I should start at the beginning. There was a ring. A brilliant Ruby Ring. I purchased it from a collector some time ago. I’m not 1 for jewelry but it was the most dazzling ring I had ever seen. I decided that I would introduce that ring to what true beauty was. I promised it to my love and she gladly accepted. It wasn’t long after we were married that my wife became pregnant. We were both very excited. Back then, I was happy. I was naive. My wife didn’t survive Heather’s birth. Ame: I remember that. I read it in the Reborn newspaper when it happened. It was some kind of machine backfire. Corey: That’s what I was told as well… but that’s not all. The doctor assigned to her had, at some point, taken the ring and would not return it to me. James: Look, I’m sorry your wife… succumbed while giving birth and that the doctor wasn’t a good person and stole the ring from her but what does this have to do with you joining Team Meteor? Corey: Well… I later found out that he had been dispatched by Team Meteor to obtain that ring. I did what I could, but in the end, I was unable to recover it. Ame: Wait… Corey, are you telling me that you joined them so you could keep the ring? Corey: …Yes. I agreed to serve them as long as I was allowed to keep the ring. James: You joined Team Meteor to keep some stupid ring?! Corey: It’s not some stupid ring! It’s my wife’s ring! It’s the last token to our happiness..! I did everything I had to in order to keep it. But I admit it… I was selfish. Ame: I get that you wanted to keep the happiness and keep her in some way but… that wasn’t the correct way to do it. Corey: I know this now. I placed my own desires above what was best for Heather. And now because of it, she’s gone. Ame… James… That Ruby Ring… Heather has it now. James: How do you know? Corey: As I was coming out of the Gym, I ran into her. She was already planning on telling me she had it and running away… But what she doesn’t know is that she’ll be hunted for it. Ame: What?! You knew this and you just let her keep it?! Corey: …I want you both to do me a lifetime favor… Please watch over her for me. James: Lifetime favor to watch over her for you? Why wo- Whoa whoa. What are you doing?! Ame: Corey! Get down from there! Corey had jumped up on the edge of the bridge. He moved his head downward looking at the ground below. This bridge was really high up. 1 wrong move and Corey would fall and be dead as soon as he hit the ground. Ame: Corey! Don’t do this! She still needs you! Corey: No Ame… I no longer have the right to call myself her father. James: Hey! What I said before was brutal but I was wrong for it! Don’t do anything rash! Just come back over! Please! Corey: -turns around, spreads arms and closes eyes- My love. I’ll be with you soon. Ame: COREY NO! Ame went running over to Corey but it was too late. He fell backwards off the bridge and plummeted down to the ground below. James couldn’t believe what he had just seen. A man just threw himself off of the bridge, killing himself. Ame looked over the bridge. She started to cry when she saw his body all bloody with bones sticking out of his body. James ran over to her and pulled her from there and embraced her. She pressed her face onto his shoulders and cried. James had never seen Ame like this before. But he couldn’t blame her. She just witnessed someone killing themselves. James tried her best to calm her down but all he could do was keep hugging here to try to comfort her. The both of them slid down onto the ground, now sitting. James kept hugging her as she let out all her tears. This lasted for about an hour. Ame was starting to tire out from all of the crying. James was tired too. A half hour later, Ame was totally asleep, lying on James shoulder. James held his head back, looking up at the sky. He never expected his Pokemon journey in the Reborn Region to be going like this. But he knew he had to keep going. He had to save the Reborn Region from Team Meteor and help rebuild itself. Plus, he wanted to help out his girlfriend in anyway he could. He knew she would probably be a mess from this incident but he was gonna be there for her no matter what. Eventually, James too drifted off to sleep. Pokemon Team Character Ratings
  9. Well I mean to be fair, she doesn’t know why Corey has joined. & I haven’t gotten that far yet. Tbh, when I got to that point of writing this episode, I literally just thought of her basically telling him that he’s fired. thank you btw. I usually get those but they slip my mind once in a while. Fern right now is not likable right now. He’s not at “omg. I need to kill him.” Rating yet. Lol.
  10. So apparently in V13, we’re going to an even more futuristic Jetsons area?!

    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Given how technological the Garufan Arc and the Springs' control towers looked, that really shouldn't be too much of a surprise. ...I remember the colored portions being a bit more blue, though- this hue looks a tad too much like Bladestar's green for my liking... 🤷‍♀️


      Man, Kenneth just can't catch a break, huh?

  11. Is anyone ready for another episode of James' Reborn Adventure?! I hope so because E13 just got here! It's time for the plan to come through! James has to overcome some difficulties as he goes through the jungle! He also finds all the policemen! When he gets to the bad guys, another Meteor person is there! Who could it be?! Can James defeat both Taka AND ZEL?! Find Out By Reading & Enjoy! 😄



    Now I don't usually do this but I'm so hyped for the next episode that I'm gonna leave a teaser here for you all.




    1. SilverAngelus



      So that's why you needed Alolapix...


    2. J-Awesome_One


      Lol. Yep. 😋 you figured that out quickly though.

  12. James, Ame and Heather then ventured up to the Beryl Bridge which was just next to the Beryl Ward. Before they continued forward, they stopped to go over their plan 1 more time. Ame: Ok. Do we know what we’re doing? Heather: Mhm. Me and you are gonna fly up to 1 of the skyscraper and hide there and wait for James to come to the bad guys. James: And I’m gonna go through Rhodochrine Jungle and get to them from there. Ame: Right. And as soon as the 2 of us see you, we’ll swoop down on Heather’s Salamence and corner them. If you need help Heather, I’ll back you up but I’ll leave you to them. Heather: Yea! I can’t wait to take a crack at them! I still can’t believe that you’re letting me do this. Ame: This is 1 time thing. Don’t think this will happen ever again. After this, you go right back to the house alright? Heather: Yea yea. I got it. James: Alright! Let’s do this then! Ame: Be careful out there hun. James: I will. I promise sweetie. -kisses her- Heather: Ew. Did you have to do that in front of me? Ame: Heh. Sorry. Alright Heather! Time to go! Heather called out her Salamence. The 2 girls got on top of the beast and flew off into the air. James watched on and then ventured to the left to get to the Rhodochrine Jungle. It was a bit of a trek to get there. More fallen houses, cracks in the road and vine poking up through the ground as well. But he was finally able to make it to the entrance of the jungle. He was surprised just how green the area was. It had been a while since he saw such a green and luscious place. Malcheous Forest was green and luscious as well but it didn’t stand out to him as much as this place. James continued to walk deeper into the jungle. He was focusing so much on the surroundings that he didn’t notice a pile of leaves on the ground. As he took a step on them, he could feel his foot going down more and more and soon, he was falling into a hole. He hit the ground hard, instantly knocking him out again for the 3rd time tonight. When he woke up, his head was killing him but besides that, he felt alright. James: Oog… That hurt… That reminds me of all the times me, Jessie and Meowth would dig holes to try to catch the twerps for that main twerps Pikachu… Huh? James opened his eyes and realized that he was inside of a cage of some sort. He shot up and looked around. In front of him, he could see a couple of Nuzleaf standing in front of the wooden cage door. He tried to persuade them to let him out but all they did was point and laugh at him. They then left the area. James was trapped. He tried breaking the cage down but it was surprisingly tough. He wasn’t able to destroy it. He would have used Growlithe to burn it down but there was a possibility of that starting a fire. He couldn’t risk that. The rest of the Pokemon he had didn’t have any useful moves that could help break through the cage. He had no other option but to wait for someone to possibly come up around there and help him out. Luckily, he could see someone coming up towards the cage. Unluckily for him, it was none other than Fern. When Fern saw that James was trapped in a cage, he started laughing and walked away from the cage. James was annoyed and furious. James: Hey you twerp! Get back here! Fern: -starts walking back to James- Ohh James. I am seriously sorry about that. James: Yea. I’m sure you are. Fern: I didn’t feel like laughing right in front of your face. It would have been too rude. Seeing you trapped in that cage is just too much. James: Can you stop making fun of me and just be helpful for once? Fern: Ha! You look so helpless. It suits ya. I mean, really? Imprisoned by Nuzleaf? I’d come up here in hopes of finding a Gym Leader but all I find is a scrub in a cage. James: This is literally the opposite of being helpful! Fern: By the way, I’m curious. How many badges do you have right now? James: Uhh, 2. Why? Fern: Well so do I. Turns out the Gym Leaders here are super easy! James: Wait. You already defeated Julia and Florinia. Fern: You bet your sorry ass I did! And then there’s you who’s stuck in a cage. It’s priceless! But I suppose I can’t totally blame ya. Nuzleaf are deceptively crafty to be able to build all this. Guess they did it to keep intruders out. Or in your case in. Don’t you worry though. Op dog Fern’s here to help you out. James: Good. Now just get me out o- Fern: All you gotta do is get on your knees and beg. James: You… What? Just get me out of here. I don’t have time for this. Fern: Are you gonna get on your knees and beg for me? James: No. Now enough with these stupid games and let me out of here. Fern: Well, that’s just too bad. No begging, no help. Later loser! -starts walking away- James: Fern? Fern! Seriously, get me out of here! This isn’t cool…! Fern?! James couldn’t believe it. Fern actually left him in that cage all because he wouldn’t beg for him to do it. He was still stuck inside that cage. He sat there for a while, hoping for someone to come by, actually be a decent human being and let him out. 15 minutes went by and nothing happened. James was starting to lose hope. Suddenly, a Chatot appeared from out of the trees, went up to the lever and switched it. The door to the cage opened up. James was now free. Before the Chatot left, it said the words “Release James!” James only knew 1 person with a Chatot but he couldn’t think about that now. He had to find the important Team Meteor guys. He exited the cage and started to search through the forest for a way out. Soon, he came across a lot of carved out pieces of wood. James touched 1 of them and it instantly stung his finger. James: Ow! That hurt! Dang it. Guess I gotta find a way to get through this. James went back the way he came. He started to searched for a way to get passed those sharp pieces of wood. He climbed up some stairs and, walked across a bridge and came across a lever. He looked over in the distance and could see the wood from before. He pulled the lever and saw a line of the wood flip over, revealing a platform of sorts. He knew what he had to do now. He started to search for other levers. Near where he was was a little clearing, he went there to check stuff out. There was a tall building there. A Team Meteor Grunt was blocking the entrance to it but James was able to defeat him. When he got inside, someone came rushing up to him. James thought it was another Team Meteor person but it turned out it was just a survivor. He offered James some medicine to heal his Pokemon. James gladly accepted and his entire party was healed. James: So what are you doing here? Survivor: I’m just here to try to ride out this apocalypse. James: Apocalypse? I mean it’s bad out there but it’s not that bad. Survivor: I’m staying right here. James: What exactly is this place anyways? Survivor: This used to be the Beryl Ward’s library but now? It’s in ruins. James: I see. Would you mind if I looked around? Survivor: Go for it. James started to explore the abandoned library. It really was left in a ruin. Books and papers were laying all over the place. Chairs were knocked over. It was a real shame. James came across the 1 room he was able to get into. He was a little shocked to see a Growlithe sitting there, looking down a hole. He made sure that he still had his Growlithe’s PokeBall and he did luckily. The Growlithe saw James and howled at him and moved back. James assumed that this Pokemon wanted him to peer down into the hole. James went over and looked down. It was dark so it was kind of hard to see. He was finally starting to see something though. But when he realized what he was looking at, he started to feel sick to his stomach. It looked like a person but they had been impaled by the broken pieces of wood. James looked back at the Growlithe. It howled once again and then ran out of the room and supposedly out of the library. James noticed the outfit the person was wearing. It looked like what a policeman would wear. James: Well… I guess I found the 3rd 1. That Growlithe must have belonged to this officer… I hope it’s doing alright. James started to imagine what his Growlithe would do if something were to ever happen to him. He thought about it for a couple of moments but then snapped out of it. He couldn’t think about that. He had to find the other switches and send Team Meteor packing. James exited the room and left the library. There was half a building still standing next to the library. James went inside and easily took care of the Team Meteor Grunt that was there. He went to the other side and found another lever. He pulled it and could hear the wood outside flip to the smooth side. He continued his search for levers. He couldn’t find anymore where he was so he went back to the cage area and searched there. He found 1 cage and went inside it. While he didn’t find a lever to the sharp pieces of wood, he did find a lever to another cage that was imprisoning a policeman. He pulled it and went inside the cage. The policeman seemed very happy that James came to his rescue. Policeman: Ohh thank you! I’ve been stuck here for days! James: Days? Wow. I’m glad I got out of my cage sooner than that. Policeman: You were in a cage too? James: Yea. A couple of Nuzleaf made a trap and I fell into it. Next thing I know, I wake up inside a cage. Policeman: Yea. That’s what happened to me too! Well I better get back to the Police Station. Thank you citizen! James: Actually, I need to tell you something before you go. Policeman: What is it? James: The library near here… I was in there just a bit ago and saw a Growlithe looking down a hole. I looked down there too and… I saw a policeman down there… He didn’t make it… Policeman: Ohh… That’s very sad to hear… I’ll make sure to report that to the Police Chief. Again, thank you. The policeman exited the cave and went back to the Police Station. James exited the cave almost right after. He soon found another cave entrance and went inside. There weren’t any cages in this 1 but at the end, there was a lever. James pulled it. He couldn’t think of any other places where a lever could be so he went back to the sharp pieces of wood. When he got there, he saw that the platform was completed and could now continue going that way. He went through a clearing and started to battle a couple of Meteor Grunts. They weren’t really all that tough so James was able to defeat them fairly quickly. He could see a hole in a building and decided to take a look in it. It was a good thing he did because inside was another Team Meteor Grunt and the last missing policeman. James: Hey you! Meteor Grunt: Huh? Hey! What are you doing here?! This is private business! Stay out of it! James: I’ll give you a choice. You either just walk out of here or get crushed in a Pokemon battle. Meteor Grunt: You think I’m gonna run away from you?! You’re dreaming! James: Alright. Battling it is. The battle started but it just a matter of seconds, the battle was over. The Meteor Grunt had no other choice but to run out of the building. James went over to the policeman to make sure he was ok. James: Are you ok? Policeman: Yea. I’m fine now thanks to you. James: Good. You should head back to the Police Station. They’re waiting for you. Policeman: I will. Ohh. 1 more thing. There’s a bunch of important looking Team Meteor people up ahead. You should be careful. James: Thanks for the heads up. Be careful when you’re heading back now. The policeman agreed and left the building. James did as well and went down the path. There was a big opening just a bit further. When he got there, he could see Taka, that ZEL guy, a hooded person and the PULSE Machine with Tangrowth in it. James quickly searched the top of the building for Ame and Heather. When he found them, he gave them a nod to let them know that this was it. Just then, ZEL turned around, noticing James. Zel: Hey! It’s you! Taka: Oh. Hey there. I’m surprised you’re here this quickly. James: I’ll admit. That Tangrowth’s attack did mess me up for a bit but my friends came and helped me. ???: Hmph. Who is this? James: I’m the 1 that’s gonna take you down and stop all of this destruction. Taka: He’s the 1 that defeated the PULSE in Jasper. ???: So this is the 1 huh? Taka: Yes. I invited James to come here so we could deal with this issue thoroughly. See? zEl: James is also responsible for destroying the PULSE in Obsidia. James: Guilty as charged. And now I’ll add Beryl Ward to that list. ???: …You’re just an alley cat parading as a tiger. James: What does that even mean? zeL: I, umm… I think he means you’re just acting brave? James: Trust me. This is no act. ???: Heroism is vainglory. But do not worry. You will learn soon enough. You’ve stepped out of your alley and into the world. I will introduce you to the cold pain of reality. James: -chuckles- That’s what you think. But I’m not here alone. ???: Hmm? What do you mean? Heather: We’re here to beat you bad guys up! Ame: Surrender yourselves now and maybe things will be easy for the 3 of you! The 3 Meteor Admins looked up into the air and could see Heather’s Salamence descending to the ground. Heather stayed on its back as Ame hopped off half way down. James would be lying if he didn’t think that was pretty cool of her to do. The 3 seemed shocked that those 2 were here. zeL: I-Isn’t that Heather- zEl: Daughter to the Beryl Ward Gym Leader and- ???: I know all too well who she is. Taka: And the woman there… isn’t she this region’s ch- ???: Yes yes. I know but why are they here? Heather: Why are we here? We’re here to stop you evil people! Duh! Ame: Now come quietly or this won’t end good for you. ???: Hmph… How reckless. We’re you raised to be more responsible? And you. You should know how irresponsible this is. Letting a child fighting against us? Ame: Maybe it is but I’m here to back her up so I’m not worried 1 bit! Heather: Yea! Who cares anyways! I’m tired of people trying to stop me from doing things all the time! Their rules are totally stupid! ???: Just because you do not understand something does not make it stupid. Someday… you will learn. Heather: Ugh! Would you just SHUT UP?! We’re here to beat you up! Stop with the lectures! You sound like my dad! Ame: Now… Either surrender or you will be dealt with. zEl: Well sir? Taka: What do we do? ???: …Taka, ZEL. Deal with James. You must protect the PULSE. Leave this young 1 to me. Taka: But what about A- ???: I said to leave the girl to me! Ame: You think you can handle the both of them James?! James: Yea! Don’t worry about me hun! Back Heather up when or if she needs it! Taka: Well I guess we’re gonna have our rematch already James. James: Yea but this time, I’m not gonna let your Pokemon sneak attack me. I’m gonna make sure it faints! zeL: Um, I’m sorry James but I have to- Zel: It’s payback time! James: Let’s see you get it then! And with that, the battle between James, Taka and ZEL started. This was actually a very difficult battle for James. He decided that it would be best to focus on 1 of their Pokemon than try to take down both at the same time. That strategy worked as James 1st defeated ZEL’s Pokemon and then Taka’s. And this time, James made sure that the PULSE Tangrowth was definitely fainted. ZEL seemed frustrated losing again but Taka didn’t seem to care at all. Taka: Well that’s certainly not good. zEl: The PULSE has been deactivated. There’s no longer any purpose in defending this location. Taka: If that’s the case, I’m gonna make myself scarce. You coming? zeL: Umm… I-I guess so… -vanishes with Taka- James: Damnit! They got away! Ame: We’ll catch them later! We can still take this guy though! ???: Tch. So they just run away? Pathetic… Crobat, return! Ame: He’s getting away! Heather: Not if we have anything to say about it! Salamence, return! She returned her Pokemon back to her PokeBall and the 3 of us chased after the hooded stranger. Luckily, they didn’t have to run far. The hooded stranger was cornered by the Police Chief and the Policemen that he had found while trying to stop Team Meteor. Heather, Ame and James blocked the south exit just in case he tried running back the way he came. James: Alright! You guys are here! Police Chief: Thanks to you James. And now, there is nowhere to run. You’re completely surrounded. ???: An ambush?! But the grunts were supposed to detain the city officers! Police Chief: Ohh they did. But James was able to rescue them all. Well… except for 1… but that mourning session will have to wait til later. ???: -turns around to James- You… You did this?! As the hooded strangers back was turned towards the Police Chief, he took the initiative to sneak up behind the person and remove the hood. Almost everyone but James was shocked to see who it was. The individual was an older man wearing all purple with purple spiky hair. It reminded James of Cain but more serious. James: Who’s… that? Ame: I… I can’t believe it… I should have known with that Crobat but… I didn’t expect it to be you Corey… Heather: DAD?! James: Wait. He’s your father?! Corey: Tch. It’s bad enough you did this in front of Ame but you just had to do this in front of my daughter as well. Ame: Heather… Heather: I… I knew you were a jerk… But I didn’t think you were evil… I… I can’t… Heather turned around, called out her Salamence, jumped up onto its back and they flew off into the air together. James couldn’t blame Heather for wanting to get away from all of this. Learning that her dad was apart of Team Meteor? That must have been hard on her. James and Ame focused their attention back to Corey. Corey: Well then. This will be easier now that she’s not here. Police Chief: Aren’t you the Gym Leader of the Beryl Ward? James: This guys a Gym Leader too?! Ame: Yes. At least… he was. He no longer is as of this moment. But why Corey? Why would you do this? Police Chief: The Gym Leaders of Reborn are 1 of the most trusted citizens… Corey: Hehe. Never put too much stock into authority. Welcome to reality. It’s cold. It’s cruel. It’s life. Ame: What are you trying to say Corey? Corey: You all would be fools to think that I’m the only 1 working with them. James: You mean… there are more Gym Leaders working with Team Meteor? Corey: Exactly. Ame: Who…? Who are they!? Corey: If only I could say. Not everything is so nice and simple. This whole paradise-candyland you’ve all created in your heads? It’s just a crack dream. Police Chief: Nonetheless, you will be facing the judge. Ame: And then you will be interrogated for more information. Corey: Hmph. You all try so hard to act high and mighty but you’re nothing. Nothing has been done here. All you’ve done is unmakes a father before his daughter. You showed her what all girls eventually learn. Pain. And that’s all. James: This is complete nonsense! Stop talking like that and just surrender! Corey: You all want to apprehend me? I’ll be waiting at my gym. Don’t keep me waiting. Corey threw smoke bombs onto the ground and they detonated. Everyone’s vision was obscured. When the smoke finally started to disappear, they all realized that Corey had escaped. Ame: He got away! James: Yea but we know where he’s going. His gym! Police Chief: Yes but this has got to be some kind of trap. Ame, what do we do? Ame: You lot go to the gym and see if you can find him there. James and I will be there shortly. Police Chief: Alright. Let’s move out men! Policemen: Yes sir! -heads for the Beryl Ward Gym with the Police Chief- James: So what do we do? Ame: So here’s the deal. When we get there, I want you to help the police search for him. When we find him, I will confront him. James: What? Why? I can handle him. Ame: Trust me hun. I know you can but this is different. He is… was a Gym Leader and he was apart of Team Meteor. I wanna try to get answers by myself. James: Well… that does make sense. Ok hun. I’ll follow your plan then. Ame: Let’s get going then. Pokemon Team Character Ratings
  13. Wow... after 7 generations of Pokémon, Gen 8 has done the unthinkable! You won’t believe it!
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