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  1. The Desert... The Wasteland... Which To Choose...?

  2. Hey everyone! Been a while since I posted anything here. So I got a special announcement. I'm gonna try to do a 4 part Christmas Special of this series At least I'm gonna aim for 4. Might be 3. Definitely not lower than 3 though. But it's gonna be more of an alternate timeline thing. I'll explain more once the stories are under way but I thought you should all know. And I'm aiming to do at least 1 a week.
  3. I'm sorry you're in pain right now dude. That's gotta suck... But I have to ask this is a hilarious manner. So are you telling us that you literally busted your ass? Feel free to have me killed in this weird nuzlocke you're doing.
  4. Gen 1 - Arbok Gen 2 - Stantler Gen 3 - Flygon Gen 4 - Gliscor Gen 5 - Conkeldurr Gen 6 - Clawitzer Gen 7 - Decidueye Gen 8 - Sandaconda
  5. Awww. That is adorable. Does this mean you're gonna do more Reborn Character Chapters more or was this just 1 off thing? Great as always btw!
  6. Well starting tomorrow, I'm going to be a working man. Nervous as fuck but just gotta know what I'm doing, do it for a bit and then I should be alright. Stories might be out a little slow thanks to this (not that I've done any of the 4 yet but just saying). Video uploads will probably appear more towards the evening (my time) than the afternoon that you're all probably used to seeing. But I mean I work 4 days and have off 3 every single week unless they say otherwise so I got time to do things on here and YouTube and whatnot.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SilverAngelus


      James, how's your job going?

    3. J-Awesome_One


      Besides being murderous on my feet, it's alright. Literally pass the time by singing Christmas songs in my mind for the 10 hours I work so I don't think about how long its been since I started the day. xD

    4. SilverAngelus



      Don't worry, you'll get through it~

  7. Poison In The Veins...

    Sand In The Lungs...

    1. SilverAngelus



      Is this allusion to Arbok and Sandaconda?


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