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  1. Zander


    Ah yeah I knew the battle guantlet was too tough for wild Pokemon. When I asked about it's difficulty being too high, it was greeted with replies saying reborn is tough and changing your team for each battle situation is a must. For the record I had a life orb Greninja, choice specs Noivern, Magnezone and IV bred Metagross and still came out with only 1 pokemon alive after 5 attempts. So yeah....good luck changing your entire team.
  2. Zander

    Dialogue weirdness on Kiki Academy

    Due to a bug in episode 17 the gender you selected at the start of the game is irrelevant and character dialogue will not use your appropriate gender. This can be fixed only in Agate Circus which is a bit late. There will be an npc in green shirt with a hat whom you have to talk to. He will ask you your gender again and then the characters will recognize your proper gender.
  3. Zander

    'Where do I go now?'

    Look up how to get Torchic on YouTube. In the Calcenon gym you need to light up the tiles to form a certain pattern. The tiles that are not to be lit are the same one's as in the basement of a certain apartment in Agate city.
  4. Hydreigon needs it's ability as wonderguard.

    It has no means of setting up and has 5 pretty common weakness.

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    2. Wolfox


      I hate to sound like a broken record, but go into the UU room on showdown, ask around and fucking take off the Bias Goggles. wonder guard is the most broken ability in the game, no matter what you say, having that many IMMUNITIES (I put it in caps so you don't confuse them for resists) is about as broken as can get. And you don't seem to understand how exactly Powercreep works, so allow me to explain as simple as I can: Big Strong Thingy gets replaced by Bigger Stronger Thingy. And about that quick killing and stalling, THAT'S LITERALLY OU. If you don't like it, don't play it. Crazy right, not playing something you don't like

    3. Tacos


      Everyone else has pretty much covered it once again, but I’ll just make it clear that giving hydreigon, a pseudo-legendary with great offensive capability and an already good typing, 13 immunities from wonder guard is not OU potential; that is Uber potential.  And at that point you wouldn’t even be allowed to play it in OU.

    4. Gh0stStark


      Just to clarify, I wasn't referring to the lore regarding the lernean hydra itself, but to the ingame lore regarding Hydreigon (i.e Pokedéx entries), as a being whose purpose is to consume and destroy.

  5. Zander

    (Ep 18) Mooswater Market - Guys not showing up?

    Woa Draco Meteor is available? Didn't know that
  6. Just love it when trading for starters becomes so easy because of helpful people. Now I have a Garchompite which I'll probably never use but it's cool nonetheless.

  7. Zander

    Looking for starters(CLOSED)

    Thanks so much guys!
  8. Zander

    Looking for starters(CLOSED)

    Thanks so much! @Motorteo I'm ready
  9. Zander

    Looking for starters(CLOSED)

    Alright let's trade now mine is Artho @RodrigoMob please do
  10. Zander

    Looking for starters(CLOSED)

    Perfect. I'll breed you right now and let you know
  11. Zander

    Looking for starters(CLOSED)

    I want Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Tododile, Turtwig and Rowlet. I have all the other starters so if anyone needs those I can give. Also I have Gible, Beldum, Froakie, Magikarp, Goomy, Dieno and Larvesta for offer. None are 5 IV Pokémon but yeah, if anyone wants to trade, I'm on for 2 hours
  12. Need Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Tododile, Turtwig and Rowlet for starters in Reborn. And they're pretty tough to get too. Great.

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    2. Zander


      Alright it's ready. I'll request a trade now.

    3. Aessence


      Thank you very much mate! Appreciate it a lot!

    4. Zander


      Alright enjoy! And thanks for eevee.

  13. Ah yeah I understand now. That's how showdown damage calculator calculates it's damage values. It's a pretty interesting concept. Thanks.