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  1. Gamer, the real question is: Why is Melia's name "Melia", and not "Aerith" or "Tifa" as a reference to clearly everyone's favorite game The Final Fantasy 7
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  3. As mentioned by Jan in the original V11 thread, this bug has been fixed. But you'll probably have to wait until later today to get the patch
  4. Just wondering but what were you doing before the crash? Did you happen to fly to the map or walk into a new map? Were you in a map and just doing things as normal but then the crash random happened? Any other info you can give about the steps/actions prior to the crash
  5. I think this might be a download issue. Please re-download the latest version (Rejuv v11 patch 1) from the thread and after downloading play from that new downloaded folder. Make sure you do NOT do anything like merge previous folders with new folder, etc
  6. Oh okay, I see, so you have no idea then. Please do not try to act as if you know what's going on when it's definitely not the case
  7. What's this "simple fix" then? If you know, then it would be greatly appreciated if you could also tell it
  8. Hi, you might have already got the answer by now but just in case: the maps are broken down into regions. You can cycle through the different maps (both in the town map and in the fly map) by using PgUp/PgDn
  9. I believe the 2 CC and 1 Bullet Seed could be just very good luck (or bad luck for you). The 12 Body Slams is correct though: if you are minimized then Body Slam (along with some other moves) completely bypass any accuracy checks
  10. Which move(s) did you use to increase Evasion?
  11. ooga booga where the white wimmin at lmao
  12. Biggest Grumpy of the Year - @Jan The Fern Sevilla Award - @ShadeStrider - @cybershell12 Most Likely to Take Over the World - Jan Most Likely to Start a Religious Cult - Jan and honestly, can relate to Tacos, so I'll also nominate myself for Most Likely to Die First in a Killing Game
  13. You need to update your game by downloading and applying the latest patch. It should be resolved then
  14. brother

    1. Commander


      You guys have more in common than you think

    2. Paperblade
  15. No. I don't think that's a criteria (and never has been in the past iirc)
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