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  1. Please download the patch and apply to game. The game is only updated to v12.1 but the patch is all the way to v12.2 (and the fix for blackFluteUsed was done in v12.2)
  2. Given how repeatedly ppl ask for it, even when Jan says he wouldn't be doing it, you gotta wonder. It's not exactly like the "I want romance options" bunch is a silent group. Especially with how big a deal it is being considered since Jan putting it in final terms that it's something he is definitely not comfortable with doing. It's not the type of story he wants to make neither an element that he wants to put into the story that he is making
  3. Hey there (hi, I'm the scripter btw, I just don't talk publicly much cause uhh idk) And to answer your first question ("how to the devs work as a team"): we all go feral, but at non-overlapping timeframes thus maximizing efficiency and always making some progress in one aspect. But for real, that is sort of what happens unironically. Zumi takes a bunch of work and goes feral at one point, I let tasks pile up and then go feral on them, Jan is feral almost 24/7 except when he sleeps (that's when I'm going feral - maximizing that productivity). The rest go feral for small moments in time almost daily. And to perhaps better answer your question: it's like working on a group project where everyone does the work but the deadline is somewhat more lenient until release day when it's maximum panic cause uhhh bugs really suck fam. And personal thought but everyone in the dev team is like my homie As for your second question ("what do ppl do to help development"): there are our default tasks. I'm the scripter, Zumi is the artist, Alex and Azery do balance work, Winter does spiriting, etc, etc. Jan works on almost everything else along with overseeing whatever we are doing (perhaps telling Alex/Azery a certain trainer should have a specific set of mons at least, letting me know he needs some different script or some function done, etc, etc). But outside that, tasks also overlap (thank you Alex and Azery for all the AI and battle testing). Obviously, this is my own perspective of things, there may be some other things ppl do which I don't notice cause I almost tunnel vision into scripting at times. Other devs can talk about what they specifically do and other extra stuff that comes on their respective plate. And happy to see you're enjoying the game so far!
  4. No worries. Gonna try it out now. Also, just wondering but by any chance, are you using any mods of any kind (and/or are you using debug)?
  5. Just had a look. Is this savefile after Gigalith turned to Ribombee? Cause I see two of the exact same Ribombee. Any chance you'd have an older save/backup where it's still a Gigalith?
  6. Just wondering but are you still having the issue? Cause if you do, can you share your savefile (ideally, with your character saved in front of a PC) so we can replicate the problem
  7. Ngl, that sounds more like a demand rather than writing advice (or some polite request). And maybe you don't intend to mean it that way but a lot of your posts here lately have been in a similar vein, please do tone it down as it can be off-putting
  8. Gamer, the real question is: Why is Melia's name "Melia", and not "Aerith" or "Tifa" as a reference to clearly everyone's favorite game The Final Fantasy 7
  9. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  10. As mentioned by Jan in the original V11 thread, this bug has been fixed. But you'll probably have to wait until later today to get the patch
  11. Just wondering but what were you doing before the crash? Did you happen to fly to the map or walk into a new map? Were you in a map and just doing things as normal but then the crash random happened? Any other info you can give about the steps/actions prior to the crash
  12. Oh okay, I see, so you have no idea then. Please do not try to act as if you know what's going on when it's definitely not the case
  13. What's this "simple fix" then? If you know, then it would be greatly appreciated if you could also tell it
  14. Hi, you might have already got the answer by now but just in case: the maps are broken down into regions. You can cycle through the different maps (both in the town map and in the fly map) by using PgUp/PgDn
  15. I believe the 2 CC and 1 Bullet Seed could be just very good luck (or bad luck for you). The 12 Body Slams is correct though: if you are minimized then Body Slam (along with some other moves) completely bypass any accuracy checks
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